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Volume 1 In the Human World Chapter 150 The Decisive Battle (Complete)

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    A month later, with the addition of hundreds of thousands of immortal undead armies, the strategic stalemate in the heavens was finally broken.

    After getting a short rest, the Heavenly Alliance forces began a counterattack in the true sense.

    The fighting power of the undead army is so powerful that it is outrageous.

    In the battle, they marched forward bravely, invincible and invincible.

    In just one month, more than a thousand worlds, large and small, that had fallen in the fairyland were all recovered.

    Three days ago, during the battle of Yaochi.

    Yang Fengnian¡¯s thousand white horses made a stunning appearance.

    Unknowingly, the cultivation level has jumped to the primary stage of Daluo Jinxian, a thousand Tao soldiers.

    Like an indestructible sword, it swept away all the Wutian Sect¡¯s army.

    And the sudden appearance of a thousand Da Luo Jinxian caught Wutian Sect off guard.  The army was defeated like a mountain.

    After the Battle of Yaochi, under the strong advice of Yang Fengnian and many sect leaders of the Xingchen Sect.

    The Western Buddhist boss, who originally wanted to take a rest, finally agreed. Three days later, he sent troops to the west to fight the final decisive battle with the Wutian Sect army.

    When night falls, the bright moon hangs high.

    The cold moonlight shines on the dreamy Yaochi.

    Yang Fengnian stood quietly on a piece of bluestone beside the pool, staring at the pool of water with colorful glow in front of her in a daze.

    The bright moon is in the sky, wearing a green shirt, swaying gently in the wind.

    There are quite high sense of style and dust.

    "My dear brother, if you want to laugh, then just laugh. Don't do this, please, for my brother's sake, be careful not to panic!"

    Beside her, Yan Chixia held a wine bottle in one hand.  Holding a flat peach in one hand, his face was filled with juice.

    Three days ago, during the battle of Yaochi, Yang Fengnian met Yan Chixia who lived in the Western Buddhism.

    When the two brothers met, they only talked a lot.

    But, the war was going on at that time.  There was no time to speak.

    Today, the war ends.

    The two brothers, who had been separated for a long time, were finally able to get together and have a good time.

    Originally thought that he became the brother of Daluo Jinxian.  Now he is a master of his generation.

    ¡°I didn¡¯t expect that my dear brother would still be like this after not seeing each other for many years.

    "Drinking fairy wine, eating flat peaches, and drinking with Taishang Laojun's golden elixir, this kind of life is really enjoyable.

    But don¡¯t laugh so obscenely.

    Yan Chixia rolled her eyes, speechless.


    This was broken by Yan Chixia.  Yang Fengnian no longer pretends to be a master.

    He looked up to the sky and laughed.

    Beside, Yan Chixia¡¯s head was covered with black lines.

    By the time Yang Fengnian was done laughing, she was almost done.  Only then did Yan Chixia ask about business with a serious face.

    "Are you sure about the general offensive in three days?"

    Yang Fengnian smiled and shrugged: "No, but even if you are not sure, you still have to fight!"

    "Why?" Yan Chixia frowned.

    "You have been victorious and brave to chase down the poor bandits, but you can't pretend to be the overlord!" Yang Fengnian impassionedly read a poem.

    But he didn¡¯t expect that he would stay aside and enter Taoism through martial arts a hundred years ago.  Xiang Yu, the overlord of Chu who ascended to the immortal world, hid his face in shame and left.

    Yan Chixia turned her head and took a look, smiling.

    Turning his head, he looked at Yang Fengnian and said, "What a domineering poem, who said it?"

    "Whatever came out of my mouth, of course it was me?" Yang Fengnian said matter-of-factly.

    "You" Yan Chixia curled her lips, obviously not believing it.

