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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 17: Attacking the Supermarket

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    After setting up the ** camp, Li Tong asked Commander Xu to send a few instructors to give the four hundred men a brief training and let them know the simple commands of lining up, gathering and disbanding.

    After a night, it¡¯s early morning the next day.

    After Li Tong performed the Innate Pure Yang Kung Fu, Huang Meng and Qin Yao rushed over with Zhao Yufei and Wang Xiaomo. As soon as he saw Li Tong, Huang Meng couldn't help complaining, "Brother Tong, think of a solution quickly."  Well, these four hundred men are not easy to maintain, we can¡¯t even provide them with a meal now, if there is no food, these people will be in chaos!"

    Qin Yao also showed a bitter look. After becoming a company commander, she realized that being an official is not that easy, especially after the apocalypse. The only reason others treat you as your subordinates is to have enough to eat. If you can't even have a meal, others will  Why would I sacrifice my life for you?

    "Just now, Battalion Commander Li Qiang urgently transferred a batch of food, which can feed four hundred people for breakfast. But Battalion Commander Li Qiang also said that the army's food reserves are not much now, only enough for themselves. This food is already theirs.  We have to squeeze it out, and we will have to figure it out ourselves in the future!" Zhao Yufei and Wang Xiaomo were in charge of the food supplies, and after arranging meals for four hundred people, they followed Huang Meng and reported to Li Tong.

    Li Tong's head hurt when he heard this. If he were alone, he would not starve to death, but the problem of feeding four hundred people made him difficult. After thinking for a moment, he turned around and asked: "Is this nearby  Are there any larger supermarkets or grain and oil stores?"

    Wang Xiaomo took out a map of Haicheng, pointed to the red circle drawn on the map and replied: "These are the locations of all the large supermarkets and grain and oil stores in Haicheng. However, after the army entered the city, they had already removed the supplies from nearby supermarkets and grain and oil stores.  After collecting everything, there is a large chain supermarket on Yangtze River Road three or four miles away from us, and there should be a lot of food stored there!"

    Wang Xiaomo had thought of this when she woke up in the early morning. She found a map of Haicheng in advance, asked many soldiers for information about food, and made a lot of preparations. As the captain of the baggage team, she seemed very competent.

    Li Tong showed a hint of surprise, "Xiao Mo, I didn't expect you to be so careful. This has helped us a lot!"

    After looking at the map carefully, Li Tong gave the order decisively, "Huang Meng and Qin Yao, you go and gather your men. Concubine Xiao Mo Yu, you two also call the people from the baggage team over. This time we all set off and go  Shenghua Supermarket on Changjiang Road!¡±

    Before departure, Li Tong explained his action plan to Commander Xu, and Commander Xu naturally would not object.

    The early morning mist gradually dissipated, and the scattered monsters gathered into groups again, and they attacked the crowd again. Before these monsters could form a large tide, they were wiped out in a matter of seconds by the soldiers who were waiting carefully.

    Amidst the noise of the crowd and the fighting sounds of soldiers and monsters, Li Tong led the 400 men of the *** Battalion and began to leave the Ring Road and head towards the Yangtze River Road in the east.

    Encountering scattered monsters along the way, Huang Meng and Qin Yao asked their team captains to lead their men to attack. These four hundred men were basically the strongest in the escort team, and some of them had retired from the army before.  After experiencing yesterday's monster siege, the soldiers and security guards have greatly improved their psychological quality. They feel confident and calm, and their combat effectiveness has naturally improved.

    A team of fifty people can quickly kill a black iron level two tauren.

    More than four hundred people acted together, and there was a lot of movement. Waves of monsters rushed over when they heard the movement. However, most of the monsters were attracted by the crowd of tens of thousands of people. Only one monster came towards the camp.  Small portion.  After continuously killing monsters, the soldiers of the ** battalion also strengthened some strength, and many brave and careful veterans and security guards have been promoted to black iron level one warriors. Naturally, there were also casualties during the fighting, but basically  It will not affect the morale and combat effectiveness of the ** battalion.

    Soon, Li Tong led the ** battalion to the Yangtze River Road. In fact, the Yangtze River Road was not far from the army. But at this moment, the army had 70,000 to 80,000 survivors and a large number of monsters watching, and it really did not dare to divide the troops.  Come.

    Shenghua Supermarket is located at the intersection of Changjiang Road and another avenue, Donghai Avenue, and covers a very large area.  Shenghua Supermarket is a large supermarket chain in Haicheng. Before the end of the world, the flow of people here was extremely terrifying, so it attracted a large number of monsters to surround it.

    If you want to enter Shenghua Supermarket, you must first deal with the thousands of monsters outside.

    "Attention everyone, stop and be careful!" Li Tong raised his hand and shouted loudly. In fact, without Li Tong giving an order, the soldiers of the ** camp instinctively stopped when they saw the thousands of monsters in front of them.  pace.

    "Hurry! Hurry! Line up for me, there are thousands of spear teams, and the broadsword team is behind!" Huang Meng and Qin Yao also quickly commanded their men. With the help of the team leader, the seven combat teams have formed a simple  battle formation?.

    As soon as the ** battalion lined up, a group of monsters composed of skeleton minotaurs outside Shenghua Supermarket saw this place. There were roars and clicking sounds of bones, and all the monsters rushed towards here.

    "Don't be afraid, everyone, these monsters are not far different from your strength. As long as we unite together, we can definitely kill them all!" Huang Meng shouted loudly.

    When the soldiers of the ** Battalion saw the monsters swarming in, there was a sudden commotion. The spear team standing at the front was trembling. Although they had seen many monsters and fought against them several times, when facing thousands of monsters head-on, they were all trembling.  In the scene where they were killed, these soldiers, who were essentially good citizens, were still so frightened that they could not move.

