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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 3: Black Iron Warrior

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    In the abyss world, whether it is dark creatures or dragon demons, they are divided into five levels: black iron, bronze, silver, gold and demigod according to their strength. Black iron is the weakest and demigod is the strongest.  The skeleton is a black iron-level monster, but it is the weakest first-level monster among the black iron-level monsters.

    The tauren are black iron level two monsters. In addition to these two monsters, there are countless low-level dark creatures in the abyss. Most of these low-level monsters belong to the black iron level. The most powerful one is the black iron.  A ninth-level creature.

    According to the information obtained in the dream, Li Tong can become a black iron level one warrior as long as he has the strength of two adult men. Now, after killing six skeletons and absorbing their overflowing life energy, Li Tong's strength has increased than before.  After reaching 70%, his physical fitness and strength have been greatly improved. The watermelon knife that was still somewhat heavy now becomes light and airy in Li Tong's hands.

    "Looks like I need to find a handy weapon. This watermelon knife is only for cutting watermelons. It's too weak to deal with monsters with very tough skin and bones. The blade curls up after just a few uses."

    Li Tong shook the watermelon knife in his hand and looked at the gap on the watermelon knife, feeling helpless.

    Thinking in his mind, Li Tong grabbed the iron fence with his left hand and jumped over the two-meter-high iron fence. It was already evening and the whole school seemed very dim.

    At night, the Minotaur's vision has declined significantly. Even if he hears noises, it is difficult to distinguish the direction. Without the brute force of the Minotaur, the remaining skeletons are still easier to deal with.

    "I must increase my strength as soon as possible! My current strength is still too weak, and I can only deal with cannon fodder like the Skeleton Minotaur. After three days, the Demon Lord's strength will be restored, and then the Demon Lord will be able to fight again.  Tear apart the space and teleport more powerful monsters, such as the black demon bull at level 5 of black iron, the bloodthirsty two-headed wolf at level 7 of black iron, the war beast at level 9 of black iron, and even the strong bronze level warrior with fighting spirit.  Or the Dark Knight, these dark creatures may come! Finally, the demon lord who has reached the silver level will officially come. By then, millions of humans in the entire Hai City will become dead souls in the hands of the demon lord."

    Walking cautiously outside the school, Li Tong once again strengthened his belief in his heart. For himself and for his sister who had been dependent on each other since childhood, he would never allow the situation in his dream to happen in reality!

    Click click click.

    Not far away, Li Tong found a lone skeleton in front of him. However, four bloody corpses had fallen around this skeleton. The four corpses still had panic and unwillingness on their faces. One of them  The corpse was a pretty famous beauty from Qingjiang University.  Li Tong felt a sense of regret in his heart.

    After killing four people, the bones of this skeleton were as hard as pig iron, and even the bone knife in his right hand shone with a dark edge.

    "It seems that this skeleton has become stronger after killing four people. Although it has not been upgraded yet, it is not far behind!" Li Tong used the observation method of observing the strength of dark creatures in his dreams to determine the strength of this skeleton.  .

    A black iron-level warrior must temper the bones of the body like indestructible fine steel, which is reflected in the skeleton without flesh and blood. The weaker the skeleton's bones, the whiter they are. The stronger the strength, the more the bones of the skeleton.  Dark.

    Li Tong's eyes were calm, and he slowly approached the skeleton, absorbing the swordsmanship and fighting experience in his dream. He was now a swordsman who had experienced hundreds of battles. It was absolutely easy to deal with a black iron-level skeleton.  Easy.


    The skeleton was keenly aware of the stranger's aura, and let out a silent roar. The skeleton came to Li Tong in three or two steps with the bone knife in hand. Phew!  The bone knife was powerful and heavy, slashing towards Li Tong's head with a dull sound of breaking wind.

    Compared with ordinary skeletons, this skeleton is faster and more powerful, and the bone knife can chop very quickly. If Li Tong is hit by the bone knife, he will definitely be chopped neatly from his forehead to his legs.  In half.

    "Seeking death!" Li Tong stepped back with his left foot, avoiding the knife by a hair. While stepping back, he swept forward with his right foot and kicked the skeleton at the ankle, causing the skeleton to stumble immediately.

