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Taoist priests in Jin Yong s world

Taoist priests in Jin Yong s world最新章节列表,Taoist priests in Jin Yong s world全文阅读

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Taoist priests in Jin Yong s worldBrief introduction:

[Works signed by the Qidian First Editorial Team]
Asking what is invincible in the world?
He was in his prime, he was terminally ill, he had no choice but to practice Taoism, and he was successful in practicing Taoism.  He became a little Taoist priest in Jin Yong's world.  So, the world changed...
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????: He was very young, but he was a leader in the business world. He was ambitious, but suddenly fell down and died helplessly.
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? When the world's martial arts become a naughty fight in his eyes, and when the ruthless time has no effect on him, what does it mean to be invincible in the world?  Invincible forever!
There are heroes in Jin Yong's world, such as Qiao Feng, Guo Jing, Yang Guo, Zhang Wuji, and Linghu Chong. There are beauties in Jin Yong's world, such as Huang Rong, Xiao Longnu, Zhao Min, Zhou Zhiruo, and Yingying. Jin Yong's world is illusory, but Jin Yong's world is real.  of.  A modern person is living a real life in Jin Yong's world. Let the protagonist lead you for a leisurely walk in Jin Yong's world.
The main character’s soul is still alive and is possessed by a young Taoist priest in a Taoist temple in Jin Yong’s world.  He was alone on a barren mountain, practicing Taoism hard, and finally returned to his previous life.  He sat in a carriage and headed north, hoping to see Guo Jing and his wife.  On the top of Huashan Mountain, he defied the will of heaven, saved Bei Bei and Xi Du from death, saved Cheng Ying and Wan Yanping, and frightened Li Mochou away with a few words. From then on, he entered the world of the divine eagle.
Relying on the sky and smiling proudly, his figure always shines in it. He is a spectator of this world, and he is also the master of this world. He roars proudly in the mountains and forests, he leans against the red and green trees, he hides in the mountains and forests, and he appears in the busy city.  He is omnipresent.
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? out of the world's heroes and beauties, to become a happy god, this is the purpose of this book.

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