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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 1: Darkness Comes

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    Jingle Bell!  At 7:30 in the morning, the alarm clock sounded on time.

    "Ah!" Li Tong's forehead was covered in cold sweat. He suddenly woke up from his nightmare and suddenly stood up from the bed. His consciousness was a little dazed. "What's going on? Wasn't I killed by a monster just now?"

    The early morning sunshine passes through the window and shines warmly on the face. Outside the window is the school's sports ground. Some students who like sports are exuding youth and vitality on the sports ground.

    After a while, Li Tong came back to his senses and looked around. The other three people in the dormitory were gone. Today is Saturday. The second and fourth children who like to play games have already gone to the Internet cafe. The boss has also disappeared.  I went shopping with my girlfriend early in the morning. Three classmates had already gone out to enjoy their weekend life, and he was the only one left in the dormitory.

    After putting on his clothes and washing up, Li Tong's consciousness was completely awake and he began to think about a nightmare he had been having these past few days.

    In the dream, the entire Qingjiang University was turned into ruins. Not only Qingjiang University, but also Haicheng, where millions of people lived, was turned into a dead and empty city. The entire city was occupied by various monsters, and these monsters were very dangerous.  Creatures in online games, such as zombies, skeletons, minotaurs, and even extremely powerful monsters such as dark knights and bone dragons, appear. Li Tong wakes up every time he is killed by these monsters.

    This dream was so real that it almost made Li Tong think that he was really dead.

    "Today is December 22nd. According to the information in the dream, the change will begin at nine o'clock this morning. I will wait until nine o'clock. If nothing happens by nine o'clock  "

    That meant that he was going to the hospital to see a doctor. Li Tong felt a little bitter in his heart. In contrast, Li Tong would rather have gone insane than let the horrific scene in his dream happen.

    It was still early, so Li Tong called his sister and asked her to stay at home and not run around today. He would rather believe it or not. Li Tong now only has his sister as a relative, and he cannot let her do it under any circumstances.  My sister is in a little bit of danger.  Although her sister Li Wei didn't know why her brother's tone was so serious on the phone, she was still prepared to listen to his words. Anyway, there were no classes today, so it didn't matter if she didn't go out for the whole day!

    Li Tong sat next to the window, squinting at the energetic and beautiful senior sister on the sports field below, but what he was thinking about was still the information in his dream.

    He had four nightmares. The first nightmare was that he was a college student who was running for his life in a hurry. He finally escaped from Qingjiang University. Before he could take a breath, he encountered a minotaur and was killed by the minotaur holding a giant axe.  They were cut in half and died horribly. In this dream, Li Tong only knew that these monsters began to appear at nine o'clock in the morning on December 22, and there was no other valuable information.

    In the second nightmare, Li Tong turned into a master holding a long sword and killing monsters like a chicken. However, he was killed by a dark knight in the end. The third and fourth nightmares were similar to the second nightmare.  Fighting and running for their lives, they finally died in the hands of monsters.

    "At nine o'clock, the entire sky will become dark. The abyss consciousness of the dark abyss will open up the connection channel between the dark abyss and the earth at this time, and use the demonic energy of the dark abyss to digitize the entire earth and turn it into an abyss.  In the world of laws, at the same time, the dark creatures in the abyss world will also come at this time and kill everywhere!"

    When Li Tong transformed into a master holding a long sword in his second dream, he got a diary from a fallen master, which clearly recorded these things.

    "In the future world, killing will become the main theme. Monsters kill people, people kill monsters, and people kill people. These will become very common. Every time humans kill a creature, they can use the law of the abyss to obtain some of the power left in the killed creature.  According to Internet terminology, this is the so-called monster-killing upgrade!"

    Thinking of this, Li Tong couldn't help but smile bitterly, "Upgrade the monsters. I didn't expect that online games and the Law of the Abyss have so many similarities. The earth has simply become a global online online game. It's a pity that there is no resurrection,  It's such a good thing to run away from a corpse, and when a person dies, he or she is really dead."

    In addition to killing monsters and upgrading, killing other creatures will also explode some things, either materials or equipment. The earth shrouded by the law of the abyss has actually become a new abyss world. In this world, any killing person can  Every action will be appreciated by the consciousness of the abyss. The endless abyss destroys billions of worlds. The techniques, magic weapons, and various resources in these worlds are swallowed up by the abyss world.  These materials or equipment are the rewards of the abyss consciousness for this killing behavior.

