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Chapter 416 Teasing

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    Fang Jinshi looked at Cai Yunlian. She was looking at Fang Jinshi with a look of eager expectation, waiting for his answer. Fang Jinshi looked into her eyes and suddenly felt a pain in his heart, because Cai Yunlian's look reminded him of Yun Nuer.  In the past, Yun Nuer would sometimes look at him with this look. Fang Jinshi now felt that Cai Yunlian's eyes looked very similar to Yun Nuer's, at least they felt similar to him.

    Fang Jinshi thought that Qu Laosan, Shi Hu and Xue Zheng were both dead. It could be said that Yun Nuer's great revenge had been avenged, but her death was directly related to Cai Meng. Thinking of this, Fang Jinshi felt a little angry and thought  After finding something for Yun Nuer, he deliberately approached Cai Yunlian and said, "Miss Cai is as beautiful as a flower and has a good figure. I fell in love at first sight. I can't take my eyes away from Miss Cai again. At this time, I  I wish Mr. Big would nod his head and agree immediately, and take the girl home to go to Wushan Yunyu together. Sitting here and wasting away, it¡¯s really unbearable to wait.¡±

    They were sitting and chatting peacefully when Fang Jinshi suddenly said such vulgar words. Although Cai Yunlian was a woman, she blushed because of what he said so directly. She turned around and said in fear: "You  You" I couldn't finish the words for a long time.

    She is Xiaojiabiyu, who has been able to read and write since she was a child. Talking like this from a relatively new man has already violated the bottom line of her ethical consciousness. But she has something to say and wants to ask others, but she can't just say it and leave in shame.  The grievances have been extremely severe.

    Seeing her embarrassment, Fang Jinshi felt a little happy and refreshed in his heart. He looked at Cai Yunlian and said: "As for you saying that you are no longer pure and innocent, I will welcome you home just to be a concubine and not a wife.  So what does it matter? You have gone through men and women, and are familiar with the bed. It will definitely make me more comfortable than those little girls who don't know anything. That's what I want."

    After his more vulgar words, Cai Yunlian collapsed completely. She crossed her arms on the stone table and buried her face in it. After a while, Fang Jinshi held her hand across the stone table and shook it:  "Your hands are thin and white, making me feel comfortable just looking at them."

    Cai Yunlian hurriedly pulled her hand back, straightened her back and cursed angrily: "Shameless person."

    She looked at Fang Jinshi with red eyes, as if she was going to cry soon. Fang Jinshi's heart softened and he felt that she was very pitiful. He leaned back and leaned his back on the pillar behind him and said, "I always  That¡¯s right, if you don¡¯t want to hear these indecent words from me, go and see how your father¡¯s elixir is going.¡±

    Cai Yunlian looked back at the chimney of the stone house. There was still no movement there. She sat there and looked at the tea bowl in front of her blankly, not knowing what she was thinking.

    Fang Jinshi saw that she still didn¡¯t leave, so he came closer to her and said, "Aren't you going? There are no outsiders here, so there is no chance that I will do anything."

    Cai Yunlian raised her eyes and looked at him, then lowered her head and remained silent. Fang Jinshi deliberately put on a malicious expression on his face and slowly reached out to grab her right hand. As soon as his hand touched the back of Cai Yunlian's hand, she hurriedly moved as if she had been burned by fire.  Withdrawing his hand, Fang Jinshi thought it was funny, so he lowered his head and laughed twice. Cai Yunlian heard his laughter, raised her head and looked at him again, and then slowly put her hand that had been retracted under the table back to its original place.  The meaning of this is obvious, that is, she allowed Fang Jinshi to pull her right hand this time. She wanted to please him, and she didn't dare to offend Fang Jinshi, so she had to let him take advantage and suffer some losses.

    Fang Jinshi would not take any advantage. He reached out to hold half of Cai Yunlian's palm and squeezed her fingers slightly. Cai Yunlian did not dare to withdraw his hand. Fang Jinshi gently stroked the back of her hand with his thumb and said: "  Since you feel so wronged, why don't you talk to your father and let him reject me? It's better than sitting here and letting me take advantage of you and be frivolous and humiliated."

    Cai Yunlian lowered her head and said, "Do you thinkyou think I don't want to, hey" She sighed and stopped talking. Of course Fang Jinshi could hear the meaning behind this sigh. He couldn't help but admire Cai Meng's tutoring skills.  Stern and tough, even the daughter who has left the palace can be called back to ask her to remarry someone else.

    Fang Jinshi said: "As a parent, it is really rare to be able to achieve such a level of success." He let go of her hand.

    Cai Yunlian lowered her eyebrows, paused for a moment and said, "Mr. Fang, I can ask you a favor."

    Fang Jinshi said: "You want me to let you go and not ask your father for you, right?"

    Cai Yunlian said: "Young Master Fang is young and rich, and he is very brave and brave. I don't know how many women in the world want to follow him and serve him. A woman like me, who is ordinary in appearance and talent, has been married to someone else, and has to serve you with a broken body."  , I'm just afraid of insulting the reputation of the house and making people laugh at you. If the master is so virtuous, I will not only keep it in my heart forever, but if master Fang really wants to take a concubine and welcome a child, I am willing to do it for him.I am looking for a good-looking unmarried woman to serve the young master on my behalf.  "

    Fang Jinshi said: "You already have a candidate in mind?"