    Yang Fengnian couldn't help but feel embarrassed.  He coughed and roared, and then explained: "Now that we are fighting in succession, although the soldiers are tired, their morale is still high. As the saying goes, once you gain momentum, it will weaken again, and then it will be exhausted. We must take advantage of the time when the soldiers' morale is high.  , launch the last battle. Besides, in Yaochi, a place with abundant fairy energy, after three days of correction, the soldiers have almost calmed down!"

    "But many people don't have the confidence to win yet!" Yan Chixia thought of that day, during the meeting, several big bosses in the world had worried looks on their faces.

    Yang Fengnian smiled, shrugged and said: "People have to make themselves stronger. To cultivate the Tao, what you cultivate is the heart, the heart to move forward without fear of hardships! Only in this way can you become truly strong!"

    "Make yourself stronger?"

    After Yan Chixia muttered something, she smiled and said, "The greatest truth is simplicity, who said this?"

    Yang Fengnian laughed: "Does Yan Guozhen know who it is?"

    Yan ChixiaAfter thinking about it for a while, he still shook his head in despair.

    Yang Fengnian found it interesting in her heart, and couldn't help laughing. She laughed out loud.

    Although she didn¡¯t know who Yan Guozhen was talking about, Yang Fengnian¡¯s words finally aroused the burning fighting heart in Yan Chixia¡¯s heart.

    What¡¯s more, it starts from arriving in the fairy world.  ,

    He has been inquiring about the murderer who was brutally massacred in his village.

    Now, all signs indicate that

    The leader of Wutian who now dominates the Western Heaven and occupies magpie grass is his sworn enemy.

    Looking at the bright moon in the sky.

    Yan Chixia took a deep breath, closed her eyes, lay on the ground, and began to enjoy the last peace before the war.


    Three days later, the Allied Forces of the Immortal Realm set off for the home base of the Wutian Sect in the West.

    The sun sets and the sky is filled with sunset.

    At the foot of Qishan Mountain, which was as red as blood, the armies of both sides finally met.

    The leader of the undead army, Bai Qi reached out and patted the restless war horse, then took a deep breath and put down his mask.  He took out the undead sword in his hand, pointed at the mountains and seas of the army on the opposite side, and roared: "Charge!"

    In an instant, thousands of horses galloped together.

    The heaven and earth shook.

    And at the same time, in the endless universe.

    The big bosses of the Immortal World Alliance stared at the leader of Wutian and the Twelve Vajras under his command with solemn expressions on their faces.

    "Why, Yang Fengnian didn't come?"

    Leader Wutian glanced at the immortal world bosses opposite, and smiled coldly, their eyes full of sarcasm.

    Judging from the information previously obtained, it seems that the stunning swordsman from the human world became a deserter three days ago.

    Say it now.  It's all about attacking the other party.

    Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, the people in the immortal world suddenly looked ugly.

    Only the Tathagata sitting on the golden lotus looked as usual.

    ¡°What is supposed to come will always come!¡±

    After Tathagata spoke softly, he put his hands together and recited the Buddha's name.

    Suddenly, golden light shone everywhere.  Buddha's light shines everywhere.

    At the moment when the golden light suddenly appeared, many big men from the immortal world rushed out beside Tathagata.


    Leader Wutian sneered, and then his face became murderous.

    Raise your hand and point.  He gave the order to massacre the Twelve Vajras beside him.

    ? ?%¡­¡­

    The light shines and the battle rages.

    Powerful spells explode in the endless universe, releasing shocking power.

    Looking at the immortal gods who gradually gained the upper hand in the melee, the leader of Wutian Cult had a look of pride on his lips.

    On the opposite side, Tathagata didn't seem to see this scene at all, and was still in trance.

    But just when the leader of Wutian was about to taunt, his mind suddenly changed.  The information from Da Leiyin Temple broke into his mind.

    "What. The Asura Realm has sent troops?"

    Leader Wutian roared in disbelief,

    After a moment, his expression suddenly darkened.

    Because he has nothing to do with the killing gods in the Asura world.