    Li Tong kept thinking about the information in the diary in his mind. The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became. If the world really turned out to be like in his dream, it would be too cruel.?In the dream world, nearly 10 billion human beings are wiped out in the killings, and the entire human civilization will be destroyed in the killings of those monsters.  The entire earth will become a world of dark creatures and mutated creatures.

    Time passed slowly. After a while, more than an hour passed. Suddenly, Li Tong's eyes suddenly darkened. A strong wind swept from the sky. The windows upstairs in the dormitory also rattled, and the students on the sports field made a sound.  scream.

    Li Tong suddenly raised his head. The sky was filled with wind and clouds, and dark clouds covered the sun. Large swaths of dark clouds gathered at an extremely fast speed, covering the entire sea city. Among the dark clouds, there were dazzling thunders, and wild thunders roared, crackling in the sky.  There was an explosion, and an extremely terrifying aura was brewing in the dark clouds and thunder, making people feel a kind of heartfelt fear.

    "The information in the dream is true!"

    Li Tong broke into a cold sweat and took a few steps back. His heart was still beating wildly. In a daze, Li Tong remembered that after the channel between the dark abyss and the earth is opened, the radio waves in the entire world will also be affected.  The world's wireless communication tools will become useless, and all kinds of thermal weapons will become ineffective under the power of the law of the abyss. In just one month, only a few thousand of the millions of humans in Hai City will be left.

    "It seems that I have to be ready now, find the right opportunity to kill a few dark creatures, and strengthen my body so that I can escape from Qingjiang University!" Li Tong forced the messy emotions out of his mind and walked to himself  In front of the bed, he opened the bed and took out a watermelon knife from underneath.

    He bought this watermelon knife yesterday afternoon. In addition, he also bought a military backpack and some high-energy food. He also told the other three classmates in the dormitory about the information in the dream, but it was obvious that they  They didn't believe Li Tong's words. Seeing the watermelon knife and various high-energy foods that Li Tong bought, they even thought that Li Tong had become mentally disturbed due to nightmares in the past few days.

    In this regard, Li Tong could only sigh. At that time, he was not sure of the message in the dream, and he could not make others believe him.  On weekdays, the relationship between the other three classmates in the dormitory and him cannot be said to be very good, but they often drink and play together. Maybe, I will never see them again!

    Thinking of this, Li Tong's eyes dimmed.


    There was a thunder that penetrated the heaven and earth, like lightning that penetrated the sky and split the heaven and earth. The sky shrouded in dark clouds was like a piece of glass about to be smashed by a sledgehammer, with cracks all over it.

    Click, click, then, several flashes of black lightning continued to bombard, and finally a black hole appeared in the black sky. In the black hole, dark red flames could be vaguely seen, and a sulfurous smell from the abyss of hell emerged from the black hole.  Comes through.

    At this time, the leadership of every major country on the planet is also in chaos, and no one knows what is going on.  The sudden change made everyone bewildered. On the city streets, everyone looked panicked and screamed loudly when they saw the scene in the sky.

    Looking out from the window of the dormitory building, the entire Qingjiang University campus is also in chaos. Students who were leisurely exercising on campus ran towards the surrounding teaching building and library in panic.

    "What's going on? Why is there a black hole in the sky?"

    "Look! There seems to be a big hand inside the black hole!"

    At this time, many people could see with their naked eyes that a black hand as big as a mountain slowly stretched out from the black hole, and tore it hard at the edge of the black hole. The sky was like silk, and a long strip was torn open in an instant by the big hand.  There are miles of cracks.

    Not only Haicheng, but at this time, cracks appeared in the sky above major cities on the earth, on the seven continents and four oceans. As the cracks appeared, a rich and dark energy light wave shot out from the cracks, and suddenly swept in all directions, countless light waves  Spreading, covering the entire planet.

    Countless human beings can feel that when energy light waves sweep over their bodies, their bodies suddenly become cold.

    "The Law of the Abyss has changed the origin of life of all living things on the earth! From now on, the earth will be the outer abyss of the endless dark abyss!" Li Tong thought of the information recorded in the diary, and couldn't help but feel a little sad.

    Human beings, as the overlord of this planet for thousands of years, have become the weakest race in the endless abyss from today on.  The technology on earth can destroy the world, but under the power of the law of the abyss, there is no resistance!

