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Star Butcher Latest chapter update list


Volume 1 Chapter 1 The Cycle of Life and DeathVolume 1 Chapter 2 A cold and considerate womanVolume 1 Chapter 3 SlumsVolume 1 Chapter 4 The Cultivation of Spiritual Power
Volume 1 Chapter 5 MechaVolume 1 Chapter 6 The Marriage Laws of the EmpireVolume 1 Chapter 7 Modification MasterVolume 1 Chapter 8 Noel x Sansan
Volume 1 Chapter 9 Huge Restoration ProjectVolume 1 Chapter 10 Gangsters in the SlumsVolume 1 Chapter 11 A small frictionVolume 1 Chapter 12 The Sick Woman
Volume 1 Chapter 13 Mecha ClubVolume 1 Chapter 14 The Basic Living Standards of NoblesVolume 1 Chapter 15 Cloning the BodyVolume 1 Chapter 16 Top Military Mecha
Volume 1 Chapter 17 Michelle¡¯s BirthdayVolume 1 Chapter 18 Fragile Woman [Do you have any recommendation votes? ¡¿Volume 1 Chapter 19 Leader of the Beast Adventure GroupVolume 1, Chapter 20: First appearance of ferociousness [Calling for recommendation votes]
Volume 1, Chapter 21: Murderous Intent [Beat the Top Three]Volume 1, Chapter 22: Mecha Threat [Can¡¯t Kill with Recommended Votes? ¡¿Volume 1 Chapter 23 Galaxy p-09Volume 1 Chapter 24 Boiling
Volume 1 Chapter 25 Interstellar SniperVolume 1 Chapter 26 PursuitVolume 1 Chapter 27 The stalemateVolume 1 Chapter 28 Sculpture
Volume 1 Chapter 29 The Statue of the GeneralVolume 1 Chapter 30 Can the divorce letter be postponed?Volume 1 Chapter 31 Your eyebrows are beautifulVolume 1 Chapter 32 Sixth Level Mental Power Master
Volume 1 Chapter 33 Men¡¯s things, women, back off!Volume 1 Chapter 34 General MeshaVolume 1 Chapter 35 Killing Feng LingziVolume 1 Chapter 36 Start the x33 engine
Volume 1 Chapter 37 My Mecha TerritoryVolume 1 Chapter 38 A RoseVolume 1 Chapter 39 The Development of the UniverseVolume 1 Chapter 40 Xinghan Mecha University
Volume 1 Chapter 41 Shared HousingVolume 1 Chapter 42 Very ugly and poorVolume 1 Chapter 43: Spotted BeetleVolume 1 Chapter 44 Registration
Volume 1 Chapter 45Volume 1 Chapter 46 Xiang'er is here tooVolume 1 Chapter 47 Training Room No. 7Volume 1, Chapter 48: Hard Cultivation Method
Volume 1 Chapter 49 Mental Force FieldVolume 1 Chapter 50 Breakthrough of Level 2 Mental PowerVolume 1 Chapter 51 The Love of Childhood SweetheartsVolume 1 Chapter 52 Philip the Hangman
Volume One, Chapter 53: The Beginning of LoveVolume 1 Chapter 54Volume 1, Chapter 55: Sacrifice for love is the highest state of loveVolume 1, Chapter 56: Training Partner
Volume 1 Chapter 57 Mecha Simulation Training RoomVolume 1, Chapter 58: Fighting Mecha BattleVolume One, Chapter 59: Fierce Mecha FightingVolume 1 Chapter 60 A Thunderous Blow
Volume 1 Chapter 61 That moment of youthVolume 1 Chapter 62 Cut into eight piecesVolume 1 Chapter 63 Rapid ProgressVolume 1, Chapter 64: Bastard's Spirit
Volume 1 Chapter 65 Classic interpretation b-8Volume 1 Chapter 66 The Battle of the KingVolume 1 Chapter 67 Empire No. 1 winsVolume 1 Chapter 68 Fire Phoenix
Volume 1 Chapter 69 ConflictVolume 1 Chapter 70 I fell in love with someoneVolume 1 Chapter 71 JiajuVolume 1 Chapter 72 A smile that captivates a country
Volume 1 Chapter 73 Michelle¡¯s LoveVolume 1 Chapter 74 I came to see youVolume 1 Chapter 75 Noel Mecha Fighting CompetitionVolume 1 Chapter 76 Forgot to get [Strongly Call for Recommendation Votes]
