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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 11: Hunting Alone

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    "Li Tong, you guys are back! Who are they?" When Qin Yao and the others saw Li Tong and Huang Meng returning safely, their hearts that had been hanging in the air finally relaxed, and then they looked at the six men and women who came in behind Li Tong.

    "They are employees working in this building." Li Tong answered very concisely, then walked to the side, sat down cross-legged, and began to close his eyes and rest.

    Qin Yao saw that Li Tong didn't mean to introduce them, and immediately understood that these six people and the five of them were not on the same road, but just met by chance. Huang Meng's arm was rubbed by the ax and blood oozed out. After Wang Xiaomo saw it,  He quickly took out a roll of gauze from his backpack and bandaged Huang Meng carefully.

    At this time, Gong Sicheng saw the food stuffed in Wang Xiaomo's backpack and couldn't help but gulped, "This classmate, we haven't eaten for two days, and we are almost starving now. I don't know your food.  Can you give us a little, I will definitely repay you in the future!"

    "Repay us, I wonder what you can do in return?" Huang Meng couldn't help but roll his eyes when he heard this, muttering to himself that these foods were obtained from the supermarket after they finally killed monsters. This  The middle-aged man with glasses wants to take it away with nothing but white teeth, how can that be done?

    When Wang Xiaomo heard this, he hesitated for a moment, then turned to look at Li Tong.

    Gong Sicheng immediately understood that Li Tongcai was the one who made the decision among the five, "Brother, if we weren't at the end of our rope, I wouldn't have said this. We are really hungry. Even if we go out to look for food, we will encounter monsters."  I don¡¯t even have the strength to fight for it!¡±

    "Yes! If it hadn't been like this, we wouldn't have risked our lives to come down from upstairs, and several colleagues would have died!" The other five people also helped, and they just looked at Li Tong and the others with expectant eyes.  , no one dared to rob it.

    Li Tong¡¯s performance just now really frightened them.

    Speaking of this, Concubine Zhao Yu, who was resting on the side, was also moved by the pitiful expressions of several people, "Li Tong, otherwise, or we can help them and give them some food!"

    Li Tong opened his eyes and said calmly: "I'm sorry, we risked our lives to fight monsters to get this food. Besides, you are not my friends. Why should I share the food with you? You want food?"  , of course, from now on, be my subordinate and obey my orders, and I will naturally give you food!"

    "What? Be your subordinate?" Qian Xinxin, a mature woman among the six people, screamed, "Why are you like this? You are taking advantage of others' danger!"

    When Concubine Zhao Yu saw that Li Tong didn't take her words to heart at all, her pretty face couldn't help but pale, and then she felt sad.

    Li Tong chuckled, "Just pretend I didn't say it!"

    Gong Sicheng's face turned green and white, and he finally gritted his teeth, "Okay! As long as you can protect my safety, I will be your subordinate!"

    "The world has become so dangerous now. I can't even guarantee my own safety. How can I protect your safety? All I can do is give you the opportunity to have the power to protect yourself!" Li Tong said lightly.

    "Have the power to protect ourselves? Are you saying that we also have a chance to kill monsters as easily as you?" Zheng Huaiyuan, who looked a little slick, thought in his heart and shouted loudly.

    "If that's the case, I would also like to be your subordinate!" After watching Li Tong nod in confirmation, Zheng Huaiyuan also made a decision.

    "We are also willing," the other people saw this and could only agree.

    "Okay!" Li Tong threw a backpack to the six people, "But as I said before, I can provide you with food and help you strengthen, but let me find out that someone dares to do something to harm us behind my back.  , don¡¯t blame me for being ruthless!¡±

    ¡°It¡¯s not just monsters that kill people!¡±

    Li Tong¡¯s last words seemed cold and ruthless, making everyone in the room shiver.

    Seeing that everyone was frightened by his words, Li Tong did not say anything to relieve himself. He took out the vine technique skill book from his arms and threw it to Qin Yao, "This is the black iron level magic vine technique. See if you can do it."  Practice!¡±

    The prerequisite for practicing magic is that your mental strength reaches the standard, otherwise the skill book cannot be used.

    Fortunately, Qin Yao's mental power has been significantly improved after learning basic meditation. In addition, Qin Yao practices hard whenever he has time. In a short period of time, Qin Yao's mental power has reached the level of black iron.  Level 2.

    This level has reached the standard for practicing vine magic. After opening the skill book and reading the knowledge recorded in the book, the skill book turned into black light, and countless handprints, incantations and magic movements were poured into Qin Yao's mind

    Having had the experience of learning skills, Qin Yao did not panic and quickly accepted the knowledge.

    According to the laws of the abyss, there are only two ways to practice various martial arts, martial arts or magical fighting spirit. One way is to obtain a skill book as a reward from the abyss consciousness. The knowledge and key points of skill training recorded in the skill book will be sent directly.  The soul of the cultivator, in this case, saves the cultivator a lot of hard work. Another way is to practice by yourself step by step, which naturally consumes much longer time than using the skill book.

