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Volume 1¡¤The War on the Throne Chapter 23 Baron Brege (End)

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    Chapter 23 Baron Brege (Final)

    There is almost no light in this dark castle.  The only light source was the bright moonlight coming in from the window on the side.

    The sound of Ives's iron boots on the floor continued to echo in this place. The elf boy holding a rune sword in one hand carefully approached the coffin in front of him.  If he had time, he wouldn't mind waiting here to restore his magic value.  But it's a pity that Baron Brege will appear in one minute at most.  Before that, Avis must awaken this creature called 'Black Flame'.

    Just as Ives slowly approached the coffin, there was a sound of unlocking the wooden door behind him.  It was obvious that Baron Brege was coming in.  The elf boy turned his head and gave Rebecca a signaling look.  Rebecca, who seemed to understand what Avis wanted to do, nodded immediately. She walked over and locked the lock completely.

    At this time, Avis had also arrived in front of the coffin.  Avis looked down at the pale young man lying quietly in the coffin, suddenly picked up his sword and stabbed it fiercely.

    Locking the door did not effectively prevent Baron Brege from entering, but it delayed some time after all.  When Baron Brege kicked open the door and stepped into the room, the first thing he saw was the scene where he had just pierced his son's heart with a sword.

    "No!" Baron Brege, the immortal undead, screamed, and he fiercely pulled out his rapier: "I want to avenge my children! Damn the living, I will give you eternal death!  "

    Ives showed a smile: "Eternal death That's true. But it's a pity that neither you nor your son are truly 'dead'." After that, Ives  Si pulled out the long sword that he had inserted into the young man's heart.  When it was pulled out, this rune sword exuding arcane brilliance was not stained with a trace of blood.  But this is normal. This corpse has been dead for who knows how many years, and its interior has long been corrupted. There is simply no way that there is much blood left to flow.

    "Ah!" Baron Brege seemed to be going crazy. After he pulled out his noble sword, he looked at Ives with his sharp eyes.  He yelled: "I'm going to kill you, I'm definitely going to kill you!"

    Baron Brege ignored Rebecca, who had touched behind him. The deceased nobleman ran toward Ives crazily.  Ives's hands immediately began to release arcane brilliance, which flowed along Ives's hands and into the rune sword he held in his hand.  The long sword exuding azure light finally became extremely gorgeous.  Of course, this also consumed a lot of Avis's magic power.

    Baron Brege was about to take a few steps forward and kill the elf boy who was slowly moving towards Rebecca.  But at this moment, the person in the coffin suddenly moved, and then, a young man with extremely pale skin sat up.  The young man opened his dazed eyes and looked around.

    "Imy child"

    Baron Brege saw the child sitting up and suddenly stopped his actions.  But immediately, Baron Brege felt as if something exploded in his brain, and many scenes poured into his mind unconsciously.

    ??Human experiments, dark rituals, resurrection formations and the most important scene

    Baron Brege could not recall it.  At this time, both Avis and Rebecca found a safe place and prepared for defense.  The mood of Baron Brege in front of him was very unstable, and the other BOSS had also woken up at this time. Facing two BOSSs at the same time, even Ives had to be careful at all times.

    Under the light of the full moon behind him, the boy in the coffin finally stood up.  He touched his heart, which had an extra sore, and couldn't help but show a disdainful smile: "Tsk, I didn't expect that I just slept for a while, and this place is so lively."

    "Imy child." Baron Brege took a few steps towards the undead boy bathing in the endless moonlight.  The undead boy raised his head and glanced at Baron Brege, who looked concerned, and suddenly showed a disdainful smile.

    "It's you. I didn't expect that after killing you once, you actually came back to life again."

    These words were like a sharp sword, causing Baron Brege's body to stop immediately.  After that, he finally recalled the most important scene in his mind.

    After going through the most evil ritual, I finally let my son open his eyes.  But the first thing his 'son' did was to stab himself in the chest with a weapon.

    "You are not my son! Who are you?" Baron Brege shouted loudly.

      "Me? You can call me Black Flame." The undead boy said indifferently, "Besides, I'm not your son in the first place, so don't just randomly identify your family tree, okay?"

