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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 13: The Army Enters the City

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    After being promoted, Li Tong did not stay outside anymore and quickly returned to the building. In the room, Huang Meng and Gong Sicheng were panting and looked tired. There were blood stains on everyone's body. Huang Meng's  The shirt is about to turn into a ball of rags.

    "Yes, your strength is stronger. As long as you kill a few more monsters, you can advance!" Li Tong noticed that the aura from Huang Meng's body was stronger, a smile appeared on his face, and he praised.

    Huang Meng chuckled and scratched his head in embarrassment, "Compared to Brother Tong, I'm still far behind. By the way, Gong Sicheng and Zheng Huaiyuan performed very well. There was a tauren just now. It was the two of them.  Killed together!"

    Gong Sicheng smiled and said nothing, while Zheng Huaiyuan chatted with a smile, "If it weren't for Brother Meng, how could we dare to fight the monsters with confidence? Brother Meng showed off his power just now and killed six monsters by himself. How could we be so far away?"  Far inferior!"

    Li Tong waved his hand, "The stronger you are, the greater your chance of survival will be in the future. At the same time, our team will be stronger."

    At this time, Huang Meng suddenly remembered something and took out a sheathed sword from the side. "By the way, Brother Tong, this is what we got when we went out to hunt monsters today. This sword is very sharp and can be sharpened like iron."  mud!"

    Li Tong immediately became interested. He took the scabbard sword into his hand and observed it carefully. The scabbard was simple and had a layer of thin scales on it, as if it was made of the skin of some monster. He slowly pulled out the long sword, and there was a trace of it.  The cold light of the silk bloomed in all directions, and an extremely sharp aura was revealed.

    "A black iron-level sword, a frost sword!"

    Completely pulling out the long sword and holding the hilt, a mysterious message flowed through Li Tong's heart. The information about this long sword was revealed. This long sword came from a high martial plane. The sword  The body is made of ten-thousand-year-old deep-sea dark iron, and the blade of the sword is inherently cold. As long as one is stabbed by this sword, the cold will penetrate into the heart and lungs, causing great pain.

    In addition to the sword body, even the scabbard is made of the most flexible fur of the deep sea beast, which can hide the coldness of the frost sword.

    Li Tong held the hilt of the sword with his right hand and struck the sword casually. A cold breath sprayed out, and a subtle friction sound came. The water glass on the table was neatly divided into two halves. The water in the water glass did not flow out, but was blown by the cold.  The breath froze directly into ice cubes.

    "What a powerful frost sword!" Li Tong admired in his heart. With the sword in his hand, his attack power at least doubled. You must know that the fine steel dagger Li Tong used before was an ordinary hundred-refined sword.  , If it weren't for Li Tong's exquisite swordsmanship, which could control the trembling of the sword to burst out with indestructible cutting power, the dagger wouldn't even be able to pierce the skin of the Black Iron Level 4 Tauren warrior.

    And with this frost sword, even if you don't use Pure Yang Sword Technique, the extremely sharp sword edge can easily split the Tauren Warrior in half. This is the powerful power of the black iron-level treasure.

    It is a pity that this Frost Sword is also a transitional weapon for Li Tong. When he practices the Innate Pure Yang Technique in the future, the Pure Yang Qi will conflict with the cold energy of the Frost Sword, and then the sword will not be able to emit cold energy.  , which means most of it is wasted.

    Not long after, Qin Yao also came back with a few girls. After a long battle, these girls had all strengthened to the Black Iron level. However, Li Tong could see that among these girls, Wang Xiaomo was the only one.  He and Ma Xintong had a hint of murderous intent on their bodies, while Zhao Yufei and Qian Xinxin showed no traces of fighting on their bodies.

    Qin Yao's face turned pale as she was helped back by Wang Xiaomo and Zhao Yufei. It was obviously the result of excessive use of mental power.  You don't need to think about it to know that Qin Yao must have used the vine technique to trap the monster, and the other girls took the opportunity to kill it.

    Li Tong didn't say much. He waited until they all had a rest before gathering everyone together.

    "Okay, now let me talk about our next actions. Now the weakest among us has the strength of Black Iron level one, and has the strength equivalent to two adults. In this case, when we encounter monsters, we will have  With a little safety guarantee, we will have a good rest tonight, and tomorrow morning, we will set off to Haicheng Xihuan!"

