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Volume 1 The End of Humanity Chapter 16 Joining the Army

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    The dozen or so survivors slowed down Li Tong and the others, and they kept walking and stopping. It was not until two or three o'clock in the night that Li Tong led everyone to see the continuous bonfires ahead, and tens of thousands of people resting on both sides of the ring road.  , the guards and soldiers took turns to keep vigil, guarding against monster attacks.

    From the edge of the crowd, there were screams from time to time, and then the guards and soldiers rushed over and killed the monsters that came to attack. Although these attacking monsters were scattered, they also brought people a lot of harm.  Quite a few casualties.

    "Li Tong, you're back so soon!" An officer saw Li Tong's figure and hurried over to greet him.  During the day, he saw with his own eyes that Li Tong saved many of their comrades with his great power, so he was very grateful to Li Tong.  After hearing that Captain Xu wanted to recruit Li Tong, he was the first to agree.

    "It's Captain Li!" Li Tong pointed to the dozen survivors behind him, "You came just in time. I met these dozen survivors on the road. Please arrange for them!"

    "Leave this little matter to me. By the way, Captain Xu ordered you to come over if you come back!" Captain Li smiled, and then with a wave of his hand, several guards behind him pulled Aunt Zhang away.  A dozen of them survivors were taken away and resettled.  Huang Meng and Qin Yao also took Li Wei and Zhao Yufei there.

    "I wonder what Captain Xu wants to do with me?" Li Tong thought in his mind, and followed a soldier through the dense crowd of survivors lying on the ground to rest. On the way, Li Tong saw a middle-aged man and a somewhat attractive man.  The girl walked to a small corner, and soon there was a sound of gasping.

    After a while, the middle-aged man walked out with satisfaction. The girl was in the corner holding a piece of bread that she had exchanged for her body and eating it with tears.

    Li Tong was silent for a moment, then called to the soldier leading the way, "Does the army not care about this situation?"

    The soldier was helpless when he heard this. It can be seen from the soldier's face that he was also very dissatisfied with this situation. "They are willing to do what they want. How will the army control them? If the survivors riot, kill, or force women, the army will  There are reasons to suppress it, but in this situation, we can¡¯t control it even if we want to.¡±

    Hearing this, Li Tong could only shake his head. A girl would sell her body for a piece of bread. This situation was simply unimaginable before the doomsday. Then Li Tong thought that these girls had no fighting power and could not survive alone.  When they go out to look for food, those who are beautiful can still rely on the strong to survive, while those who are not as good-looking can only sell their bodies in exchange for food.

    At a BMW store next to Huancheng Road, Li Tong met Captain Xu again.

    Captain Xu frowned, as if he had something difficult to do. Next to him, there were several officers in military uniforms and several experts wearing glasses. When they saw Li Tong coming over, Captain Xu¡¯s  The eyebrows are just a little more relaxed.

    "Li Tong, you are back!" Captain Xu nodded to Li Tong, and then pointed to a few people around him to introduce, "Let me give you a brief introduction. These four are Nan Wanche, Wan Guiyun, and Li Qiang.  , Lei Kuang, are the four battalion commanders under me, these are experts from the Academy of Military Science."

    Nan Wanche and Wan Guiyun are the commanders of the main battalion, and they are also pure soldiers. Li Tong saved many of their men during the day, so they have a good impression of Li Tong. Lei Kuang is the commander of the heavy armor battalion and is more enthusiastic.  , Li Qiang was in charge of the supply camp and was also the main person in charge of the more than 10,000-strong escort team.

    Several experts from the Academy of Military Science are responsible for studying those monsters and manufacturing weapons and armor. The leading expert is named Li Jiaping.

    "Li Tong, since you join us, we will be one of our own from now on. From now on, you will be the battalion commander of the ** Battalion of the 3rd Regiment of our Haicheng First Division. You appoint the officers of the ** Battalion yourself, and the soldiers can be selected from the escort team.  Choose!" Captain Xu said solemnly.  Li Tong knew clearly in his heart that this so-called *** battalion was now a short-term designation. It had nothing except himself as the battalion commander, and he had to do everything by himself. However, Li Tong did not expect that Commander Xu would be able to do it all at once.  Let him replace a main battalion and be called a battalion commander worthy of the name. With the title of battalion commander, Li Tong can develop his own power in the name of the national army.

    Li Tong thought for a while and suddenly asked: "Commander Xu, what about military pay and weapons? Without these, if there is only one designation, the ** battalion will definitely not be able to develop!"

    Commander Xu twitched his eyebrows, looked at the people in front of him, and showed a helpless look: "There are still a lot of weapons and equipment in the camp. I can allocate a batch to you first, and I can make up for you after arriving at the camp. As for military pay,  Now that the world has become like this, money doesn¡¯t have much effect anymore, and now all the military pay we issue is replaced by food!¡±

    "To tell you the truth, there is not much food in the camp now. In addition to searching for survivors, the most important thing for our group when entering the city is to collect food and various kinds of food in!  But not long after we entered the city, we were surrounded by monsters. Now we have brought 70,000 to 80,000 people with us. The consumption of so many people has almost exhausted the food, so you have to find a way to get food yourself!  "

    Hearing this, Li Tong had no choice but to say, "Well, I'll go to the escort team to recruit people first and get the number of the ** battalion, but the weapons must be removed as soon as possible!"

