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Part One: The Divine Condor Chapter 235 Traveling Together

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    "Well, the Sa Ding Cult, haha, they are really evil-minded." Xiao Yuesheng chuckled casually while shaking the white jade cup.

    "Young master, they don't have anything to worry about. They have already sent people to follow. It's just that the Canglan sect we met today has some potential." Xiaoyu raised her head slightly, her bright eyes filled with spring water, and she looked up.  Xiao Yuesheng said softly.

    Although Xiaoyu does not have the power of mind reading, she is good at psychological insight, extremely smart, and observant. She can see Ouyang Yousi's hostility at a glance, nip it in the bud, and immediately learn the secrets of Guanlan Villa.  The pavilion transferred detailed information about the Canglan Sect.

    Although the Canglan Sect is not a big sect, after all, it is the dominant one and has its own advantages. With the details of Guanlan Villa, the information of the Canglan Sect in Qingmi Pavilion is also quite detailed.

    "Well, it seems that Head Ouyang is quite ambitious and an ambitious personsuch a person should not be underestimated!" Xiao Yuesheng leaned his head slightly and kissed Xiaoyu's delicate lips.  , smiled and nodded.

    Xiaoyu rolled her eyes at him charmingly, and her gentle and charming charm was naturally revealed. She no longer looked dignified and majestic in front of outsiders. She hummed softly, and stretched out an ivory-like smooth and round lotus arm from the brocade quilt, pulling out the bright and elegant brocade quilt on her body.  After tugging, the brocade quilt, which was about to slide down to her shoulders, once again covered her seductive spring.

    She lay on her husband's chest again and whispered: "But no one is perfect, and nothing in the world is perfect. Although Ouyang Yousi is smart and capable, he has no talent in martial arts, and he is a Shaolin layman.  The disciple¡¯s martial arts is really very poor.¡±

    "Why did the Qingwei Sword Sect get involved with them?" Xiao Yuesheng frowned and took a sip of Qingmeng Wine.

    Xiaoyu pursed her lips and smiled, and sighed deliberately: "Oh!Yes, how could they be together? Could it bethat it involves the relationship between men and women? Geezah!"

    With two giggles, the laughter had not yet fallen, but she was shouting. Xiaoyu Xue's face suddenly blushed, and her husband glanced fiercely, but Xiao Yue was born to see her deliberately, secretly laughing.

    With Xiaoyu¡¯s ice-snow intelligence, Xiao Yuesheng and Zhang Qingyun were naturally not aware of the ambiguity between them, and she could not hide what their young master was planning.

    But after all, Xiaoyu is a person of this era. Although her thoughts are influenced by Xiao Yuesheng and are different from ordinary people, she still has not escaped from the deep-rooted confines of traditional culture. She only does ordinary things when it comes to three wives and four concubines, unlike Xiaofeng.  I generally like the taste of food, although it will be a little uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it.

    Moreover, in her opinion, it is extremely rare for her son-in-law to be impartial in his treatment of the sisters, not to forget the old ones when there are new ones, and to be able to control the backyard without relying on anyone to be arrogant, and to be humble and harmonious.  In this world, what capable man doesn¡¯t have many wives and concubines?

    After lightly beating her husband's chest a few times, as if scratching an itch, she stretched out her arm, picked up the crystal clear and warm white jade cup on the right front, and took a sip of the clear lotus wine.

    "Giggle, Sir, don't worry, Ouyang Yousi's eyes are pure, and she is not an evil-minded person Besides, with the temperament of Head Zhang, how can anyone get close to her?!"

    Xiaoyu put down the white jade cup, and when she saw Xiao Yuesheng's frown, she couldn't help but feel funny, giggled twice, and comforted him.

    "Haha, you really hit the mark when it comes to the relationship between men and women!" Xiao Yuesheng chuckled and looked up at the gauze curtain on the top of the bed. The starry sky on the roof was hazy and vaguely mysterious.

    "Oh¡ª¡ª?Well, it's that OuyangOuyang Yuming, right?" Xiaoyu was stunned for a moment, and the scene when she met them during the day flashed through her mind. It was like turning back time, and the scene at that time emerged clearly.  It didn't take long to find out.

    ¡°It¡¯s true that beauty is a curse¡ª!¡± Xiao Yuesheng shook his head and sighed, then received Xiaoyu¡¯s charming glance, and couldn¡¯t help but burst into laughter.

    Although he laughed a lot, he was not that happy in his heart. Thinking of Zhang Qingyun walking with other men, he felt very uncomfortable and depressed.

    On the second day, the red sun rose, with thousands of rays of light and a thousand auras of auspiciousness. The sky was bright and clear, and the sky was as clear as water. It was really a rare good weather.

    Uncharacteristically, Xiao Yuesheng did not sleep until he woke up naturally. He waited until three o'clock in the morning before opening his eyes, and then slowly got out of bed. Instead, as soon as the sun rose in the east, he got up and arrived at Linhu Residence early.

    Xiao Yuesheng was born at the right time. Xie Xiaolan, Yang Ruonan and the others had just woken up, and they were all doing morning exercises in the back garden.

