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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 10: Sweeping the Building

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    "Qin Yao, you can take care of Concubine Zhao Yu and the others here first. Huang Meng and I will go out and see if we can deal with a few monsters first." Li Tong planned to use the building to separate the dozen tauren and defeat them individually.  Most of the tauren are at the third level of black iron, and their energy is several times richer than that at the second level. After killing them, Li Tong will definitely be able to advance to the fourth level.

    Qin Yao thought for a moment and understood what Li Tong was thinking. She also supported this. Li Tong becoming stronger would also be of great help to them.

    "Then be careful. If you encounter that black iron level 4 tauren, don't fight forcefully!" Qin Yao said. After Li Tong's narration, she knew how the power was divided now, and she also knew how terrifying the dark abyss was.

    Li Tong nodded, opened the door, and walked out with Huang Meng.

    This building is an office building. Each floor is divided into many rooms. Each floor seems particularly quiet. Li Tong's footsteps are silent, but Huang Meng cannot do it like Li Tong.  The sound was particularly loud in the empty floor.

    Immediately, the tauren who had just followed heard the noise here, quickly broke through the wooden doors and walls, and rushed over.

    "Huang Meng, you and I will split up later to lure this group of tauren away. You don't have to tangle with these tauren, as long as they don't catch up with them. I'll deal with the other tauren first, and then I'll talk to you.  Meet!" Li Tong thought for a while and ordered Huang Meng.

    Huang Meng had already been mentally prepared for Li Tong asking him to do such a dangerous thing. With the world now like this, wanting to become stronger without taking any risks was undoubtedly a dream. Besides, Li Tong didn't let him do it.  What kind of mission was he to do? So Huang Meng simply agreed.


    "Run away!" Li Tong shouted in a low voice, then grabbed the fire extinguisher placed in the corridor and threw it at the black iron level 4 tauren, attracting the attention of the powerful tauren. Then Li Tong and Huang Meng  After they separated, the tauren roared angrily and led several tauren in person to catch up. The remaining seven or eight tauren followed Huang Meng.

    There is an essential difference between Black Iron Level 3 and Black Iron Level 4. At Black Iron Level 3, the strength is equivalent to the strength of eight adults. At Black Iron Level 4, the strength will be doubled on this basis to reach  The power of sixteen adults.

    The combined strength of sixteen adults is enough to push a truck. One black iron level four tauren is equivalent to a dozen ordinary tauren. In the abyss world, tauren with such strength are also called tauren.

    As the name suggests, the tauren at the fourth level of black iron are qualified to be called the main force of the demon lord, and are no longer cannon fodder.

    However, Li Tong was not afraid. The Pure Yang Sword Technique he had practiced was enough to give him strength comparable to that of a Level 4 Black Iron Tauren Warrior. Besides, he also had a summoning card for a Level 5 Black Iron Tauren Warrior in his hand.  If that doesn't work, use this card to kill all the Minotaurs in the building.

    The summoning card of the Tauren Warrior is now the last card in Li Tong's hand. This card cannot be easily played until the last moment.

    Li Tong moved quickly, and the black iron-level martial arts of Sifang Bu was extremely explosive, allowing him to dodge back and forth in various rooms on the floor like a cheetah. Within a moment, the tauren were knocked unconscious by him.  spread out.

    "Qi penetrates the rainbow!"

    Seeing the opportunity, Li Tong suddenly jumped up and stabbed out with his sword, tearing a sharp roar in the air. Facing this lightning-fast sword move, a tauren had no time to react, and a fountain of blood spurted out from his throat.  The body fell to the ground with a thud.

    After the death of the tauren, the black pure energy that emerged quickly entered Li Tong's body, allowing Li Tong to quickly recover after he had just used his unique skill.

    Before, Li Tong had to use all his strength to control the vibration of the sword when using Chunyang Sword Technique. Although the power of the sword technique was powerful, it was very laborious to perform. After advancing to the third level of Black Iron, Li Tong's  His strength was greatly enhanced, and he was finally able to fully use the Qi Penetrating Changhong move, and no longer had the disadvantage of being completely powerless after one move.

    "Next, we must practice the innate pure Yang technique. With the innate pure Yang Qi, the power of Qi Penetrating Changhong will definitely increase ten times and a hundred times!"