    Cai Yunlian shook her head and said: "Not yet."

    Fang Jinshi smiled and said, "That's not the same as talking nonsense to fool me."

    Cai Yunlian saw that he seemed to be relieved and said quickly: "I don't dare to fool the young master. You only have to give me one day. Within one day, I will definitely find a few girls who suit the young master's wishes and let him choose. If the young master is interested, they all will go."  It doesn¡¯t matter, I will never break my promise.¡±

    Fang Jinshi said: "One day? How many long and beautiful girls can I choose from in one day? Where are you going to find them?"

    Cai Yunlian said: "It's not easy for a gentleman like you to find a woman? There are countless women in and outside the city who want to be young masters. There are always daughters from poor families who want to climb high. If you spend some money, you can always find a few."  The Peugeot is good-looking.¡±

    Although what she said was not wrong, Fang Jinshi felt that her words made him a little uncomfortable, and he couldn't help but said: "Then I like someone who looks like you, then you can also find one for me?"

    Cai Yunlian was speechless for a moment. She paused for a while and then said again: "If Mr. Fang can wait for the time, I have a cousin in my hometown. People have said that she looks most like me since she was a child. She will definitely be able to please her."  Young Master likes her, her parents died when she was young, and she was fostered as a child bride in someone else's home. Now she is still young and has not yet gotten married. If Young Master Fang agrees, I will immediately go back to my hometown to get her and give her to Young Master."

    Her words about spending money to buy people had already made Fang Jinshi unhappy. Now her words made Fang Jinshi even more disgusted. The previous sympathy for her was gone. Fang Jinshi said harshly: "I still want to go back to my hometown."  I have been begging for so long, how could I wait? When your father comes over, I will ask him for you immediately and take you back tonight. You just called me a shameless person, so I will show you my shamelessness tonight.  look."

    Cai Yunlian talked for a long time, thinking that she had attracted his attention, but she didn't expect that things went against her will and things got even worse. She stood up with a grimace and said, "I just made a mistake and said nonsense. Sir Fang, please forgive me this time."  Come on." As he spoke, his knees softened and he knelt in front of him.

    Fang Jinshi hardened his heart and turned around and said: "If you kneel down, why don't I kneel down for your father? It might be more useful. If you kneel here, you might as well come over and let me hug you. Maybe I feel that you are not soft enough."  I¡¯m not happy, so I may not let you go.¡±

    Cai Yunlian knelt for a while. Seeing that he had no reaction, she had to get up slowly and said, "You are so hard-hearted. No matter how hard I beg, it's useless."

    Fang Jinshi looked back at her. The look in her eyes made Fang Jinshi tremble a little. Fang Jinshi turned around, held on to the railing of the pavilion and said, "You know it's useless, so there's no need to beg."

    Cai Yunlian said behind him: "Even if you get me, I feel aggrieved and sad. I will make trouble for you every day, and seek life and death for you from time to time. Why are you doing this?"

    Fang Jinshi said: "I remember when I came to Huaidong from Bianliang City, when I took my beloved woman to the Sishui River, your father wanted to show me his sword and show his power, so that I could retreat in spite of the difficulties and give instructions.  The bandits on the river came to rob me. I tried to deal with this wave of bandits, but I exposed my own strength and gave the second wave of bandits an opportunity. I, a woman, also begged like this, risking her own life to  Those people wouldn't allow me to trade my life, so I watched her slowly fall in front of me, with blood staining my clothes. At that time, my heart hardened. Although she was not the person sent by your father.  Those who caused death also lost their lives for this reason.¡±

    After hearing what he said, Cai Yunlian said bitterly: "That's why you hate my father, and you want to ask me to support your woman no matter what, and then torture me so that you can die in your place."  A woman wants revenge?"

    Fang Jinshi said: "No! First, that incident made me understand a truth. If others are not willing to spare your life, it will be useless no matter how you beg for mercy, just like you begged me today. Second, when you grow up, you will be with me."  With eyes like that of the dead woman, when I see you every day, it¡¯s like seeing her resurrected. No matter how much you cry or make trouble, I just think it¡¯s her who¡¯s making me cry. I won¡¯t be upset, I¡¯ll just endure it happily.  "

    After hearing this, Cai Yunlian really wanted to curse, but she held it back and said angrily: "Well, in this case, you don't need my people anymore. Just gouge out my eyes and look at them every day."  .¡±

    Fang Jinshi said firmly: "Just now I was still hesitating whether I should agree to give you to me if your father asked me for conditions. At this time, I have made up my mind. No matter what your father asks me for or what excessive suggestions he makes,  Under any conditions, I will take you back."

    After hearing this, Cai Yunlian was stunned, then she knelt on the stone table and cried: "Okay, okay, okay, you guys want to force me to death after all."??I will kill myself as soon as I arrive at your house so that you will never get me. I will also let my father ask you for someone and your life.  "
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