    The watermelon knife in his hand also turned into a sword, and he flicked it upwards, with a click, sparks shot out, and the watermelon knife split the skull's neck bone into a thin crack.

    Swish swish swish!

    Li Tong¡¯s steps were simple steps forward, backward, left and right, but like a shadow, he surrounded the skeleton from all sides, and the watermelon knife kept slashing, leaving cracks on the skull¡¯s cervical vertebrae!

    "Die!" After more than twenty consecutive chops, Li Tong roared, using all his strength, the watermelon knife surged out, with a click, the skull's head fell down, andThe watermelon knife in Li Tong's hand was also at the end of its life, and was broken by the bones as hard as pig iron.  As soon as the skull's head fell, the entire skeleton turned into a pile of broken bones. A pure black energy that was 50% richer than an ordinary skeleton submerged into Li Tong's body according to the law of the abyss.

    After this energy entered the body, it was like a furnace, burning the bones, and a heartbreaking pain came. Li Tong groaned, but he was extremely happy in his heart. This situation meant that he had officially entered the black iron level.  Become a black iron level one warrior.

    This kind of pain came and went quickly. After the pain, an ecstatic feeling came, as if a heavy burden had been lifted. Li Tong moved his hands and feet and felt that his strength was equivalent to that of two strong men. He was an ordinary person.  Twice!

    At this time, a sour smell came, and Li Tong frowned when he saw a thin layer of greasy all over his body. The greasy was the impurities in his body, and the smell was unbearable.

    Just when Li Tong was about to find a place to clean off the greasy body, a black light fell from the sky. The black light dissipated, and a stainless steel dagger with a sharp and cold light fell from the air and was inserted into Li Tong's face.  on the ground.

    At the same time, Li Tong seemed to feel a faint joy coming from an unknown place.

    "Is this the reward of the abyss consciousness?" Li Tong pulled out the dagger. The dagger was about half a meter long. The edge was covered with layers of cloud patterns. It looked like a hundred-forged dagger, extremely sharp.

    This time, he was lucky. He could get the reward of abyss consciousness by killing a skeleton. In the dream, he had killed thousands of monsters to get a piece of weapon refining materials.

    It was also recorded in that diary that if you can kill a monster that is more powerful than yourself, you will be appreciated by the abyss consciousness. The stronger the monster, the greater the chance of getting rewards, and the more precious rewards you get.

    With the stainless steel dagger in hand, Li Tong became more courageous. Holding the dagger in hand, he started to walk quickly towards the school gate.

    As soon as he walked out of the dormitory area and came to the open space not far from the teaching building, Li Tong stopped carefully. There were screams and dull roars from the teaching building in front of him. Several tauren broke into the teaching building and were in the process of entering the teaching building.  Chase down the students in the teaching building.

    In addition to the tauren in the teaching building, there are more than a dozen skeletons blocking the stairs in front of the teaching building, making the students in the teaching building even more desperate.

    "To save or not to save?" Li Tong hesitated in his heart.  Skeletons are easier to deal with, but a few minotaurs are truly formidable enemies.

    At this time, the window on the fourth floor of the teaching building suddenly opened, and a male student stuck his head out, with despair and fear on his face. His face was covered with tears and snot. The male student used his hands and feet to climb up the window sill, trying to jump under the window sill.  above the air conditioning box.

    Roar!  The roar shook all directions,

    A big ax fell from the sky and cut off the male classmate's right leg with a click. A minotaur appeared behind him, grabbed the severed thigh with his left hand and put it into his mouth.

    "Ah help! Don't kill me, don't kill me!" The male classmate was on the verge of collapse and screamed hysterically.

    Suddenly, the male classmate saw Li Tong not far downstairs, a glimmer of hope suddenly rose in his eyes, and he struggled and screamed: "Save me! Come and save me! I don't want to die!"

    The tauren who was crunching the thigh in his mouth roared excitedly, and two streams of white gas came out of his nostrils. He swung a big ax and hit the male classmate on the head. Suddenly, the watermelon burst and red and white liquid splashed everywhere.  The screams for help disappeared immediately.  Hoho!  The tauren's face showed a look of extreme excitement and violence.

    On the fifth floor of the teaching building, there were forced suppressed sobs.

