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Chapter 520 Temptation

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    It seemed like the wind was blowing outside. Not long after Fang Jinshi was sitting in the outer room of Cui Niannu's residence, he heard footsteps approaching from outside. Then he heard someone shouting outside the door: "Miss Cui, Mr. Wang Yan wants to see you."

    Fang Jinshi paused for a moment. Seeing that there was no movement in Cui Niannu's house, he walked to the door. He saw Wanyan Lou's room leading a young man in Tsing Yi standing outside the door. The door of the small courtyard was not closed, and Wanyan Lou's room was not closed.  Don't want to rush in.

    Wanyan Loushi saw Fang Jinshi and smiled: "How was your chat with Miss Cui?"

    Fang Jinshi looked back at the closed door, then turned back to Wanyan Lou's room and said, "It's not bad. Miss Cui is a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart and a first-class talent and appearance. Any man would enjoy talking to her."

    Wanyan Loushi walked in and slowly walked into the courtyard with him, laughing in a low voice: "Are you tempted? If you are really tempted, you have to work hard for it. Don't let the opportunity disappear in the future. It will be too late to regret.  I can put in a good word for you.¡±

    He was amiable and looked like a relative, friend and elder. Fang Jinshi said, "Can Mr. Wang Yan be the master of Miss Cui?"

    Wanyan Lou said as he walked: "Although I can't make the decision, what I say still counts. If you are my disciple, it will be much simpler. 80% to 90% of it will be as you wish."

    Cui Wenyu said that Mr. Lou is the best at confusing people. It seems to be true. He is in a high position and is a famous general in the world, but he is so approachable and has no airs of superiority. He does not teach young people with a straight face.  Fang Jinshi had a very good impression of him. The two of them walked to Cui Niannu's front room together. When Wanyan Lou's room saw that Cui Niannu was not there, he was surprised and asked, "Where is she?"

    Fang Jinshi looked at the still closed door to the inner room and said, "Miss Cui just said to change clothes, but she hasn't changed yet."

    Wanyan Lousi sat down at the table, picked up the empty tea bowl in front of her, looked at it and said, "There's not even any tea, so you two are just sitting here chatting dryly?"

    Before Fang Jinshi could answer, Wanyan Loushi added, "That's what I'm asking You are a man and a woman. Of course you are very interesting to talk to. Why are you drinking tea?"

    Fang Jinshi felt a little embarrassed and said hurriedly: "I didn't say anything."

    Wanyan Loushi nodded: "I understand, I've been here too."

    Fang Jinshi said: "Mr. Wang Yan and I have only met twice, and Mr. Wang Yan knows me well. He dares to believe in my character and wants me to be his disciple?"

    "Sometimes you don't have to know a person for too long. You can tell by looking at what he has done." Wanyan Loushi said, "Human moral character is important, but it is absolutely unacceptable to have too good conduct when marching and fighting. Last time  You also said that you love money, enjoy yourself, and love women, and these are enough."

    Fang Jinshi was a little confused when he heard this: "Is this okay?"

    Wanyan Loushi said seriously: "A person who loves money, is lustful, and knows how to enjoy things will definitely want to pursue these things in every possible way. If you have these pursuits, you will definitely be motivated. You are from the Song Dynasty. If you don't have enough temptations,  Attraction, how can I make you feel at ease to be loyal to my Kingdom of Jin? Only by giving benefits that others cannot give, can such a person be used with confidence. I will only say this to you, and I will only say it once tonight. This opportunity is rare.  , not only will you get a girl Cui, but you will also get an opportunity to reach the sky in one step, so you have to think carefully about it."

    His words seemed to have a deeper meaning. Fang Jinshi had a vague feeling that there must be something in Wanyan Loushi's words that he had not thought of at the moment. Loushi looked at him with a smile. Fang Jinshi could feel his sincerity at this moment. He and Wanyan Zongbi were not that close.  Again, it was more about pure martial arts habits. Wanyan Zongbi was more philistine and cunning than Lou Shi. Fang Jinshi met Lou Shi's friendly eyes and said, "Mr. Wang Yan really looks up to me. I am honored."

