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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 15: Finding My Sister

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    As the number of monsters increased, many Black Iron Level 4 and Black Iron Level 5 monsters were also attracted. These monsters caused huge casualties to people. Thousands of soldiers protected tens of thousands of survivors and walked for an hour.  With a loss of 40%, Captain Xu, who was commanding the battle, had to move the temporarily recruited escort team to the back to fight the monsters.

    The men in the escort also understood that if these monsters were allowed to break through the defense line, none of them would survive, so they suppressed the fear in their hearts and fought the monsters with crude weapons. However, these members of the escort were still too weak.  The slightest contact with the monster will result in heavy losses.

    Li Tong galloped back and forth among the monsters, and the frost sword turned a little dark red. There were at least a hundred monsters that died under his hands, and they were all black iron level three or above monsters. He killed them among the monsters.  After a while, almost exhausted, he returned to the back, where he was guarded by a dozen heavily armored soldiers to rest. After resting, he continued to kill.

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Li Tong's strength quickly increased, he was not far from the sixth level of black iron, and he also gained a lot of loot.

    Because of the presence of a great master like Li Tong, the defense line of thousands of soldiers seemed much tougher.

    In addition to Li Tong, Qin Yao was also among a dozen soldiers with skills. He used the vine technique repeatedly, green light flashed, and the vines with claws and fangs trapped several monsters, and then they were easily killed by others.

    It has to be said that the power of the army is very powerful. Each of the dozen or so skilled soldiers has life crystals in their hands. Whenever they are short of mental power, they use the life crystals to restore their mental power. Even Qin Yao was given one.  Two pieces.

    After fighting for a long time, night gradually fell.  With the cover of night, the monsters that kept coming gradually became less and less.

    An hour later, the monsters around tens of thousands of people were wiped out by soldiers and convoys. Without the pressure of the monsters, many people couldn't help but sit on the ground, looking dull, releasing the fear in their hearts.

    Now, tens of thousands of people have walked along the Ring Road to the West Ring Road, not far from Li Tong¡¯s home.

    "Tomorrow is the time when the Dark Door opens. Tonight, I must find my sister, otherwise there will be no time!" Li Tong made up his mind and prepared to leave here.

    As soon as they found Qin Yao, Huang Meng and the others, a middle-aged officer with a strong and iron-blooded aura came over with several people. This middle-aged officer was Captain Xu who was commanding the battle. When Captain Xu saw Li Tong,  He showed a smile.

    "Little brother, if you hadn't killed the Skeleton King today, all of us would have been swallowed by monsters. It was you who saved us all. On behalf of the tens of thousands of people here, I thank you for your life-saving grace!" Xu Tuan  There was a hint of gratitude in his long tone.

    Captain Xu¡¯s tone was sincere, and Li Tong also had a good impression of Captain Xu, ¡°Don¡¯t say that, I¡¯m also from Haicheng, so it¡¯s natural for me to help!¡±

    Captain Xu smiled slightly and said no more, "By the way, little brother, what is your name?"

    "My name is Li Tong, this is my companion Qin Yao, and this is Huang Meng. We are all students of Qingjiang University!" Li Tong gave a brief introduction.

    "Li Tong, are you interested in joining us? As long as you are willing to join, I can directly appoint you as the major battalion commander! And Qin Yao and Huang Meng, if you are willing to join, you can also enjoy the treatment of captain!" Captain Xu made an offer  Code, attract people.

    Qin Yao and Huang Meng looked at each other. They were both impressed by the price offered by Captain Xu, but they did not speak. They were ready to see how Li Tong decided.

    Captain Xu also knew that Li Tong was the leader of several people, so he looked at Li Tong and waited for Li Tong's decision.

    "I can join the army, but I still have things to do next, so I can't go with everyone!" Li Tong frowned, thought carefully, and then made his decision.

    "It doesn't matter, as long as you are willing to join the army, we can say anything! Whatever you want to do, just do it, as long as you can join us before returning to the camp!" Commander Xu was overjoyed and said quickly.

    Joining the army was also a decision that Li Tong made after careful consideration. After the Dark Portal opens, the demon lord's dark army will descend. At that time, one person's power will be too small. Only by joining the army and relying on powerful forces can one quickly  become stronger.

    "Are you going to follow me now, or stay here?" Li Tong looked at Huang Meng and Qin Yao.

