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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 12: Black Iron Level 5

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    "I'm exhausted! I will never do it so hard again!"

    An hour later, Li Tong was lying in a room in the apartment building in embarrassment, panting. When he was about to hunt the tauren in the community, as soon as he started, he was seen by another group of tauren. Two groups of tauren.  Together, there are more than fifty people.

    At that time, Li Tong was still happy. Killing so many tauren would be enough for him to be promoted to the fifth level of black iron. But after he killed more than a dozen tauren in a row, he found that these tauren were all incompetent.  He was afraid of death, and the killing made him exhausted and his hands and feet were sore. If he hadn't escaped quickly by running in all directions, he would have almost fallen into the hands of those tauren.

    "The ants kill the elephant! This sentence is indeed a wise saying. Today, I finally realized the elephant's frustration!"

    Li Tong regained his strength and then went downstairs again. He planned to lure the minotaurs into the building and use floors to separate more than fifty minotaurs. As long as these minotaurs were separated, he could defeat them one by one.

    As soon as he came downstairs, the tauren who had chased him nearby suddenly roared and charged frantically in Li Tong's direction.

    Li Tong didn't hesitate at all, turned around and ran away. The powerful explosive power brought by the Square Step brought him to the steps of the first floor in the blink of an eye. The Minotaur also rushed over, but the total stairs of the corridor were only that wide.  The limit is to accommodate more than twenty tauren. Fifty tauren will be divided into two groups anyway.

    He led the chasing Minotaurs to the third floor. Then Li Tong jumped down from the window on the third floor and got rid of all the Minotaurs in one fell swoop.

    Li Tong bent his legs to absorb the impact of jumping from a high place. Li Tong rushed towards the first floor. At this time, there were more than a dozen minotaurs in the corridor on the first floor. These minotaurs were all ordinary monsters.  , he wanted to seize this rare opportunity and get rid of these dozen tauren first.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    As soon as the sword edge swept, the heads of the two tauren rolled to the ground. The other tauren immediately noticed Li Tong's figure and began to attack him crazily. Li Tong used the square step, one after the other, to avoid more than a dozen people.  The two axes attacked at the same time, and the axes fell heavily, smashing the walls and railings on both sides into pieces, and sending smoke and dust everywhere.

    After dodging the attack, Li Tong casually stabbed a tauren to death with a sword. More than a dozen monsters with only Level 2 Black Iron were killed by Li Tong in the blink of an eye.

    More than a dozen rays of pure energy entered his body, and Li Tong's power strengthened again. However, the fifth level of black iron was fully twice as powerful as the fourth level of black iron. The energy required for promotion was more than the total energy of the previous four promotions.  If you want more, just a dozen tauren are far from enough for what Li Tong needs.

    More than a quarter of these tauren were killed. Li Tong also relieved his mood a little, and walked calmly to the second floor. On the second floor, there were also several tauren wandering around and searching.  The strength of Black Iron Level 3.

    Li Tong did not show any expression. He shouted in a low voice and drew his sword again. The dagger was like lightning flashing across the sky. It pierced the throat of a tauren with a swish. He did not give these tauren any chance to fight back. Li Tong  Tong used the move of Qi Penetrating Changhong and chopped off all the heads of several tauren in one breath.

    Except for the tauren killed by Li Tong just now, the tauren on the third floor are all elites with powerful strength. Each one has the power of black iron level 3. Occasionally, tauren at level 4 of black iron can be found.


    Li Tong rushed into the third floor in one breath and rushed into the remaining tauren. The blade of his sword was curled and his body moved, sweeping past like a whirlwind shooting out a wind blade. In the blink of an eye, seven or eight tauren fell to the ground.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    The remaining tauren were angered by Li Tong, and each one of them was like a mad berserker, slashing and charging like crazy. If someone who is not calm in his heart sees this crazy scene, he will first be shocked and unable to use his hands and feet, even if he has  The powerful strength will inevitably be lost in the Minotaur's axe.

    After being tempered by dreams, Li Tong's spirit has now become very tenacious, and not many things can make him flustered.

