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Volume 1 The End of Humanity Chapter 8 Searching the Supermarket

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    "Li Tong is free to help others. What qualifications do you have to force others to risk their lives to help you strengthen your strength?" Wang Xiaomo is also a girl who dares to love and hate. She can't stand the behavior of Su Zifeng, Shang Yueyue and others.  Couldn't help but said loudly.

    "You don't feel pain in your back when you stand and talk. Why didn't you say this when Li Tong helped you strengthen just now!" Shang Yueyue snorted.  There is a hint of vigor on her pretty face.

    "Okay, Xiaomo, stop talking. We should hurry up and follow Li Tong and don't get entangled here!" Zhao Yufei frowned slightly and interrupted Wang Xiaomo's next words.

    snort!  Wang Xiaomo pouted, wrinkled her nose, and snorted towards Shang Yueyue, and then left with Concubine Zhao Yu.

    "Yueyue, what should we do?" Su Li looks ordinary and seems a bit cowardly on weekdays. At this time, she looked at Shang Yueyue with helpless and sad eyes. She and Wang Xiaomo, Shang Yueyue were in the same class.  Classmate, I didn¡¯t expect to get into a quarrel over a trivial matter at this time. She was usually very close to Shang Yueyue. When they were together, Shang Yueyue always made the decision. Now at this time, she instinctively asked Shang Yueyue for help.  "It doesn't matter, Li Tong is not busy with us, isn't there brother Dong Jian? With brother Dong Jian protecting us, we will be fine!" Shang Yueyue looked at Dong Jian with her eyes. At this time, she could only hold on to her side  The last straw.

    "Don't talk about this now. Li Tong and the others have already fought with the monsters. Let's go and follow them!" Dong Jian did not answer Shang Yueyue directly, but said to the remaining people, and then hurriedly set off.  .

    Li Tong took the lead and arrived at the playground. The dagger shone with a sharp edge, and the sword body carried strong power. It erupted with a thunderous sound. With a sweep of the sword, several skulls flew high into the air.

    With the strength of Black Iron Level 2, coupled with exquisite footwork and master-level swordsmanship, Li Tong can now sweep across the skeletons in front of him effortlessly.  However, in order to train Huang Meng and the others' actual combat abilities, one or two skeletons would leak out from the sword circle from time to time for Huang Meng and the others to practice.


    Huang Meng held a skull knife in each hand and slashed the neck of a skeleton twice before chopping off the skull's head. "Hahahaha! It's so satisfying. I didn't expect that I, Huang Meng, can also kill these people."  Monster, if those brothers from before were to see it, they would be so scared that their eyes would pop out!"

    Qin Yao also held a bone knife in her hand. She followed Huang Meng very cautiously. Whenever Huang Meng showed a flaw, she would quickly slash it to attract the skeleton's attention.  She and Huang Meng continued to cooperate, and several skeletons fell under their hands.

    "Huang Meng and Qin Yao performed well. If they are trained well, they can grow into masters in the future and be of great help to me! However, Zhao Yufei and Wang Xiaomo are not so good. Until now, they have not really been able to kill with their own abilities.  Skeleton.¡±

    When Li Tong was fighting in front, he also paid attention to the movements of the people behind him, and commented secretly in his heart.

    "Fortunately, Concubine Zhao Yu has a stunning appearance. Even if she has no fighting ability, she can still be used as a vase decoration. But as a girl, Wang Xiaomo has neither looks nor strength. She will only be eliminated in a more cruel world in the future!"

    Most of the dozens of remaining skeletons on the playground were killed by Li Tong alone, and a small number were killed by Qin Yao and Huang Meng. Only a few injured skeletons were taken advantage of by Dong Jian.


    With no skeletons blocking the view, a dozen tauren not far away immediately spotted the figures of Li Tong and his group, and roared one after another. They all had red eyes, lowered their heads and exposed their horns, and charged towards Li Tong.


    The scene of more than a dozen tauren charging together was too spectacular. The dust on the playground was flying, as if the cavalry were charging, trampling everything. The power of the charge of more than a dozen tauren was enough to knock over a tank. With such ferocious power, Li  Tong didn't dare to resist head-on.

    "The tauren are coming, get out of the way!" Li Tong shouted, and used the four-square step to move his energy. A powerful explosive force exploded in his legs, giving Li Tong the speed of a cheetah.

    Huang Meng and Qin Yao didn't say anything and ran directly in the other direction.  Dong Jian and the others who were following them had already dodged far away when the tauren started to charge.  Look here from a distance to see what's going on.

    Li Tong kicked off his right foot, and rushed toward more than a dozen tauren like an arrow from a string, attracting the attention of these tauren. When he got close to the tauren, his legs suddenly burst out with powerful force, and he jumped into the air.  He rose up, rolled several times in the air, and landed behind the tauren.  The momentum of the minotaurs did not slow down, and they continued to rush forward with a rumble. These minotaurs were all black iron level two monsters, so Li Tong just?By doing this, if one of these tauren is Black Iron Level 3, he can forcibly control his strength. When charging, he can swing his ax and make Li Tong unable to eat.

    "Die to me!"