    Captain Xu nodded and signaled to Li Qiang next to him, "Battle Commander Li, go and give three hundred steel spears and one hundred long knives to the *** battalion to help Li Tong recruit people in the escort team, and will *  *The camp¡¯s frame is put up.¡±

    Li Qiang stood at attention and said, "Yes, Commander Xu!"

    Seeing Li Qiang leading Li Tong out, Li Jiaping suddenly said: "Captain Xu, I think this Li Tong has great ambitions. I'm afraid it's inappropriate for you to appoint him as the commander of the ** battalion. Besides, the battalion commander's  Only the division commander can appoint the position!"

    Captain Xu shook his head, "Dean Li, you don't understand. Now that the world has become like this and monsters are rampant, we should unite all human beings and recruit powerful survivors. I am not afraid of Li Tong.  Ambition, if he can lead us to defeat the monster, I will have no complaints even if Li Tong replaces me as the regiment leader. What's more, the most powerful of our two divisions in Haicheng is Captain Sun of the first regiment, but Sun  The leader now only has the strength of Black Iron Level 5."

    "If Commander Wang knew that I was using the name of a battalion commander to recruit a master of Level 5 Black Iron, he would definitely be very happy!"

    Li Jiaping shook his head and sighed inwardly. Before the end of the world, a soldier would have to wait for more than ten years to become a battalion commander, and he would have to be supported by noble people to get ahead. But now a college student has just joined the army and become a battalion commander.  Commander, even though it is a short-term number, he is also a battalion commander!

    After going out, Li Tong first summoned Huang Meng and Qin Yao. These people became his preliminary team.

    "Let me tell you some news. I have decided to join the army. Now I have been appointed as the battalion commander of the ** Battalion by Commander Xu. Huang Meng and Qin Yao, you will be my company commanders!" As soon as Li Tong finished speaking,  Huang Meng and Qin Yao suddenly looked surprised.

    "Commander of the ** battalion? Brother Tong, you are so awesome!" Huang Meng exclaimed in admiration.

    Qin Yao's eyes flashed with joy and excitement, "I didn't expect that I would still become the company commander. Thank you, Li Tong!"

    Concubine Zhao Yu and Wang Xiaomo were also happy for Li Tong. The stronger Li Tong was, the safer they felt. However, after hearing that Li Tong appointed Qin Yao and Huang Meng as company commanders, they couldn't help but ask: "  Li Tong, where are we two? What are you going to do for us two?"

    Li Wei was also cheering on the side, "There's me, there's me, I also want to help big brother!"

    Li Tong said directly: "Zhao Yufei and Wang Xiaomo, you are the captain and deputy captain of the ** Battalion's supply team. From now on, you will be in charge of the materials and food we collect!"

    Zhao Yufei showed a smile. The fact that Li Tong could arrange this proved that she was still very effective. It had to be said that she was affected by the scene of those pretty girls selling their bodies for a piece of bread and a bottle of drink in the crowd just now.  She was greatly shocked. If she hadn't met Li Tong, I'm afraid she would have been one of those girls.

    After realizing this, she decided to hold on to Li Tong tightly in the future, and it would be even better if she could make Li Tong her boyfriend.

    "Huang Meng, you first go to the escort team to gather the two hundred people you led before, and go to the supply camp to bring back three hundred spears and one hundred long knives. Qin Yao, you go and select two hundred people. One of them  One hundred and fifty will be your men, and the other fifty will become the baggage team, led by Concubine Zhao Yu and Wang Xiaomo. Remember, when choosing people, you must choose honest people."

    After Li Tong made his decision, Huang Meng and Qin Yao immediately split up.

    When there was no one else around, Li Tong pulled his sister Li Wei aside and said, "Weiwei, this is a skill book for summoning water elements. After you learn this magic, you will be able to do what your brother does!"

    "Magic? Summon the water element?" Li Wei carefully took the skill book and showed a sweet smile.

    "Thank you, brother!" Li Wei directly learned this black iron-level magic after using the skill book.  Summoning the water element is a type of summoning magic. It can summon a water element from the elemental space that can cast two black iron magics: water shield, ice arrow. It has strong defense power and not weak attack power, which is relatively rare.

    This magic was obtained from the Skeleton King. After seeing this magic, Li Tong made up his mind to let his sister learn it.  In the future, I will find a book of basic meditation for my sister. Basic meditation can quickly restore mental power. With this skill, my sister can become a powerful elemental summoner.

    Very? Huang Meng took two hundred men to carry the removed weapons back, and Qin Yao also selected two hundred men from the escort who were strong and seemed to be honest.

    Huang Meng and Qin Yao both had little experience, and it took them a long time to get the four hundred people to form a simple queue. Li Tong frowned and walked to the front of the four hundred people, "Quiet!  "

    Li Tong's voice was cold and contained cold murderous intent. The four hundred people who were still buzzing with discussion suddenly felt a murderous intent coming from them and fell into silence.

    "From now on, you are the soldiers of the ** camp and my subordinates, Li Tong. I only have one sentence here, follow me, and I will give you the power to protect yourself in the future. If you are not willing to follow me, I will  If you have a chance, you can leave now!"

    When these people heard this, there was a slight commotion, but no one left.

    "Very good, no one left!" Li Tong nodded secretly, and then divided the 400 people into eight teams, each with fifty people. Huang Meng led a company of four teams, Qin Yao led a company of three teams, and Zhao Yufei  He and Wang Xiaomo led a baggage team.  There are two companies and one team in the entire ** battalion.

    After simply dividing these people, Li Tong selected relatively powerful and respectful people from each team as team leaders, thus taking the entire ** battalion into his own hands.


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