    The green and moist jade pendant kept rolling and turning between his fingers, moving freely and freely, as if it was integrated with it. Xiao Yuesheng walked steadily along the path winding with grass, and slowly came to the back garden.

    Every residence of Xiao Yuesheng has a small martial arts training ground.Although he is too lazy to practice martial arts, the wives in his family are quite good at it. Except for Xiaoxing, who is fond of martial arts and is addicted to it, the rest of the girls mostly do it to maintain the beauty of their bodies and their mental vitality. After practicing martial arts, they appear  There is a slight fragrant sweat all over the body, and the whole body feels smooth and relaxed, which is wonderful.

    Because of the formation, living near the lake feels like spring all year round, with flowers and green trees blooming all the time, and the fragrance of flowers in the back garden lingering all the time.

    It was a rare day to get up early, and Xiao Yuesheng was in a cheerful mood. Everything around him was fresh and fresh. The flowers were slightly dewy, and the bamboo branches were bright green, swaying with the breeze. The light freshness was refreshing and peaceful.  .

    He enjoyed the freshness around him, and the bursts of laughter coming from the small martial arts training ground came to his ears, like jade beads rolling on a disk, crisp and sweet, which made Xiao Yuesheng feel lightened.

    "Godfather¡ª¡ª!" Before Xiao Yuesheng could show up, Yang Ruonan, who was leaning on Liu's waist in the martial arts training ground and smiling non-stop, suddenly cheered. His apricot-yellow shadow flashed, disappeared from the field, and appeared next to Xiao Yuesheng in an instant.  , bringing a burst of fragrance.

    Yang Ruonan hugged his arm, shook it with a bright smile, and asked sweetly: "Godfather, why did you get up so early today?"

    "I miss my Xiao Ruonan, I want to see you soon." Xiao Yuesheng chuckled, and the jasper pendant turned in his hand suddenly disappeared.

    "Hmph!" Yang Ruonan's delicate and red lips pursed slightly, with a disdainful expression on her beautiful face. She certainly didn't believe what her godfather said, but there was unconcealable joy in the corners of her eyes, and she hummed softly: "  Jing knows how to coax me, maybe my godfather misses Xiaolan¡¯s mother, right?¡±

    Xiao Yuesheng let her hold his arms, as if she was half hanging on him, like she was on a swing. He walked slowly and calmly and said with a smile: "Both of them are thinking, what is your Xiaolan's mother doing?  "

    "We're practicing!" Yang Ruonan intertwined his hands and put them on his godfather's shoulders. His breasts were slightly curled up, completely hanging on Xiao Yuesheng's body.

    Xiao Yuesheng stretched out his arms and put his arms around her slender and elastic waist, keeping her close to his side and walking forward unhurriedly. This was an intimate play that the father and daughter often played, and they were already very familiar with it.  And flow, naturally.

    ¡°Godfather¡ª¡ª, right now, it¡¯s best not to disturb Xiaolan¡¯s mother, she practices very hard!¡± Yang Ruonan persuaded in a sweet voice when he saw that he was about to arrive at the small martial arts training ground.

    Xiao Yuesheng's requirement is that you must be serious when practicing. You must not play or be playful, but you must not be too aggressive and aggressive. You need to relax and do something with a mind of inaction. This kind of balance between seriousness and relaxation  Grasp, loose and unremitting balance, are very similar to the Confucian golden mean, which needs to be slowly experienced to realize the samadhi.

    "The hard work that Yang Ruonan said was not a word of appreciation, but a hint of worry. In her opinion, Xiaolan's mother was a little eager, which was not in line with the way of practicing martial arts.

    Xiao Yuesheng and Yang Ruonan had a good rapport. Hearing this, they nodded. While holding her soft and delicate body, they walked forward and pondered. They understood Xie Xiaolan's thoughts. She wanted to become the Lord of Lingjiu Palace.  There was pressure, which was not his intention.

    The small martial arts training ground is surrounded by flowers, and is shrouded in mist. In the faint fragrance of flowers in the early morning, the sword light flashes, and the smiles are repeated.

    The girls, who are more delicate than the flowers, are all dressed in silk outfits in different colors, such as apricot yellow, dark black, lavender, moon white, lake green, and peach red. While they look heroic, their delicate bodies are curvy.  The curves of the body are fully displayed. With the movement, the breasts on the chest tremble slightly, which is even more touching. Such seven or eight delicate bodies are naturally dizzying, dazzling, and extremely fragrant.

    "Mom Xiaolan, your godfather is here to see you¡ª¡ª!" Yang Ruonan saw the small martial arts training ground, got off his godfather, and called out in a sweet voice.

    In the small martial arts training ground surrounded by flowers, the females are chatting and laughing. Among the four flowers in Lin'an, except Guan Panpan, who is good at sword dancing and has some proficiency in martial arts, the other three girls are not proficient in martial arts. They  All he learned was the simple boxing techniques taught by Xie Xiaolan, which were only used to strengthen the body.

