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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 6: Collecting Supplies

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    "The energy of the two tauren is quite sufficient. Calculating it this way, I only need to kill a few more tauren to advance to the third level of black iron!" Li Tong felt the relief when the energy entered his body and experienced the increase in strength.  pleasure.

    At this time, the other surviving classmates came over.

    "Classmate, thank you for your life-saving grace!" A girl with a delicate appearance, tall and plump figure showed her gratitude. This girl's name is Qin Yao, a well-known beauty in the Law Department of Qingjiang University.

    "You're welcome, we are all classmates, so we should help!" Li Tong responded lightly.

    Qin Yao shook her head, "No matter what, you saved my life, and I will definitely repay you in the future!"

    Immediately afterwards, everyone else thanked Li Tong and introduced themselves. At the same time, they also learned the information Li Tong had said from Concubine Zhao Yu and Wang Xiaomo, and they were all very shocked.

    "Dong Jian, didn't you kill a tauren just now? How much strength did you gain?" A thin boy asked enviously. He was one of the six boys who survived, named Hou Gao.

    "It's been enhanced by 50%. If I can kill another tauren, I can have the power of two people!" At this point, Dong Jian couldn't help but glance at Li Tong who was sitting aside to rest.

    "It turns out that those monsters can become stronger by killing people, and we humans can also kill those monsters to increase our strength!" The shorter Huang Meng said fiercely, "When I become stronger, I must kill these monsters.  Falling flowers and running water!"

    "It can't be that easy. In order to kill a minotaur just now, we lost seven or eight classmates. If we want to kill these monsters, we can only rely on human lives. Maybe we will be killed by these monsters before we can get stronger."  !" A boy named Su Zifeng next to Huang Meng shook his head and said.

    As soon as he said this, everyone fell silent.

    Girls Qin Yao and Zhao Yufei quietly turned their attention to Li Tong. The strength Li Tong showed just now shocked them. Now that the world has become such a mess, it would be great if there was a strong boy by his side to protect them.  .

    Li Tong was sitting not far away. He put down the military backpack he was carrying and opened the zipper, revealing several bottles of mineral water and several packages of chocolate. From morning to now, he had not eaten anything. After several fierce battles,  Fighting, his stomach was already growling with hunger.

    Li Tong opened a bottle of mineral water and drank half the bottle in one go. Only then did Li Tong let out a sigh of relief.

    Seeing the longing but embarrassed expressions on the others' faces, Li Tong couldn't help but sigh in his heart, and took out some food from the package, "You can eat these drinks and chocolates, but I don't have much food in this package.  , I can only barely cushion my stomach."

    Zhao Yufei and Qin Yao came over with some embarrassment, thanked Li Tong, and then took out two bottles of water and several packs of chocolates from their backpacks, and then Li Tong gave the remaining food to Dong Jian and the others.

    After running for a day, everyone was very tired. After blocking the stairs on the seventh and sixth floors of the teaching building, Li Tong and eleven other people took turns to keep watch and fell asleep on the eighth floor.

    The next day, early in the morning.

    There is still a layer of gray in the sky, and the space crack is like an ugly scar, spreading and extending in the sky. Haicheng, which used to seem very noisy, is now in deathly silence, and occasionally you can hear a few sharp sounds.  The screams and roars of monsters.

    Li Tong woke up first and walked quietly to the rooftop without disturbing the others.

    "I don't know how my sister is doing now. Did you listen to my words and hide at home and not go out?" Li Tong frowned slightly, a little worried about his sister's safety. Fortunately, there are some vegetables and food in the refrigerator at home. As long as he doesn't go out,  , it has been supported for a few days without any problems.


    Li Tong let out a long breath. His home is in the West Ring Road of Haicheng, which is far away from Qingjiang University in the North Ring Road. It takes about an hour by bus. If he wants to go home, he must cross Haicheng.

    There are monsters everywhere in Haicheng now. Maybe some monsters can advance to Black Iron Level 4 or Black Iron Level 5 after killing hundreds of people. If you encounter such a monster, you won't even be able to escape.

    After standing on the rooftop for a while, the first ray of sunshine in the morning shone brightly on the earth.

    Li Tongyi kept his nose open, and when the first ray of sunlight came, he took a sudden breath. Suddenly, a warm and fuzzy feeling came. It seemed that there was a warm breath flowing from the internal organs, and finally sank into the Dantian.

    It is said that the first ray of sunshine in the morning contains a trace of innate pure yang energy. Using the innate pure yang energy to practice the innate pure yang skill will get twice the result with half the effort.

    Li Tong silently recited the formula in his heart and pressed?The mind method is to adjust the breath. Half an hour later, when the sun has completely risen, stop adjusting the breath.

    The innate pure yang skill is indeed extraordinary. Li Tong could feel that after adjusting his breath for half an hour, although his strength had not been significantly enhanced, his whole spirit seemed particularly strong and his facial features became particularly sensitive.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Li Tong picked up the dagger and shook it casually, and the fine steel dagger suddenly buzzed. Then, Li Tong was on the rooftop, practicing the Chunyang sword technique, from the first move of Qi Penetrating Changhong to the ninth move.  The purple energy of the move came from the east, and every move was practiced very seriously.

    If the Chunyang Sword Technique wants to exert its true power, it must use the true energy to vibrate the sword body, and use the sword body to vibrate hundreds or thousands of times per second, so as to reach the point where it is indestructible and unstoppable.  Tens of thousands of vibrations can produce sword light.