Volume 1, Chapter 77: Brewing Storm [Strongly Calling for Recommendations]Volume 1, Chapter 78: A talent that only emerges once in six hundred years [Strong call for monthly votes]Volume 1, Chapter 79: Thousands of people visit [Wall and ask for monthly tickets]Volume 1 Chapter 80 The birth of a new king
Volume 1 Chapter 81 The Secret of Empire OneVolume 1 Chapter 82 Rising StarVolume One Chapter 83 Real MisfortuneVolume 1 Chapter 84 Long-term Investment Plan
Volume 1 Chapter 85 When a scholar encounters a soldier, he cannot explain why he is rightVolume One Chapter 86 A Classic BattleVolume 1 Chapter 87 I can put you on the pinnacle of power!Volume 1 Chapter 88 Rumors [Strong call for monthly votes]
Volume 1 Chapter 89 It feels goodVolume 1 Chapter 90 The murderous gaze [Eruption Chapter 1]Volume 1 Chapter 91 Go home and see [Outbreak Chapter 2]Volume 1, Chapter 92: Ferocious Face [Eruption Chapter 3]
Chapter 93 Vice Chairman of Luna CompanyChapter 94 Luna SpaceshipChapter 95 Xu Beihong¡¯s ¡°Horse¡±Chapter 96: Burning with desire [Monthly ticket stopped moving]
Chapter 97 I want to hang the "Galloping Horse" on the LunaChapter 98 Genius HackerChapter 99 The speculation of the most talented womanChapter 100: Get away and run away
Chapter 101: Killing with a Borrowed KnifeChapter 102 Enemies meet on a narrow roadChapter 103: Jiaju XiongfengChapter 104 Sniper
Chapter 105: Meticulous BattleChapter 106: Boarding the Luna againChapter 107 People are slaughtered in vain [I need 5 monthly passes, do you have them? ¡¿Chapter 108 Adventure Invitation
Chapter 109 Soma Death Star FieldChapter 110 Weird Planet [Please subscribe]Chapter 111 The three-kilometer-long beast [Please subscribe]Chapter 112 Killing Three People
Chapter 113 The trap of death is comingChapter 114 Platypus watchingChapter 115 Singer is deadChapter 116 The invasion of the spotted scale insects
Chapter 117 The Tragic Battlefield [Requires 13 monthly tickets instead of 2,000 monthly tickets]Chapter 118 Captain Green [5 more monthly passes]Chapter 119 The desperate Xinghan Mecha University [Forcibly asking for 10 monthly passes, quack! ¡¿Chapter 120: First Show of Strength [Recommendation votes required! ¡¿
Chapter 121 Military Control [I need a few recommendation votes and monthly passes]Chapter 122 Gray WormChapter 123: Imprisoned for 100 million years, Xiao Hei¡¯s transformation!Chapter 124 Slums
Chapter 125Chapter 126 Meeting MichelleChapter 127 Silver Spotted BeetleChapter 128 The Torrent of Steel [Painful, monthly tickets will not increase! Please give me some monthly passes]
Chapter 129 Daisy Family [Painful, monthly tickets will not increase! Please give me some monthly passes]Chapter 130 Meat GrinderChapter 131 Chapter 131 Su YulanChapter 132 The terrifying power
Chapter 133 Killing to establish power [Please give me some monthly tickets and recommendation votes]Chapter 134 Refugee CampChapter 135 Tian Die Wu¡¯s Big Mac FamilyChapter 136 Encountering the Silver Spotted Beetle Again
Chapter 137 Power and Instinct [Asking for 10 monthly votes]Chapter 138 Insect NestChapter 139 Insect KingChapter 140 Speed ??of Life and Death [Calling for Monthly Tickets in the Last Two Days]
Chapter 141 Three people meet upChapter 142 Pirates joining in the funChapter 143 The Great Migration of HumanityChapter 144 Death Cave [Ask for ten monthly votes]
Chapter 145: Living Cruelly [Leading 20 Monthly Tickets to Rank 15th on the Overall List]Chapter 146 Meeting Mike [Sigh, please give me 10 monthly passes! ¡¿Chapter 147 [Ask for 5 monthly tickets]Chapter 148 The One Hundred and Eighteen Chapter The Fire of Life