    Baron Brege seemed to be completely shocked. As an undead, he lowered his head and didn't know what he was thinking.  At this time, Ives, who had recovered some of his magic power with some supplies, said to the girl with short blond hair on the side: "Get ready, we are going to start fighting."

    Rebecca nodded seriously, and some divine light began to appear in her hands.  The next moment, a warhammer composed of divine magic appeared in her hand.  At this moment, there was only determination in Rebecca's eyes, but not much fear in them.

    (I can also look into the darkness like him.)

    Rebecca thought this and showed a firm smile.

    "Gigglehahaha!" At this moment, the undead man dressed in aristocratic clothing, the former Baron Brege, laughed, and he laughed very loudly, even feeling hysterical.

    "It's wrong, everything is wrong! From the beginning, I shouldn't have studied black magic, and I shouldn't have tried to save my child from the hands of God!"

    Baron Brege suddenly raised his long sword, and the fighting spirit representing darkness and corrosion immediately flashed out.  Baron Brege looked at the black flames in front of him and Ives and Ivis who were preparing for battle at the side, and let out a roar that shook the sky: "Today, I am going to kill you, kill all of you guys, kill them all."  Just all the existences in this world!"

    Ives sighed: "He has gone crazy." The souls of the undead born under abnormal circumstances are already in an unstable state. In addition, Brege suffered a huge stimulus, so it is normal for him to become crazy.  .

    At this time, on the wooden coffin lid, the undead boy named 'Black Flame' also showed a slight smile: "Really? I just don't like you, so let's kill them together."

    The battle has begun, but this time the battle is extremely chaotic. It is actually a three-party battle!

    After adding the 'Shield Technique' and 'Holy Word Shield', Avis' defense has made great progress.  Under the protection of the powerful Holy Word Shield exerted by Rebecca, Ives estimated that it would not be a problem for him to withstand a few blows from Baron Brege.

    NPCs are different from players. In "ARO", if players want to obtain advanced skills, they can only upgrade.  But the NPCs in this world are different. As long as they are willing to learn and have enough power to promote the release of this spell, the level limit is not that big for them.

    Therefore, the ¡®Holy Word Shield¡¯ on Ives is actually a relatively advanced skill.  If you are a player, it should be a skill that can only be learned at level 20.

    Shaking his head, Avis threw those useless thoughts out of his mind.  At this time, Baron Brege stabbed towards Ives.  The sword in Ives' hand immediately swung and missed Baron Brege's thrust.  But at this time, the magic shadow arrow released by the black flame successfully pierced the chest of the unsuspecting Baron Brege.

    Baron Brege, who was already crazy, did not dodge. He took his noble sword and stabbed Ives.  The sword blade carried a breeze, causing panic in the hearts of those who felt the power.

    Avis turned sideways and avoided this fatal blow.  At the same time, the rune sword in his hand slashed fiercely, and bursts of blue magic waves spread from the rune sword.  After being released, the magic quickly turned into an arcane barrage, shooting at Baron Brege and Black Flame.

    Black Flame immediately cast a spell similar to a spell shield, which withstood most of the attacks from the arcane barrage.  But Baron Brege was not so relaxed. After resisting such a blow, he took a few steps back and seemed to be somewhat defeated.

    At this time, another beautiful figure jumped out.  This person is Rebecca!  At Avis's signal, she hit Black Flame hard with the war hammer in her hand.

    Black Flame is also an undead creature, but he is different from Baron Brege who resurrected him. He is an undead in the category of mage.  Therefore, he is very good at using various necromancy spells.

    But it is a pity that Rebecca uses light magic to restrain dark creatures like black flames.  And because of some special abilities of her body, the damage done to her by those dark spells is also low.

    At this time, under the guidance of Ives, Baron Brege, who was standing at the door, was gradually leaning towards the black flame in the center of the hall.  After a while, Baron Brege, who had fallen into complete madness, raised his head. After seeing the black flame releasing magic with a calm expression, he roared??, his body swelled several times, and he rushed towards the creature with the appearance of his son like this crazily.

    And Avis quietly withdrew his sword and hid aside to watch the fun.

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