    Without the power of shock, these sword moves are just a show, without any power. No matter how beautiful the sword moves are, they can only be regarded as sword dances. Yesterday, Li Tong used the move Qi Penetrating Changhong, which was to use power to control the dagger and forcibly shake the sword.  He killed two black iron level three tauren in one fell swoop.  Now, Li Tong practices swordsmanship moves in order to integrate his swordsmanship experience in the dream as quickly as possible and deepen his understanding of swordsmanship.

    More than half an hour later, everyone in the classroom on the eighth floor also woke up and came over when they heard movement on the rooftop.

    "You are all awake? Why don't you rest more?" Li Tong stopped when he heard the footsteps.

    Qin Yao smiled bitterly: "How can we be in the mood to sleep now? I can't sleep when I think about what happened yesterday. Alas, everything that happened yesterday is just like a dream, or a nightmare!"

    Hearing this, everyone sighed, yes, yesterday morning, they were still enjoying life in the peaceful era. Although there were various discomforts in life, compared to now, that kind of life was simply like heaven.

    After a while, everyone calmed down. Now is not the time to be sad for Qiu. "Li Tong, you are the strongest among us. What do you think we should do next? Should we continue to hide here and wait for national rescue, or should we continue to hide here and wait for national rescue?"  Take the risk and rush out?" Qin Yao asked.

    "I plan to rush out!" Li Tong's answer was simple and firm.

    "Rush out? There is a commercial street outside Qingjiang University. I'm afraid there will be more monsters there. If you rush out, aren't you looking for death? Although there are monsters in the school, it is much safer than outside." Dong Jian couldn't help but said.  It was obvious that he disagreed with Li Tong's views. His words aroused the agreement of Su Zifeng, three other boys and two girls, Shang Yueyue and Su Li.

    "Dong Jian is right, Zhao Yufei and Qin Yao, I think it's better for us to stay here!" Su Zifeng first glanced at Li Tong, then turned to Zhao Yufei and said to them.

    Concubine Zhao Yu and Qin Yao did not speak.

    "Stop talking. Those of you who rushed out with me, I promise to protect you as much as possible. If you don't want to, just do it yourself!" Li Tong interrupted the topic decisively, "Whether you want to stay in school or rush out, the most realistic thing now is  The problem is that we have nothing to eat, so now I am going to the school supermarket to collect food, will you go?"

    "Of course I want to go. I didn't eat much yesterday and now I'm almost starving. Brother Tong, I'll go with you!" The short Huang Meng touched his belly and smiled.

    Li Tong nodded and turned around and walked downstairs regardless of what others thought. Huang Meng quickly followed.

    Zhao Yufei and Qin Yao looked at each other and bit their lips, "Let's go too!" The two girls followed Wang Xiaomo downstairs.

    When Dong Jian saw the two beauties Zhao Yufei and Qin Yao following Li Tong downstairs without hesitation, Dong Jian's face suddenly became a little uncertain. He was already a little jealous of Li Tong, but now he saw Zhao Yufei and the beautiful lady Qin who he had admired for a long time.  Yao looked even more jealous.

    "Without this Li Tong, with my current strength, I must be the most powerful among us. With powerful power, I can do whatever I want. Concubine Zhao Yu and Qin Yao will definitely not be able to escape from my grasp. Concubine Zhao Yu is a flower.  , I¡¯ve wanted to pick it off for a long time, but now it¡¯s all turned into a fantasy!¡±

    Dong Jian had no idea that if Li Tong hadn't arrived in time yesterday, he would have become the soul of the Minotaur's axe.

    "Dong Jian, what should we do?" Su Zifeng asked hesitantly.

    "What should we do? Follow them! Otherwise, we will starve to death here!" Dong Jian snorted coldly, with anger on his face, and walked quickly downstairs.

    The supermarket of Qingjiang University is separated from the teaching building by a road and a playground.

    At this time, skeletons and minotaurs were wandering on the roads and playgrounds. Just the skeletonsThere are hundreds of them, and at a glance, there are white skeletons everywhere.

    "So many monsters!" Huang Meng followed Li Tong and exclaimed when he saw the situation ahead.

    Zhao Yufei, Qin Yao and Wang Xiaomo also followed, and their faces turned pale with fright when they saw this, "Li Tong, otherwise, we'd better not go there. There are hundreds of skeletons in front of us, and there are more than a dozen tauren."  , we can't get through at all!" Zhao Yufei said tremblingly, her white jade face full of fear.  Wang Xiaomo nodded desperately at the side.

    Li Tong laughed, "Why, are you scared now?"

    Qin Yao rolled her eyes at Li Tong in dissatisfaction, "Li Tong, this is no joke. There are so many monsters, no matter how powerful you are, you can't be their opponent!"

    "Do you know what is the biggest difference between these monsters and humans?" Li Tong said. Without waiting for Qin Yao and Zhao Yufei to answer, he said again: "It is wisdom!"

    Bending down, Li Tong picked up a stone and threw it at a skeleton in the distance. The skeleton turned its head, the ghostly fire in its eyes locked on the direction of Li Tong, and walked over with a click!

    When the skeleton came here, Li Tong raised his hand and fired a few swords, and with a swipe, swish, swish, he removed the bones of the skeleton's arms and legs.

    "Which one of you will kill this skeleton?"


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