Chapter 149 Mental Power MasterChapter 150 Genius is everywhere [Please give me 5 monthly tickets]Chapter 151 Big Universe Cyclone BandChapter 152 Ambition! Xiaohei's mechanical empire... [Ask for 10 monthly tickets]
Chapter 153 God of KillingChapter 154 The Seven Musketeers [vomiting blood and begging for 5 monthly tickets]Chapter 155 Mining AreaChapter 156: Colorful Beetle vs. Mechanical Troops [Please give me 10 monthly tickets to break out! ¡¿
Chapter 157 Skynet¡¯s enemiesChapter 158 Entering the Capital [Eruption, please give me 10 monthly passes]Chapter 159 The Empty CapitalChapter 160 Return to the training building [Request for monthly votes for Chapter 4 of Outbreak]
Chapter 161 Notoriety is also famous!Chapter 162 Don¡¯t Kiss Me [Please give me a monthly pass, woo woo]Chapter 163 The battle of four brothers [asking for half a monthly ticket]Chapter 164 Call Miss Belle!
Chapter 165 Leaving Redel PlanetChapter 166 Found the Shadow [Ask for 0.5 monthly tickets]Chapter 167 Mermaid [The three chapters have been updated, please vote for me! ¡¿Chapter 168 The magnificent interstellar war
Chapter 169 Mesha [a chapter worth reading]Chapter 170 Assessment AgentChapter 171 Belle¡¯s Brother [Asking for a monthly pass]Chapter 172 Huangpu Family
Chapter 173 Karin Empire [Monthly ticket returned to before liberation in one night]Chapter 174 The Legendary Young and DangerousChapter 175 Chen Haonan and the Seven Musketeers [Asking for a monthly ticket]Chapter 176 Search
Chapter 177 The sixth-level spiritual master worshipedChapter 178 The lost gift: Hairpin!Chapter 179: Touching the Refugee Camp [Please vote]Chapter 180 Game Room
Chapter 181 Dispute with the Fighting ChampionChapter 182 Who is the real man? [Crazy for a monthly pass]Chapter 183: Obsessed [Strongly requesting monthly votes]Chapter 184 Desire takes off
Chapter 185 Establishing a Hurricane Adventure GroupChapter 186 Challenging a Level 6 Mental PowerhouseChapter 187 I am yours tonightChapter 188: Act like a lady when you go out, and act like a housewife at home...
Chapter 189 The First Woman [Strong Summoning Monthly Ticket]Chapter 190 Leave a good memoryChapter 191 Belle¡¯s TroublesChapter 192 Xiaohei¡¯s new mecha
Chapter 193 The development of Xiao Hei and Zhenzhen [Summoning Point Recommendation Ticket]Chapter 194 Philip, Commander of the LionsChapter 195 Arriving at the training starChapter 196 Forty percent mortality rate
Chapter 197 Michelle¡¯s decision [Updated 11,000 please vote]Chapter 198 Zhiduomon and ZebramonChapter 199 Red Ocean [Ask for a monthly pass]Chapter 200 Crazy Rolling Beast
Chapter 201 Underground KingChapter 202 Real Soldiers [Strong request for monthly votes]Chapter 203 The Remains of the Earthly Dragon [Forcing a Monthly Pass]Chapter 204 Multi-directional Space Button
Chapter 205 Belle¡¯s foresight [Please vote on the last day of this month]Chapter 206 Draw the bow! [Last fight, strong summons monthly ticket]Chapter 207 Tornado Band and Modified Ship [Please vote for December]Chapter 208 Who is the most powerful modification team? [Asking for a poor monthly ticket]
Chapter 209 The same pressure [asking for another monthly pass]Chapter 210 Regarding the plot preview and some other things, please come in and take a look!Chapter 211 Crisis arisesChapter 212 Karin is resurrected [Please give me a monthly ticket]
