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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 2: Strengthening of Strength

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    "Everyone, run! It will be safe if you run to the dormitory building. There are three iron doors in the dormitory building, which can definitely block these monsters!"

    A man in sportswear loudly greeted several classmates behind him. A group of six or seven people quickly ran towards the dormitory building where Li Tong was. Behind them, six skeletons followed unhurriedly. Every time these skeletons walked  Every step made a clicking sound, like a devil in hell, approaching quickly.

    The strength of these skeletons is weaker than that of minotaurs. Minotaurs are dark creatures at the second level of black iron, while skeletons are only at the first level of black iron. In terms of strength, they are not far different from two adult men. As long as people overcome the fear in their hearts and these  You won't necessarily lose in a skeleton battle.  It's just that now when people suddenly see monsters like skeletons that only exist in fantasy, their courage becomes discouraged, and being able to run away quickly is considered a good performance.

    The walking speed of the skeleton is equivalent to that of people walking quickly. For a while, they cannot catch up with the people in front of them.

    Li Tong knew the man in sportswear. He was a sophomore in the physical education department of Qingjiang University. His name was Zhao Shihong. He was tall and handsome. He was very well-known in Qingjiang University and was the school idol in the eyes of many female classmates.

    At this time, a classmate who was running for his life behind Zhao Shihong tilted his right foot in panic, sprained his ankle and fell to the ground.

    "Brother Hong! Come and help me!" The classmate screamed in fright and hurriedly asked Zhao Shihong and others in front for help, but Zhao Shihong just glanced back, pursed his lips, and continued to run away without saying a word.  , several other students did not pause at all, but ran faster.

    "Brother Hong! Brother Hongtmd, Zhao Shihong, you bunch of bastards!" Seeing the people in front of him running so fast, this classmate suddenly showed deep hatred in his eyes and started to curse.

    ¡°Crack, click, click, several skeletons followed.

    "Help! Help!" The classmate looked back and was so frightened that he moved his hands and feet and struggled to stand up towards the dormitory building.


    A bone knife sank into his chest, piercing him fiercely. The classmate screamed loudly, and a ball of blood foam came out of his mouth. Severe pain came from his body. The desire to survive made him struggle desperately, and he gasped for blood.  Splash, another knife, harvesting his life.

    After the death of this classmate, a cloud of black gas quickly emerged from his body and penetrated into the skeleton that killed him. The bones on the skeleton made the sound of frying beans, and the skeleton's bones became harder.  There is an undetectable dark color on the bones.

    At this time, all living creatures on the earth are under the shroud of the law of the abyss. If you kill a person, you can plunder a piece of life essence from the dead person to strengthen yourself. This is a shortcut for all abyssal creatures to quickly evolve and become stronger.  .

    Zhao Shihong and others quickly ran into the dormitory building, and quickly closed the iron gate of the dormitory building. There were many classmates in the dormitory building. When these people heard the noise outside, several people ran out to help, and quickly  The door was locked with iron ropes.

    "Thank you so much, brothers!" When Zhao Shihong saw the door locked, he turned around and said gratefully to the students who came out to help.

    "We are all classmates, you're welcome!" The speaker was a strong young man with bulging arms and muscles. He was a classmate in the same class as Li Tong and was also Lan Gang from the Taekwondo Club of Qingjiang University.

    "This is not the place to talk. Let's lock the three iron doors of the dormitory building first, so that we can be safer." Zhao Shihong saw that the six skeletons had walked to the front of the dormitory building and hurriedly said to the others  .

    "That's right! Let's do it together!" Lan Gang, a few people and Zhao Shihong and others hurriedly started to lock the iron door of the reception room at the entrance to the first floor of the dormitory building and the iron door at the entrance to the first floor floor, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.

    The six skeletons came to the iron fence and slashed with the bone knives, splashing out sparks. A shallow mark appeared on the iron fence. The skeletons had no thought and only knew to kill the human in front of them, and they mechanically chopped in front of them.  obstacles.

    "No! The bone knives of these skeletons are so sharp that even three iron gates can't stop them for long! And those tauren, monsters like these can split the iron gates open with just one axe." Lan Gang stood on the second floor.  Looking down, he said worriedly.

    At this time, all the students in the dormitory building came to the second floor and met Zhao Shihong and Lan Gang, including Li Tong.