    Qin Yao said without hesitation, "Of course I'm going with you, at least I can have someone to take care of me!"

    Li Tong nodded, and then set off with Qin Yao and Huang Meng. Before setting off, Li Tong also arranged for Wang Xiaomo and Zhao Yufei to have Captain Xu send someone to protect them.As for Gong Sicheng, Zheng Huaiyuan and the others, when they merged into the crowd, they took the opportunity to disappear, and Li Tong ignored them.

    In the dim night, Li Tong, Qin Yao and Huang Meng walked quickly through the high-rise buildings and streets and shops.

    Since most of the nearby monsters were attracted by the movement of the army during the day, Li Tong and the others did not encounter monsters blocking their way on the road. Li Tong and the others now all have the strength of Black Iron Level 3 or above and ran with all their strength.  Equivalent to a car traveling at 80 kilometers per hour, it didn't take long for them to arrive at a dilapidated community in the Western District.

    Seeing this dilapidated community, a hint of complexity appeared in Li Tong's eyes. He had lived in this community for more than ten years.

    In the community, in addition to the blood stains on the corpses, there were more than a dozen monsters.

    Without Li Tong taking action, Qin Yao and Huang Meng rushed out and killed more than a dozen monsters in a matter of seconds. After the baptism of large-scale killings during the day, their combat experience increased rapidly, and they could face these monsters without changing their expressions.  Start killing.

    Li Tong walked quickly to a seven-story dilapidated building. He kept walking and stopped only when he reached the seventh floor.  The security doors on both sides were tightly closed, and the whole building was very deserted, without any sound.

    Knocked on the door, "Li Wei, are you in there? I'm your brother!"

    "Brother?" A timid voice came from behind the door, and then there was a sound of moving things. A few minutes later, the security door creaked open, and a pretty girl about fourteen years old appeared.  .

    The girl has delicate features and a hint of childishness on her pale face. It can be seen that the girl and Li Tong look a bit similar.

    After Li Wei opened the door, she saw her brother standing outside the door. Her eyes suddenly turned red, and she threw herself into Li Tong's arms, "Brother, I'm so scared. I thought I would do it again."  I can¡¯t see you anymore!¡±

    Li Tong patted his sister on the shoulder and said a few words of comfort, "Okay, okay, I'm fine!" Finding that his sister was okay also made Li Tong let go of the heavy burden in his heart.

    At this time, Qin Yao and Huang Meng also walked up.

    "Li Tong, is this your sister? She's so cute!" Qin Yao was immediately inspired to reveal the hidden motherhood in her heart when she saw the timid Li Wei. She came to Li Wei's side in two steps and touched Li Wei.  Wei's hair.

    Li Wei wrinkled her little nose and broke away from Qin Yao's hand, her eyes wary, "Brother, who is this aunt?"

    ¡°Ah,,, Auntie?¡± Qin Yao¡¯s charming face twitched hard.

    Li Tong smiled and pinched Li Wei's cheek, "Okay, stop joking, this is my brother's classmate, your sister Qin Yao! This is Huang Meng!"

    Afterwards, Li Tong and others rested in the room for a while and made a simple meal using the ingredients in the refrigerator. After eating, Li Tong took his sister and the four of them out of the room and went downstairs to join the army.  .

    At this time, the survivors hiding at home in the community saw the movement and came out, "Li Tong, I am your Aunt Zhang. For the sake of everyone being neighbors, please take us with you!"  "

    A middle-aged woman pulled a little girl and rushed out in a hurry. With a hint of hope on her face, the middle-aged woman pulled the little girl tightly and looked at Li Tong.  Behind the middle-aged woman, there were several men and seven or eight young women.

    Li Tong looked at it carefully. He still had some memories of this middle-aged woman. When he was a child, he had a few meals at her house. Later, he heard that her husband died in a car accident, leaving only her and her daughter.  Life is tight on weekdays.

    "The army has established a survivor camp in the south of Haicheng. I am going to join the army now. I can take you with me, but you must obey my orders on the way!" Li Tong said calmly.

    Aunt Zhang nodded hurriedly, "I'll listen to you, I'll listen to you, Yuanyuan, thank you brother!"

    Zhang Yuanyuan next to her looked at Li Tong, her thin and malnourished face looked a little pale. After hearing her mother's words, she said obediently to Li Tong: "Thank you, brother!"

    Li Tong nodded towards Zhang Yuanyuan and started setting off with a dozen survivors.


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