    Calmly performing footwork, holding the dagger in his right hand and lowering his head, Li Tong temporarily avoided the sharp edge and swam without attacking. When these tauren were slightly confused due to random attacks and collisions, he rushed out like a prey.  eagle.

    Phew!  The short sword broke open the head of a black iron level four bull-headed warrior. After possessing the bronze level swordsmanship, among the same level, except for the bronze level or more powerful skills, there is no monster or human being like Li Tong.  opponent!

    After killing this bull-headed warrior, Li Tong did not give the other bull-headed warriors time to react. Like lightning, he moved to another bull-headed warrior again and used Qi Guan Changhong to kill this one in one fell swoop.The head warrior was stabbed to death.

    The two tauren warriors were the leaders of this group of tauren. The leader was killed, and the other tauren suddenly became confused.

    Without the black iron level four Tauren warriors, the remaining monsters could no longer pose any threat to Li Tong. Ten minutes later, Li Tong killed all the Minotaurs. After more than fifty Minotaurs were all killed,  , a black card fell from the sky.

    "The little dwarf's transaction certificate!"

    Li Tong was stunned for a moment. The dwarf demon is a type of abyss demon. It is relatively weak among all demon groups and belongs to the black iron group. They like to wander around in the abyss, acquire various items and make deals with other creatures.  This kind of devil believes not in strength but in money and treasures!

    With this transaction voucher, Li Tong can summon a little dwarf demon to trade with it, and obtain various black iron-level treasures, equipment, and skill books.

    However, the little dwarf demon is also a kind of abyss demon. It is cunning and cruel by nature. If you make a deal with it, if the strength and power cannot deter the little dwarf demon, the little dwarf demon will turn its face and deny people. Murder and robbery are too much.  It¡¯s normal!

    "Any little dwarf demon has the strength of Black Iron Level 7 or above. Now I'm too weak and don't have any treasures. It's not the time to use this card!"

    After putting away the card, Li Tong saw the sun setting in the west and it was already evening.  So I returned to the building where I was hiding.

    The door to the room was closed tightly, and Li Tong knocked on the door, "Open the door, it's me!"

    Huang Meng opened the door and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Li Tong was not injured at all, "Brother Tong, it's great that you're okay!"

    Li Tong walked into the room. Most of the other people in the room had also returned. However, among the six men and women, two men were missing. Li Tong could tell at a glance that the faces of everyone in the room were very ugly and the atmosphere was very tense.  Depressed.

    The two young men are Meng Shang and Li Jun, two inconspicuous people.

    "What's going on?" Li Tong frowned, came to the middle of the room, and asked calmly.

    "Brother Tong, today we followed your instructions and went out to hunt monsters. It went very smoothly at the beginning. After killing some skeletons, Gong Sicheng and Zheng Huaiyuan were successfully strengthened to the black iron level. We are about to continue hunting.  At that time, I encountered a bull-headed warrior. I tried my best, but only Gong Sicheng, Zheng Huaiyuan and the others brought them back. Meng Shang couldn't run away and was killed by an ax from the bull-headed warrior!"

    Huang Meng looked a little depressed, his luck was really not that good.

    Qin Yao also looked guilty, "When I took them out to hunt monsters, I also encountered a group of tauren. The vine technique can only be used once an hour, and it cannot stop too many monsters. When escaping, Li  Jun didn't run back in time, so he's probably in trouble now!"

    Zhao Yufei didn't go out because of her foot injury, so she sat on one side and looked straight out of the window, very lost in thought.

    "I know!" Li Tong nodded, and then glanced at everyone. Huang Meng and Qin Yao were still at the second level of the black iron. Wang Xiaomo and Gong Sicheng and Zheng Huaiyuan were at the first level of the black iron. Qian Xinxin, a woman, had increased her strength.  , but has not yet reached the first level of black iron. What surprised Li Tong was that Ma Xintong, who looked like a young girl, actually reached the first level of black iron.

