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Volume 1: In the Human World Chapter 50: The Charm of the Sword

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    In this way, the collusion between the demon clan and the Wutian Sect has been confirmed.

    So, what do the demons want to do?

    In other words, what does the Wutian Sect, which is separated from the Taoism of China, want to do?

    Yan Chixia and Zhuo Yue looked very ugly, thinking of some terrible consequences.  Neither of them had the courage to continue speculating.

    And at this moment, after seeing the white-faced demon taking out the magic weapon of Wutian Sect, the white-robed monk in the night sky finally showed a look of anger on his rigid face.

    "The demons dare to collude with the Wutian cult. They are really seeking death!"

    The monk in white, holding the alms bowl in his hand, looked flushed with anger.  After roaring angrily, he turned around and said to the eighteen monks behind him: "Eighteen Arhats, form an array to subdue the demons!".

    "Follow the law!"

    Eighteen monks wearing cassocks sang loudly, and suddenly their bodies flashed and appeared in all directions of the demons.

    Seeing this scene, the middle-aged demon holding the Wutian Sect's magic weapon smiled mockingly, his eyes full of disdain.

    Turning around, he saw the face of the Sophora japonica tree spirit next to him changed drastically. He frowned and reprimanded: "It's a small skill, what are you afraid of?"

    After scolding him, he didn¡¯t care how the Sophora Tree Spirit reacted.

    The middle-aged demon turned around and said to the eighteen cold-faced demons behind him: "Set up the formation!"

    After hearing this, the eighteen demons took the order in a deep voice.

    Like the Eighteen Arhats of the White Monk, they actually arranged the same formation.

    If it weren¡¯t for the awe-inspiring evil spirit, a group of people would have thought that the two sides fighting to the death were in the same group.

    The two sides completed their formation instantly and started a fierce battle instantly.

    The demon-subduing formation laid out by the Eighteen Arhats was like a big golden net, overwhelmingly covering the demons in front of them.

    And the formations set up by the eighteen demons also spread out a large cyan net of evil energy, pressing towards the monks on the opposite side.

    " Two giant nets, one good and one evil, formed by vitality, are fighting each other in the air.

    Loud explosions and dazzling brilliance sounded one after another.

    "How is it?" After raising his head and glancing at the battle situation in the sky, the middle-aged demon smiled coldly, looked at the white-clothed monk opposite, whose face changed greatly, and said, "Master Fahai, what do you think?"

    The white-robed monk named Fahai said nothing.

    He just raised the Buddha in his hand with one hand, raised the other hand on his chest, and closed his eyes slightly.  His lips trembled rapidly as he recited the Buddhist Mantra to Conquer Demons.

    And the middle-aged demon in black, after seeing the Buddha treasure in Fahai's hand, the Buddha's light glowed.  He smiled coldly, closed his eyes as well, raised the magic sword with both hands, and recited the spell.

    For a moment, the golden Buddha light and the black demonic energy collided and merged in the air, making it difficult to distinguish between them.

    On the ground, in the lake pavilion in the center of the lotus pond, Yang Fengnian felt awe-inspiring when he saw this scene.  Turning his head, he said to Yan Chixia and Zhuo Yue: "Those monks can't last long in the demon space. Let's take action!"

    Naturally, the two of them had no objections. After looking at each other, they each used their flying sword magic weapons.  He jumped into the air and joined the battle group.

    The three of them attacked the formation set up by the demon.

    To be precise, it is the eighteen demons who confront the Eighteen Arhats.

    In a group battle, if you cannot capture the king, the best way is to attack the opponent's weakest link.

    After one link is breached, the rest will naturally be easy to deal with.

    The first one to take action was Yan Chixia. Yan Chixia, who was flying in the sky with her sword, held her fingers with one hand and shouted loudly.

    A golden sword emerged from the body, drawing a stream of light, and stabbed directly towards the back of a cold-faced demon.

    After a dazzling golden light flashed, the demon pierced into the back of the heart by the golden sword turned into a ball of cyan mist and disappeared into the sky.

    At the same time, Zhuo Yue's entire body turned into a ray of green light, and the next moment, he appeared next to a cold-faced demon.

    Then, in another flash, another one appeared next to him.

    After doing this several times, Zhuo Yue returned to the original place.

    He suddenly pulled out the colorful silk magic weapon in his hand.

    The seven demons that Zhuo Yue had just appeared beside them were completely disintegrated by the silk that had been tied to them in an instant.

    After the popping sound was heard, the stumps and severed limbs of the seven demons that had been disintegrated by the silk fell down one after another and scattered into the lotus pond.

    Zhuo Yue and Yan Chixia's sudden attack seemed particularly abrupt on this tense and depressing battlefield.

    &nbspFor a moment, both the monk and the demon were stunned.

    However, when the middle-aged demon reacted, the formation he had worked so hard on had been broken.

    The big golden net that was previously blocked in the air by the giant cyan net suddenly lost its resistance and pressed forward at an extremely fast speed.

    The middle-aged demon was extremely angry, and blood surged in his chest. With a pop, a mouthful of black blood spurted out, and his whole body was shaking.

    And at this moment, Yang Fengnian, who had been hiding in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to attack, suddenly activated.

    The ancient sword was unsheathed, and a stream of cyan light appeared in Yang Fengnian's hand.

    With the ancient sword in hand, Yang Fengnian held the sword in one hand, and his whole person was immersed in a wonderful state.

    The ancient sword in his hand draws mysterious trajectories.

    The cyan sword light remained in the night, forming a series of cyan afterimages.

    A moment later, when Yang Fengnian stopped dancing his sword.

    The first form of the Haoran Sword, Jianyi, showed its ferocity for the first time in the world.

    A thick green light shot out from the ancient sword in Yang Fengnian's hand at an extremely fast speed.  Like a meteor streaking across the sky, it left a dazzling afterimage and hit the middle-aged demon's head directly.

    The fierce sword energy instantly shattered the surrounding energy into pieces.

    The cyan light is like a star suddenly appearing in the middle of the night, dazzling and dazzling.

    And the afterimages that disappeared after the sword light were dotted with stars, but extremely beautiful.

    "What a coquettish sword!"

    Yan Chixia, who succeeded with one blow, was about to continue the attack.  Suddenly he saw the sword light emitted by Yang Fengnian. He was deeply shocked by the awe-inspiring sword energy and the unique beauty emitted by Jianyi. He stared at the green light that cut through the space and murmured.  said.

    "So beautiful!" Behind her, Nie Xiaoqian, who was hiding behind a pillar, raised her head and looked at the fluorescent debris falling behind the blue light in the night sky, murmuring with a look in her beautiful eyes.

    ¡°Well done!!¡±

    Zhuo Yue, who had harvested seven cold-faced monsters with a colorful horse, smiled sweetly, turned her head, smiled at Yang Fengnian on the ground, and praised her sincerely.

    The green light, like a shooting star, arrived in an instant.

    At this time, the middle-aged demon, who was under tremendous pressure from the monk in white, was frightened to death after realizing the huge crisis behind him.

    The middle-aged demon flew to avoid it, but it was too late.

    The blue light arrived in a flash and hit his head accurately.

    With a loud bang, the middle-aged demon's head exploded instantly, and his flesh and blood flew everywhere.


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