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Text Finale (Appendix)

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    In the haze, Li Mu gradually woke up. After waking up, he saw the familiar scenery, the land of Qingyang Star, the mountains, rivers, and the blue sky. Everything seemed to have not changed at all, as usual.  Quiet, peaceful.

    Did you have a dream?

    Li Mu asked himself subconsciously, raised his head reflexively, and recalled the mysterious old man.  He touched his cold face. Although there was no pain, everything made him know that it was true.

    "Is it her?" Li Mu raised his head and looked at the sky above his head, which seemed to suddenly become unfamiliar yet familiar, and a beautiful figure appeared in his mind.

    At the same time, a scene that was extremely distant but still similar to the previous moment appeared in his mind.

    That scene exists in the center of the Eastern Divine Sea of ??Qingyang Star. There is a huge bronze portal with hundreds of Heaven-Seizing Realm experts standing in the void.

    It is not difficult to see that the focus of the picture is a woman wearing a fiery red robe, a man in a green robe who looks extremely evil with a vertical eye between his eyebrows, and a man in a gray robe who looks like  The old man looked a little embarrassed, but exuded a terrifying cultivation level.

    The existence of these three people seemed to have threatened Qingyang Star, causing Qingyang Star to tremble violently, and infinite power surged from the void, forcing the three people.

    However, although the power coming from the void was terrifying, it could not harm these three people at all.

    Suddenly, the scene turned, and the gray robe rose into the sky amid loud laughter, like a sharp sword, piercing the sky of Qingyang Star.  A huge sinkhole appeared, and immediately after, five figures descended.

    Among those five people.  In addition to the gray-robed old man who soared into the sky before, there were four beautiful women wearing fiery red robes.  This woman's appearance and clothing are exactly the same as the fiery red figure standing on the sea!

    Qian Hongxue!

    And there are still five Qianhongxue!

    "Should the next step be to capture Qingyang's Heart?" Li Mu's eyes flashed slightly, and the picture in his mind changed.

    After Qian Hongxue merged with the four clones possessing the 'Void Core' level Void Shattering Realm, she directly transformed from the Heaven-Seizing Realm into a 'Real Core' level Void Shattering Powerhouse.  The sixth, seventh, and tenth levels of the Heaven Seizing Realm are all like ants in front of them.

    Even the evil man in green robe and the old man in gray robe can be said to be "weak" in front of him.

    Li Mu clearly 'saw' that when Qian Hongxue merged with the four clones and acquired the 'real core' cultivation level of Shattering Void Realm, she went directly to capture the Heart of Qingyang.

    He didn¡¯t know why Qian Hongxue went through so much trouble to come to Qingyang Star.  He tried every possible means to obtain the 'Heart of Qingyang', but the 'Heart of Qingyang' must have something extremely unique, otherwise Qian Hongxue would not be like this at all.

    As for the purpose of ¡®Qingyang Heart¡¯, he didn¡¯t know.

    "Am I dead?" Li Mu didn't think too much about this. Seeing Qian Hongxue about to grab Qingyang's Heart, he subconsciously muttered to himself.


    Amidst a thunderous sound, five figures suddenly walked out of the huge bronze portal.

    Li Mu clearly saw that the leader was none other than someone else.  It was him who had entered the 'Void Core' level of Shattering Void Realm in cultivation realm, and what was behind him.  It is the Titan who is also in the Shattering Void Realm, that is, Atai.  There are also two men and one woman, all of whom are terrifying figures at the tenth level of the Heaven-capturing Realm.

    When he appeared, two long knives appeared on his left and right hands at the same time. What was strange was that one of the two long knives was pitch black.  A bright white sword finally merged together strangely and turned into a long knife.

    Suddenly, an extremely terrifying aura spread out from the black and white long knife!

    next moment.  It was Qian Hongxue's frightened expression that instantly turned into two halves under his own blow. The 'power of life and death' twisted her body and soul, crushing her body and soul into pieces, and disappeared into Qingyang Star

    But Li Mu didn't pay any attention to this. When the scene ended, he subconsciously became serious.  Because he clearly remembered that it was when he left Qingyang Star after he killed Qian Hongxue!


