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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 14: Kill all the way

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    After blending into the crowd, Li Tong quickly got information from others. The army had established a camp in a valley southwest of Haicheng. The camp was protected by tens of thousands of troops and was very safe.

    A large number of survivors came out from all directions, making the already chaotic flow of people chaotic. Screams and cries rang out continuously. An officer of the army immediately took out a big iron loudspeaker and shouted to the crowd, commanding.  Other officers maintained order and recruited all the men who merged into the crowd, giving them crude weapons.

    Li Tong and several others were also recruited by the army. The officer who just shouted was a battalion commander. He saw that Li Tong and several others were holding fine steel weapons in their hands, and they looked like they were not weak, so he asked Li Tong and Huang Meng to  The two men each led a hundred men and became the captains of the escort team.

    "Huang Meng, I'll leave these people in your charge!" Li Tong directly handed over the one hundred men assigned to him to Huang Meng. He drew his long sword and rushed towards the place where the battle was fiercest.  You have to hunt the most monsters in the shortest time, strengthen yourself as much as possible, and have no time to pay attention to these people.

    "What's going on? Isn't he the captain of the escort team? What should we do if he leaves?" Li Tong's one hundred people looked at each other and talked about it.

    "Quiet!" Huang Meng shouted, "You are all my subordinates now. You must obey my orders. Keep your weapons in hand and be alert!"

    The stronger a person is, the greater the change in temperament and psychology. Seeing Huang Meng calmly commanding two hundred people now, no one would have thought that Huang Meng was just an inconspicuous student in school two days ago.

    Behind the crowd, thousands of troops were struggling to hold on under the attack of countless monsters.

    "Kill!" a battalion commander roared ferociously. Hundreds of soldiers under him roared and stabbed out the spears in their hands. Plop, plop, dozens of minotaurs were stabbed by the dense spears, and they quickly fell to the ground.  .

    Kill kill kill!  The military formation composed of thousands of troops was like a killing machine, constantly harvesting the swarming tauren and skeletons.  After absorbing the life energy after the death of the monsters, these soldiers became stronger and stronger, and some were even directly promoted to Black Iron Level 3 warriors. However, the stronger they became, the more monsters came.

    Roar!  A two-meter-tall tauren split open several spears that were thrust at him with an axe, and then swept the ax across, sending four or five soldiers flying several meters away. Their bones shattered and blood spurted out.  Several soldiers were killed instantly, and their bodies fell on the soldiers behind, causing chaos.

    Other tauren and skeletons took advantage of this opportunity and rushed towards the gap. In the blink of an eye, the gap expanded rapidly.

    ¡°Everyone, don¡¯t mess around, quickly block the gap!¡± The battalion commander yelled hurriedly when he saw this.

    Regrettably, the soldiers under his command were not as strong as those monsters. After being disrupted by the array, they were no match for them. Their spears thrust and their swords slashed, but they were all blocked by the monsters in a steady stream.

    "Let us come!" A group of soldiers wearing heavy armor and holding large axes saw the chaos here and rushed over quickly. With a loud shout, they swung a heavy ax weighing hundreds of kilograms and hammered down the incoming people.  Monster blocked.

    Each of this group of heavily armored soldiers has the strength of Black Iron Level 3. The heavy armor on their bodies and the weapons in their hands are all handmade by experts in the army base using machine tools, and their lethality is extremely powerful.

    This group of heavily armored soldiers is one of the trump cards of the army. In addition to these heavily armored soldiers, there are also a dozen soldiers serving as emergency reserves at the back of the army. Wherever there is danger, these dozen people will go.

    Fireballs, wind blades, ice arrows, all kinds of magic were flying, and as soon as a soldier chanted a spell, a ghost wolf jumped out of the void and killed the monster. These dozen soldiers learned various skills,  It is the essence of the entire army.

    At this time, a skeleton with all its bones turned black walked out from the group of monsters. The skeleton's bone knife had turned into a long sword, and the ghost fire in its eyes shone with a mysterious blue. As soon as it appeared, no matter it was  Whether it was a skeleton or a minotaur, they all separated and looked at the skeleton in awe.

    "The Black Iron Level 6 Skeleton King?" Li Tong, who was rushing here, was shocked.

    The Skeleton King roared silently, and then jumped up, arriving at the side of the heavy armored soldiers in an instant. With a sweep of his dark long sword, the heavy armor made of fine steel was shattered into pieces like paper. These soldiers were miserable.  He screamed and blood splattered.  The long sword was swung, and in the blink of an eye, a killing feast was set off. The minotaurs behind roared and swarmed in following the gap created by the Skeleton King.

    "Kill it quickly! Kill this skeleton quickly!" The commander commanding the army behind saw his heavily armored soldiers being slaughtered, and his heartbroken voice changed.

      Seeing this, more than a dozen soldiers with skills, regardless of their lack of mental power, gritted their teeth and used magic again, releasing fireballs and wind blades aimed at the Skeleton King and bombing away. Boom, the fireball was dodged by the Skeleton King and fell behind.  Among the minotaurs, they blasted several minotaurs into minced meat like high-explosive grenades.

    Click, click, the wind blade and the ice arrow fell on the Skeleton King, but the wind blade was hit by the Skeleton King with his long sword, and the ice arrow fell on it, which only made it move slower.

    "Damn, how strong is this skeleton?" The leader gritted his teeth and asked an expert beside him. This expert had learned a detection magic that could tell the approximate strength of monsters and humans.

    "Black Iron Level 6! It's Black Iron Level 6!" The expert with glasses said with a pale face and tremblingly. The leader's face changed. After expert research and exploration by the army, the human power classification of monsters has been determined.  It was discovered that the Black Iron Level 6 represents the strength of sixty-four adults, which is equivalent to a humanoid self-propelled tank, capable of killing thousands of enemies with a thousand people.

