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Volume 1 In the Human World Chapter 51 The Monk Is Unreasonable

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    There was a loud bang, and a powerful shock wave shot out from the middle-aged demon's body and spread in all directions.

    In an instant, the humanoid body of the middle-aged demon collapsed instantly.

    Amid the flying flesh and blood, a huge, weird eight-headed snake appeared in the night sky.

    "Hydra?" Yan Chixia said in surprise when she saw this scene.

    "Wrong, he will be eight-headed from now on!" Yang Fengnian was on full alert, staring at the Hydra monster with a severed head in the air and blood dripping from the fracture, and said with a sneer.

    The Hydra screamed ferociously, and the blood spurted from the fracture covered its entire body, looking ferocious and terrifying.

    He turned his head and glanced at Yang Fengnian, who was chatting with Yan Chixia. A trace of resentment flashed in his cold blue eyes.

    But at this time, his demonic body has been broken, and his hundred years of cultivation have vanished.

    And with the addition of those three people, the entire battle situation instantly reversed, and the situation was extremely unfavorable to him.

    Hydra screamed, and after throwing a harsh word at Yang Fengnian, there was a bang, and the body was suddenly enveloped in a black mist.  A black stream of light shot out from the black flame and disappeared into the night.

    "Damn it, that monk hurt you, why did you threaten me? Didn't I just sneak attack you and chop off your head? Do you have such a deep hatred?" After Hydra was defeated and showed mercy, Yang Fengnian said to Jiu  The head snake just made some threats, which inevitably made him a little depressed.

    Zhuo Yue, who was flying over, couldn't help laughing when she heard Yang Fengnian's muttering complaints. She smiled and rolled her eyes at him.

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????mbay out of nowhere, causing their centuries-old cultivation to come to naught.  And also lost a head.  Isn¡¯t this kind of hatred a deep hatred?

    When I saw the snicker on the corner of Zhuo Yue's mouth, and the beautiful eyes rolled in succession.

    Yang Fengnian was in a daze for a moment, and all the depression in his heart was gone.

    "Don't look, that monk has seen me, help me push him away!"

    After Zhuo Yue secretly winked at Yang Fengnian, she hid behind Yang Fengnian like an ignorant girl, looking timid.

    ¡°Uh, as for that.

    It seems like no one here can beat you.

    Why are you hiding?

    Although she thought so in her heart, Yang Fengnian didn't feel any resentment at all for being used as a shield.

    At this time, a Tathagata divine palm wiped out the Sophora japonica tree spirit.

    The monk in white clothes flew over in the air, and when he arrived in front of Yang Fengnian, he calmly recited the Buddha's name with his hands in hand.

    Just when Yang Fengnian was about to return the gift, the monk in white jumped over Yang Fengnian and landed on Zhuo Yue behind him.

    "This female donor looks so familiar!" The monk in white looked straight at Zhuo Yue with lightning eyes and said loudly.

    And Zhuo Yue was like a little girl who was afraid of meeting strangers, hiding behind Yang Fengnian, not even daring to raise her head.

    Just when Fahai was about to bypass Yang Fengnian and continue to ask questions.  Yang Fengqian coughed and raised her foot to block Fa Hai.

    "Master, haven't you heard the saying "don't look at anything inappropriate?" Yang Fengnian didn't have much reaction after being ignored.  However, this monk always looked aggressive and stared at Zhuo Yue.  This made him very unhappy.

    After hearing this, Fahai turned his attention to this monk who only had the cultivation level of Foundation Establishment. After giving him a faint glance, he said coldly: "Why did the donor say this?"

    Yang Fengnian smiled, looked directly at the monk, raised his chin behind him, and said with a smile: "She is my wife. Isn't it impolite for the master to stare at my wife like this?"

    Monk Fahai was stunned for a moment, then laughed and said: "Little donor, I think it is not easy for you to cultivate, so I advise you not to get angry and burn yourself. Do you know what kind of identity this woman is?"

    Yang Fengnian chuckled, lowered his head and arranged his gown casually, tilted his head and looked at Fahai and said: "I don't know, and I don't want to know!"