    In addition to Li Tong, Lan Gang and Zhao Shihong, there were nineteen classmates in the dormitory building. However, Li Tong looked around and sighed in his heart. Among these nineteen classmates, eleven looked very good.  Weak and weak, there are eight other classmates who are no better than these eleven people.  Let alone a tauren, even if you fight against skeletons, you will still be tortured and killed.

    "Yes, I don't know these things either."Where did the creature come from? Each of those minotaurs has strong brute force. Just now I saw a minotaur smash a car flat with an axe!  "A young man wearing glasses behind Zhao Shihong said with lingering fear.

    "These monsters are so powerful, what should we do?"

    "I was upstairs and saw monsters everywhere outside. Is the end of the world coming?"

    Everyone was flustered, talking a lot, and didn¡¯t know what to do.

    "The skeletons outside the dormitory building won't leave, so we are trapped in this building. Although there is some food in the dormitory to keep us going for a few days, if we don't think of a way to deal with these skeletons, we will die at the hands of these monsters sooner or later.  Here!" A fat man said with a sad face.

    The fat man¡¯s name is An Fei, and he is also a classmate in the same class as Li Tong.

    "Don't worry, there are so many of us, as long as we unite, we will always find a way!" Zhao Shihong comforted, making himself the core of everyone.  His words also made everyone feel a little calmer. Yes, there are more than 20 people. With more people and greater strength, there will always be a way.

    Li Tong sneered in his heart. He saw the look on Zhao Shihong's face and knew what he was planning. In his first dream, the same Zhao Shihong ran into the dormitory building and became the center of everyone, bringing more than twenty people with him.  A classmate persisted in the dormitory building for several days. In the end, all the food was eaten, and then he led everyone to escape. While directing everyone to escape along the way, he quietly let others become his shield, and finally escaped.  There were only him and three others at Qingjiang University.

    Li Tong in the dream was plotted by Zhao Shihong and used as a human shield when he met the Minotaur.

    Dreams cannot be equated with reality, but with the lessons learned in dreams, Li Tong can avoid being plotted again.

    "According to my observation, the strength of these skeletons is about the same as that of two adults. There is nothing scary except a sharp bone knife. Their movements are stiff. As long as we are careful, two people can deal with one skeleton."

    Li Tong pretended to observe carefully by the window and suddenly said.

    "Huh? It's really like this! I didn't expect you, Li Tong, to observe so carefully." Lan Gang's eyes lit up when he heard this. He carefully looked at the movements of the skeletons and found that the movements of the skeletons were similar to what Li Tong said.  , couldn't help but look at Li Tong, a classmate in a different light.

    "As long as we kill these skeletons, we can escape, but who dares to kill them?" Zhao Shihong glanced at everyone, and everyone shrank their heads when they heard this, with a look of fear on their faces.

    "I think we should wait in the dormitory for the country to send troops to rescue. After all, for such a big thing, the country will definitely send troops to the city to kill those monsters!" Zhao Shihong's words immediately aroused the approval of everyone, and everyone showed their faces.  A relieved smile, yes, as long as the country sends troops into the city, they will be safe without risking their lives fighting skeletons.

    If there was no information from the dream, Li Tong would naturally stay in the dormitory building like Zhao Shihong and wait for rescue. But now the law of the abyss has changed the world, and all the thermal weapons in the world have become ineffective. The bullets cannot fly very far after being ejected from the chamber.  It will fall to the ground and no longer have strong kinetic energy.

    Human beings do not have firearms and cannons. Even the world's best army is vulnerable to these monsters.  Waiting for rescue in the dormitory building is undoubtedly suicidal.

    "I'm afraid these monsters are not something that the national army can deal with. Look outside, all the electronic items don't work, and even the cars can't start. I guess the cannons and machine guns in the army also don't work like the cars. In this way, the army  It will be very difficult to destroy these monsters. If we wait here, we won¡¯t be able to wait for them to come over!"

    Li Tong smiled bitterly and pointed to the street outside the window. On the street, cars were emitting black smoke. All electronic items such as televisions and mobile phones were scrapped. Flames, fly ash, and blood formed a doomsday scene.

    Zhao Shihong was also silent for a moment. He used his mobile phone to call the police when the Minotaur first appeared. He found that the mobile phone was no longer working. He also knew that what Li Tong said was somewhat reasonable, but he was cautious by nature and never took risks. He would never do it for Li Tong.  He risked his life and fought the monster based on his general inference.

    "What you said makes sense, but the situation you mentioned is only possible. I still advocate staying in the dormitory building. There is food and water anyway. Let's wait a few days and then see the situation and make a decision!"