    "Next, the dark creatures will invade!"

    Exactly like the situation in the dream, after the dark light wave spread, the huge advertising screen in the center of the city instantly turned gray and made a chirping sound. The law of the abyss came, and the electromagnetic waves of the entire earth also changed dramatically. All electronic supplies became  Became waste.  On the street, except for bicycles,?All the cars and cars emitted a puff of black smoke and were scrapped. The air of the earth was filled with the air of the abyss, and the scientific and technological civilization established by mankind for thousands of years disappeared.

    After the crack in the abyss appeared, there was a huge roar in the crack, and countless fireballs burning with black flames appeared from the crack, hitting the ground like meteors. At this time, many people on the streets of the city were in extreme panic.  Without even thinking of dodging, the fireball crashed to the ground. The human being hit head-on by the fireball instantly turned into flying ashes, with flames sputtering everywhere!  The ground was smashed by fireballs, creating large flaming craters.

    "Help! Come and save me!" A man covered in flames yelled crazily and screamed!  People on the street started running wildly.  Some people panicked and were squeezed into the pit by others, which suddenly turned into a ball of flames, and a weird aroma of barbecue came from the air.

    People in peaceful times have never seen such a horrific scene. People are extremely frightened at this time. Some people are even so frightened by the tragic scene in front of them that they become incontinent. However, no one will laugh at them now.

    "Ugh!" With the sound of vomiting, people finally reacted.

    ¡°Call the police!¡±

    "What's going on? Can't get through the phone?" At this moment, the whole city fell into chaos.

    At this moment, a strange roar came from the big pit that was smashed by the fireball. Taurens with the body of a minotaur and an ax in their hands walked out of the pit. There were at least three minotaurs in a big pit.

    As soon as these tauren appeared, they stared with blood-red eyes and roared excitedly. With a big hand, they grabbed the frightened people next to the pit, and with a little force, they crushed their heads to pieces.  Then, under the horrified eyes of countless people, he excitedly put the body into his mouth and devoured it in big mouthfuls.

    "Weird! Monster!"

    "Run quickly!"

    Everyone screamed and ran around. Some people stumbled and fell to the ground. In an instant, countless big feet stepped on them, turning them into a ball of flesh. The tauren shouted to the sky, swung his ax, and rushed into the crowd to chop.  Massacre, causing a bloody storm.

    There are only a few walls between the dormitory building where Li Tong is located and the street outside, and you can clearly see the horrific scene on the street.

    Taking a deep breath, he suppressed the feeling of being about to vomit. Li Tong gritted his teeth with hatred as he looked at the tauren wreaking havoc everywhere. In the first of his four dreams, he was in a panic.  After escaping from Qingjiang University, he unfortunately encountered a minotaur and was split in half with an axe, without any resistance.

    What happened in the dream was like a real experience, and the feeling of being hacked to death by the tauren is still lingering in Li Tong's heart.

    "After the arrival of the Dark Abyss, a demon lord will arrive within a thousand miles. These minotaurs are the dark creatures summoned by the demon lords to occupy their territories and use them to cleanse the humans in their territories. Although there are not many minotaurs,  They have wisdom, but each one has brute strength, holds a sharp axe, is a black iron second-level monster, and is the cannon fodder unit under the demon lord!"

    Li Tong silently recited the information he got from the dream, gritted his teeth, and his eyes became serious. He swore that he would never run for his life like in the dream, only to die in the hands of the monster.

    At this time, traces of pure black gas emerged from the human corpses killed by the Minotaur on the ground. As soon as these gases appeared, 10% was absorbed by the Minotaur, and the remaining 90% was absorbed by the cracks. These gases were like stimulants.  The tauren roared suddenly, and his strength became much stronger. The cracks in the sky also swelled and shrank, and countless fireballs were shot out again. After these fireballs were shot, the cracks seemed to have exhausted their strength, and the dark clouds gradually dissipated, revealing the gray  Sky.

    ???????????????????????????????????????????:?????????:?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Skeletons with glowing eyes walking out of the flames, clicking and walking around, entering the tall buildings on both sides of the street, holding bone knives to hunt down humans.

    Minotaurs and skeletons also appeared in Qingjiang University. After these dark creatures discovered the students in the school, they immediately chased them away.

    There are six skeletons walking towards the dormitory building where Li Tong is!


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