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Text Chapter 18 Fateful Encounter (Part 1)

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    Chapter 18 Destiny Encounter (Part 1)

    Chapter 18: Fateful Encounter (Part 1)

    "It's finallyholiday.////" Shana stretched and packed up her school supplies.  Skyes College has a five-day holiday every month, during which students can spend their time freely.

    Time has entered midsummer. In this hot season, students don¡¯t like to go out very much.  But a good student like Sherris naturally cannot miss class.  Additionally, her friend Shana also had to work very hard to study.

    Student Council President Xue Ruisi also started to pack his schoolbag.  She looked away from the corner of her eyes.  There, a young man was packing his books in silence.  His name is ¡®˜G¡¯, and during the incident half a month ago, he came back with Mr. Arroyo.  He was seriously injured at the time.

    It¡¯s justit¡¯s strange to be able to recover so quickly.  Sherris couldn't help but tap her chin with her hand.

    "Hey, Xu Ruisi, what are you looking at?" At this time, Shana's voice came. The girl with fiery red hair raised her head, and then she saw the somewhat silent boy.

    "Ah, ah. He recovered so quickly?" Shana said with some surprise.  Sherris also smiled lightly: "Well, that's right. After packing up, let's go to the student union room."

    "Ah?" Shana immediately lowered her face, "Didn't you say that the student union will also have a holiday? Isn't there no holiday?"

    "Of course there is a holiday. I just want to solve the remaining problems this month." Sherris said seriously, "And there are other things. The Eternal Elf clan will send an envoy here next month. I heard that they will also  Come to our school. This needs to be prepared, and next month is Midsummer Festival, so the performances and other things are not ready yet."

    "Eh? By the way, I almost forgot." After hearing these two things, Shana immediately raised her head, "Well, after all, they are guests from another continent, so of course they have to entertain them well.  Yes! Ah, by the way, I heard that the elves are all beautiful?"

    Speaking of the word 'beautiful', Xue Ruisi couldn't help but think of that music teacher.  Although I don¡¯t know how beautiful the elves of the Eternal Elf clan are, but Teacher Arroyo, who is actually a woman, must also be a very beautiful person, right?

    "And, at the Fire Dance on the night of Midsummer Festival, boys can ask girls to dance. If the girl agrees, the two of them will be lovers! Ah~ I wonder if Teacher Arroyo will invite me to dance?"  Shana said with an infatuated look.  Sherris shook her head helplessly. If you had known Arroyo's true gender, you might not have said such a thing.

    Of course, she would not say such a thing.  She only hesitated for a moment, and then said: "Well, in that case, why don't you ask him yourself?"

    "Ah? You think I don't want to?" Shana said helplessly, "But this morning he rented a carriage and left first Ah, who told him that he had no classes today?"

    "Huh? Teacher Arroyo is gone?" Sherris was stunned for a moment. For some reason, she suddenly felt some regret in her heart.  Shaking his head with a wry smile, Sherris threw away the unrealistic fantasies in his mind.  She still has things to do!

    "There are a lot of things to be busy with this time." Xue Ruisi held his forehead with some distress, and then said: "By the way, have you found the maker of the magic puppet?"

    Shana thought for a while, then took out her memo to read it, and then said: "The magic puppet masters in the Tower of Eternity all ask for a high price. And the ones with a low asking price seem to have a low level. Finally we found the one.  A good magic puppet master, he charges a very reasonable fee in Belite, and his level is also good."

    ¡°Well, then I¡¯ll take a trip to Belite tomorrow¡± Xu Ruisi nodded thoughtfully.  Then she suddenly thought of a question "Wait a minute, what will happen to me during my vacation?" But when she turned around, Shana had already run away secretly.


    This is a peaceful countryside.

    The chirping of cicadas sounded in this hot place, and a carriage slowly crossed the muddy path and drove towards this place.  The two people sitting in the swaying car were sitting opposite each other in a relaxed manner.

    An extremely handsome black-haired boy was reading a book.  He sat back casually, with a faint smile on his lips.  Opposite him, sat a silver-haired girl.  She looked at the love story in her hand with an expressionless face, and at the same time she was holding a piece of bread in her hand and eating it in small bites.

      Under Arroyo's strong request, Jie was finally willing to finish a whole piece of bread.  This also made Arroyo very happy.  Angels will also make progress!  The king of this world couldn't help but sigh.

