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Text Chapter 582 Breaking through the bottom line

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    why is it like this?

    What are they doing?

    Zou Zichuan raised his head, and at the same time, the people around him also raised their heads.

    A spaceship.

    An interstellar transport spacecraft.

    Over the square, a gray-black spaceship was slowly landing. Because it was too low, the huge hull gave people a suffocating pressure.

    ? yn¡ª¡ªType 3 interstellar transport ship.

    Seeing the gray-black space transport ship slowly landing, the name of the spacecraft immediately appeared in Zou Zichuan's mind.  This is a flagship product of the "Relay Interstellar Ship Company". It has been prosperous in the Human Alliance and is a leader among medium-sized interstellar transport ships. It has made great contributions to the interstellar commercial integration of the Human Alliance. Its yn series  The interstellar transport ship has developed to the yn-52 type.

    What an ancient interstellar transport ship!

    ? yn¡ª¡ªType 3 interstellar transport ship. Just from its model, you can tell that its era is extremely old, at least more than 500 years old.

    This is an interstellar transport ship that has gone through many storms. The hull is full of bumps and bumps. It gives people a dilapidated feeling at first glance. If it were not in the sky, it would definitely make people doubt whether it can still fly.

    The wind and sand were fierce, and the transport ship landed very slowly. It seemed to be afraid of colliding with the nearby temple buildings. Its flight attitude was conservatively slow. If it were any slower, it would be almost impossible to tell that it was landing with the naked eye.

    "Hey, this is an unmanned interstellar transport ship." Belle said.

    "Why?" Zou Zichuan was stunned. This was the first time he heard that the interstellar spacecraft would be unmanned.

    "I know this ship. It is the yn-3 medium-sized interstellar transport spacecraft produced by Relay Interstellar Ship Company. This is a very old spacecraft and does not have the latest holographic navigation system. Look, the belly of this spacecraft  There is a streamlined black metal body, which is the latest holographic navigation system. As long as a star map is implanted in the spacecraft, it can accurately find the landing place" Belle talked eloquently.

    "Wait a minute, Miss Huangpu Diewu, I also know this spaceship and the latest holographic navigation system. However, the installation of the holographic navigation system does not mean that this interstellar transport ship is unmanned. How do you judge  Is it an unmanned interstellar spacecraft?" Zhang Shiyu asked calmly.

    "Sister Shiyu, except for the holographic navigation system, there are no high-tech modifications on this ship. It doesn't even have the most basic commercial defense system. That means that the modifiers don't care about this.  I don¡¯t want to invest more equipment and money in this spaceship. The only explanation is that this is an unmanned spacecraft. In addition, this is a square. Although there is wind and sand, the landing conditions are actually very open. If it is  The human pilot has landed safely long ago, but the spacecraft is still landing slowly, so it can only be because the main control optical brain has set the landing procedure" Belle said with a smile.

    "It makes sense."

    Zhang Shiyu was shocked. She found that she was not aware of this problem.  At this moment, Zhang Shiyu had to evaluate Beier again. This seemingly careless girl was actually extremely delicate in her heart.

    He is worthy of being the successor of the Huangpu family!

    Everyone looked up at the sky. At this time, the transport ship in the sky seemed to have stopped landing, suspended in the air, and was in a stationary state. At this time, the steel-furred wolves in the square began to stir. They were still looking up at the sky, constantly moving and strong.  His body was half-opened, his tongue was sticking out, and his mouth was full of sharp teeth, forming a particularly expectant scene.

    What do they expect?





    Just when everyone was confused, suddenly, the metal hatch of the interstellar transport ship in the sky opened and began to drop things, and black packages kept falling down.

    ¡°Everyone, be careful not to get hit by anything!¡± Zou Zichuan reminded everyone.

    The pirates spread out one after another to avoid being too crowded to avoid.

    Fortunately, those impatient steel-haired wolves didn't care about the humans around them at all, looking up at the sky with their mouths open, salivating.





    The white flowers spread out on the black packages in the sky were parachutes. Under the power of the parachutes, the falling speed of those black packages was much slower, but because the spacecraft itself was not high from the square, the black objects were not blown away from the square.

    It is obvious that the height of the spacecraft is accurately calculated.??, make sure that when placing things, they will not be blown away from the square by wind and sand.

    Zou Zichuan discovered that the steel-haired wolves seemed to be afraid of being hit by those black packages, and kept moving their bodies. The huge wolf pack was swimming like a school of fish, which was spectacular.





    Soon, those black packages fell to the ground. Although the parachute slowed down, it still produced a huge impact. Under the huge impact, the black packages were broken into pieces.

    It¡¯s meat.

    Almost immediately, Zou Zichuan was sure that the thing inside the black package was meat, because the air was filled with a disgusting smell of blood.

    Almost at the same time, those eager steel-haired wolves pounced on the pieces of meat scattered in the square, biting and swallowing


    This is a feast.

    Hundreds of steel-haired wolves feasted on the square, and the sound of bones being chewed was heard one after another in the air, giving people a creepy feeling.

    "There are human corpses." Lan Ji exclaimed.

    "Where?" Zou Zichuan's pupils suddenly tightened.

    "To the left, look"

    Lan Ji raised her arm to point out the direction. Before she finished speaking, Zou Zichuan's body turned into countless afterimages and flew out, like a wisp of smoke.



    The light of the sword flashed, and a group of gobbling steel-haired wolves were hiding from Zou Zichuan, the god of death. In just two breaths, a space became clear around him, and the bodies of several steel-haired wolves were still lying in a pool of blood, twitching.  .

    Belle and Zhang Shiyu also walked over under the protection of a group of pirates.


    No, it¡¯s not a corpse. Strictly speaking, it¡¯s a leg, and it¡¯s definitely a human leg, because there¡¯s a combat shoe on the leg.

    The atmosphere became solemn.

    After human civilization entered the interstellar age, although many planets were still ruled by some backward systems, things like feeding animals with human corpses had never happened.

    Although the Human Alliance is a loose interstellar organization, because it is led by the Federation Empire composed of the five major empires, even some backward planets do not dare to care about human life. After all, the Interstellar Court is no joke. You know, Rui was  The old emperor of the Del Empire could not bear it, and had to send the imperial general to the gallows for crimes against humanity to quell the anger of the Federal Empire. The influence of the Federal Empire is evident.

    Who did it?

    Zou Zichuan looked up at the transport ship in the sky, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

    Although Zou Zichuan is a prolific murderer, he will never do such a thing that would make people and gods angry, because this is the basic moral bottom line of human beings

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