    Without waiting for his body to stand still, Li Tong gave a loud shout and rushed towards the last tauren. The dagger stabbed straight into the back of the tauren's neck. The sword twisted hard and hit the head.  A large hole opened in the Minotaur's neck.

    At this time, the other tauren had not turned around. Taking advantage of this good opportunity, Li Tong rushed in with sword shadows flying. Each sword shadow contained a fatal danger. Four sword shadows flew.  Suddenly, a red line emerged from the throats of the four tauren at the same time. Then, a fountain of blood gushed out and the tauren's heads flew up.

    "Is this, is this still a human being?" Huang Meng and Dong Jian, who were not far away, froze, and this thought came to their minds at the same time.

    When the tauren saw their kind being slaughtered by a human, they roared and surrounded Li Tong constantly, slashing and charging. In their simple thinking, they had always been the only ones to slaughter humans, and now a human actually caused them to suffer heavy losses. It was simply outrageous.  tolerate.

    "A bunch of chickens and dogs!"

    Li Tong's movement was sharp and swift, and he kicked the tauren next to him back several steps. The dagger in his hand vibrated and slashed out. The two tauren suddenly howled miserably, and their upper bodies slid down diagonally, with colorful  His internal organs leaked out, and he was cut in half with a sword.

    When several girls in the distance saw this scene, they couldn't help but vomited again.

    The tauren were mad and roaring to no avail. Soon, more than a dozen tauren were killed by Li Tong alone.

    "Crack, bones crackled, Li Tong's strength increased again, and at the same time, a black light fell from the sky, revealing a black card.

    "Dark Iron Level Summoning Card: You can summon a Black Iron Level 5 Tau-headed Warrior to fight for you!"

    Li Tong casually put this summoning card into his arms and got a good harvest. Summoning cards are one of the special props and are usually difficult to appear. If this summoning card is used well, it can also play a huge role.

    "Let's go to the supermarket!"

    Li Tong greeted everyone in the distance and took the lead in walking towards the supermarket opposite the playground.

    The supermarket of Qingjiang University is a three-story building, with a supermarket on the first and second floors and a restaurant on the third floor.  When he approached the supermarket, he found several corpses outside the supermarket, and blood was flowing all over the floor. Through the glass door of the supermarket on the first floor, Li Tong could see the shelves in the supermarket on the first floor falling to the ground in a mess, and it was very chaotic.

    "Li Tong, be careful, there may be monsters in this supermarket!" Qin Yao also observed this and quickly reminded.

    Li Tong nodded and entered the supermarket carefully.

    Avoiding a few drink bottles on the ground, Li Tong quietly searched around the first floor of the supermarket. Except for finding two skeletons, he didn't encounter much danger. He killed the two skeletons and then went to  Go to the second floor.

    Before going upstairs, an extremely strong smell of blood came over.

    "So many people have died here!" As soon as Li Tong walked up, he saw the corpses of about twenty or thirty students on the second floor of the supermarket, roar!  A roar came, and with a boom, a tauren with extremely strong muscles and bones rushed out from the corner of the second floor, raising his hand with an axe.

    It turned out to be a level 3 black iron tauren.


    Li Tong snorted coldly, raised his dagger to the axe, and twisted the sword's edge to neutralize the powerful power of the axe. Now he is also at the third level of Black Iron and has the strength of eight adults. He will no longer be as embarrassed as yesterday.  .

    "Get out of here!"

    Li Tong moved his steps, dodged to the side of the minotaur, and kicked hard with his right foot, which immediately knocked the minotaur's center of gravity out of balance. He rolled down the stairs and fell to the first floor with a bang, wailing.  .

    A tauren suddenly fell, shocking Huang Meng, Qin Yao and others who came in.  Before they could scream, Li Tong jumped down from the second floor. The sword edge vibrated and severed all the muscles of the Minotaur's body in one fell swoop.

    "Huang Meng, you killed a few skeletons just now and have accumulated a lot of strength. If you kill this tauren, you can break through and become a second-level Black Iron warrior!"

    Li Tong's eyes were sharp, and he could see Huang Meng's current situation at a glance. Besides, he was already a black iron level three warrior. If he killed another black iron level three tauren, he would be promoted again, so he generously killed this tauren.  Let go.  My younger brother is great, and he can also relax a lot.

    Huang Meng didn't say any more words of thanks, and directly stepped forward and chopped the tauren to death.

    "So much energy!" Huang Meng felt the swelling sensation as the energy entered his body.??Can't help but sigh, click, Huang Meng reached the second level of black iron.

    "Finally I can have a good meal!" Qin Yao, Zhao Yufei and Wang Xiaomo walked to the food area and began to collect bread, biscuits and other food.

    At this time, Dong Jian, who was always one step behind Li Tong and the others, also walked in with Su Zifeng and the others.

    As soon as she saw the food in the supermarket, Shang Yueyue immediately cheered. She quickly ran over and took a piece of bread, tore open the bag and started eating. Then she picked up a bottle of drink and drank half of it in one go.

    Wang Xiaomo snorted coldly and said nothing. She picked up some bread and a bottle of water and handed it to Li Tong, "Li Tong, you haven't eaten much since morning. You must be hungry. I'll give you this bread!"

    Li Tong took the bread, thanked him, went to the corner of the supermarket, picked up the bread and water, and started eating.


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