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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 9: Parting ways

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    "I just saw it. The food in this supermarket can feed a dozen of us for a week or two. As long as we seal the door of the supermarket, we can definitely wait until the country sends troops to rescue us!" Dong Jian walked around the supermarket.  Circle, then a hint of excitement appeared on his face, and he started shouting loudly.

    While talking, Dong Jian glanced at everyone and emphasized the food, hoping to dissuade other students from following Li Tong out of the campus. He could sense that when he saw Li Tong being so brave, he could kill all the people by himself.  After killing more than a dozen tauren, Shang Yueyue and Su Li felt a little hesitant. With the protection of a master like Li Tong, they had a strong guarantee.  Not only the two girls Shang Yueyue, but also Su Zifeng and several other male classmates were thinking about whether to follow Li Tong out.

    Shang Yueyue lowered her head and thought for a moment, calculating in her mind that if they set out with Li Tong and encounter danger, Li Tong would probably save Zhao Yufei and Qin Yao first. After all, Zhao Yufei is the campus beauty of Qingjiang University, and Qin Yao  She is a famous beauty, and it is impossible for Li Tong to focus on her and Su Li.

    When thinking of this, Shang Yueyue looked at Concubine Zhao Yu who was quietly drinking a drink not far away, and a trace of jealousy flashed in her heart. She was also a woman. Before the end of the world, Concubine Zhao Yu was surrounded by many suitors. After the end of the world, there were also many suitors.  Many boys are vying to protect her, God is so unfair!

    "Dong Jian, you are right, we will block the supermarket in a while!" Shang Yueyue said firmly. She was determined not to go anywhere with the supermarket, so Su Li naturally listened to her.

    At this time, Li Tong finished eating, ignored Dong Jian, Monk Yueyue and the others, filled his backpack with food and water, then turned to Huang Meng and Qin Yao and ordered: "You also find a backpack, fill it with food, and then  Let¡¯s go!¡±

    Huang Meng and Qin Yao have made up their minds to follow Li Tong. In their opinion, the world has become like this, and the country may not be able to count on it. The most important thing now is to rely on a strong person to survive, like Monk Dong Jian  Yueyue only knows that people who escape reality and rely on the country to rescue them will not be able to hide for a lifetime, and they will be eliminated from this world sooner or later, even if they can hide for a while.

    Wang Xiaomo gritted his teeth, and took Zhao Yufei to find a backpack each, and began to stuff food into the backpack.

    "Li Tong, let's go with you!"

    Li Tong nodded, turned to Dong Jian and said seriously: "For the sake of my classmates, I want to tell you a piece of news. In two days, the dark abyss in the sky will officially descend in the center of Haicheng City. Tong  The dark door to the endless abyss will open at that time, and countless monsters many times more powerful than the tauren will follow and come to the earth. By then, the country and the army will not be able to take care of themselves. If you can make up your mind to break out of Haicheng now, there is still a chance.  vitality!"

    "What's the dark abyss and the dark door? Li Tong, what you said is too fantasy, isn't it?" Dong Jian frowned. It was obvious that he did not believe these words.

    "You can take care of yourself!" Li Tong shook his head and called to Huang Meng and the four of them, "Let's go!"

    Seeing Li Tong leaving with Huang Meng, Zhao Yufei and the others, both Dong Jian and Shang Yueyue felt a little empty in their hearts. Shang Yueyue looked at the blood splattered on the walls of the supermarket and suddenly felt a trace of fear in her heart.

    Is the decision you made really the right one?

    After walking out of the supermarket, Li Tong walked at the front, walking along the road in the middle of the school towards the school gate.

    On the way, they encountered the corpses of many students. Except for a dozen of them, no one else in the school seemed to have survived. Huang Meng and Qin Yao were holding bone knives to protect their flanks, in case monsters suddenly rushed out.  .

    Zhao Yufei and Wang Xiaomo had gradually gotten used to seeing corpses in the past two days, so they no longer showed any fearful expressions. They also held a weapon in their hands and followed Li Tong nervously.

    The supermarket is only ten minutes away from the school gate, but Li Tong and the others walked for more than an hour. Along the way, they encountered less than three skeletons, so Huang Meng and Qin Yao were asked to go out to fight. There were many monsters.  If so, Li Tong would take action personally.

    Soon, after killing more than a dozen skeletons, Qin Yao also advanced to the second level of black iron after Huang Meng. Moreover, she practiced basic meditation. When she advanced, her mental power was also significantly enhanced, and her figure became more powerful.  Flexibility, as for Li Tong, more energy is needed to advance to the fourth level of Black Iron.

    It was still Saturday when the disaster occurred, and most of the school's classmates had gone out, so the number of monsters in the school was not very large. After Li Tong and the others cleaned up, they became even rarer.

    An hour later, Li Tong led four people to the school gate.

    Outside the school gate, there is a street. On both sides of the street, there are two rows of shops. Above the street, there is a big hole every other section. Cars are parked one by one, forming a long queue.There was still blood on the glass of the car. Some shops were on fire, but no one put out the fire. The fire spread quickly, and the entire street was shrouded in flames and ashes.

