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Volume 1¡¤The War of the Throne Chapter 22 Baron Brege (3)

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    Chapter 22 Baron Brege (3)

    Arcane Barrage is an arcane spell newly learned by Avis.  Now Ives has learned all the arcane spells before level 10.

    The power of this arcane barrage is also good. The most important thing is that it can attack 5 enemies at the same time.  There happened to be only five gargoyles in front of Ives.

    Because Ives did not have enough arcane charges, he used delayed casting to cast this spell.  From the effect point of view, the power is not very small.  At least those gargoyles were all shot and began to stagger.

    Avis rushed forward with a few lunges, his feet began to exert force, and his whole body jumped up quickly.  The sword in Ives' hand reflected the dark blue light, looking so mysterious in the boundless night.  As Avis' body suddenly rose up, the sword in his hand didn't stop, and he struck out with another slash.

    The sword in Ives¡¯ hand that exuded a faint blue arcane brilliance, after using it, drew a blue light and shadow in the air.  Ives's sword slashed out fiercely, hitting the gargoyle in front of Ives.  The gargoyle in front of Avis roared angrily and wanted to fight back.  But Ives's sword has been deeply embedded in the gargoyle's body.

    With Ives¡¯s strength, the gargoyle fell to the ground together with Ives.  When Avis pulled out his long sword, the gargoyle had completely died.

    Avis stood up and let out a long breath.  He pulled out the long sword from the gargoyle, and then looked at the four gargoyles still hovering in the sky.

    Suddenly, Ives stretched out a hand and said to the gargoyles in the sky: "Grandson."

    This finally angered these gargoyles.  One of the gargoyles finally couldn't bear it any longer. It howled angrily and rushed towards Ives.  Avis smiled slightly, then held his sword in both hands, ready to attack at any time.

    "Come on!" With a roar from Ives, he finally fought against the gargoyle.

    On the other side, the battle between Rebecca and Baron Brege was also going on intensely.  The warhammer transformed from divine magic in Rebecca's hand is indeed powerful. The suppression of evil creatures it comes with makes it very difficult for Baron Brege to support it.  But it would be wrong to say that Rebecca could easily defeat Baron Brege.  At this time, Rebecca was using divine magic regardless of consumption, so that she could compete with Baron Brege to no avail.  If the fight continues, Rebecca is most likely to fail first.

    Ahead, Baron Brege used a noble stabbing sword. The stabbing angle of this sword was extremely tricky, making it difficult for people to dodge.  In fact, Rebecca relied on the Holy Word Shield to stay safe until now.

    And the hymn warhammer in Rebecca's hand hit Baron Brege desperately, causing Baron Brege to retreat and defend. For a while, Rebecca's attack slowly gained the upper hand.

    But Rebecca knows that she cannot go on like this. When her magical power is exhausted, she will die!

    At this time, a scream unique to the gargoyle came from behind.  Rebecca looked back, only to find that Avis had killed all the gargoyles with his sword.

    At this time, three quarter moons have risen in the sky. Under the bright moonlight, the armor on Ives is reflecting a faint blue light.

    This is a racial skill of the Eternal Elves called ¡®Mana Return¡¯. When they use spells with all their strength, there will be scattered spell particles floating around their bodies.  If the Erenya elves, that is, the eternal elves, use their talents, they can convert the scattered spell particles around them into mana to replenish themselves.

    To put it simply, it is a shortened version of the mage¡¯s magical skill ¡®Awakening¡¯.  The cooldown time of this racial skill is not short - a full 10 minutes.  Moreover, there is an upper limit to the recovery spell, so it is not as powerful as a powerful awakening.

    After Ives used mana return, his mana that had been consumed a lot finally began to recover.  After he defeated all the gargoyles, his mana finally returned to a fairly acceptable level.

    And the effectiveness of his racial skill ¡®Mana Return¡¯ has also dissipated. If he wants to use it again, he can only wait 10 minutes.

    Ives immediately turned his head and saw Baron Brege who was fighting with Rebecca.  The elf boy immediately yelled: "Go quickly, Rebecca!" At the same time, the sword in his hand began to emit a strong blue light.

    Rebecca nodded, and immediately ran back without looking back.  But Ives, who had been prepared for a long time, suddenlyA powerful blow was delivered!