Chapter 213 Future Star falls?Chapter 214 Heroes Square [Forcing a monthly ticket]Chapter 215 Training is overChapter 216 Successful weight loss
Chapter 217 Who wins and who loses?Chapter 218 Whose name should I choose?Chapter 219 Human Torch EngineChapter 220 Seven Musketeers and Seven Pirates
Chapter 221 A sun-shooting arrowChapter 222 Not only romantic, but also obscene and obsceneChapter 223 Mrs. Rong, who has conquered the country and conquered the cityChapter 224 Female Soldier Fan Shuang
Chapter 225 The tragic outer space of Koro PlanetChapter 226 Neurotic Mrs. Rong [Strong Summoning Monthly Ticket]Chapter 227 Ke Luoxing¡¯s reportChapter 228 Belle¡¯s Problem
Chapter 229 The Brave Little BoyChapter 230 Thunder B2 encounters the colorful shell insectChapter 231 ShockingChapter 232 Crazy Killing
Chapter 233 The temptation of 100 million gold coinsChapter 234 The battle in the basement [Outbreak]Chapter 235 Fanshuang¡¯s pursuit [Outbreak]Chapter 236: Calmly Waiting to Die [Eruption]
Chapter 237 The gentle sideChapter 238 Giant SafeChapter 239 A strong man [Outbreak asking for monthly votes]Chapter 240 Cherished Beauty Gum [Outbreak]
Chapter 241 The Internal War of the Hurricane Adventure Group [Eruption]Chapter 242 "Lanting Preface" by Wang XizhiChapter 243 Finding Someone GameChapter 244 Earth-shattering Sun Bow Shooting
Chapter 245 Contact during the pursuitChapter 246 The oriole is behindChapter 247 Huge DealChapter 248 Another fierce man
Chapter 249 Incredible CraftsmanshipChapter 250 Passing by [Breaking out and asking for monthly votes]Chapter 251 A ferocious appearanceChapter 252 Cruel Nature
Chapter 253 Huge Space Ring [Strong call for a monthly ticket]Chapter 254 Space WarpChapter 255 Losing control...Chapter 256 Disputes between men and women!
Chapter 257 The frost in the dreamChapter 258 The second ambitious womanChapter 259 The bottleneck of future starsChapter 260 Robbery and Development [Please give me a monthly pass]
Chapter 261 Death of GreenChapter 262 Michelle¡¯s CrisisChapter 263 You can¡¯t escape from this lady¡¯s WuzhishanChapter 264 The general trend of the world, the chessboard!
Chapter 265 Xiao Hei¡¯s Love [Please vote for the end of the month]Chapter 266 TraitorChapter 267 Temporary Star Map! [Asking for monthly tickets at the end of the month]Chapter 268: The Mainstay
Chapter 269 Next The murder weapon appears [Shout weakly: Monthly ticket! ¡¿Chapter 270 Space MeleeChapter 271 Endless killing [asking for double monthly tickets for New Year¡¯s Day]Chapter 272 Meeting Michelle [Strongly asking for double monthly tickets]
Chapter 273 Chapter 270 Yaju Xiongfeng [Eruption]Chapter 274 Who is Fan Shuang? ¡¾break out¡¿Chapter 275 Heavy Casualties¡¾¡¿Chapter 276 Recovering feelings with Michelle
Chapter 277 The God of Death is back!Chapter 278 Do you know your guilt? ? [Asking for a monthly pass]Chapter 279 The strength of hurricane adventure!Chapter 280 Let the tiger return to the mountain
Chapter 281 Sad Michelle [Please give me a monthly ticket! ¡¿Chapter 282 AwakeningChapter 283 Find the traitor [Erupted today]Chapter 284 A letter of divorce [This broke out today]
Chapter 285 Roland¡¯s Oath [Erupted today]Chapter 286 The hurricane strikes [Please give me your monthly vote if it breaks out today]Chapter 287 Heroic Son-in-lawChapter 288 The age of heroes
Chapter 289 Big meleeChapter 290 Michelle CrisisChapter 291 Love Moves the Mountains and Rivers [Ask for 10 monthly tickets]Chapter 292 Close...
