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Text Chapter 17 Chaos

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    Chapter 17 Chaos

    The end comes from the invisible place of death.

    Alex¡¯s pupils have turned gray, and those eyes exude a deathly aura.  This is the real aura of death, as if everything is finally falling away at this moment, making people dare not look directly into his eyes.

    And his brother, Alex, is closest to the young mage.  He looked at his younger brother who was constantly exuding the aura of death, and then suddenly couldn't help but reveal a lonely smile with unknown emotion on his lips.  His brother told the deceased that his future must be extremely lonely.  Even death is not the end of this loneliness.

    But what about yourself?  Having violated God's taboos and stepped into God's realm can I also get a good death?


    The purple-eyed demon looked at the sky, and suddenly there was a hint of sadness.  The obsession that had been entrenched in his heart for more than a thousand years actually showed signs of dissipating.

    Butthere is no turning back.  The purple-eyed demon lowered his head slightly, and his slightly sharp gaze reappeared.  Indeed, there is no turning back.  The port he turned back to had been destroyed by his own hands, and he could only sail alone in this sea of ??suffering, searching for the unknown shore alone

    At this time, on the other side, a fierce fire suddenly ignited.  The flame-slaying sword master walked out of the endless fire.  The next moment, the glory of the saint shines in the sky.

    The Flame-Slaying Sword Master sets foot in the holy realm!

    ¡°So that¡¯s it¡­that¡¯s it!¡± The Flame-Slaying Sword Master seemed to understand something, and an unstoppable smile appeared on his lips.

    "The source of my power, the secret of my immortality, is the crystal core of the Flame Lord But I have never known how to break through this damn shackles and set foot on a higher realm It turns out that as long as the Flame Lord's crystal core is  If the core is destroyed, the real power of the fire element will return to me! Hahaha! That¡¯s how it is!¡±

    Just now, in the invisible deep underground, the woman named ¡®Xia¡¯ destroyed the crystal core of the Flame-Slaying Sword Master.  Although it was an unintentional move, it allowed the Flame-Slaying Sword Master to truly achieve a breakthrough.  He set foot in the Holy Realm and gained great power!

    Alex raised his eyes and looked at the Flame-Slaying Sword Master beside him.  He suddenly opened his mouth and began to speak.

    It¡¯s just that the voice was so ethereal and traceless that it was almost impossible to believe that it was the words he spoke himself.

    "I don't have much time Since you have made a breakthrough, will you go to the Eternal Continent with me? I have to kill a few gods, otherwise I won't be able to survive the end of the Second Era"

    "Killing Gods?" The Flame-Slaying Sword Master suddenly laughed, "Now that I have broken through, mastering the legendary power will only happen day and night! You can let's go to Kill Gods together!" The red-haired man laughed.  Very refreshing.

    Above the sanctuary, there is a legend!

    And at this moment, a burst of green light and shadow suddenly appeared in the ground.  Arroyo lowered his head, but suddenly saw a green figure slowly flying up from the ground.

    Arroyo has sharp eyes. The first time he saw the person's appearance, he couldn't help but exclaimed: "˜C!?" That person was the young man named "˜C"!

    At this moment, his body was glowing with green light and shadow. He slowly walked up from the invisible depths of the ground. He raised his head and looked at the five people flying in the sky

    "He is my student?" Scrice raised his eyebrows slightly, "How come there are still students left here?" The battle just now was too fierce, and they were all within Arroyo's own limits.  Inside, I didn't even notice that there was another person nearby.

    And at this moment, this young man actually flew up on his own!  None of the five people standing here are weak. Just a glance revealed that the method he used to fly up was the low-level spell of 'Levitation Technique'. This young man's strength may only be that of an advanced professional.

    Under the powerful power of these people, advanced professionals are nothing at all.

    "Oh? He has the power of God in him." Alex suddenly said in surprise, "This powerhas any god warrior awakened?"

    "Shangshen warrior?" Arroyo was stunned for a moment, but he never expected that the young man named '˜G' in front of him was actually a god warrior!

    God warriors generally refer to those warriors whose ancestors were once warriors of gods and who were reborn by gods after their death.  Once awakened, they can possess the power of their previous lives. Generally speaking, they can reach the level of the Holy Realm.  And, absolutely loyal to God.

    But now you canThere is no time to pay attention to the boy named ¡®˜C¡¯.  To the followers of the dead, Alex has raised his sword.  The tip of the sword began to ripple with terrifying force.  That is the ¡®Sword of Ending¡¯, the sword that brings end to all things and everything.  When this sword is swung out, the law that is incompatible with this world will swallow up everything.

    This is simply the ability to bring death to everything in the world!

    Arroyo¡¯s eyes began to freeze, and then he used his power.  The power in his hand began to slowly gather, and the next moment, a long sword as black as ink appeared in his hand.  The black-haired boy's hair kept flying, and his eyes became extremely determined.

    This black long sword is the condensed body of his ¡®destruction¡¯ power.  Although he could not understand the power of the end, he could not directly break the terrifying power brought by the sword of end in Alex's hand.  But this sword should be one of the rare swords that can directly resist the Sword of Ending without falling behind.

    After all, this is the condensed form of power, which is almost the strongest energy in the world.

    "By the way, I almost forgot I still have a mission." The purple-eyed demon suddenly said with some understanding.  Before he was about to take action, his purple pupils looked at Scrice: "I hope you'd better stay aside and don't moveotherwise, a mere human saint won't be able to stop me."

    After finishing speaking, Alex¡¯s body began to burst into flames.  That blue flame burns not oxygen, nor magic powerbut the power of faith.  This is the realm of God, this is divine fire!