    After Li Tong killed the tauren, he quickly found another tauren who was alone. He struck again. The dagger buzzed and chirped, and he cut off the head of another tauren.  .

    After two of his men were killed, the bull-headed warrior reacted, turned around and charged forward with an angry roar, slashing at Li Tong with his ax carrying the evil wind.

    The ax hasn¡¯t been completely struck yet,He could feel a strong gust of wind coming towards him at any time. He did not dare to face the attack head-on, so he quickly used Square Steps, retreated quickly before the ax fell, and dodged the blow in no time.

    The ax slammed into the place where Li Tong was standing just now. The powerful force shook the entire floor, and suddenly a big hole was made in the ground.

    The other tauren followed closely behind the tauren and were about to surround Li Tong.

    "If you want to kill me, you beasts are not qualified enough!" Li Tong showed a cold expression, and suddenly flew up, stepped on the walls on both sides three times, landed behind the two tauren, and swiped two swords.  The two tauren fell to the ground with a roar again.

    "What a strong energy. Now, I have the strength of ten adults!"

    Li Tong's heart was moved. After the death of this black iron level 3 tauren, the energy that escaped was twice that of an ordinary tauren. Li Tong could clearly sense that the inside of his body was undergoing drastic changes, the bones were strengthening, and the cells were rapidly changing.  Split, muscle tissue also becomes tougher.

    Possessing the black iron-level footwork of Sifang Bu, Li Tong could fight and leave whenever he wanted. He was very calm and did not fight the Tauren warrior head-on. Therefore, the Tauren warrior roared angrily and could only watch Li Tong appear and disappear.  , kill the remaining tauren.

    With only one bull-headed warrior left, Li Tong also stopped and used another unique move on the bull-headed warrior. The dagger flashed through phantoms in the air, and finally condensed into a sharp and indestructible sword light.

    Sensing the terror of this sword light, the bull-headed warrior couldn't help but pause in his steps, a hint of fear flashed across his two bull's eyes.

    "Fuck me!" Li Tong shouted, his sword light exploded, and he sprinted towards the Tauren warrior like lightning.

    The bull-headed warrior roared angrily, and moved his ax forward, blocking the sword light immediately. With a clang, the sword light and the ax clashed, sparks flying. The bull-headed warrior was much more powerful than Li Tong, and he scattered the sword light in one go.  .

    However, Chunyang Sword Technique is a bronze-level martial art after all. The thousands of vibrations of the sword body have condensed the power into one force. The arms of the bull-headed warrior also trembled from the sword light.

    The sword returned in vain. Li Tong did not show any signs of movement. He used his four-square steps to surround the bull-headed warrior like a phantom.  After four consecutive moves, four phantom-like sword lights burst out again.

    Roar!  The four sword lights brought a huge threat to the Tauren Warrior. It couldn't help roaring and swung its ax repeatedly, trying to intercept it.

    "Sure enough, he is a beast with a low IQ!" Li Tong suddenly laughed, and withdrew his sword light. The four phantom sword lights were all feints he used, and they did not contain much lethality. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the bull-headed warrior to be in a hurry, Li Tong  He jumped up and struck out with his sword from mid-air. This time, the sword light was condensed and not empty. It was a real killing move.

    Phew, the sword light fell like a meteor, dodged the axe, and penetrated into the heart of the bull-headed warrior.

    The bull-headed warrior screamed, but he was not dead for a moment. With his last strength, the ax swept out. Li Tong quickly let go of the dagger in his hand and quickly dodged backwards, but he was still hit by the edge of the ax.

    The powerful ax instantly opened a long gash in Li Tong's body, and blood immediately seeped out.

    Li Tong grunted and quickly kicked the dagger stuck in the chest of the minotaur warrior, kicking the dagger deeply into the minotaur's heart and lungs.

    Energy ten times more powerful than an ordinary tauren entered Li Tong's body, quickly repairing Li Tong's wounds, and once again increasing the power of Li Tong's four adults. With the strength of sixteen people at the fourth level of Black Iron, Li Tong  Just a little short of passing.

    A black light descended, and a cyan book fell from the black light.

    "It's a skill book again!" Li Tong was delighted and picked up the skill book. On the cover of the skill book were written three characters: Vine Technique, which is a black iron-level magic skill.