    After Li Tong said these words, the others did not express any objection, but listened silently. Now they all depend on Li Tong for survival. Wherever Li Tong goes, they must follow him. Otherwise, who knows what they can do?  How long can you live in this extremely dangerous city?

    After looking at everyone, Li Tong said again: "I also know that some of you don't like fighting, but the world has changed now. If you don't kill the monsters, the monsters will kill you. We have no right to choose.  !¡±

    After saying this, Li Tong simply assigned tasks to everyone. From now on, Huang Meng will lead Gong Sicheng and Zheng Huaiyuan as the main force in the battle, and Qin Yao will leadXiaomo Ma Xintong assisted in the battle. As for Zhao Yufei and Qian Xinxin, in addition to assisting in the battle, they were also responsible for logistical work such as cooking and fetching water.

    Qin Yao sighed secretly and looked at Zhao Yufei without saying anything. She agreed with Li Tong's idea. After all, she was not willing to protect others like a nanny without any benefit. Now Zhao Yufei is responsible for the logistics of cooking and laundry, so she can still play her role.  She understood Li Tong's character if she had some effect. If she didn't have any effect, no matter who she was, Li Tong would definitely give up on her.

    Concubine Zhao Yu nodded silently. Now is not the past, and she is no longer a carefree rich girl. It is good to live a good life.  Qian Xinxin muttered a few words, and when she saw that no one paid attention to her, she did not dare to object.

    The night is deep, and the moonlight is tilting down like mercury.  Li Tong and the others boiled water from the water dispensers in other rooms in the building, had a good meal, and then took a hot bath with hot water before resting.

    Early morning.

    When the first ray of sunlight appeared, Li Tong had already stood up and stood on the balcony and began to recite. Xiantian Pure Yang Kung Fu is the most authentic Taoist Mysterious Kung Fu, and it enjoys the reputation of being the best magical kung fu in the world in the martial arts plane where it is located.  , although it is only a low-level martial arts plane, the fact that it can be called the best magical skill in the world proves its extraordinary quality.

    The innate pure yang function cultivates the pure yang energy in the human body. After condensing the pure yang energy, it becomes the pure yang true energy. After being refined into the pure yang true energy, the body can be enveloped by the body-protecting qi all the time.  To achieve invulnerability to water and fire, a breath of innate pure Yang Qi can also make people invulnerable to all kinds of poisons, and their inner strength will never end.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Outside of these functions, the innate pure yang skill is also naturally shielded from all kinds of sinister energy and various illusions.  Such magical skills are among the best among all bronze-level skills.

    After collecting the innate pure Yang breath from the first ray of sunlight, Li Tong silently worked his mind. A warm breath traveled from the eight extraordinary meridians, and the muscles and bones of his body felt like they were soaking in a hot spring.  Slowly relax.

    Finally, after running for a week, the warmth hovered in Li Tong's Dantian. For a moment, Li Tong's Dantian was like a warm fireplace, changing Li Tong's body very slowly from bottom to top.  structure to make it more optimized.

    The occurrence of this situation means that Li Tong's Innate Pure Yang Gong has started to cultivate pure Yang Qi in the Dantian. This is the first level of pregnancy Qi realm in the Innate Pure Yang Gong.

    When Li Tong finished his luck, everyone got up. They did not disturb Li Tong and went to tidy up in their rooms.

    Breakfast was made by Zhao Yufei and Qian Xinxin. It included bread, ham, and instant noodles. Without better ingredients, everyone could only eat these things that they used to regard as junk food.  After eating and drinking, Li Tong led a group of people out of the building and started walking towards the West Ring Road of Haicheng.

    At this time, except for various vehicles and monsters wandering around, there were no human beings on the street. Most of the survivors had hid in their homes. Only Li Tong and a few people were walking carefully on the entire road.

    Along the way, Li Tong and his party encountered many monsters. Except for the Black Iron Level 3 and Black Iron Level 4 monsters, which were killed by Li Tong, the remaining weaker monsters were handed over to Huang Meng and the others.  Responsible.

    Huang Meng held a fine steel dagger and rushed to the front. Gong Sicheng and Zheng Huaiyuan walked at the side holding axes. The axes in their hands were ripped off from the body of the minotaur. Fortunately, the figure of the minotaur was different from that of humans.  Not far away, their weapons can also be used by humans.

    Qin Yao is walking in the middle. She is a magician and cannot be interrupted while singing, so she needs the protection of others.