    "It's hateful, if it weren't for the fact that the guns and tank machine guns couldn't be used, I could kill as many monsters as they came!" The regiment leader clenched his fists and gritted his teeth with hatred.

    The expert glanced at the Skeleton King and made a trembling suggestion: "Captain Xu, I think we should withdraw quickly. We are no match for this Skeleton King. If we persist like this, our army will be destroyed here sooner or later!"

    Hearing this, Captain Xu glared at the expert, "We withdraw, what will happen to these 100,000 people? We are the people's army, soldiers who protect our country and protect our people. How can we abandon so many people!"

    After killing dozens of heavily armored soldiers, the Skeleton King, with his body like lightning, rushed to the soldiers who released wind blades and ice arrows. With a flick of his sword, he chopped off the heads of the two soldiers with two strokes.  After advancing to the Skeleton King, this skeleton gained simple consciousness and learned the swordsmanship passed down by the Skeleton clan, making it very powerful.

    The Skeleton King enjoyed the pleasure of energy entering the bones and continued to kill. Wherever it killed, it brought a bloody storm. In less than a few minutes, a quarter of the army of thousands of people was killed or injured by the monster led by the Skeleton King.  .

    "We can't let this skeleton continue to be arrogant. Everyone, follow me. Even if you die, you must stop it!" The battalion commander leading the heavily armored soldiers yelled crazily and took the lead in rushing towards the Skeleton King.

    The remaining heavily armored soldiers watched helplessly as their comrades were being killed, and they were already furious. After hearing this, they immediately mobilized to besiege the Skeleton King.

    "You go and deal with the other monsters, I will leave this Skeleton King in your hands," at this moment, a loud shout came, and then, Li Tong used his Square Steps to rush to the Skeleton King as fast as a strong wind.  Beside him, the Frost Sword was unsheathed and blocked the Skeleton King's sword with a clang.

    The frost visible to the naked eye spreads from the blade of the Frost Sword towards the Skeleton King's long sword, making the Skeleton King's sword draw slower.

    "Qi Penetrates the Rainbow!" Li Tong stabbed out with his sword. The cold breath flowed on the frost sword, converging into an extremely sharp ice-cold sword light. His strength was twice as strong as that of the Skeleton King. If he wanted to fight, he could only use  Pure Yang Sword Technique.

    The ghost fire in the Skeleton King's eyes suddenly became fierce, and the dark long sword suddenly struck down, accurately hitting the Frost Sword. The powerful force crushed it down, and immediately swung the trembling Frost Sword away, and the Qi penetrated the rainbow without any effect.  return.

    Although the skeleton family is cannon fodder in the abyss world, as long as there is a chance, they can still be called strong, and they can also be rewarded with abyss consciousness in killing battles. This skeleton king has inherited the skeleton family's influence in the abyss world for countless years.  The sword technique passed down from the fighting battles. This sword technique has been refined through countless battles and is concise and effective. Every move is for killing.

    After breaking the Qi Guan Changhong, the Skeleton King put down the others and slashed with his sword. The powerful force crushed them down, bringing strong pressure to people, as if a mountain collapsed and the sea rolled.

    Li Tong did not take it forcefully. The power contained in this sword was very terrifying. He quickly performed the Square Steps. His body was like a phantom, and he continuously stabbed around the Skeleton King. The Skeleton King was not slow at all, and he saw the powerful force.  Shen's swordsmanship was useless, so he fought quickly and got entangled with Li Tong.

    Sonorous and sonorous, the two long swords continued to collide in the air, sputtering out little sparks and ice dust, and no one could see their figures clearly.

    "Who is this person?" Commander Xu saw that the unstoppable Skeleton King was actually blocked, and quickly asked the people around him. Soon, someone reported that Li Tong was the survivor who had just joined the army. Li Tong  There are several people under his command who also have considerable strength.

    "A strong man with level 5 black iron! Captain Xu, this person actually has the strength of level 5 black iron. How many monsters must he kill to be so powerful!" The expert released aLi Tong suddenly exclaimed as his investigative skills came into play.

    "Our army must not let such a talent go! Once these monsters are defeated, I will have a talk with this person. Even if he wants the position of battalion commander, I will give it to him!" Captain Xu made up his mind and broke the news.  He spent all his money to recruit Li Tong.

    Boom!  The two long swords collided with each other.

    With an explosion, the Skeleton King was covered in a layer of frost and stepped back more than ten steps in a row. However, Li Tong could not control his body and rolled several times in the air before landing awkwardly.

    "Li Tong, let me help you!" I don't know when, Qin Yao also came here, chanting a spell, a green light shot out, and more than a dozen green vines sprang out from the ground, like green pythons,  Tie the Skeleton King tightly.

    However, although these vines are tough, they cannot stop the Skeleton King's powerful strength. With a hard effort, the Skeleton King uprooted several vines.

    When the vine technique tied up the Skeleton King, Li Tong reacted and realized that this was a good opportunity to stand up. His footwork was like a phantom. In the blink of an eye, he rushed to the Skeleton King's side, gritted his teeth, and performed  The second move of Chunyang Sword Technique is to kill the dragon across the sea!


    The sword light swept across, and the Skeleton King's head flew high. The blue fire in his eyes became dim, and an extremely pure energy entered his body, allowing Li Tong, who had just used his special move to exhaust his energy, to quickly recover.

    brush!  Black light flashed, and a skill book and a pure black bottle fell.

    Li Tong put the skill book and bottle in his arms, then rushed into the group of monsters and started killing crazily.


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