    "Then, do we still want to go out to hunt monsters?" Huang Meng asked hesitantly. As soon as his question came out, Gong Sicheng and the others immediately raised their heads and looked over nervously. It was obvious that after today's dangerous encounter  , they simply don¡¯t want to have any contact with monsters anymore.

    However, Li Tong made them extremely disappointed.

    "Of course I want to go. If I don't go out and actively hunt monsters, how can I become stronger and how can I escape from Haicheng?" Li Tong said lightly, his voice not loud, but with incomparable determination.

    "You, you are asking us to die! What if we encounter danger again? We are not as powerful as you!" When Qian Xinxin heard this, she couldn't control her emotions and screamed loudly.

    Li Tong's eyes glanced coldly, and a cold and cold breath came out. Qian Xinxin's voice was interrupted immediately, and she looked at Li Tong in fear. She could feel from Li Tong's eyes that if she didn't  If you shut up, there will definitely be very serious consequences.

    "No one is forcing you to go. If you don't want to go, please leave this room and leave our team!" Li Tong looked cold and stopped staring at Qian Xinxin. Qian Xinxin suddenly fell down on the sofa like a shrimp with soft feet.  panting.

    "Let me tell you, tonight is your last chance. Tomorrow we will leave here and head towards the West Ring Road. After tomorrow, many more powerful dark creatures will come to this world. You don't have toWith little strength and no strength to even escape, how could he survive?  "

    Li Tong's expression was so serious that others couldn't help but believe his words.

    "After a short rest, let's continue!"

    Huang Meng and Qin Yao silently recovered their strength. Half an hour later, Gong Sicheng and the others had to follow them to hunt monsters whether they liked it or not.

    After Li Tong rested for a while, he saw Concubine Zhao Yu standing aside with her hands on her knees. After thinking about it, he turned to Qin Yao and said, "Concubine Zhao Yu has a sprained ankle. When we set off tomorrow, she will definitely not be able to follow you. What do you think?"  The method is to attract a skeleton and let Zhao Yufei kill it, and the life energy can heal Zhao Yufei's injuries!"

    When Concubine Zhao Yu heard this, she turned her head, her face lit up with surprise. Being able to recover from her injuries as soon as possible without becoming a burden is what she wants to achieve most now.

    Qin Yao agreed. Her vine technique could trap the tauren and naturally capture the weaker skeletons.

    After eating some food to replenish his physical strength, Li Tong set out again, looking for powerful monsters around the building to start hunting.

    The sun gradually went down, and the sky slowly started to get darker.

    In a small alley, Li Tong pulled out the dagger from the dead Tauren warrior. With a shake of the dagger, the blood stained on the sword was shaken off.  He casually collected a crystal of life that fell from the sky into his arms.

    "The seventh bull-headed warrior!"

    For three hours, Li Tong searched carefully near the building and found seven bull-headed warriors. Each bull-headed warrior led more than ten or twenty minotaurs. These monsters brought Li Tong abundant energy.  .

    Now that Li Tong has reached the edge of promotion, he only needs to kill any more monsters to break through the barrier and become a black iron level five warrior.

    Leaving the alley, Li Tong continued his search. However, he and Huang Meng had already killed all the monsters in the surrounding area. It took more than ten minutes before he saw a skeleton in a hardware store.

    This skeleton is shining with a dark luster, and the bone knife on its right arm has also been lengthened, changing from a short knife to a long knife. It is obvious that this skeleton has reached the third level of black iron.

    Li Tong did not hesitate and rushed towards the skeleton. With one stroke of his dagger, he swung away the long knife that was coming, and with one stroke of his sword, he killed this skeleton that had rarely advanced to the third level of black iron.  A burst of energy escapes.


    Black Iron Level 5!

    In addition to the increase in strength, there is also an increase in mental power, which makes Li Tong's five senses more acute, and some impurities in the body are once again discharged, making Li Tong's physique and qualifications stronger.

    If you reach the ninth level of black iron, the impurities in your body will be completely discharged. By then, no matter what technique you practice, you will get twice the result with half the effort.


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