    Fahai's words suddenly stagnated.

    Then, his gaze turned sharp as he stared at Yang Fengnian, "Little donor, it seems you don't know yet. But the poor monk can tell you that this woman has an extraordinary status, and his master has a close relationship with the poor monk. This time, she  He ran out of the sect privately. Everyone in the sect was very anxious. The old friend asked the poor monk to inquire about this woman. The poor monk was entrusted by others, so he naturally wanted to be loyal to others. "

    "So, the poor monk must take her away!" Monk Fahai's last words were an undisguised threat.

    "Haha!" At this moment, Yan Chixia rushed over with her flying sword and stepped forward.??, after standing in front of Yang Fengnian, he stared at Fahai and sneered: "Fahai, I haven't seen you for a hundred years, but you are still so aggressive. Why, you haven't had enough of killing monsters, and you still want to threaten my justice.  younger brother?"

    After seeing Yan Chixia, Fahai smiled, saluted with one hand, and said with a smile: "It turns out to be Donor Yan!"

    After laughing, Fa Hai still kept a smile on his face, but his words were not polite at all: "However, although Donor Yan, you have made it clear for him, the poor monk still wants to take this woman away!"

    After Yan Chixia heard this, she was immediately furious.  Summoning the golden sword with one hand, he glared at Fa Hai with a murderous look and sneered: "That's good, Yan has not learned the master's tricks for a hundred years. My hands are itchy!!"

    For Yan Chixia, Yang Fengnian is his brother.  What's a brother's business is his business.

    Now if anyone dares to cause trouble for his brother, that means not giving him face.

    Damn it, a cultivator only lives to save face, and losing face is nothing.

    Although Yan Chixia was killing everyone along the way, Yang Fengnian could still see that he did not use all his strength.  It wasn't that he was cheating, but that the opponents he encountered were not worthy of his full strength.

    ??????????? At this time, when seeing the empress Fa Hai, who was highly cultivated and was hailed as the disciple of Buddha by people in the spiritual world, Yan Chixia did not dare to be too big. As soon as she made a move, the man and the sword became one.

    Seeing that Yan Chixia is so strong, her cultivation has improved further than a hundred years ago.

    Fahai¡¯s white eyebrows drooped slightly, and the expression on his face changed rapidly.

    A hundred years ago, he fought against Yan Chixia.  The outcome is 50-50.

    Now, his cultivation has improved, and Yan Chixia is not idle either.  Even if they fight against each other, there will still be no difference at best.

    But in the fight with the Hydra just now, he had already expended a lot of effort. At this time, although he tried to stay calm, he still showed signs of exhaustion.

    ??????????? But Yan Chixia is fighting at a time when her fighting spirit is strong.  The one who suffers is still himself.

    What¡¯s more, there is also the existence of this mysterious woman.

    After thinking for a moment, he clasped his hands, bowed his head and recited, and said with a smile: "Since Donor Yan has made it clear, then the poor monk will leave. But"

    Fahai smiled, looked at Zhuo Yue who was hiding behind Yang Fengnian, and said lightly: "The female benefactor's disciples have come to the human world, you can take care of yourself. I say goodbye, poor monk!"

    "That's right!" Before monk Fahai left, he suddenly stopped, turned around, glanced at Yang Fengnian who was standing in front of Zhuo Yue, smiled, and said meaningfully: "Little donor, this woman  I¡¯m using you as a shield, don¡¯t you know?¡±

    "It's none of your business!" Yang Fengnian despised people who stirred up trouble and stirred up dissension from the bottom of his heart.  Especially this kind of person is a self-proclaimed monk who has nothing in common.

    I often hear that there are hypocrites in the world, but I have never seen a hypocritical monk.

    Fa Hai¡¯s face suddenly turned cold after being ridiculed by Yang Fengnian.  But after seeing Yan Chixia who was guarding Yang Fengnian, monk Fahai laughed loudly, took out his white cassock, and led the other eighteen monks to leave the demon space.

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