    "Okay, I have learned this magic!" Qin Yao smiled.

    "How powerful is this magic? Can it entangle a Black Iron Level 4 Tauren warrior?" Li Tong asked. He was also a little curious. It is said that every attack magic has a very powerful power, and the most powerful ones can even summon meteorites.  Hitting the earth, I don¡¯t know how effective the vine technique is.

    Qin Yao shook her head and said with some regret: "My current mental strength is still relatively weak and I cannot exert the true power of the vine technique. The vines released are only powerful enough to trap a level 4 black iron bull-headed warrior.  If there are good plant seeds, the power of the vine spell will be greatly enhanced."

    "Sister Qin Yao, can you release this magic now?" Wang Xiaomo asked excitedly. Huang Meng, Zhao Yufei and Gong Sicheng also looked curious.

    "Of course. As long as there is wood and soil, I can release this magic. However, with my current mental strength, I have to rest for an hour once I cast it!" Qin Yao nodded and pointed to the wall with her right hand.  , chanting incantations that ordinary people cannot understand.

    Soon, Qin Yao finished reciting the spell, and her mental power pulled the elements between heaven and earth. A green light flew out from the fingertips of her right hand and landed on the wall. In an instant, more than a dozen green vines emerged from the ground.  Jumping out, Qin Yao's thoughts moved, and more than a dozen vines were like pythons, tightly wrapping a mahogany coffee table. The mahogany coffee table was crushed by the vines.  Turned into a pile of broken wood.

    "It's amazing!" Wang Xiaomo exclaimed, with unspeakable envy on his face.

    Gong Sicheng and the others were also stunned. The scientific education they had received for half their lives was shattered at this time, and the legendary magic appeared in front of them. It seemed that the world was really different from before.

    After casting her magic, Qin Yao's face turned pale, her mental energy was exhausted, and she was on the verge of falling. Wang Xiaomo quickly supported her.

    "Okay! The power of this vine technique is really good. Qin Yao, this vine technique will definitely play a big role in fighting monsters in the future. You should practice it well." Li Tong showed a smile. His words were equivalent to confirming that Qin Yao was here.  status among people.

    "It's almost afternoon now. After we have dinner, Huang Meng and Qin Yao, you two will take the others and take turns to go out and fight the monsters, and strive to strengthen each of them to the black iron level before tonight.  !¡±

    Li Tong looked at the sky and gave instructions to everyone.

    "What about you? Aren't you going to act with us?" Huang Meng was a little confused and asked.

    Li Tong smiled and said, "I can't be your nanny for the rest of my life. If you don't learn to fight alone and practice hard, you won't be able to become a strong man. Besides, I am now a level 4 black iron warrior.  , killing ordinary skeleton tauren will not have much effect. Only by finding more powerful monsters can I quickly strengthen!"

    Only then did Huang Meng understand what Li Tong meant.

    "Remember, try to start with the weak monsters first. If you encounter any powerful monsters, don't fight hard and retreat quickly. Also, if you meet other survivors, bring them back if they are willing to come back with you. If you are not willing, bring them back.  Just leave them alone, if anyone has evil intentions, kill them!"

    After eating bread and drinking water, Huang Meng took Wang Xiaomo, Gong Sicheng, Zheng Huaiyuan, and Meng Shang and set off to carefully search for monsters around the building.

    After Li Tong saw them leaving, he also packed his backpack and prepared to set off alone.

    "Li Tong," Zhao Yufei couldn't help shouting, and saw Li Tong turning his head, "You, be careful!"

    Li Tong waved his hand and strode away.

    "There is a garden community in front!"

    After killing a few skeletons with no eyes along the way, Li Tong arrived at his destination, the Garden Community, where students from Qingjiang University rented houses. Usually, the flow of people was relatively dense. After the apocalypse, the monsters here were compared to  The monsters in the place kill more people and are definitely stronger, which is suitable for Li Tong to come and hunt them.

    As soon as he entered the gate of the community, Li Tong saw nearly a hundred skeletons wandering in the small gardens in front of several apartment buildings.Further away, there are many tauren.

    "So many monsters!"

    Li Tong smiled, raised his dagger, and without the slightest fear, he attacked the group of nearly a hundred skeletons. His sword energy was shooting out, and their heads were rolling. The strength of these skeletons was too weak compared to Li Tong. Li Tong  Every time Tong used his sword, he could kill two skeletons.

    Occasionally, one or two black iron level two skeletons appeared, but they were killed by Li Tong mercilessly with his sword.

    Nearly half an hour later, nearly a hundred skeletons were killed by Li Tong alone.

    After the last skeleton fell to the ground, a black light shot out, revealing a black crystal.

    "Another black iron level life crystal!" Li Tong was overjoyed and quickly put the life crystal into his arms, then looked not far away, "Next, it's the turn of these tauren!"


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