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Text Zhu Xin¡¯s new book!

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    Book title: "The Supreme God"

    ISBN: 2922591


    The moment Su Hao woke up from the grotto, it was destined that he would become a god in the future!


    PS1: Friends who have watched various hot-blooded anime such as "One Piece" must support this book!  Friends who haven¡¯t read it must also click on this book. It will definitely not affect everyone¡¯s reading. It is absolutely passionate and exciting!

    PS2: For Zhuxin, the third update is just a guarantee. Your collections and votes are the source of Zhuxin¡¯s continuous power!

    ps3: Another book qq group: 56578053 (looking forward to everyone joining)


    It is still in the fantasy category. I ask for your full support from all my brothers and friends. I am number one in collections and number one in votes!  (To be continued. Mobile phone users please go to m. to read.)
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