    As soon as Li Tong came out, more than a dozen skeletons spotted them in the distance. They shouted silently and rushed towards them quickly. The streets were full of dead bodies. A rough calculation showed that hundreds of people died. Look.  Only at this scene did Li Tong know what it meant to have corpses everywhere.

    After killing so many people, most of the skeletons have evolved into Level 2 Black Iron. Their speed and strength are not far behind those of the Minotaurs.

    Li Tong shouted loudly, shook his dagger, and rushed over to face these skeletons. The cold light flashed, and in the blink of an eye, two skulls fell to the ground, and two black energies quickly penetrated Li Tong's body.  .

    ¡°We¡¯re here to help too!¡±

    Huang Meng and Qin Yao raised their weapons and followed Li Tong carefully. They saw an opportunity and took out the bone knives in their hands. The two of them had also reached the second level of black iron. They had four times the strength of ordinary people.  The power, two people working together, although the movements are still a bit jerky, can still deal with a black iron level two skeleton.

    Concubine Zhao Yu and Wang Xiaomo also had weapons in their hands, but they did not have the courage of Qin Yao and were a little timid and did not dare to fight.

    "Let's move quickly to avoid attracting more powerful monsters!" Li Tong's sword was faster than the other, and he used his footwork to move like a phantom among a dozen skeletons. Soon, a dozen skeletons fell to the ground one after another.  .

    As soon as Li Tong finished speaking, more than a dozen tauren heard the commotion and rushed out of the shops on the side of the street with roars. Most of these dozen tauren were black iron level three monsters, and there was another tauren.  The ordinary tauren are two heads taller.

    "It turns out to be a level 4 black iron tauren! Let's run!" Li Tong was shocked. He could deal with a level 4 black iron tauren using his unique skills, but there were more than a dozen tauren rushing towards him.  In such a situation, he could only run away.

    Seeing that even Li Tong was about to turn around and run away, Huang Meng and Qin Yao also turned pale. They didn't expect to encounter such a powerful monster just after they walked out of the school. Fortunately, they had also reached the second level of Black Iron and were not slow.  .  Li Tong and the four men ran very fast. There were cars blocking the way, and the tauren couldn't charge. They could only roar and overturn one car after another, and kept chasing forward.  Among them, the tauren who had reached the fourth level of black iron was the fastest. With an ax to the left and an ax to the right, the car in front of him was swept away with a roar.

    "Ah! It hurts so much. My foot is sprained!" Zhao Yufei fell behind and was about to pass a car when she suddenly stepped on a stone on the ground. She suddenly tilted her right foot and fell to the ground.  Cold sweat.

    Seeing Concubine Zhao Yu fall down, Wang Xiaomo, who was not far from her, did not leave her alone. He hurriedly ran over to help her up, "Sister Yufei, let me help you!"

    "Thank you, Xiaomo!" Zhao Yufei's eyes turned red and she said gratefully.

    The two girls continued to move forward with support, but after this, their speed also became very slow, and they saw that the tauren was about to catch up.

    What a hassle!

    Li Tong vented in a low voice, then came to Zhao Yufei's side and picked up Zhao Yufei sideways. Suddenly, a warm fragrance of nephrite came to his face.  "I'll take care of Concubine Zhao Yu, Wang Xiaomo, hurry up and follow her!"


    Concubine Zhao Yu lives up to her name, and her skin is really like mutton-fat white jade, but Li Tong doesn't have the time to appreciate it now.

    Being suddenly picked up by Li Tong, Zhao Yufei's face turned red with embarrassment and her head was lowered, fearing that others would see her expression. An unprecedented sense of security arose in her heart.

    When he ran to a building not far away, Li Tong made a quick decision, led four people into the building, climbed several floors and hid in one of the rooms in the building, and then managed to get rid of the dozen tauren.  .

    In the room.

    "It was really dangerous just now! We were almost caught up by those tauren!" Qin Yao patted her chest and said with lingering fear.

    "I saw those tauren following. It seems that we can't get out unless we deal with these monsters!" Huang Meng also looked sad. When he was in the supermarket, he advanced to the level 2 black iron and owned the tauren.  With such power, he thought that there were not many monsters outside the school that could threaten him. Unexpectedly, as soon as he came out, he was attacked by a monster.

    "Concubine Yu, are you okay?" Wang Xiaomo asked worriedly.

    At this moment, Concubine Zhao Yu realized what she was doing and quickly struggled out of Li Tong¡¯s arms, her face turned red."Li Tong, put me down quickly!"

    Li Tong smiled lightly and put Zhao Yufei on the sofa aside.

    "It looks like the ankle is sprained!" Qin Yao looked at Concubine Zhao Yu's right foot and confirmed the extent of her injury.  Before the end of the world, this kind of injury would have healed with just a few days of rest, but now, with dangers lurking outside and life-threatening dangers at any time, there was no time for Concubine Zhao Yu to rest.

    The life crystal in Li Tong's hand can certainly heal Zhao Yufei's injuries, but he has done his best to save Zhao Yufei's life. There is no obligation or need to waste precious treasures on Zhao Yufei.

    Besides, Zhao Yufei is following him temporarily at best, and she is not his girlfriend or has any other close relationship.  If Li Tong really did this, it would be an out-and-out bitch. Such a character would not be able to survive in the more cruel and realistic world in the future.


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