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Volume 1: The War of the Throne Chapter 45: Encounter

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    Chapter 45 Encounter

    The weather in September is still so fresh and beautiful.  Ives and others rode horses and arrived at the gate of Feitkelen City after a long journey.  Seeing the city gate of Fitkelen not far away, the elf boy let out a long breath.  He turned his head and looked at his companions: "Let's take a rest first and prepare for the next thing. After we are ready, we can go to the underground mine tunnel That place is indeed a bit difficult, so we  You need to be fully prepared.¡±

    Several people around Avis nodded. At this time, Mia, the future legendary powerhouse, showed a shy smile: "Umcan you give me some money? I need to buy some necessary potions.  , some still need to be adjustedotherwise, I won¡¯t be able to show my strength at all.¡±

    Avis nodded, and then gave Mia 50 gold coins.  This was undoubtedly a large amount of money, and Mia's hand began to tremble when she took the bag of money.  Although this is a large expenditure, it is also necessary.  Because psionic warlocks need a strong mind to display their power.  In the absence of a strong mind, potions are indispensable props.  Although Ives can make some adjustments, currently, they do not have the strength.

    Helois said boringly: "I'm going to rest. Let's talk about the underground mine tunnels tomorrow Well, that's it, I'm leaving." After that, Helois casually gave his mount to  After putting it away, she landed lightly on the ground, and then glanced at An Liya: "Would you like to go with your sister?"

    An Liya nodded, she smiled slightly and said: "Well, I don't seem to have anything to do."

    Mia went to buy medicine, while Sister Heloise went to the hotel they had prepared.  Seeing everyone leaving, the half-elf laughed and said: "Then, I'm going to buy some special arrows Well, that's it, goodbye everyone!" After that, the half-elf who was always laughing left like this.  Everyone.

    The warlock said in his unique deep voice: "I'm leaving first, please do as you please."

    Soon, the only people left were Avis and Rebecca.  Rebecca's face turned a little red at the thought of the two of them probably being alone next.  Elvis turned his head, glanced at Rebecca who was blushing for some reason, smiled slightly and said, "Why don't we go to the tavern for a drink?" He also completed a mission to hunt down a half-giant but has not yet handed it in.

    Rebecca nodded, then followed Avis into the noisy city.

    The shouts of sales continued to sound all around, and Avis couldn't help but cry and laugh a little as he felt this noisy world.  Perhaps few people here would have thought that this peaceful life would soon be broken!

    Just as he was thinking about it, Avis and Rebecca came to the tavern.  Ives took a deep breath and then walked into the tavern that smelled strongly of alcohol.  After scanning the people here with his own eyes, he focused his gaze on the swordsman who was drinking.  He walked over and sat next to the swordsman, then smiled and said, "Hey, are you still drinking?"

    "Anyway, I have nothing to do." The swordsman raised his head and recognized the smiling Avis, "I haven't seen you in the past few days, why did you go?"

    "Wellnothing happened. I just went to the Werewolf Castle. Oh, and I also killed a half-giant."

    "Half-giant!?" The swordsman's eyes lit up, and then he laughed: "So you helped me get revenge?" Ives nodded, and then took the weapon of the somewhat large half-giant.  out.  The swordsman looked at the somewhat rough weapon, and then laughed: "That's it! It's this thing that broke my spineThank you, Ives, for helping me solve a big hatred in my heart."

    After that, the swordsman looked at himself: "I don't have anything to thank you I'll give this to you." After that, the swordsman took out an ornament and handed it to Avis.

    "A beautiful pendant. Wearing it can make people more elegant. Effect: Charm +1."

    Avis was a little speechless. He was already a little too handsome at this time. Now that he has this charm +1 effect, would he still let others live?

    Of course, the more charm, the better.  After thanking the swordsman, Avis put on the pendant.  After that, Avis chatted with the swordsman for a few more words, then left the swordsman's side and walked towards the counter.

    There, the girl with short blond hair was drinking a glass of milk.  Elvis sat directly next to the girl with short blond hair and said to the bartender: "Have a glass of rye."