    Li Mu frowned and saw clearly that after he wiped out Qian Hongxue, a woman wearing a white sand robe appeared out of thin air. When she raised her left hand, a gray light emerged, just like the one possessed by the Shaping Nether Tribe.  Like the 'Seal of Fate'.

    But the strange thing is that there is no aura of death in the gray light. Instead, there is a strange energy fluctuation. That energy fluctuation instantly enveloped itself, and thendisappeared!

    "Put the back of your hand over, the palm of your handThen, in the middle is nowthe Shaping Ming Clan" The scene ended, Li Mu closed his eyes slightly and frowned.

    He didn¡¯t know the woman in sand robe, but it was not difficult to see that that person must be the Lord of Time and the Lord of Destiny among the six ancient gods, and just like Merton and others, she was the ¡®Shaping Nether Tribe¡¯!

    Li Mu knew clearly that it was this person who made him leave Qingyang Star and go to that world.

    How did she do it?  How did he come back?  Was it her fault again?

    Li Mu was puzzled, extremely puzzled.

    The next moment, he opened his eyes, and everything was clear inside. He didn't think about any questions anymore, because now was not the time to think about these questions at all, especially questions that couldn't be answered. It was useless to think about them too much.

    Li Mu has never wanted to cause trouble for himself since he was a child, and he is still the same now.

    Since I have returned to Qingyang Star again, I have enough time to find the answer!

    Subconsciously, Li Mu felt the power of his own cultivation. Although he went to another world, the improvement in that world was obviously real and there was nothing false about it.

    "The broken void is perfect, the realm of creation, if you can have the power of a king, you can become a king." After opening his eyes, a faint smile appeared on the corner of Li Mu's mouth.

    Although the time he stayed in that world was not short, it was not very long either. Being able to jump from the 'Void Core' realm to the 'Creation Realm' realm, the rewards are self-evident.

    However, this is still a bit far away from the ¡®Nirvana of Life and Death¡¯, but

    With a smile, Li Mu slowly raised his head and stared at the sky of Qingyang Star. His eyes were extremely calm, but there was a dazzling light flashing in them.  This bright light seemed to be a kind of enlightenment, but it actually penetrated the sky of Qingyang Star, penetrated the terrifying Gangfeng layer, and directly saw the starry sky outside the Qingyang Star Territory.

    "I hope you can answer these questions for me, and then" Li Mu said to himself while staring at the sky of Qingyang Star.  But when he said this, he paused, and the smile on his face gradually disappeared, and a touch of solemnity gradually appeared.

    At this moment, outside the Qingyang Star, within the starry sky that is dark yet shining with light.

    Not far from Qingyang Star, there is an extremely dilapidated planet. This planet is completely barren and there is no living thing on it.  Clearly a Death Star.  And it is not huge, even less than one-tenth of the Qingyang Star, and it does not look noticeable at all.

    But suddenly, the dim Death Star burst into brilliant black and white light.



    Fortunately, this is endless void.  The distance between each planet is enough to be calculated in trillions of miles.  Even if this star explodes, it will not be able to affect any planet, including Qingyang Star.

    But why did this star explode suddenly?  Is it because its lifespan has reached its limit?  Probably!

    It¡¯s just that no one cares about this. If anyone exists around this star, their eyes will definitely freeze.  He stared at the core of the planet with great shock, because there, lying sleeping was a young man wearing a white robe.

    The man has long and messy hair, his appearance is extremely handsome, and there is no fluctuation in his cultivation level anywhere in his body.  But he can exist in this starry sky.

    When the surrounding debris turned into powder, the man suddenly opened his eyes.  What's strange is that this man's left eye is pitch black, but his remaining eye is blazing white!

    The next moment, he disappeared!  It just disappeared out of thin air!

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    In the sky of Qingyang Star, white light flickered, and a man wearing a white robe appeared out of thin air. He looked calm, even standing peacefully in the void.  In front of him was Li Mu with a cold face and a black leather robe.

    He looked at Li Mu, and Li Mu also looked at him.

    "I want to know the answer to everything." Li Mu, who had been standing here in vain, was not at all surprised by the appearance of the man in white robes in front of him, because he summoned him.

    He didn¡¯t know the other party¡¯s identity, but he could guess that the white-robed man in front of him who looked exactly like him should be the ¡®Lord King¡¯ who left Qingyang Star tens of thousands of years ago!