    Looking at the jumping flame of God, Scrice couldn't help but shook his head, and a wry smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.  He would like to, but the divine fire can restrain almost everything, including his power of destruction!  Now that the strongest power has been restrained, even if he joins the war, as Alex said, a mere human saint can't really change anything!

    The war broke out.

    The green royal power stands on the endless sky, stirring the thread of all things.  And below, chaos and time, flames and divine power were raging crazily, and these powers almost broke through the sky.  At this moment, almost instantly, some people sensed something unusual here


    In that distant and distant continent, that eternal continent.  Above that sky, there is a pantheon of gods.

    They are gods, but they are not gods.

    For one person, their life span is too long.  As long as they have the power of faith, they are almost immortal and can have an infinite lifespan.  But they were still too weak for a god.  It is possible for a legendary-level being to successfully kill a god, let alone a demigod.

    On the pantheon of gods, the four gods looked at the scene in the mirror, silent.  Even on the other side of that distant continent, the powerful fluctuations made these gods feel something.

    These gods are not so much ¡®gods¡¯ as ¡®collections of beliefs¡¯.  They may have been powerful beings at first, but after receiving the power of faith for countless years, they are no longer able to go against the will of these faiths.  Even their own consciousness may no longer be the original self

    Therefore, they cannot do many things.  Although they have great power, they accomplish almost nothing.  But at this time, they sensed the terrifying fluctuations that occurred in the God Burial Continent.

    "These are four terrifying forces." A god said. His eyes looked at the constantly fluctuating whirlpool, and then there was suddenly some silence.

    "The power of the end to tell the dead, the power of the king's royal power, the blasphemous divine fire, and the first flame since the beginning of the world If these four forces grow stronger, they can indeed rewrite a lot of history." Another goddess said,  "After this battle, this world has completely deviated from its original destiny"

    "Its future is chaos. Unknown chaos." The oldest god spoke with some worry: "The power of fate has been brokenthe line of fate has been changed beyond recognition. It started with Amos.  , then Avis, and after thatthere are these people. Alex, Alex, Zhanyanoh, there is also the two sides of Avis."

    "Who is the person who can change this fate line and withstand the extremely terrible backlash of fate?" The young god said, "The one who is sleeping? No, it doesn't look like him. Could it be?  , is it 'that one'?"

    "If 'that' hadn't taken action, how could the informer from another dimension have communicated with mortals and given him power?" The male god who first spoke sneered, "It seems that even the real god can beAfter an era, it may not be changed, and the final doomsday"

    "The end of the gods, the finale of the kingdom of heaven, the final side, the Book of Seven Days" The young god sneered, "It's a pity that because of the power of these beliefs, we can't do anything and if we give up on God  If we were to take the throne, our power would not be as good as a legend. Which of you has the guts?"

    "I can't give up even if I want to." The old god shook his head, "The moment I give up, I will fall."

    "So, it means that it is almost impossible to interfere?" The young god frowned.  "Butit's 'almost' impossible to interfere. I'm going to launch a cross-continental attack next."

    "Are you crazy?" The goddess looked at the young god in surprise, "You want to use your godhood?"

    "Well, the godhood obtained in the god-killing battle an era ago can be used." The young god smiled.  Then a golden glow began to appear on his body.  He raised his head, and his eyes shot out endless light. That light started from the temples and shot to the distant horizon, to another distant continent


    Although the battle was fierce, it ended faster.

    After Arroyo was hit, he fell to the ground, raising a cloud of dust.  And the royal power in the sky began to dim.

    But his opponent is not feeling well either. The Sword of Ending in his hand has returned, and his hair has turned back to gray.

    "Huhit's too reluctant to forcefully activate the final powerhas the time come" Alex murmured to himself.  The power in his body began to collapse, and at this time, the Flame-Slaying Sword Master next to him also put away his sword.  He looked around and said, "Then it seems that this battle can't be fought."

    The purple-eyed demon that fell to the ground spat out a mouthful of blood: "AhemI can't kill you in the mortal world."

    "It's good to know." The Flame-Slaying Sword Master snorted coldly, "I'm going to consolidate my strength first. Alex, you can also restore your strength. Don't die. Let's contact you later."

    "Well, let's meet in the Eternal Continent." The young mage smiled weakly.  After that, his figure began to slowly disappear and the Flame-Slaying Sword Master also dodged and disappeared from the ground.

    Arroyo wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and slowly sat up.  He has the power to 'steal' and can hardly be killed by ordinary damage, which is the biggest reason why he is still alive at this time.  He looked over the other side, and then suddenly showed a wry smile.  In fact, he lost this battle.

    If Alex hadn¡¯t wanted to sink completely and lifted the Sword of the End, he would have been dead at this time.

    A man walked up to Arroyo.  This is me.  He looked at the somewhat embarrassed King of the World in front of him and suddenly showed a smile: "Well, thank you."

    "Thank you?" Arroyo glanced at the boy next to him, and then showed a clear smile: "Oh, you're welcome." He knew that he was thanking himself for rescuing him from the shackles of the devil.  Indirectly helped him awaken the warriors of God.

    Arroyo wanted to say something else, but he and I felt a sense of danger at the same time.  Arroyo's royal power had almost dissipated at this time, and he had no time to react.  But Zheng shouted: "Be careful!" and then pushed Arroyo aside.

    After that, a golden light shot towards here.  This is a cross-continent, an angry blow from the gods!  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to become a registered member of Piaotian Literature to recommend this work. Your support is my biggest motivation.)
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