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Volume 1 In the World Chapter 135 Chang'an

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    At the entrance of the hall, soldiers wearing armor and holding spears stood silently.

    The silver moonlight shone on his almost transparent, yet resolute and brave face, carving out clear and tough lines.

    The moonlight falls silently, and in the distance, the snowy field is vast.

    The Valley of the Dead, at this time, showed its most beautiful scene.

    Hearing the palace door opening behind him, the soldier turned his head and looked.

    Seeing the scholar in green shirt stepping out, a look of respect flashed across the soldier's hard face. He put one hand on his chest and saluted the scholar solemnly.

    The scholar nodded and smiled.

    Standing in front of the door, looking up at the night sky.

    After a long time, the scholar put his hands behind his back and sighed softly: "How were you last night?"

    The soldier bowed and said respectfully: "To tell you the truth, Sir, last night there was peace in Chang'an!"

    "That's it" The scholar smiled, nodded and sighed, with a little relaxation in his clear eyes, and said softly: "That's it, that's good!"

    The bright moon is in the sky, and the cold silver glow is quietly falling.

    The vast white land is completely silent.

    The rows of houses are covered with thick layers of snow.

    At the end of the covered bridge, in a wing room on the east side, the window is still lit, with light yellow lights.

    In the light, a delicate and charming figure flashed slightly on the window with the beating light.

    Everything, in this silent snowy night, is peaceful and warm.


    The next day, the red sun jumped out of the horizon, tore through the dark clouds in the east, and shone out thousands of golden lights.

    Between heaven and earth.  The remaining darkness was instantly dispersed.

    The fiery morning glow dyed the heaven and earth into a golden red.

    The moment you open the door, the winter sunshine shines on you.  Warm feeling.

    Yang Fengnian took a deep breath, stepped across the threshold, and walked out.

    Standing in front of the door, Yang Fengnian stretched out his arms and calmly felt the vastness and majesty of this world.

    After a long time, the cold wind blew.

    Although she was no longer afraid of the cold and heat, Yang Fengnian still subconsciously tightened her long gown.

    ??Look up.  The morning glow reflected on the vast snowy field, dyeing the snowy field in front of us a fiery red.

    After watching it quietly for a while, there was a slight squeaking sound.  Passed over.

    Looking around, I saw the wooden door of the east wing slowly opening.

    Wearing a long black dress, the black Rakshasa appeared at the door slimly.

    The breeze blows, and there is snow on the eaves.  Falling down.  Like silver sand falling, each snow particle reflects the colorful light.

    The Black Rakshasa stretched out his jade-white hands and quietly felt the snow particles falling on his palms.  It brings the slightest bit of coldness.

    The long eyelashes trembled gently in the wind.  Fair skin, in this cold winter.  Wearing a touch of pink, cute and charming,

    ¡°Probably sensing that someone was watching, the Black Rakshasa shook off the snow particles from his palm, slowly turned his head, and headed this way.


    Yang Fengnian smiled, raised his hand and waved it, and said to the woman with a smile.

    The Black Rakshasa pursed his lips, smiled, and rolled his eyes charmingly.

    "Going for a walk?"

    The black Rakshasa smiled sweetly, with a hint of invitation in his beautiful eyes, and looked at Yang Fengnian with a smile.

    Hearing this, Yang Fengnian smiled slightly and nodded lightly.

    Afterwards, the two of them walked around the Langfang and towards the steps in unison.

    After walking side by side for a while, Yang Fengnian was attracted by a small movement of the Black Rakshasa. He watched it for a while and found it quite funny.

    There is a layer of shallow footprints on the snow.

    It was probably left by the soldiers on patrol last night, but the snow had blown by the wind overnight, so the footprints were no longer very clear.

    At this time, the black Rakshasa walking beside him was like a child, pursing his lips, holding up the hem of his skirt, and stepping carefully step by step.

    That nervous and serious expression seemed to be afraid of guessing the wrong one.

    Seeing this famous woman in the devil world showing such an expression like that of a little girl, Yang Fengnian was stunned, but also quite amused.

    "You know, it never snows in the Shura world!!" Black Rakshasa knew that Yang Fengnian was looking at him, but he still walked on the shallow footprints in the snow and said with a smile as he walked.

    "There, the whole world is black and red, very monotonous and depressing!"Black Rakshasa pursed his lips and said softly: "When I was a child, I asked my mother what snowflakes were, and she said she had never seen them before!"

    Beside her, Yang Fengnian had a faint smile on her face, listening calmly as this notorious woman told her childhood stories.

    "Ha, at that time, I told my mother that one day, I will take her to see the snow!" Black Rakshasa paused slightly, and a fleeting look of sadness flashed in his beautiful eyes.  .

    However, Yang Fengnian beside him didn't notice. He just hummed and asked, "What happened next?"

    The Black Rakshasa looked calm and said with a faint smile: "Later, my mother died! Then, I came to the human world! She never saw Snowflake before she died!"

    Hearing this, Yang Fengnian was startled.

    Turning his head and looking at him, a trace of sadness flashed through the cold eyes of the woman in black, and he couldn't help but feel pain in his heart: "I'm sorry!"

    The Black Rakshasa smiled and shook his head slightly.

    Yang Fengnian stopped, turned around, looked at the Black Rakshasa beside him, and said curiously: "I haven't asked you your name yet!"

    The Black Rakshasa chuckled, turned to look at Yang Fengnian, and said with a smile: "Black Rakshasa! Don't you know?"

    Hearing this, Yang Fengnian rolled his eyes speechlessly.

    Seeing this, the Black Rakshasa couldn't help but chuckle.

    After a long time, the black Rakshasa stopped laughing, glanced at Yang Fengnian with beautiful eyes, and said softly: "My name is Lu Xi!"

    "Good name!"

    Hearing this, Yang Fengnian had a look of admiration on his face and gave a thumbs up.

    The Black Rakshasa was not so easily deceived. After hearing this, he turned his head, looked at Yang Fengnian with a very serious look in his eyes, and said softly: "What's so good about it?"


    Yang Fengnian had a violent dry cough.

    "How hypocritical!"

    When the Black Rakshasa saw this, he also knew that the scholar was just saying it casually.  After curling his lips, he snorted in displeasure.

    Beside him, Yang Fengnian smiled slightly after seeing the angry look on Black Rakshasa's face.  For some reason, there was an urge in my heart not to disappoint this woman.

    After hesitating for a moment, he still said loudly: "The dewdrops in the morning are crystal clear, and the afterglow of the sunset is infinitely beautiful!"

    The loud voice was not high, but it passed into the ears of Black Rakshasa clearly and unmistakably.

    Hearing this, the delicate body of the black Rakshasa walking slowly in front of him trembled slightly.

    How could he know these two lines of poems written by his mother?

    Could it be that this is really

    For a moment, Black Rakshasa felt all kinds of emotions in his heart. He bit his lips lightly, and his heart became a mess.

    Could it be that this is really fate?

    Hesitating in place, for a moment, the notorious Black Rakshasa didn't know what to do.

    After a long time, I suppressed the panic in my heart.

    The Black Rakshasa suppressed the inexplicable anxiety in his heart, turned his head and took a secret look.

    However, the man behind him didn¡¯t seem to pay attention to himself.

    At this time, he was frowning and looking at a side courtyard with a puzzled expression.

    There, waves of weak true energy fluctuations came over clearly and unmistakably.  .  .  )

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