    With 6 layers of arcane charging, delayed casting, and arcane impact with two powerful attribute increases, the attack power is absolutely extremely powerful.  Indeed, Ives's arcane impact quickly flew out and hit Baron Brege, causing the nobleman in the darkness to take a few steps back. He almost lost control of his body and fell to the ground.  .

    At this time, Avis had a smile on his face.  He held the sword in his right hand, and a purple-blue arcane flame ignited in his left hand.  With Avis's wave, several groups of violently beating magic missiles appeared around him.

    "Go." Avis pointed his hand forward, and these magic missiles flew out violently.  Avis directly shot out all the magic missiles he could release.  After this powerful output, Baron Brege's health bar dropped significantly. At the same time, this guy also took a few steps back and looked at Avis with incredible eyes.

    Avis no longer cares about his lack of magic power.  He turned his head and started running wildly: "Hurry up, be sure to push the two bosses at the same time!"

    Rebecca nodded, and immediately followed Avis, running forward with him.

    "No! You can't disturb my son's sleep! No one can disturb his sleep before I wake him up!" Baron Brege's thunderous shout came.

    Rebecca said a little strangely: "Huh? Didn't he resurrect his son and then be killed by his son, so he ended up like this?"

    Ives smiled bitterly and shook his head, saying: "It's not that simple. Baron Brege did resurrect his son, but it was no longer his son, but an evil creature named 'Black Flame'.  After Baron Brege died, his body was awakened by the strong power of darkness and became a zombie-like existence."

    "However, because it was not a resurrection spell performed by a regular necromancer, he lost some memories. In his current understanding, he always believed that his child was dead, and he was looking for a way to save his child  And if he sees his lively child, he might think of something. So he must kill them both at the same time!"

    Rebecca, who was listening on the side, opened her mouth in surprise.  After a long while, she said with some humor: "These two undead are not even on the same front."

    While talking, Avis and Rebecca had already arrived at the door.  Under normal circumstances, they should first overthrow Baron Brege, get the key to this place from the dead man, and open it.  But now the situation is somewhat special, so Ives must use some special means.

    Avis looked around and quickly found the window in his memory.  Ives climbed a short distance on the wall with one shoulder and hooked one hand on the window.  Avis, who crawled in, stretched out his head and said to Rebecca who had not yet reacted below: "Come up quickly!"

    Rebecca nodded seriously. She also took a run for a while, but in the end she fell some distance away from the window.  At this time, Baron Brege in the rear was getting closer and closer.

    Avis cursed lightly, and then he yelled at Rebecca: "Come up quickly, I will hold your hand this time!"

    Seeing that the two 'little thieves' had the intention to disturb his son's sleep, Baron Brege was already extremely angry.  The dead man enlarged his legs and ran crazily towards where the two Avis were.

    At this time, Rebecca, who was taking another run-up, started to climb the wall again.  But just a little away from the window, her momentum disappeared.  Predictably, Rebecca is likely to fall again.  At this time, Baron Brege was almost arriving.

    Avis took a deep breath, and then stretched out his hand.  The eternal elf's slender fingers immediately grasped Rebecca's delicate palm.

    After that, Ives suddenly lifted up and finally pulled Rebecca up.

    "Damnblasphemer! I will send your souls to be burned in the endless flames of the underworld!"

    After entering the room, Ives could still hear the roar of Baron Brege behind him.  In fact, it won't be long before Baron Brege comes in.  At that time, the deceased will see that his 'son' is no longer his own.

    After Rebecca entered the interior of the back fort, she couldn't help but let out a long breath. Her heart was still beating "thump, thump, thump" at this time.  Just now, she was just a little bit away from being able to get up to this window.  Fortunately, Avis grabbed her in time.

      Rebecca lowered her head at this time, only to find that her hand was still held in Avis's slender hand, and she could still feel the heat coming from the elf boy's palm.  Rebecca's little face immediately turned red, and she secretly broke away from Avis's hand.

    Ives showed no reaction at all. He looked around and then said: "It seems that the 'Black Flame' is lying in that place."

    Where Ives pointed, there was a cold coffin. Under the moonlight shining through the window, it looked so gloomy and dark.

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