    After experiencing the battle in the Fire Elemental Land half a month ago, Arroyo's level successfully reached level 40.  He was very happy to redeem the flying dragon mount. Of course, riding a flying dragon in this place was too ostentatious, and it was not too far from the Tower of Eternity, so Arroyo decided to take a carriage.

    "Belitefeshould be arriving soon, right?" the black-haired boy murmured to himself.  This is a magic carriage that does not have a driver but can automatically find its destination.  It is also a very convenient function.  The black-haired boy looked at the magic map in his hand, and then said: "Well we are still a little far away from Belitefe, about half an hour. Let's find a place to have lunch first?"

    The young man smiled slightly and looked at Jie beside him.  Jie Zheng finished eating the bread in her hand. She raised her head, shook her head slightly and said, "I'm not hungry."

    "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that you don't need to eat." The young man smiled slightly.  He thought for a while, took out something wrapped in leaves from his backpack, and was about to open it and eat it.

    "What is this?" Jie looked at the thing in the young man's hand and asked softly.  Arroyo was stunned for a moment, and then he said with a smile: "This is a leaf, a relatively long and narrow leaf. I have been looking for it for a long time, and finally I found a substitute."

    "Can you eat it?" Jie tilted her head slightly.

    "How can it be eaten?" Arroyo shook his head, and then slowly revealed the thing wrapped in purple leaves on his hand.  This is a kind of glutinous rice that has been roasted until soft and has some chicken wrapped in it.

    "The delicacy in my hometown is called 'glutinous rice chicken', and it's delicious!" Arroyo said with a smile.  He was about to take a bite, but suddenly he found that with a flick of his hand, the glutinous rice chicken was taken by Jie.  Jie looked at the glutinous rice chicken curiously for a while, then took a bite.  After swallowing the glutinous rice, her white little face was stained with some golden rice grains.

    "Hahaha, be careful when eating this!" After helping Angel wipe the rice off his face, Arroyo took out another one from his backpack, then opened his mouth and started eating.  I have to say that the development of food culture in this world is not very advanced. Even an angel has probably never eaten such a variety of food, right?  No wonder she has been eating a lot lately!

    Jie took small bites of the strangely pronounced food called 'rulo-mii-ki' on her hand, but she couldn't help but look at the black-haired boy in front of her.  The black-haired boy had a smile on his lips, looking at the book on his lap and eating the delicious food.

    Jie feels that something is wrong with her recently.  She actually started to dream.  As an angel, the last dream in her memory was that the Lord asked her to go to the lower world to find the Lord's godhead.  But these recent dreams are definitely not given by the Lord.  The scene is more like the romance novels she is reading now, but for some reason the male protagonist always looks like the boy in front of her.

    I can always dream of his gentle smile!

    I couldn¡¯t help but take another bite of the food on my hand.  It¡¯s delicious!  In heaven before, I hardly ate anything because I didn¡¯t need it.  But now it seems that eating is also a good feeling.  If I don¡¯t eat recently, my stomach will feel a little uncomfortable

    ¡°However, I don¡¯t feel ¡®hungry¡¯ myself.  It is said that only fallen angels, or angels close to fallen, can feel the feeling of "hungry"

    Arroyo, who was reading a book, suddenly raised his head and looked at the angel in front of him: "Huh? What's wrong?"

    "Huh?" Jie turned her head curiously.

    "Um, you were looking at me just now. What's wrong?" Arroyo said curiously, "Ah! Do you think there are rice grains on my face?" After that, he immediately touched his cheek nervously.  It's smooth when you hold it, and you don't feel any rice grains sticking to it.

    "Pfft." The angel, who had always been expressionless, suddenly raised the corner of his mouth slightly.  Arroyo also stopped touching his face. He suddenly looked at the angel in front of him in surprise.  After a while, Arroyo, who was a little distracted, said incredulously: "You just laughed?"

    "No." It seemed that just for a moment, the angel's expression returned to its previous expressionless expression.  She shook her head seriously and denied Arroyo's speculation.

    "Um" Arroyo touched the back of his head. He seemed to have really seen the sky just now.You are smilingis it an illusion?

    "It seems that I have been too nervous recently." Arroyo exhaled a long breath, shook his head with a wry smile, and began to read his books again.  But he didn't notice that a blush appeared on Jie's lowered cheeks.

    ¡­(To be continued.
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