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Volume 1¡¤The War of the Throne Chapter 44 Return to the City

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    Chapter 44 Return to the City

    In the thick fog of the early morning, the standing blonde woman was fully prepared.  She was now wearing a golden armor, and her blond hair that had been scattered casually in the past was now tied into a ponytail, swaying as she moved her head.

    The elf boy smiled slightly and said, "You're up so early, Helois." Helois stretched, and then glanced at the smiling Avis with his lazy eyes: "  Because I couldn't sleep, I got up a little early. Rather than talking about this, you'd better make breakfast quickly, my stomach is complaining."

    "You ate so much yesterday and you still haven't had enough?" Ives smiled bitterly and shook his head. He slowly came to the simple kitchen that he had prepared last night, used a magic crystal, and lit some flames.  He then placed a large pot over the flames and began pouring water into it.

    Suddenly, a flash of light flashed on Avis's hand.  After that, the elf boy casually threw the newly made bread out, and Heloise happened to hold it in one hand.  Avis showed a gentle smile: "If you don't mind, you can eat this bread, it still tastes good."

    The female paladin was stunned for a moment, and then she ate the bread in front of her.  After last night's dinner and observations over the past few days, Ives could confirm one thing - the female paladin in front of him was very edible.  She has a huge appetite and eats a lot. Simply put, she is a big eater.

    Avis smiled bitterly and shook his head, and then started making cereal.  He has done a lot of this kind of thing in the past few days, so he can be considered familiar with it.  While Avis was cooking, the team members also got up one by one.  After they greeted each other, they sat down next to Avis and started eating breakfast.

    Breakfast was magic bread and cereal. After eating the hearty breakfast, everyone looked satisfied.  At this time, Kadir, who had just finished a bowl of cereal, suddenly said in his unique deep voice: "Can I ask? What are our plans next?"

    After hearing the warlock's question, Avis thought about it and then said: "If my prediction is not wrong, we can go to the underground mine to have a look first, and then when we are strong enough, we can go to the ancient temple.  .¡±

    "The ancient temple that place seems to be very dangerous." The half-elf suddenly frowned, "I heard that many teams entered and were unable to come out."

    Avis spread his hands, and then said: "But it seems that we must go in and get the Green Heart, otherwise things will be difficult."

    "Some people set up mercenary groups for money, and some for fame Avis, why did you set up a mercenary group?" At this moment, a voice intervened.  Everyone turned to look, only to find that the person who said these words was the silver-haired girl, Anriya, who was sitting upright.

    Ives pondered for a moment, and then said: "You asked me why I want to form a heroic army. To save this country in danger." Ives had already revealed his premeditated plan at this time, but when  When he said this, everyone was stunned for a moment.

    "Hahaha, are you an idiot? Isn't this country good? When did it fall into danger? And the heroic troops hahahaha, do you know what you are talking about?"

    "This is not ridiculous, Miss Heloise." Avis suddenly raised his head and looked directly at the laughing female paladin, "I am serious. By March next year at most, enemies from across the sea will land.  The country will be in dire straits At that time, it will be too late to make plans."

    "Oh? It seems a little interesting." Heloise stopped smiling and looked at Ives, "The enemies across the seaare you referring to the Vikings?"

    "That's right." Ives nodded, "It's that group of robbers. They will invade this place in March next year at the most." At this time, Anriya who was on the side said: "Then, how do you have the confidence to establish  Where¡¯s a hero unit?¡±

    "I know where the last inheritors of the Teutonic Warriors are." Ives continued without surprising, and he said another amazing words, "What we have to do is to let the Teutonic Warriors shine again  ¡­So I need to form a mercenary group, otherwise I can¡¯t recruit others.¡±

    The Teutons, their flag is a cross with black letters on a white background. They are the strongest warrior group. Every warrior called "Teutonic" is the brightest star of that era.  Even at their peak, their number did not exceed 3,000, but this army of 3,000 was one of the few heroes of that era who could face the magic legion.Team.  In the end, they were all wiped out by the magic of the Saint Master, but it took the lives of at least three Saint Masters and five thousand magicians.  Their total annihilation also marked the beginning of the decline of the invincible magic empire, which eventually became the magic kingdom of Lienz.