    Zhao Shihong¡¯s words once again resonated with everyone.

    Li Tong glanced at Zhao Shihong, shook his head, and said, "You can do whatever you want. I will definitely go out. My sister is still at home. I can't leave her alone."

    After saying that, Li Tong didn¡¯t care about Zhao Shihong¡¯s expression and began to sort out hisHe picked up his backpack and walked towards the stairs with the watermelon knife in hand.  The reminder just now was completely benevolent and righteous. If these people didn't listen to his advice, Li Tong had no choice but to let them go.

    Li Tong did not go out immediately, but returned to the dormitory to have a good rest. He waited until evening before leaving the dormitory building.  Walk towards the skeleton who is still hacking at the door not far away.  Everyone on the second floor saw the situation below and came to the window one after another, watching with complicated eyes as Li Tong gradually approached the iron fence.  The iron fence had been cut in half. When several skeletons saw Li Tong approaching, the fire in their eye sockets became even stronger. When Li Tong walked behind the iron fence, they stabbed him with a bone knife.

    Li Tong did not panic. He dodged the bone knife that came towards him with a single movement of his feet. Blocked by the iron fence, the skeletons could not fully exert their powerful power, nor could they use the most powerful slashes.


    While dodging the bone knife, Li Tong saw the right opportunity. He held the watermelon knife in his right hand and stabbed hard. It hit the skull's throat at once, and the skull's neck bones suddenly cracked.

    In the dream, Li Tong was once a strong man holding a long sword. He had superb swordsmanship and killed countless monsters. After absorbing these fighting experiences and skills, it was very easy to deal with skeletons with only the first level of black iron.

    Click, click, several other skeletons gathered around, each using a bone knife to stab Li Tong through the gap in the iron fence.

    "Death!" Li Tong moved forward, using a simple footwork that he had practiced in his dream. He only took two steps to the left and right to dodge all these attacks, and then stabbed with all his strength, click.  With a sound, the cervical vertebrae of the previous skeleton was shattered. Without the support of the cervical vertebrae, the skull's head immediately fell to the ground. The ghost fire in the skull's eyes slowly dissipated, and a pure black energy instantly entered Li Tong's body.

    Like drinking ice water in the scorching sun, an indescribable sense of comfort poured into Li Tong's heart. At the same time, the muscles of his body were like sponges, quickly absorbing this energy and strengthening his body.

    "One skeleton only increases one-tenth of my strength. If I want to reach the level of Black Iron, I have to kill ten skeletons!"

    Li Tong was calculating in his mind without stopping. A watermelon knife was in his hand like a sword. With a few clicks, he cut off the heads of several other skeletons. Among the other five skeletons, only the one who had killed people was  The skeleton was more difficult to kill because its bones were harder than the other four. Li Tong stabbed it more than ten times in a row until the tip of the watermelon knife cracked, and then he killed it.  However, compared to other skeletons, the energy spilled from this skeleton is twice as much.

    Bedroom, second floor.

    Zhao Shihong and Lan Gang were stunned as they watched Li Tong kill several skeletons one by one, and their hearts were inexplicably shocked.

    "He, is he really Li Tong? Isn't he someone else's fake one? So powerful! He killed all six skeletons by himself!" An Fei pinched the fat on his body, and then he felt that he was in front of his eyes.  Everything is true.

    Lan Gang's voice also trembled a little, and his expression became excited, "I didn't expect that Li Tong, who is usually so quiet, has become so tough now! Let's just follow Li Tong and rush out together."

    There was a trace of jealousy in Zhao Shihong's eyes, but then he smiled and said: "Li Tong can kill six skeletons by himself, and that's with the iron fence blocking him in front. Li Tong's own strength is not that good. If he encounters  The Minotaur is definitely no match for the Minotaur, we can't take any chances!"

    Others showed approval on their faces. Yes, no matter how powerful Li Tong is, can he be as powerful as that terrifying tauren?  In the morning, they saw with their own eyes the tauren killing everyone in the crowd. Lan Gang could only lament in his heart. He himself agreed with Li Tong's point of view, but so many students did not want to take risks.  He also didn't want to be the first to do it.

    Regardless of what these people think, after Li Tong killed six skeletons, he also absorbed six faint pure black energies, and his physical fitness improved rapidly. Now, his strength has been increased by 70% compared to before. As long as he kills three more  Only a skeleton can become a black iron level warrior.


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