    The bartender nodded, then turned around and poured the wine.  Rebecca tilted her head slightly,He glanced at Avis.  For some reason, Rebecca felt that Avis was even more attractive at this time.  Her face blushed slightly, but she calmed down and looked at Avis: "Are you done with your work?"

    "Well, yes." Ives also let out a long breath at this time. Completing the task just now gave him a lot of experience. Now his mage level has finally been raised by one level. Now he  His level is level 16, which is one step closer to being a level 20 advanced professional.

    ? And Avis¡¯s talent points are focused on the Silver Knight¡¯s talent. Generally speaking, Avis has become stronger at this time.

    Rebecca nodded. At this time, the bartender had already handed over the drink that Avis asked for.  After Ives threw out a silver coin, he took the wine glass in front of him and took a big sip of the wine.

    At this time, a surprising voice sounded: "Rebecca!?"


    Hades couldn¡¯t believe his eyes.  After he went to hand in the mission with Captain Ganda, he was on the way to the tavern.  After Rebecca left their mercenary group, Hades always felt that he had lost something and his heart was empty.

    Hades was thinking about the person he was obsessed with, and after he stepped into the tavern, he saw the girl with short golden hair.

    Hades really couldn't believe his eyes. For a moment, he felt that he was hallucinating.  And after confirming that the girl was exactly the one he expected, Hades felt a silent sense of excitement.  Is this fate?

    Hades immediately called Rebecca.  But when Hades saw the handsome black-haired elf sitting next to Rebecca, his smile stopped immediately.

    It has been more than a month since I last saw him, but the elf boy still seems so elegant and handsome.  No, Hades felt that the elf boy in front of him had become more handsome.

    ¡°The two of them left the team at the same time I should have thought that the two of them would get together

    Hades only felt bitterness in his mouth at this moment.

    At this time, the elf boy also saw the young man with only half a smile on his face. He laughed loudly: "Isn't this Hades? It seems that Captain Ganda has also come to this place?"

    "Ahyes." Hades was silent for a while before saying this.  Avis laughed and said: "That's such a coincidence I actually met Captain Ganda in this place. What do you think, Rebecca, do you want to go and meet him?"

    Rebecca also showed a smile at this time: "Yeah, sure." After that, Avis finished his wine in one gulp.  After the elf boy finished doing this, he walked up to Hades and said with a smile, "Can you take us to see Captain Ganda?"

    Hades looked at the enthusiastic smiling face in front of him, and then looked at the girl with short blond hair who was just looking at Ives and didn't pay attention to him at all. For some reason, some anger suddenly burst out in Hades's heart.  He immediately said stiffly: "No Captain Ganda is very busy now and has no time to see you."

    "That's such a pity." Ives did not doubt that he was there. He sighed slightly. It seemed that he was unlucky, but if he wanted to meet, there would still be a chance in the future.  Elvis pondered for a while, then looked at Hades: "We are going to the underground mine next If you see Captain Ganda, just tell him. See if he can talk to us  Let¡¯s go on an adventure together ¨C it¡¯s always reassuring to have more people around, right?¡±

    When Hades heard the word 'underground mine', a glimmer of light suddenly flashed in his eyes.  He immediately said: "When are you going to go?"

    "The day after tomorrow." Ives calculated and then said, "We still need to prepare some things, so it should be just right to go the day after tomorrow." Whether it is Mia's potion or Sark's arrows, these are not very good.  It can be done easily.  Moreover, Ives and others have just completed the strategy of the Werewolf Castle, so they should take a rest and recharge their batteries at this time.  Fighting blindly is not a good way to break through.

    After taking a long breath, Avis smiled at Hades, and then walked back to the hotel where he stayed with Rebecca.

    "The day after tomorrow" Hades seemed to have thought of something, and immediately ran towards the location of Captain Ganda, who had nothing to do.  He wants the leader of Ganda to agree to complete the task of the underground mine tomorrow.  In this way, Avis and the others have no mission to complete, right?

    It¡¯s a pity that Hades has never thought about the difficulty of the underground mine tunnel

    ??PS1: After reading Brother Murong¡¯s comments, I was quite impressed, so there will only be one update today and tomorrow, so I can plan this book carefully.

    PS2: I will finish the first volume faster and start the second volume soon.

    PS3: The update is not good enough, so just give me your votes.


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