    At this time, they were standing in the middle of the small martial arts training ground, fighting together. Although they were using their fists and embroidered legs, the fight was both beautiful and lively, and their cute laughter could be heard from time to time.

    At the east end, there are Zhang Qingyun, master and apprentice, and Xie Xiaolan. They do not shy away from each other, and they are all concentrating on their own sword skills. The sword shadows are densely covered, and the cold light shines. They are laughing and laughing beside them as if they are two worlds apart.

    "Hey, it's my brother-in-law here, haha It's like we haven't seen each other for a day, it's like three autumns!" Cui Xueyu, who was fisting with Guan Panpan, jumped out of the circle, wiped the sweat from her forehead, and stood up from her towering arms.  She took out a brocade handkerchief and wiped her hands, giggling and saying, her pink satin outfit made her even more charming.

    The others also stopped, giggling and looking at Xiao Yuesheng who was walking slowly towards him, their eyes all over their bodies.If it weren't for Xiao Yuesheng's extreme state of mind, he would have been replaced by another man, and his soul would have been given to him, and he would not know the difference between east, west and north.

    Xie Xiaolan, who was surrounded by the sword light, was dressed in a moon-white costume, and her exquisite and concave figure made the heart beat faster. When she heard Cui Xueyu's pure oriole-like laughter, the sword light suddenly stopped, and she lifted the sword lightly back into its sheath, and the delicate porcelain jade  There was a faint blush on her face, and it was extremely difficult to tell whether it was caused by exercise or shyness.

    Starry Eyes glared fiercely at Cui Xueyu, who was trembling with laughter. Xie Xiaolan ignored her and pretended to be as if nothing had happened. However, she could not suppress the sweetness in her heart. When she came to Xiao Yuesheng, she whispered coyly.  Said: "Brother, why did you come here so early?"

    "I can't sleep, so I came here to take a look." Xiao Yuesheng glanced at the girls who were looking at him with half-smiling smiles, replied without changing his expression, and whispered: "Xiaolan, it's rare that the weather is good today, let's go to the West Lake to play  How about Ichiban?"

    Xie Xiaolan smoothed two strands of hair that had fallen down, thought for a moment, and shook her head. Her delicate face looked a little apologetic: "I'm afraid it won't work guests will be coming the day after tomorrow. Chuanxiang is planning to open the back garden today.  Decorate it well.¡±

    "Oh¡ª¡ª, you can just clean it up, why bother with that?!" Xiao Yuesheng was a little disapproving, and the two of them gradually walked out, a few steps away from the small martial arts training ground, and came to a long wooden bench under a few plum blossom trees.  , sat down.

    The Four Flowers of Lin'an stopped teasing and continued to practice their skills. They all had exquisite minds and knew the dangers of advance and retreat, so they would not give up.

    Zhang Qingyun had stopped his sword and stopped to watch. Seeing that their figures were blocked by flowers, he started practicing sword practice again. Duan Ziyan beside him felt that the master's sword power was a bit too sharp. It didn't feel like practice, but like a real confrontation with the enemy.

    However, it was the frosty Zhang Qingyun who followed Xiao Yuesheng out in the end.

    Although Xie Xiaolan and the others were quite moved and wanted to go out together, they thought that the days ahead were long and it was still important to prepare for the banquet, so they made up their minds to refuse and encouraged Zhang Qingyun, who was the guest, to follow him out.

    According to Zhang Qingyun's cold temperament, inviting her to travel to the West Lake would be as difficult as climbing to the sky for other men, but for Xiao Yuesheng, it is not that difficult. First, the girls encouraged her. She is a guest after all, so why?  He could make her work, and with Xiao Yuesheng's provoking methods, Zhang Qingyun was particularly easily offended by his words, so he easily inspired her to agree.

    The two of them did not take Xiao Yuesheng's big milky white boat, but rented an ordinary boat by the lake, which was completely different from the boats around them.

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Different from, the night, when the lights are dim, the West Lake is a little less lively and luxurious during the day, and there are a lot of tourists here to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the West Lake.

    The bow of the boat was gently swaying, and under the bright sunshine, Xiao Yuesheng lay lazily on a thick, soft and comfortable brocade blanket, holding a book in one hand, just blocking the sunlight hitting his eyes, and in the other hand  He is holding a purple bamboo fishing pole, with a faint purple glow on the pole. At first glance, you can tell that it is not an ordinary thing.

    Zhang Qingyun stayed in the painted cabin. The curtains in the cabin were rolled up, so he could enjoy the scenery outside the ship. The two-foot square window looked like a moving landscape painting, which was quite moving.

    The sound of Cong Cong came out from the cabin unhurriedly. The sound was quite calm, which showed that the owner of the piano was in a peaceful mood, quiet and inactive. It was played by Zhang Qingyun. It was blocked by the cabin curtain. Xiao Yuesheng could not be seen. As long as  Without seeing Xiao Yuesheng's figure, her mood would be as calm as an ancient well.

    Just as Zhang Qingyun was getting into a better state, and the sound of the piano made his mood more peaceful and peaceful, a clear voice suddenly came from outside the painting: "Hahait turned out to be Master Xiao!"

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