    This time, the Asura Realm suddenly sent troops into the Immortal Realm, obviously aimed at him.

    But, why?

    No one answered his question.  Because everyone was attracted by the four rays of light that suddenly shot out in the starry sky.

    The four rays of light, carrying the aura of destroying the heaven and the earth, spread towards the four defenses.  ,

    After that, it turned into countless sword lights cutting through the aura of heaven and earth.  The entire battlefield was enveloped.

    Seeing this scene, the immortal gods in the immortal world hurriedly retreated as if they had seen a savage beast.

    But Wutian taught the Twelve Vajras without getting the order.  He still stood there blankly.

    After a while, the sword energy cage condensed.

    The surrounding space was instantly blocked.

    When the first surging sword energy, carrying purple lightning, struck.

    Leader Wutian finally changed his expression.

    "ZhuxianZhuxian Sword Formation!"

    A moment later, the raging and violent sword energy completely swallowed him and his twelve diamonds.

    Silver light filled Zhou, with murderous intent.


    A month later, the silver light that filled the world began to disappear.The fading sword light scattered together, forming a galaxy.

    The silver galaxy!


    One year later, Yaochi in the Immortal World.

    With lanterns and festoons, it creates a joyful atmosphere.

    Wearing a rich man¡¯s robe, Yasheng stood outside the Lingxiao Palace with a glowing face, holding hands to welcome the guests who came to attend the wedding.

    "Old man, your apprentice is getting married, not you. Why do you need to be so festive?"

    Looking at the red flowers beside Yasheng¡¯s ears, even though he has been practicing Buddhism for countless years, the Buddha can¡¯t help but have black lines all over his head.

    "I'm happy to do it. What do you think?" Yasheng glared and blew his beard.

    The Lord Buddha curled his lips and dismissed this, and then walked into the Lingxiao Palace.

    "You can't even defeat your apprentice, but you're still so good at it, bah!"

    Whoever says this will always be the most wicked person in the fairy world.

    Hearing this, Yasheng was immediately furious. He turned his head and stared at the down-and-out slovenly immortal sweeping the floor beside him. He angrily shouted, "What did you say?"

    The broom star turned his head and looked at Ya Sheng with pure eyes, an innocent look on his face.

    The corners of Ya Sheng¡¯s mouth twitched and he looked up to the sky and sighed.


    When the auspicious time comes, in the Lingxiao Palace, the rough voice of Yan Chixia, the wedding master of ceremonies, is deafening.

    On the throne, the elders of the Black Rakshasa clan who came from the Asura Realm, Nie Xiaoqian's father who came to the Immortal Realm from the underworld, and the head of the Table Moon Sect looked at the men and three women under the throne with smiles on their faces.  , beaming with joy, comforting the elderly!

    "One bow to heaven and earth, and the righteousness of heaven and earth will last forever"

    "Two bows"

    "Couple worship"

    After the salute, Yang Fengnian, who was dressed in red and green, turned around and looked at the three charming wives beside him. For a moment, he burst out laughing.

    ¡°It¡¯s not easy!¡±

    Yang Fengnian held the hands of the three girls in Table Moon and sighed.

    ??Ziyue pursed her lips and smiled, turned her head, and looked at each other with the other two women.

    He raised his head and looked at the happy man in front of him.

    After pursed his lips, Qi Qi Wanfu said: "Mr.

    The eyes meet, filled with tenderness!


    (Complete book)

    Remarks at the end of this book: Oh?  Wow!  hiss!  well!  call¡­¡­,

    ? ? Just kidding, this is the end.  As the saying goes, a hero's success or failure is determined by his success. This book has experienced premature birth, dystocia, deformity, and finally death.

    The poor results prove a painful fact.

    Qiu Si is not suitable for fantasy, nor is he suitable for fairy tales.

    As for future new books, they are still being conceived.

    However, it can be said that it is an imaginary historical theme!

    that is it.

    Next book, see you next time!
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