    His words came from his true feelings and were definitely not polite. Wanyan Loushi nodded: "Everyone in the world looks for famous teachers to learn skills. Sometimes, it is difficult for a teacher to find a satisfactory apprentice. I have taught several students before.  My nephew, these people either think about things simplistically, are rigid-minded and don¡¯t know how to adapt, or have poor awareness of the overall situation, which is really unsatisfactory. Seeing that you are smart and unexpected in everything you do, I have won my heart, so I want to invite you to go north.  Try it again and again, and you will always make a profit.¡±

    "I firmly believe what Mr. Wang Yan said." Fang Jinshi pondered for a moment and then said, "But it's a bit sudden. I still have some things to deal with at home, and I have to go back to Jiangnan."

    "What other family matters are more important than this future?" Wanyan Loushi's eyes narrowed, and he seemed to be a little dissatisfied. Unlike Wanyan Zongbi, he was not as secretive as Wanyan Zongbi, and his unhappiness would immediately show on his face. Fang Jinshi was stunned.  , just as he was about to explain, there was a sound on the door behind him, and Cui Niannu opened the door and left.Later, she put on a pair of light blue and elegant clothes and only put on very light makeup.

    When Wanyan Lou's room heard the door, she turned around and said to her: "This little brother is still hesitant to go north. Please help me persuade him and give him some confidence."

    The tone of his words was neither an order nor a request. It seemed to be a tone of discussion. Cui Niannu came slowly and said calmly: "Young Master Nanqiao should enjoy yourself. General Xindi will stay with you. He  If you are not willing in your heart, even if you agree against your will, this person is cunning and changeable, and he is often untrustworthy. When the time comes, he will regret it after receiving the benefits, so what can you do even if you kill him?"

    Wanyan Loushi¡¯s face was obviously astonished. Cui Niannu¡¯s words were so unexpected. Fang Jinshi couldn¡¯t help but said: ¡°So I am this kind of person in Miss Cui¡¯s eyes!¡±

    Cui Niannu glanced at him, with a hint of contempt in his expression: "Did I say something wrong?"

    Fang Jinshi clicked his tongue and had nothing to say for a moment. Cui Niannu turned around and said to Wanyan Lou: "Mr. Wang Yan is afraid that he has misjudged this person. He has bad character and can only deceive others. Mr. Han Changli said  , Like a fly in a camp, a dog like a dog, he drives away and comes back again. This is the kind of person he is talking about. In terms of shamelessness, he is definitely one of them. He usually only fights among himself and has no real ability."

    What she said really made Fang Jinshi scold him like crazy. Wanyan Lou asked: "Which Han Changli are you talking about?"

    Only then did Cui Niannu remember that the knowledge of the two people in front of him was limited, and he smiled sweetly and said, "It's Mrs. Han Yu from the previous dynasty." She smiled again after scolding, and Fang Jinshi knew that although she scolded fiercely, she was not  Sincerely, even Han Yu didn't know Wanyan Lou's room, but he didn't care about it, so he stopped asking.

    Cui Niannu turned back to Fang Jinshi and asked, "Do you know Han Yu?"

    Fang Jinshi said: "I know, he is a great Confucian who wrote to the emperor not to welcome the Buddha's bones and was demoted. His articles are famous all over the world."

    Cui Niannu said seriously: "You are not too stupid."

    Fang Jinshi suddenly felt that Cui Niannu's words had another meaning. He was explaining to him that you should not be too stupid. I scolded you because I was saying good things for you. Since you don't want to go north, I will say that you are worthless.  Let the Jin people give up on you and not embarrass you.

    This place was no longer as crowded as a large audience. Cui Niannu no longer acted submissively and obediently, and Wanyan Loushi no longer spoke to her in a commanding manner, which made Fang Jinshi a little strange.
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