    "Ahead is the Shenghua Supermarket. There is enough food in it to feed you and your family. If you don't kill these monsters, you and your family will starve. I promise here that as long as these monsters are killed,  Each of you can get five kilograms of food!" Li Tong pointed to the Shenghua Supermarket in front of him and used food as a reward to motivate these soldiers.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The tauren was the fastest and had already rushed over.

    "Forward stab!" The captain of the spear team held a stainless steel spear and roared with a ferocious expression. The spear flashed and penetrated into the chest of a minotaur. After the minotaur was severely injured, he was still alive for a while, roaring and waving the ax in his hand.  To counterattack, at this time, everyone else also reacted, with spears like a forest, and the tauren turned into a sieve.

    Peng!  A tauren used an ax to chop the soldier standing in front holding a spear to death. Before it could roar in excitement, several spears nearby had already stabbed the tauren, knocking the tauren to the ground.

    The moment the soldiers came into contact with the monster, there were many casualties. Huang Meng and Qin Yao also joined the battle, harvesting the lives of the monster.

    Amidst the constant casualties, the team leaders of the ** battalion also gained some simple command experience, and cooperated with each other to form killing arrays to kill the incoming monsters. These monsters basically had no intelligence and only knew how to swarm forward.

    If a soldier fights a minotaur, the soldier will definitely die, and if ten soldiers form a spear formation to fight ten minotaurs, if all ten soldiers are killed in battle, ** of the minotaurs will die, but when fifty soldiers  Form an array and fight fifty tauren. All fifty tauren will be killed, while the fifty soldiers will only lose 30%.  When there are more soldiers, there are fewer injuries.

    Li Tong held the line from behind, specifically looking for monsters with powerful power. Among the thousands of monsters, a dozen of them had advanced to the fourth level of black iron. There was also a bull-headed warrior of level five black iron, and a bull-headed warrior of level four black iron.  A person is a bull-headed warrior, and when he reaches the fifth level of black iron, he becomes a bull-headed warrior.

    However, when they met Li Tong who was holding a frost sword, the bull-headed warrior was killed by Li Tong using Dragon Slaying across the Sea before he could show any strength.

    After killing this bull-headed warrior, Li Tong finally broke through the barrier to promotion to the fifth level of Black Iron and became a warrior at the sixth level of Black Iron.  In addition to giving Li Tong a large amount of life energy, the Bull-headed Warrior also gave Li Tong a large ax wrapped in black brilliance.

    This big ax is also a black iron-level weapon. Not only is it sharp, but it also has the ability to hit hard. Li Tong directly gave this ax to Huang Meng. With the weapon in hand, Huang Meng's combat power soared again. He laughed.  Then he rushed into the group of monsters and started killing them. When the entire ** battalion saw Huang Meng being so tough, their morale immediately increased.

    Li Wei followed Li Tong. Seeing such a bloody scene for the first time made her pale and vomited several times. Finally, she endured the discomfort and used the magic of summoning the water element, a flash of aqua blue light.  Then, a ball of water vapor emerged from the void, and soon, a two-meter giant composed of water elements appeared in mid-air. The giant's face was unclear and shrouded in a layer of water vapor.

    The water element giant waved his hand, and a water shield blessed Huang Meng's body. The tauren's ax and skull knife struck on it, only causing the water shield to vibrate a few times and not causing any harm to Huang Meng.

    When the water element giant used the water shield, it condensed another ice arrow, which hit the group of monsters. In addition to causing huge damage to the monsters, the splashed frost also made the monsters move much slower. The Broadsword Team took advantage of this opportunity.  Go out and wield your weapon to quickly kill the sluggish monsters.

    After casting several spells in a row, the water element giant used up the accumulated elemental power and turned into a stream of water vapor. A smile appeared on Li Wei's little face. The water element giant had just killed many monsters and brought her a lot.  The life force instantly gave her the power of Black Iron Level 2.

    Half an hour later, thousands of monsters were finally killed.

    "Our ** Battalion originally had seven main squadrons with a total of 350 soldiers. Now there are 287 of them. A total of 63 have been killed in the battle, and 46 more have been killed.One was slightly injured, but it did not affect his combat effectiveness!  "After the battle, Qin Yao counted the casualties and reported to Li Tong.

    "There are heavy casualties! Xiaomo, Yufei, please count the names of the soldiers who died in the battle. When you go back, give each family of these soldiers who died in the battle ten kilograms of food!" Li Tong sighed, and then ordered, these ten kilograms  Food is the pension for the families of soldiers.  After Wang Xiaomo and Zhao Yufei heard this, they quickly went to count the names.

    "However, although our ** battalion suffered a lot of casualties, the surviving soldiers are basically at the level of Black Iron Level 1. The seven team captains have advanced to Black Iron Level 2. In total, our **  Not only has the strength of the battalion not declined, it has actually improved a lot!" Huang Meng said.

    Li Tong smiled lightly and said, "Okay, hurry up and bring the luggage team into the supermarket and move out all the materials inside. Whether it's food or other things, as long as we can take them away, we will take them all away!"

    After receiving the order, Huang Meng and Qin Yao led their men and the baggage team into the supermarket, and then used the shopping carts in the supermarket to transport piles of food, flour, fruits and vegetables, as well as various clothes, bedding and various daily necessities.  Move out.

    After the food was shipped out, Li Tong immediately ordered that each soldier be given five kilograms of food first, the squad leader ten kilograms, and the company commander twenty kilograms. From now on, each soldier will receive three kilograms of food every day, and the squad leader and company commander will remain unchanged.

    After the order was issued, the soldiers of the ** Battalion cheered one after another, and their loyalty to the battalion commander Li Tong soared.


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