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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 7: Basic Meditation

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    Qin Yao and Concubine Zhao Yu looked at each other. They did not expect that the matter could be solved so easily. According to the method Li Tong just did, it only took a little time to lure out the skeletons and kill them one by one.

    ¡°I didn¡¯t expect to be able to do this!¡± Wang Xiaomo opened her mouth wide, somewhat unbelievable.

    "The main reason is that you don't understand these monsters yet. Skeletons mainly rely on the ghost fire in their eyes to lock onto enemies. As long as you are careful and don't let several skeletons discover them at the same time, you can lure them out one by one like me.  !" Li Tong explained.  "But you have to be careful. This method can only be effective against skeletons. The dozens of minotaurs on the playground cannot be dealt with in this way. The roar of the minotaurs can call out the same kind. Once they find us, they will swarm us."

    Huang Meng touched his head, "I understand!"

    Afterwards, Li Tong continued to use pebbles to attract seven or eight skeletons. Li Tong was already at the second level of black iron and was very powerful. It was easy to deal with the skeletons who were only at the first level of black iron. In the blink of an eye, the limbs of these seven or eight skeletons were removed.  All the bones were chopped off.

    "These skeletons are enough for a person to advance to a level one black iron warrior. Huang Meng, you kill first. After you strengthen your strength, you will also have some fighting abilities!" Li Tong saw the expressions on the three girls' faces.  Cringing, looking at the skeletons on the ground, he was a little afraid to make a move, so he made a decision.

    Huang Meng¡¯s eyes lit up, revealing a hint of heat. Strong power is what all men pursue. With power, you can live better in the future.

    "Brother Tong, thank you very much. From now on, brother, I will hang out with you!" Huang Meng smiled and patted his chest to assure him.  He had vaguely expressed his intention to seek refuge with Li Tong before, but now that he saw that Li Tong had given him such great benefits, he immediately made a formal statement.

    He took the fine steel dagger from Li Tong's hand. As soon as he took the dagger, Huang Meng felt his right hand sink suddenly. He couldn't help but secretly clicked his tongue. This dagger must have weighed more than ten kilograms. He held it tightly with both hands.  Huang Meng held his breath and came to the skeleton nervously.

    "Go to hell! Monster!" Huang Meng shouted, slashing violently with his dagger, clicking, clicking, and chopped all nine skeletons into pieces in one breath.

    Nine streaks of pure black energy overflowed and submerged into Huang Meng's body in Huang Meng's expectant eyes. Huang Meng clenched his fists, his muscles stretched and contracted, and his bones made a sound like fried beans. "It feels so powerful. I am now confident that I can deal with this beast alone."  Skeleton!¡±

    Huang Meng was extremely pleasantly surprised. He swung his dagger and slashed twice. The dagger made a strange sound in the air. At this time, a black light fell from the sky, revealing a black book with the four characters "Basic Meditation" written on the cover.

    "Skill book?" Li Tong exclaimed in surprise, holding this basic meditation book in his hand, "What good luck. I didn't expect that you killed nine skeletons in a row, so that the abyss consciousness could reward you with a skill book. You know, getting skills  The chance of reading is very, very small!¡±

    ¡°You can still get skill books by killing these monsters?¡± Huang Meng was stunned and didn¡¯t understand.

    "Have you ever played online games?" Li Tong asked. Seeing Huang Meng nodding, he continued to explain, "Let me tell you a precious piece of information. Now the world has become almost like online games. Killing monsters can strengthen your strength.  , you can also get various equipment and skill books, and my fine steel dagger is the reward of the abyss consciousness!"

    ¡°So that¡¯s it!¡± Huang Meng suddenly realized.

    "This basic meditation is the prerequisite for practicing magic skills. It can sense the elements of heaven and earth with strong mental power. However, after practicing basic meditation, your mental power will be infected and penetrated by the elements of heaven and earth. In the future, if you want to cultivate the inner strength of fighting spirit, etc.  It's impossible to use skills, and elemental power will conflict with other energies! How about it? Do you want to practice this basic meditation book?" Li Tong pointed to the skill book and said to Huang Meng.

    Li Tong has long since decided on the path he will take in the future, preparing to practice the unique Qi and martial arts of the Eastern system. Western magic systems such as basic meditation are no longer suitable for practice, so he has no intention of hiding it.

    Huang Meng thought about it seriously and then shook his head, "My brain is relatively stupid. When I played games in the past, I couldn't play the profession of mage. Warrior is more suitable for me. I should practice this basic meditation with Brother Tong."  !¡±

    Li Tong nodded and did not put away the basic meditation. Instead, he turned to look at Qin Yao and said, "Qin Yao, this basic meditation is more suitable for you. Let you practice it. I hope you can practice hard and get the benefits in the future.  When using magic skills, it can display great strength.¡±

    Qin Yao took the basic meditation with surprise and joy, "Thank you Li Tong, I will work hard to practice." After reading the basic meditation according to the method Li Tong said, the skill book turned into a black light and disappeared.  Suddenly, many basic knowledge about magic meditation appeared in her mind.

    Concubine Zhao Yu and Wang Xiaomo are not jealous,He is happy for Qin Yao. After all, the stronger his partners become, the safer they will be.