    Huang Meng drew out his dagger, kicked with his right foot, and kicked a tauren far away. There was another tauren beside him, but it was blocked by Gong Sicheng and Zheng Huaiyuan. The two of them worked together very well, and their attack power was relatively strong.  It took a few minutes for the two men to work together to kill the tauren.

    "Be careful! There is a black iron level 3 tauren ahead!" Li Tong saw a tauren rushing over at the entrance of a store not far away, and reminded Huang Meng and the others, but he had no intention of taking action.

    Qin Yao showed a smile, and without waiting for Huang Meng and the others to take action, she recited a spell. With her right index finger, green light shot out, and several vines shot out from the ground, trapping the tauren tightly. Then the vines wrapped around  The Minotaur's limbs and head were twisted and pulled in all directions. The Minotaur seemed to have been cut into pieces by five horses, and it died horribly.

    Li Tong looked at it and nodded secretly. It was a surprise that the control magic of vine technique could also exert powerful lethality in Qin Yao's hands.

    In less than half a day, Li Tong and his party walked around and killed hundreds of monsters. Huang Meng and Qin Yao had already killed them.After reaching the third level of black iron, Gong Sicheng and Zheng Huaiyuan killed a lot of people and were promoted to the second level of black iron.

    In addition, a lot of things were gained from killing so many monsters, including two skill books of basic meditation and basic fighting spirit, four life crystals, and several ordinary steel weapons. Basic meditation was given to Wang Xiaomo and Li  Tong prepares to train her to become a priest.  The basic fighting spirit was given to Huang Meng, and other weapons were also given to everyone, greatly improving their combat effectiveness.

    When everyone reached the northwest of Haicheng, a cry of killing came from a distance.

    "What's going on? I seem to hear someone fighting in the distance?" Qin Yao has the strongest mental power and sensed the movement in the distance. As soon as she spoke, everyone carefully hid in the shop on the side.  It was also a habit that everyone had just developed. Whenever there was any movement, they would seek cover first.

    "It should be the army entering the city!" Li Tong said calmly.  Of course he remembered that it was today in his dream that the armed police and the army on the outskirts of Haicheng finally entered the city to eliminate the monsters. He also remembered that this military operation only rescued tens of thousands of citizens from Haicheng and returned without success.

    "The army has entered the city? The country has finally launched a rescue!" Everyone looked surprised.

    "Then what are you waiting for? Let's hurry over and join the army. With the protection of the army, we don't have to fight these monsters anymore!" Qian Xinxin shouted quickly.

    Li Tong sneered slightly, "Do you think the more people there are, the safer it will be? Let me tell you, more people will only attract more monsters. Now the army may have attracted half of the monsters in Haicheng!  "

    "You didn't see it with your own eyes, why do you say that?" Qian Xinxin gritted her teeth and said.

    Li Tong glanced at Qian Xinxin and said, "Okay, let's join the army and see if what I said is true!"

    With that said, Li Tong took the lead and walked towards the place where the sound came from. Even if Qian Xinxin didn't say anything, he still wanted to join the army. There were many monsters gathered in the army now, and they just took the opportunity to hunt and strengthen their own strength.

    Ten minutes later, an extremely spectacular scene appeared in front of everyone.

    On an extremely spacious road, thousands of soldiers were wearing camouflage uniforms, holding fine steel swords and spears in their hands. They formed a neat queue, stabbing with spears and waving broadswords, blocking the attacks of many monsters.  .  These soldiers seem to have been strengthened, and most of them have the strength of the Black Iron level. After forming an array, monsters stronger than them are not allowed to enter.

    Behind these soldiers, there was a dense crowd that could not be seen at all. There were old people, women and children. The men were temporarily commanded by some officers, holding simple weapons to protect the flanks of the crowd.

    A rough calculation shows that there are seventy or eighty thousand survivors.

    What shocked Li Tong the most was that among the thousands of soldiers, there were hundreds of heavily armored soldiers wearing heavy armor and holding large axes and hammers. These heavy armored soldiers were like the elite heavy infantry in ancient times.  There was a feeling as thick as a mountain, as if these heavily armored soldiers would erupt with the power of a mountain-shattering and earth-shattering force whenever they moved.

    The army protected the survivors and kept retreating. The constant influx of monsters made these soldiers feel more and more strenuous.

    Li Tong led everyone quickly into the crowd. In the surrounding streets, survivors continued to hear the noise and shouted loudly to merge into the crowd.


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