    It¡¯s actually a vine technique?  This skill is a rare control magic. Among all black iron magics, control skills such as Frozen Ring, Swamp Technique, and Stun Technique all require strong mental power to perform, while Vine Technique only requires a small amount of mental power and a  It can be cast with grass seeds, and the vines it releases are extremely tough. It is of high quality and low price. It is also a very popular skill in black iron magic.

    "This skill is just for Qin Yao to learn. With the vine technique, I can deal with the bull-headed warrior even if I encounter it!"

    Putting away the skill book, Li Tong listened for a moment and then quickly chased in the direction Huang Meng was running.

    Following the traces left by Huang Meng and the tauren, Li Tong found Huang Meng's figure in a hall in less than five minutes. However, what surprised him was that six shabby-looking figures appeared next to Huang Meng.  Disheveled men and women.

    Seven or eight tauren chased these people in the hall and kept attacking, making these peopleA person was crying and shouting for help. In addition to these, there were several corpses lying on the side of the hall. One of the corpses was chubby, as if he had been a big leader during his lifetime.

    "Brother Tong! Come and save me, I can't hold on anymore!" Huang Meng was struggling to hold on under the attack of a tauren. When he saw Li Tong rushing over, he was relieved. While relaxing, he was inadvertently attacked by the tauren.  The ax rubbed against him, and he immediately grinned.

    "The eight tauren are just the right time for me to be promoted to the fourth level of black iron!"

    Li Tong shouted loudly, and used a move of Qi Guan Changhong, which rolled across the air and chopped off the head of a tauren. Then he showed off his body skills and rushed into the middle of the hall. His dagger whizzed back and forth, and in less than two minutes,  One sword at a time, killing all eight tauren like chopping melons and vegetables.

    They were stunned. The six men and women had never seen such a powerful human being. Since the end of the world, only monsters had killed people. But this young man with a delicate appearance in front of them could actually kill so many tauren in a row. In their hearts, Li  Tong has become the projected incarnation of Spider-Man and Superman in the human world.


    His head shook, as if he had broken through some barrier. Li Tong could feel that the blood in his body was flowing like lead and mercury, and his heart was beating powerfully, like an electric motor, releasing strong power all the time.


    Li Tong only had this idea in his mind.

    "Brother Tong! Congratulations on your promotion again!" Huang Meng smiled, envy and joy flashed in his eyes, and he was sincerely happy for Li Tong.

    Li Tong smiled faintly. He could feel that Huang Meng did not feel any jealousy in his heart. He glanced at the six men and women and asked, "Who are they?"

    "I don't know either. I was chased by a tauren just now. When I ran to this hall, I happened to find a few of them coming down from upstairs." Huang Meng touched his head and said.

    ¡°This,,,,, this brother, thank you for saving us!¡±

    The six people were divided into four men and two women. They were all wearing suits and leather work clothes. They seemed to be employees of this building. After the six people calmed down, a middle-aged man with gold-rimmed glasses came out and approached Li  Thanks for the passage.

    "You're welcome, it's just a matter of convenience!" Li Tong waved his hand lightly.

    The middle-aged man smiled bitterly in his heart. In Li Tong's eyes, so many monsters were just a piece of cake. You know, yesterday a tauren killed all the employees of their company. There was no way to go to the sky or to the earth.

    "Are you employees in this building?" Li Tong asked.

    "Yes, the six of us are from Hon Hai Financial Investment Company. My name is Gong Sicheng, and I am the section chief of the company's investment department. They are Meng Shang, Zhang Jun, Zheng Huaiyuan, Qian Xinxin and Ma Xintong."

    Gong Sicheng pointed at the five people behind him and introduced them one by one. Meng Shang and Zhang Jun looked serious and ordinary office workers, while Zheng Huaiyuan looked a little slippery, and his eyes kept moving, which made Li Tong  At first glance, I felt a little unhappy. Qian Xinxin was probably nearly thirty years old, with a hot figure, gorgeous appearance, and a bit of a charm.  Ma Xintong, on the other hand, wears a pair of glasses and looks like the girl next door, with a green face.

    After a few words with these people, Li Tong led everyone back to the room. Gong Sicheng and the others took a look, had an urgent discussion, and were ready to follow Li Tong for the time being.


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