    In the age of the Teutonic heyday, the Crimson Earth and the famous legions of the Feudal Knights seemed to be mere foils.  Even in the most desperate moments, no Teutonic warrior gave up easily. They used their own lives to prove their bravery and fearlessness.

    Rebecca and the others were slightly surprised when they heard Avis say the almost forgotten name.  After a long while, Rebecca couldn't help but said: "Teutonicare there any remnants?"

    "In fact, there are only more than a hundred people left." Ives shook his head. "After we formally establish the mercenary group, we can go to them. We must let them join our team!" At this point  At the time, Avis's eyes were extremely firm.  The last group of Teutonic warriors are unwilling to participate in other wars for the sake of ancient oaths, so in order for them to join, they need to complete that task And that task, Ives did not complete in his previous life, so although he knows the method  , but I have never operated it myself.  The most important thing is that that mission is still too weak based on Avis' current strength.


    Avis murmured to himself.  If possible, he would rather wait until he reaches a high-level professional level.  But it was clear that the Vikings would not give him this time.  So in January next year, no matter what level Ives has reached, he will go to Lianshan to find those glory masters living in the mountains.

    "I support you." At this time, Kadir suddenly stood up and looked at Avis with his twinkling eyes, "I hope you won't let me down."

    "Ah, don't worry, it won't happen." When he said this, there was a smile on the corner of Avis's mouth.  Kadir nodded and went to pack his things.

    The half-elf laughed and patted Ives on the shoulder: "Come on, establish the Teutonic Knights as soon as possible and let those guys keep secret of our power." After that, he also left.  Avis also stood up and laughed: "It's better to pack up your things quickly and return to the city. We still have some battles to fight."

    "Yes." Helois also stood up. After that, the female paladin glanced at Ives and said in a serious tone: "My ancestors also have some connections with the Teutonic warriors. If you want to be more relaxed,  If you want to master the power of the Teutonic Warriors, you can talk to my father."

    After that, Heloise turned around and went to pack his luggage.  Ives also breathed a long sigh of relief. He looked at the sky that had become a little cold, and then said: "Is September?"

    Can he do as much as he planned?  Ives didn't know it himself, but he felt that he still needed to give it a try. How would he know if he didn't try?

    Thinking of this, Avis¡¯ eyes became firm.  He shook his head and packed up some of his luggage, putting some in his backpack and carrying others on his mount.  After finishing all this, Ives got on his horse. At this time, the remaining people had finished their business and were ready to set off at any time.

    Feeling the oncoming breeze, Avis smiled slightly: "Then, let's set off!"


    The city of Fitkelen is still so prosperous. It has just entered September. Although the weather is not that hot anymore, there is still some heat wave.  At this time, the Lanying Kingdom had reopened the trade route, which also gave the merchants and mercenaries who had been holding back for several weeks a new task.

    "Hey, Hades, why are you still so depressed?" Ganda laughed and patted a young man on the shoulder, which shocked the young man who was a little crazy.

    "Is it that exaggerated? I was so scared." The red-haired middle-aged mercenary looked at the young man with a puzzled expression.  Hades laughed loudly: "It's nothing, just when I was thinking about the problem, it suddenly came like this, and I was very shocked."

    "Thinking about a question I said Hades, are you thinking about Miss Rebecca?"

    Being exposed, Hades's face flushed.

    "Hahaha, you are thinking about spring!" Ganda laughed, "But having said that, you have already understood fighting spirit. After practicing for a few more years, you should be able to enter the field of formal professionals. At that time,  You should be qualified to pursue Rebecca, right?"

    "Well!" Hades' eyes became firm, "That's right.?My goal!  "It's just that a certain handsome figure always comes to mind in the young man's mind

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