    In the following time, Li Tong followed the same pattern and continued to attract more than a dozen skeletons. After cutting off the arms and legs of these skeletons, he signaled for Qin Yao to kill these skeletons. Qin Yao bit her lips and held up the skeletons with both hands.  The dagger shivered when he saw the white skeletons on the ground.

    "Qin Yao, I hope you can understand that the world will only become more cruel in the future. If you can't overcome your fear now, you will definitely not be able to survive in the pursuit of monsters in the future. I can help you strengthen now, but I can't be your nanny.  I will protect you forever!"

    Li Tong¡¯s words are very realistic. He said them not only to Qin Yao, but also to Concubine Zhao Yu and Wang Xiaomo.

    Qin Yao nodded, shouted sweetly, rushed to the middle of the dozen skeletons and waved the dagger randomly. It took more than ten minutes to clean up these skeletons. The energy of the dozen skeletons was enough for Qin Yao to upgrade to  Black iron level one.

    "Huang Meng was already very strong, so he advanced after killing nine skeletons, while Qin Yao, a girl, had to kill more than a dozen skeletons before she could advance." Seeing this scene, Li Tong thought thoughtfully and looked at the abyss.  The understanding of the law is deeper.

    Just when he was about to continue to lure the next wave, Dong Jian led six people down from the teaching building. When he saw Li Tong's method of attracting monsters, his eyes suddenly lit up.

    "Li Tong, let's help you kill together!" Dong Jian also learned to pick up a stone and attracted a skeleton.  Then he showed an excited expression, swung the fire ax in his hand, and relied on his agility to kill the skeleton in less than a moment.

    "Hahaha! My strength has increased again! Su Zifeng, you guys also come to lure the monsters. After killing the monsters, you will also become stronger!"

    Li Tong ignored Dong Jian, but flicked his wrist, and fired more than a dozen stones at the same time. Each stone accurately hit a skeleton. With a click, a dozen skeletons turned around and walked towards here in unison.  come over.

    Dong Jian¡¯s expression changed when he saw it, and he quickly backed away to avoid being targeted by the skeleton. He was still careless in dealing with one skeleton. Faced with so many skeletons, he could only avoid them in embarrassment.

    Li Tong leaned forward and rushed out like a cheetah. The cold light of the dagger blade flowed like the blue waves of autumn water. The sword suddenly slashed, and the sound of piercing the air was sharp and whistling.  With a click, a skeleton arm fell down.

    Like a strong wind, Li Tong circled back and forth between more than a dozen skeletons, and the arms and legs of more than a dozen skeletons fell to the ground.

    "How awesome!" Dong Jian's eyes flashed with shock. He didn't feel it when he killed the tauren yesterday, but now that he saw Li Tong showing off his power, he immediately realized the gap between him and Li Tong.

    The three girls, Zhao Yufei and Qin Yao, were moved. Li Tong was so powerful that he could protect their safety. In addition, Li Tong also helped them strengthen their strength. The three of them felt that even if they followed Li Tong and rushed outside the school, they would be more powerful than Li Tong.  It's better to stay in school.

    "Zhao Yufei, it's your turn!" Li Tong commanded Zhao Yufei, the goddess in the eyes of Qingjiang University students, without scruples.

    With Qin Yao's example in front of her, Zhao Yufei also made up her mind and thanked Li Tong. Then she took the dagger and aimed it at a skeleton and chopped it down hard. After killing more than a dozen skeletons, Zhao Yufei also reached the level of  Reached the black iron level.

    After strengthening her strength, some greasiness oozed from Zhao Yufei's body, which made her very embarrassed.

    After Wang Xiaomo also strengthened to the level of black iron, there were only a few dozen skeletons left on the playground, as well as a dozen tauren.

    "Okay, you all have twice the strength of ordinary people. Now I rush in front and you follow me to wipe out all these monsters!" Li Tong glanced at Dong Jian and the others and said to everyone.

    "Li Tong, we haven't strengthened it yet!" Su Zifeng said quickly when he heard this.

    "Yes, there are dozens of skeletons on the playground. Why don't we bring these skeletons over? We are all classmates. Li Tong, please help and let Su Zifeng, Shang Yueyue and the others strengthen themselves too!" Dong Jian took the opportunity to say  .  Now even Concubine Zhao Yu was stronger than him, so he didn't care much and wanted Li Tong to help them strengthen.

    Li Tong snorted coldly. He knew Dong Jian's thoughts clearly. Dong Jian wanted to snatch monsters from him yesterday, and today he planned to use himself. He really thought that he was a living Lei Feng who harmed himself and benefited others, and he didn't have any anger at all!

    "I just met you guys, right? What obligation do I have to help you? If you want to strengthen yourself, of course you can do it yourself and fight these monsters!" Li Tong said calmly, regardless of what Dong Jian and the others thought.  He turned around and walked towards the playground.

    "You, how could you do this!" Su Zifeng shouted unwillingly.

    "Yes, Li Tong, you are too selfish, Qin Yao, you?, this Li Tong doesn't care about our life or death at all, he is still a classmate!  "Shang Yueyue is also very dissatisfied.

    Qin Yao smiled faintly and said nothing, while Huang Meng snorted coldly, picked up two skull knives on the ground, and strode away.


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