    Facing such a ferocious, violent and powerful monster, human beings are so fragile and helpless!


    Li Tong clenched his fists, and an icy cold light shot out from his eyes. Since the arrival of these dark creatures, they have become the enemies of human life and death. Fighting and fighting are inevitable in order to survive. If there are only a few tauren, let him  If you have worries in your heart, then if you encounter the Dark Knight or the Demon Lord in the future, won't you have to sit back and wait for death?

    Fight!  Only by fighting can we win a glimmer of hope for the future.

    Tightening the dagger in his hand, Li Tong gritted his teeth and strode towards the teaching building. A dozen skeletons surrounding the door of the teaching building sensed the human aura, turned their heads, and then rushed quickly.  He came over and slashed hard with the bone knife.

    The sight of more than a dozen skeletons attacking at once is enough to make an ordinary person's liver and gallbladder burst. If he is distracted even a little bit, he will be cut into pieces by more than a dozen bone knives.

    "However, Li Tong did not show any fear. Instead, he shook out a sword flower with his dagger, and then quickly moved forward to meet it, absorbing the energy in the dream.After gaining experience in martial arts and fighting, Li Tong held a sword in his hand and showed an extremely fierce aura throughout his body.

    Teaching building, fifth floor.

    "Concubine Yu! Concubine Yu, come and see! Those dozen skeletons downstairs rushed towards a classmate!" A cute round-faced girl saw the movement downstairs and exclaimed.

    The Yufei in her mouth is Zhao Yufei, the well-deserved campus beauty of Qingjiang University. She has a melon-seed face with a classical charm. Her skin is like gelatin, her breath is like orchid, dreamy and poetic, and her white jade-like skin exudes a light softness.  At this time, Zhao Yufei looked haggard, with uncontrollable panic and helplessness on her face.

    "It's true! Great! Concubine Yu, let's go down the fire escape and escape from here while the skeletons leave. Otherwise, it will be too late when the tauren on the fourth floor comes up!"

    A young man wearing a famous brand quickly rushed to the window and saw the scene below. He was overjoyed. This young man was about twenty years old and quite handsome, but the expression on his face always showed a little fear.  But when his gaze shifted to Zhao Yufei's face, he couldn't help but reveal a hint of fanaticism.

    Zhao Yufei stood up in surprise. Suddenly, a trace of hesitation appeared on her face, "Then, should we find Dong Jian and the others and let them go with the three of us?"

    The young man was slightly startled, and his voice was a little low, "I'm afraid not. When we dispersed and escaped just now, I saw three tauren following Dong Jian and the others upstairs. If I want to inform them, I have to risk my life. It's not that I'm afraid of death.  , but I must ensure the safety of you two!"

    The awe-inspiring look on the young man's face moved Concubine Zhao Yu quite a bit, and her face showed a hint of rosy.

    "If that's the case, let's go quickly!" the round-faced girl urged.

    Hearing the words, the young man calmed down and walked in front, "I will open the way. You two, Yufei and Xiaomo, will follow. Remember to be careful and don't make too much noise!"

    The three of them slowly walked forward in the dim corridor, heading towards the stairs of the fire escape. Not far away, the round-faced girl Xiao Mo saw the body of the young man in front of her suddenly stiffen and stay in place.

    "Brother Fang, what's wrong?" Xiao Mo asked in confusion.

    "Hurry,,,, run!" The young man turned pale, shouted, turned around and ran, leaving the two girls on the spot. In front of the corridor, a huge black figure was walking up the steps with heavy steps  ,,


    Li Tong burst out with all the strength in his body, his waist and legs were united, and he jumped up like a cheetah suddenly charging towards its prey. While dodging several bone knives, the dagger was like lightning, and struck him in one fell swoop.  A skeleton's neck bone was broken.

    After landing, Li Tong rolled over, holding the dagger tightly in his right hand, with sharp eyes, and flashed his left foot to the left without hesitation, and the dagger was aimed at the back of a skeleton again like a thunderbolt.

    Click, another skeleton fell to the ground!

    In just one minute, Li Tong moved around, surrounded by more than a dozen skeletons, and killed eleven skeletons in a row. Now, there is a pile of broken bones on the ground, and there are only three skeletons left in front of Li Tong.  .


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