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Star Boundary New World

Star Boundary New World最新章节列表,Star Boundary New World全文阅读

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Star Boundary New WorldBrief introduction:

Under the oppression of the stars, the earth has embarked on a new journey and, like countless planets, has joined a new world.  But the new world is actually another universe, and its name is Star Boundary.
Countless races and civilizations gather in the star realm, performing war and peace full of unknowns and hopes.
In the infinite star realm, a strange name called [Night Butterfly Stealing Art Group] began to sound loud and clear.
It has only a few members, including Chen Xiaoming, who comes from Earth but is actually a Marmot star, a black lolita who always carries a heavy sword, and a phantom thief magician who is always masked...
In the eyes of most residents of the star realm, the Night Butterfly Pirates are an entertainment group that can always put on the most interesting performances and bring endless laughter.
But at unknown moments, it always transforms into the Night Butterfly Thieves Group, exploring the treasures of the astral world, using courage and skill to interpret the legend of the astral thieves!  They're hilarious, but they're even more bloodthirsty!  Fight all over the star realm and steal all over the new world!  Group number 128805271

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      Star Boundary New Worldlatest chapter:Volume 4: Immortal City Chapter 852: Goodbye, no regrets (completed)

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