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Volume 1 In the Human World Chapter 149 Fierce Battle

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    Under the illumination of the fairy light, the bodies of Yang Fengnian and the others gradually became blurred.

    After that, together with the big white rabbit flying into the sky, there was a message in the sky.

    After the colorful rays of light disappeared in the sky, Xuanwu stood on the floating clouds with a stick, looked at the calm sky, and sighed softly.

    Turning around, looking at Bai Susu who was thinking about something on the ice, she smiled slightly.

    Raising his hand, he fired a bright talisman fire into the woman's body.

    Bai Susu seemed to have noticed something. She raised her head, her eyes full of shock. She looked at Xuanwu and didn't know what to say.

    "A year ago, I was entrusted by that boy Yang Fengnian to personally retrieve your soul fire." After smiling, Xuanwu smiled, turned and left: "From now on, you are free!"

    Watching Xuanwu's figure disappear into the air, Bai Susu opened her lips lightly and was speechless for a long time.

    Then, she turned her head and looked towards the sky.

    After a long silence, a smile of relief finally appeared in her beautiful eyes.

    Taking out the flying sword, Bai Susu smiled slightly and flew towards the sky.

    Where is the White Bull City, and there is a road leading to the world.

    On the other side of the road, her brother was still staring at her.


    A burst of light flashed, and the dizziness disappeared immediately.

    Before Yang Fengnian could come to his senses, he heard a splash and fell into the pool.

    The fog dispersed, and Yang Fengnian found that he was in a pool of golden light.

    Abundant fairy spirit infiltrates into the body.

    A feeling of being completely transformed.  Spontaneously.

    However, Yang Fengnian is not in the mood to feel the changes in her body right now.

    The moment he saw his surroundings clearly, Yang Fengnian's heart tightened.

    Because Black Rakshasa and Nie Xiaoqian, who were traveling together, have gone somewhere.

    There was no trace in the huge pool.

    After searching for a while, Yang Fengnian still found nothing.

    Soared into the air and emerged from the pool.

    An auspicious cloud appeared out of thin air at his feet.  Carrying him, he flew up to the nine heavens.

    Gathering his gaze, he glanced at the golden water surface.

    There is still no sign of Black Rakshasa and Nie Xiaoqian.

    Yang Fengnian¡¯s heart sank, and a feeling of uneasiness suddenly arose.

    He quickly took out the space compass given to him by Xuanwu and took a closer look at the three light spots scattered on it.

    Yang Fengnian¡¯s heart skipped a beat.

    It turns out that after ascending to the fairy world, the three of them landed in different places.

    According to the compass, there are two people, Black Rakshasa and Nie Xiaoqian.  They fell into the western and southern lands respectively.

    The south is better, that¡¯s where Penglai Immortal Brother is.

    And the West.  But it has already fallen into the scope of Wutian Sect.

    Damn it, how could this happen?

    Yang Fengnian cursed, and then could only hope that the Black Rakshasa was safe and sound.

    After knowing the location of the two girls, Yang Fengnian did not stop at all.

    The driver's auspicious cloud turned into a stream of light and headed towards the Penglai Fairyland in the Three Thousand Immortals Realm.

    Under the vast clouds, golden light flashes.

    Occasionally a city appears, but it is filled with smoke.  A dilapidated scene.

    All the way south, Yang Fengnian saw countless flames of war and smoke on the earth for three days.

    I sighed in my heart.

    Then he raised his hand and waved, and countless sword lights fell down.


    One day, in front of a certain place.

    The Wutian Sect¡¯s army broke into a certain city.  Looting is going on.

    A ray of silver light pierced the sky, and a sword flew from the sky.

    The leader of Wutian Sect who was riding on the horse immediately bowed his head.

    The army of Wutianjiao is leaderless.  There was immediate chaos.

    The defeat was like a mountain falling.


    Among the Taiyi Gate that has long been contributed by no Tianjiao.

    A tough-bodied Giant Spirit God from the Wutian Sect was ravaging a female disciple of the Taiyi Sect with a dull eye.

    Haha loudly, it rang over the palace of Taiyi Gate.

    After a while, the big man's twitching body suddenly froze.

    A huge bloody hole appeared on his chest at some point.

    After a while, the Taiyi Gate alarm bell sounded.


    During the three days, on the road from Xixian Pond to Penglai Wonderland, something like this happened every moment.

    The leader of the Wutian Sect¡¯s army, or a powerful practitioner, was killed inexplicably.

    The heaven is shaken.

    Wutianjiao was furious and vowed to kill those who did it.  The army of the Immortal Realm, which had been defeated like a mountain, seemed to have received a long-lost spring breeze, and its morale was restored.  This sudden appearance of the Sword Immortal was hailed as a living god.

    For a moment, a beautiful color suddenly appeared in the pale heaven.

    Everything started to change.


    Three days later, Yang Fengnian finally arrived at Penglai Wonderland.

    However, unlike the imaginary fairyland with blooming flowers and clouds and fog, the Penglai Wonderland at this time is just like the ruined cities outside, with messes everywhere, mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

    Along the way, there is a wilderness of the corpse millions of corpses in the eyes, and the obliquely inserted in the wasteland.

    Raising his hand, a transparent light flashed in his sleeve.

    The Immortal Killing Sword, which absorbs the aura of killing, hangs in the sky and instantly absorbs the death aura that pervades the world.

    In the wilderness filled with smoke, the corpses gradually faded and merged into the earth.

    Green grass sprouts from the ground, and the sad clouds in the sky are washed away.

    The sun is shining brightly again.


    After entering the Penglai Immortal Realm, Yang Fengnian was still hundreds of thousands of miles away from Zhuo Yue and Nie Xiaoqian.

    However, Yang Fengnian was not in a hurry during this journey.

    Instead, while attacking and killing the important leaders of Wutian Sect, they used the death energy and killing energy on the battlefield to raise the Four Swords of Zhuxian.

    A month has passed.

    Yang Fengnian¡¯s cultivation has steadily risen from Taiyi Golden Immortal to the realm of Daluo Golden Immortal.

    After reaching the realm of Daluo Jinxian, Yang Fengnian was finally able to fully unleash the power of the Zhuxian Sword Formation.

    And the Zhuxian Sword Spirit hidden in the dantian was also full of fighting spirit after realizing that his injuries had completely recovered.

    As a murder weapon passed down from generation to generation, it has been silent for tens of thousands of years, which is too long for her.


    Five days later, Yang Fengnian, who was flying in the sky, arrived at the realm of the Star Sect.

    According to the display on the compass, Nie Xiaoqian is here at this time.

    It turned into a stream of light and landed directly outside the main hall of the Star Sect.

    The strong man Ruru stood up immediately triggered the reaction of the Xingchen Sect's mountain-protecting formation.

    Countless Xingchen Sect disciples rushed out of the store and surrounded the man in the square.

    All kinds of vigilant eyes were fixed on Yang Fengnian.

    Like a awn on the back.

    However, Yang Fengnian seemed not to feel it, smiling and looking at the woman in white who was blocked by many people at the entrance of the palace.

    After not seeing her for a long time, the beauty of the woman in white has become much thinner, but that smile is still the same as when we first met her.

    "Ziyue, long time no see!"

    Yang Fengnian bowed his hands and said with a smile.

    ??Ziyue smiled sweetly, as pretty as a flower.
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