    If anyone knew about it, they would definitely be shocked.  If Li Mu hadn't understood it clearly, he would have been shocked by it, but at this moment, Li Mu's heart was nothing but cold. He wanted to get the answer, the answer to everything

    "Is there an answer to everything?" Li Mu, who was wearing a white robe, smiled slightly. As he smiled, his strange eyes widened.Normally, he shook his head and sighed: "I'm sorry, I'm just your eighth clone, and I know the least things. I can't give you many answers."

    "Then, tell me everything you know!" Li Mu's expression was cold. Following the other party's words, his fists subconsciously tightened. It was not that he was dissatisfied with the other party's answer, but he was shocked.  Got it!

    "Okay, but before that, don't you want to resurrect them first? As the main body, you should know that I already have that ability, I just need to use some of your power." White-robed Li Mu smiled slightly.

    Hearing this, Li Mu trembled, and the faces of his grandma, Liu Yun, Zhongfeng Tribe, Beihan Tribe, the other seven tribes, and the entire Qiu Feng Nation people flashed in his mind.

    "Since you brought it up, let's resurrect them first!" Li Mu said calmly while clenching his fists.

    While speaking, he raised the palm of his left hand.

    "As you wish." White-robed Li Mu smiled slightly.

    The next moment, the deep black light and the dazzling white light erupted from its body surface at the same time, which was extremely terrifying, causing the Qingyang Star to tremble and spread.

    After Li Mu raised his left hand, he consciously murmured the words that belonged to the Shaming Clan.

    "If the palm of your hand is the future, then the back of your hand is the past"

    "Reversal of life and death!"

    At the same time, Li Mu in white robe raised his hands, and the power of black and white instantly enveloped the entire Qingyang Star, abruptly changing the rules on this star.


    Immediately afterwards, there was a crisp sound, and the Dzi Bead of Life and Death on Li Mu's chest trembled slightly.  Rays of soul light floated out from inside, directly enveloped by the strange power and the power of black and white

    Grandma, Isucceeded!

    Looking at one of the countless light groups, an old and kind figure appeared vaguely, and he looked at the figure.  Li Mu's cold expression couldn't help but soften, and a smile gradually appeared on his face. It was his smile. He hadn't been so happy in many years



    The following are some of Zhu Xin¡¯s inner thoughts.

    Zhu Xin: How should I put it, this ending is a bit helpless. Being able to see the brothers and sisters here, I can also understand Zhu Xin¡¯s helplessness.  Zhu Xin is unemployed and makes a living by writing novels, and he is not alone.  Instead, he has a wife and a six-month-old son. For a family like this, if their monthly income is less than 3,000 yuan, their life may be very difficult.

    "As for this book, the monthly income it brings to Zhu Xin is less than 1,000, and the monthly income is only a few hundred. If it had been someone else, I'm afraid he would have become a eunuch as early as the day it was put on the shelves.  But Zhu Xin persisted for several months.

    Of course, this does not mean that the book is a bad ending.  But at least the book has an ending. Li Mu resurrected his grandmother, tribesmen, and people of the Qiufeng Kingdom. This is a major goal in his life.

    Zhu Xin has worked hard and persisted here.  I just came to the ending, I don¡¯t want to leave a meaningless ending.  This ending does make some sense.

    But here, I have to apologize to all the friends who supported Zhu Xin. Everyone should have noticed.  The 300,000 words written in July were basically not written by Zhu Xin.  Since Zhu Xin was out of town all the time in July, he didn¡¯t even have a place to go online, let alone code words, so he paid someone to write it.

    But obviously, the price of the person hired was cheap, and the quality was just that, allowing Li Mu to travel directly to another world. The first and second articles were basically completely wrong, and the writing style was completely different from Zhu Xin's, and the writing was very clumsy.  However, the ending of this chapter was written by Zhu Xin himself.

    Zhu Xin was helpless and hoped that this book would go a long way, but he really couldn¡¯t hold on anymore. The content in July was really thankless. Zhu Xin couldn¡¯t get the royalties for last month¡¯s book because he needed to  To that 'gunman'

    Here, Zhu Xin can only say I¡¯m sorry and hope everyone can forgive me.

    Okay, not much else to say, Zhu Xin can only say thank you, thank you all for your company and support!

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