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Volume 1 In the Human World Chapter 136 A Woman¡¯s Heart

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    "The one locked up in that courtyard is the demon princess!"

    The black Rakshasa glanced at the side courtyard where the real energy fluctuations were coming, a sarcastic look flashed in his beautiful eyes, and he sneered: "He is quite a talent, but he is too arrogant! The seal I personally placed,  How can it be broken so easily, hum!"

    "Then why are there true energy fluctuations?" Hearing this, Yang Fengnian turned his head and looked at the Black Rakshasa in confusion.

    If it is a seal, it should be stable.  Once there is a fluctuation, it should be a sign that the seal is broken.

    However, looking at Black Rakshasa¡¯s confident expression, there seems to be something fishy about the seal.

    Black Rakshasa rolled his eyes at Yang Fengnian, then folded his arms in front of his chest and sneered: "I did this on purpose. I deliberately made her feel that the seal was not reliable and could be broken at any time. But in fact"

    "Actually, no matter how hard she tries, it's all in vain, right?" Yang Fengnian looked at the Black Rakshasa speechlessly and asked with a wry smile.

    The Black Rakshasa chuckled, nodded and said, "Yes!"

    "The years of training are extremely boring. You have to have some fun. Look at her working so hard now, hehe, how interesting it is!" Black Rakshasa's eyes were full of interest, and he obviously liked to see others bouncing hard in his hands.  But in vain, and finally looked dejected.

    When Yang Fengnian heard these words, his tone froze and he really didn't know what to say.

    After staring at the woman for a long time, she sighed: "You are so boring!"

    This is probably the woman in black.  The true face of the Saint of the Undead.

    Yang Fengnian stared at the black Rakshasa, with a faint smile on his side face, and murmured secretly in his heart.

    "I can't help it! Is there anyone to play with me?"

    The Black Rakshasa pouted and sighed in annoyance.

    ???????????????? Later.  Turning her head, her beautiful eyes rolled, Chu Chu looked at Yang Fengnian pitifully, and hummed: "You only have eyes for Nie Xiaoqian. For such a beautiful woman, standing next to you, you are indifferent. Hum!"

    Witch, witch!

    Yang Fengnian suddenly broke into a cold sweat.  Dry cough.

    "By the way, what are you going to do?" The Black Rakshasa's resentful gaze was truly astonishingly lethal.  Rao is Yang Fengnian, the shameless season.  At this time, the old face could not help but turn red.

    After coughing slightly, he raised his chin, pointed to the side courtyard where Bai Susu was imprisoned, and asked the Black Rakshasa.

    Black Rakshasa put his arms in front of his chest and looked at Yang Fengnian with a smile.  Just don't talk.

    Yang Fengnian¡¯s head was covered with black lines, but she didn¡¯t dare to look at him, let alone get angry.

    He just made a sad face and begged for mercy: "Sister, the situation is critical now, you should speak up!"

    Seeing Yang Fengnian's embarrassed and uneasy look.  Black Rakshasa was finally amused by his charming figure.  Like trembling flower branches, the delicate laughter like silver bells echoed in the quiet courtyard.

    For a time, the sunshine in the sky seemed to be much brighter.

    "What to do? It's all up to you!" The black Rakshasa gave him a fierce look, and the charming charm he inadvertently showed made Yang Fengnian's heart tremble.

    "Look at me?" Yang Fengnian looked at the Black Rakshasa with some confusion, pointed at his nose, and said in confusion.

    "Yes!" Black Rakshasa said seriously with a matter-of-fact expression: "Not only him, but now the survival of the entire Valley of the Dead depends on you!"

    "Forwhat?" God has given me a great responsibility, but I don't know it yet.  When Yang Fengnian suddenly heard the news, he almost fell to the ground under the weight of this heavy responsibility.

    "You promised!" Several black lines suddenly appeared on Black Rakshasa's bright little face.  Then, he stared at Yang Fengnian with unkind eyes and hummed: "You must have forgotten, right?"

    "When did Iwell, okay!" I wanted to argue, but seeing the cold light flashing in Black Rakshasa's beautiful eyes, Yang Fengnian wisely chose to change his mind.

    After thinking about it secretly, Yang Fengnian gradually remembered the long conversation that night.

    Oh, it turns out that there really is such a thing!

    It was just a joke, even if there was no discussion on that day.  With the current situation, he couldn't stay out of it.  Moreover, since he stepped into the Valley of the Dead, he has been involved in this turmoil.

    Now, once the matter is confirmed, Yang Fengnian will not shirk.  In the blink of an eye, he began to think about ways to lead this group of fallen heroic souls back to the human world.

    Seeing that Yang Fengnian finally stopped speaking harshly, Black Rakshasa's face looked better. After snorting, he stared at Yang Fengnian seriously and said in a deep voice: "Tell me, now, I??What to do?  besides¡­¡­"

    Black Rakshasa pointed his hand back at the courtyard where Bai Susu was imprisoned and said, "What should she do?"

    Yang Fengnian clasped his hands behind his back and walked slowly while saying: "Keep it. This time, the Demon Lord will fall into our hands and he will definitely not let it go. I think that by now, he has learned about the death of tens of thousands of horses.  Maybe they have mobilized their troops now and are preparing to encircle and suppress us again!¡±

    Seeing Yang Fengnian¡¯s serious thinking expression and listening to his sonorous and powerful voice, for some reason, Black Rakshasa felt a sense of relief that he had not experienced in a long time.

    After calmly moving his gaze away from Yang Fengnian's face, Black Rakshasa frowned and said, "You are right, then, what should we do now?"

    Hearing this, Yang Fengnian thought for a while.  Then, he raised his head, looked around, and said calmly: "I'm afraid we can't stay in the Valley of the Dead any longer. Although we are not afraid of the demon army, Wutian Sect is a big trouble. So, I think we should now  Move now!"

    "As for Bai Susu!" Yang Fengnian thought for a while and said calmly: "She is the princess of the demon clan, and the demon king handed her the Dragon Subduing Sword, which shows his trust in her. This shows that Bai Susu is in the eyes of the demon king.  , her status is absolutely extraordinary. Keep her, and at critical moments, you can use her as a hostage to delay the situation!"

    "Then where are we going?" Hearing this, the Black Rakshasa sighed softly.  I raised my head and took a look at this valley that had been inhabited for thousands of years, and I felt a hint of reluctance in my heart.

    But she also knew that under the current circumstances, transferring the army was the most correct path.  If you stick to the valley, the final result will be ugh!

    After Yang Fengnian thought for a while, he turned around and pointed to the north: "Go north first and enter the boundary of Beihai. The north is the territory of the Ice and Snow Temple. We can use this to get rid of the Demon Lord's pursuit. Then go east. Along the coast, go south.  Let¡¯s go to the realm of the White Bull King!¡±

    "White Ox King?" When the Black Rakshasa heard this, his crooked eyebrows suddenly wrinkled.

    There was a flash of hesitation in his eyes, and he was obviously not very satisfied with this proposal.  ,

    For her, cooperation with demons is obviously unacceptable.

    When Yang Fengnian saw this, he also knew what she was thinking.

    After sighing softly, he said slowly: "In view of the situation at hand, this is the best choice. We need the needle eye of the space rotation formation in the hands of the White Ox King, and, in the current demon world, the White Ox King is the only one who can fight with  The devil can resist!".  .  )

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