Chapter 293 The lonely backChapter 294 Recruiting new peopleChapter 295 Wake upChapter 296 Xiaohei¡¯s Fleet
Chapter 297 The migration secret of the spotted scale insectChapter 298 The Enemy of Yaju [Please give me some monthly tickets]Chapter 299 Entering the Insect NestChapter 300 Weird Planet
Chapter 301 Two Brothers and SistersChapter 302 What is a spaceship?Chapter 303 Corpse BirdChapter 304 The strange prairie
Chapter 305 Musk PigChapter 306 Fierce Bow [Three chapters updated, please give me 10 monthly votes]Chapter 307 Sir AlexChapter 308 Rampant Killing
Chapter 309 Two hundred and twenty-three corpsesChapter 310, Corpse Bird SkeletonsChapter 311 Communication with the Man-Eating TreeChapter 312 Xiao Hei and Robot Karin
Chapter 313 Fanshuang is here!Chapter 314 Michelle is here too!Chapter 315 Fanshuang is back!Chapter 316 The new owner of the Fanshuang
Chapter 317 The Impregnable CastleChapter 318 History of Galen EmpireChapter 319 Corpse Bird King Armor and Blackwood Bow [Please vote for me]Chapter 320 Transaction
Chapter 321 Purple Core BowChapter 322, summoned by the emperorChapter 323 I want to buy this castleChapter 324 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 325 It¡¯s not a secretChapter 326 The Secret of Die City [Please vote for the end of the month! ¡¿Chapter 327 Man-Eating Tree Forest [Please vote at the end of the month, it will be a waste if you don¡¯t vote]Chapter 328 Spiritual Link [Ask for the last monthly ticket this month]
Chapter 329 Infinitely Close to Level 6 [Monthly tickets for the last day, please! ¡¿Chapter 330 The Great Desert of Death, the Lair of the Colorful BeetleChapter 331: Encounter with a powerful enemy [Strong call for February monthly votes]Chapter 332 The colony of spotted beetles
Chapter 333, The Wrath of the Insect KingChapter 334: Killing the Insect TideChapter 335 A fight to the death [Please give me a monthly ticket]Chapter 336 The Final Killing
Chapter 337 Burning AmbitionChapter 338: Living in Harmony with the Colorful Beetle [Please vote]Chapter 339 Spiritual RealmChapter 340 Turning the Emperor into a Shareholder
Chapter 341 Under the heavy reward, there must be a brave man [Please give me 5 monthly tickets]Chapter 342 BattleChapter 343 The Human Alliance is in dire straitsChapter 344 Responsibility
Chapter 345 Rangers and HypocritesChapter 346 Sixth Level FighterChapter 347 The mysterious number one master [please vote for the 6000-word chapter]Chapter 348: The Temptation of Heavy Money [7000 words, please vote for me]
Chapter 349 A blockbuster [5000 words, please get a monthly ticket]Chapter 350 Unifying the Jianghu [Red envelopes for the Chinese New Year, monthly tickets for rewards, quack]Chapter 351 Crystal Palace BaseChapter 352 Return Plan
Chapter 353 How many months are left in Zhenzhen?Chapter 354 The war between Zhenzhen and XiaoheiChapter 355 Bafanghou, the second master in the worldChapter 356 Death of Bafang Hou
Chapter 357 Attacking the Crystal Palace [Please give me a monthly ticket]Chapter 358 The decisive battle in Huangsha¡¾Please vote for me¡¿Chapter 359: The man fell on his back and the horse was defeated thousands of miles awayChapter 360: Chase for Thousands of Miles [15,000 updated, please vote for me]
Chapter 361 Fatigue TacticsChapter 362 Conquer Wu KeChapter 363 Devil¡¯s LakeChapter 364 Fierce Battle at Devil's Lake
Chapter 365 VictoryChapter 366 Feast of Ten Thousand Beasts [Please vote for the end of the month]Chapter 367 Zhao Lie¡¯s ConfusionChapter 368 The city is broken
Chapter 369 The inner city is destroyed [Please vote for the end of the month]Chapter 370 Nineteen-Nation AllianceChapter 371 Entering the cloud system saucer-shaped spacecraftChapter 372 The poisoning is too deep [Please give me a monthly pass]
Chapter 373 Return to the Human Alliance [Monthly tickets are shabby, please ask for monthly tickets]Chapter 374 Huge BusinessChapter 375 Landing on Meilan Star [Please vote for me]Chapter 376 Crazy Killing
Chapter 377 Lions LegionChapter 378 A critical momentChapter 379 Is he a human?Chapter 380 Siege of the No. 1 Master [Sorry, the annual meeting is too tiring, the update is late! ¡¿
Chapter 381 Repairing Interstellar DefenseChapter 382 The city of despairChapter 383 Killing Fortress [Please give me a monthly ticket]Chapter 384 Rescue
Chapter 385 Xiao Hei¡¯s Gate of SinChapter 386 Gene Mutation [Crazy for monthly votes]Chapter 387: Useful Codes in Troubled Times [Crazy for Monthly Tickets]Chapter 388 Crazy Fans
Chapter 389 Mrs. Rong is hereChapter 390 Under controlChapter 391 There is a woman named Fan Shuang on the Fan ShuangChapter 392 News about Fan Shuang
Chapter 393 The real time of deathChapter 394 Polygamy versus monogamyChapter 395 Target: Future Star [Asking for monthly votes]Chapter 396 The Greatest Scientist
Chapter 397 Chapter 395 The Waiting of Satan¡¯s Circuit [Forced Monthly Ticket]Chapter 398: Turning old in an instant [Please give me a monthly ticket]Chapter 399 Meeting ZhenzhenChapter 400 Knife Cut
Chapter 401: Killing Power¡¾Please vote for me¡¿Chapter 402 The Ghost Ax Appears [Please vote for me on the last day of this month]Chapter 403 The battle with Chen ZihaoChapter 404 The last time [please vote]
Chapter 405 Vacation [Please give me a monthly pass]Chapter 406 Gambling MarketChapter 407 Gambling everywhereChapter 408 Eat people without spitting out bones
Chapter 409 Losing completely [This happened today, please give me your monthly vote]Chapter 410 A Bet of One Billion Gold Coins [Requesting Monthly Ticket]Chapter 411 Pawn ShopChapter 412 Sweeping the Gambling Market
Chapter 413 Want to have a baby [One more chapter]Chapter 414 Intelligent LifeChapter 415 Ambition Rekindled [There will be an update today]Chapter 416 Childlike Innocence
Chapter 417 Crazy Refugee CampChapter 418 Space WarpChapter 419 Refugee CampChapter 420 Red River Valley
Chapter 421 Mythical CharacterChapter 422 Cruel [Return to normal updates starting from the 19th]Chapter 423 The rebellious soulChapter 424 The current situation of the Red River Valley
Chapter 425 Imperial GangChapter 426 The storm is comingChapter 427 People with big faces are more fierceChapter 428 Lions Ouyang Xiong
Chapter 429 Gravity PlanetChapter 430 TaniguchiChapter 431 Fighting with IdolsChapter 432 The Battle of the Overlord [Ask for double monthly tickets]
Chapter 433 Robot Karin [Continue asking for monthly votes]Chapter 434 The storm is risingChapter 435 True Power [Updated today]Chapter 436 Cosmic Conspiracy [There is one more chapter, please vote]
Chapter 437 Breathtaking layoutChapter 438 Good NewsChapter 439 Meeting the little boy again¡¾¡¿Chapter 440 A group of bumpkins [still exist today]
Chapter 441 Selection [5000 words please vote]Chapter 442 Two Level 6 MastersChapter 443 Under heavy rewardChapter 444 Leap Level Challenge
Chapter 445 Space interception battleChapter 446 Air CombatChapter 447 The strategy of strategizingChapter 448 Arrow!
Chapter 449 AmbushChapter 450 The arrow meets the opponentChapter 451 Grand StrategyChapter 452 The young master is dead
Chapter 453 A showdown of power!Chapter 454 RecruitmentChapter 455 Black PlanetChapter 456 Battleship Wreck
Chapter 457 The Last Living PersonChapter 458 Powerful Killer BeeChapter 459 Meteorite Maelstrom [Please vote for me]Chapter 460 Landing on the Black Planet [Big letter asking for monthly votes]
Chapter 461 Dell Mothership¡¾Please vote for me¡¿Chapter 463 Wanted CriminalChapter 464 Persuasion PlanChapter 465 Black Planet Elder¡¯s House
Chapter 466 The Palace of DreamsChapter 467 Totem LandChapter 469 ChallengeChapter 470 Grow JJ
Chapter 471 The hurtful gazeChapter 472 Book of Life and Death DuelChapter 473 Master Gao Yinghuo appearsChapter 474 The Awesomeness of the Cannon and the Giant Ship
Chapter 475 Two seconds fasterChapter 476 Deep Space BombChapter 477 The Foundation of the Black PlanetChapter 478: One goes down and the other goes up
Chapter 479 Mecha DuelChapter 480 Goodbye Magical CraftsmanshipChapter 481 BetrayalChapter 482 Truth Mecha Modification Factory
Chapter 483 Modification of YaizhenChapter 484 Seventh Level Mecha FighterChapter 485 Killing MachineChapter 486 Big Business
Chapter 487 Brother DaoChapter 488 EmergencyChapter 489 The Prophecy of Rivers of BloodChapter 490 Mrs. Rong¡¯s black technology
Chapter 491 Real Life FormChapter 492 Love and HateChapter 493 DreamChapter 494 The Fourth Woman
Chapter 495 Bad News about Mrs. RongChapter 496 TransactionChapter 497 Verifying the ProphecyChapter 498 The Invasion of the Spotted Beetle
Chapter 499 VictoryChapter 500 Ambition extinguishedChapter 501 ConfrontationChapter 502 Conditions
Chapter 503 ChaosChapter 504 Business is an artChapter 505 Advice and GestureChapter 506 The Young Master¡¯s Ax
Chapter 507 Interstellar ButcherChapter 508 Everything goes wellChapter 509 Meeting a LiarChapter 510 Princess Robbery
Chapter 511 The evil swordChapter 512 Meeting the LiarChapter 513 Bad NewsChapter 514 Kill on the spot
Chapter 515 The sorrow of the big familyChapter 516 Applying for a job as a chefChapter 517 Magical BacteriaChapter 518 Shameless subordinate
Chapter 519 The face master who drives the bargeChapter 520 Ants and Chess PiecesChapter 521 Boarding the Pirate ShipChapter 522 Gu Fang
Chapter 523 Gu Fang¡¯s abilityChapter 524 Pandora¡¯s BoxChapter 525 Time and Space LockChapter 526 Xiao Qi killed someone
Chapter 527 In DangerChapter 528 CannibalsChapter 529 The chef¡¯s murderous intentionChapter 530 Oak Barrel Space City
Chapter 531 DinosaurChapter 532 Queuing TroublesChapter 533 Prehistoric Giant CrocodileChapter 534 Scumbag
Chapter 535 Lucky AudienceChapter 536: Violent and hurtfulChapter 537 Chef becomes butcherChapter 538 Solution to the problem
Chapter 539 Hell on EarthChapter 540 In the DarkChapter 541 SnowflakeChapter 542 Humiliation
Chapter 543 HeroesChapter 544: Discovering IdentityChapter 545 Women comment on womenChapter 546 Time Anxiety
Chapter 547 Gluttonous FeastChapter 548 Slaughter of the Feral VelociraptorChapter 549 Space City PrisonChapter 550 City Lord Zuo Mu
Chapter 551 P AreaChapter 552 Victory ReunionChapter 553 Plan in progressChapter 554 Restoring Calm
Chapter 555 Do you need to divide the spoils?Chapter 556 Rescue BelleChapter 557 Returning with a Full LoadChapter 558 Not Human
Chapter 559 The dying treeChapter 560 TelepathyChapter 561: Asking for forgivenessChapter 562 Play a big game
Chapter 563 Become famous all over the worldChapter 564 Can¡¯t Let GoChapter 565 RehearsalChapter 566 The Great Heavenly King¡¯s Suggestions
Chapter 567 Tic Tac Toe GangChapter 568 Invasion of Space CityChapter 569: UnstoppableChapter 570 Violates common sense of physics
Chapter 571 Even more terrifyingChapter 572 Warp EngineChapter 573 Passing the BillChapter 574 Creating Opportunities
Chapter 575 Ancient Bridge StarChapter 576 Weathered Stone ForestChapter 577 Ancient BridgeChapter 578 Raptor
Chapter 579 Raised beastsChapter 580 Generals and LeadersChapter 581 Mysterious TempleText Chapter 582 Breaking through the bottom line
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