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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 19: The Door of Darkness

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    Walking south along the ring road, you will see the valley at the foot of Dashi Mountain in the south of Haicheng, and the Haicheng survivor camp will appear in front of you. Haicheng City is located in the most developed coastal area in China, surrounded by the sea to the east and rivers crisscrossed by water networks in the north and west.  The stretching, large stone mountain in the south is the only barrier within hundreds of miles.

    Before the end of the world, this place was developed into resorts and leisure resorts, but now it has become a military garrison.

    As soon as he saw the Haicheng survivor camp, Li Tong discovered that hundreds of tons of reinforced concrete had been poured into a city wall on both sides of the valley. Teams of soldiers wearing heavy armor were patrolling carefully, guarding against sneak attacks by monsters.

    Under the city wall, many corpses of monsters were left. Li Tong could also see that among the corpses there were wild boars and pheasants in the mountains and forests. After the end of the world, the enemies of mankind are not only monsters from the abyss, but also those who are exploited and oppressed by mankind.  Animals in nature for thousands of years.

    These animals also have the ability to evolve through killing, and even powerful creatures can activate the blood contained in their bodies. When Li Tong was in his dream, he heard that an ordinary cobra evolved through killing, and evolved step by step into a dragon, capable of calling the wind and rain.  omnipotent.

    "Captain Xu and the others are back!"

    ¡°There are tens of thousands of survivors, so many people!¡±

    When the soldiers in the survivor camp saw Captain Xu rushing back with tens of thousands of people, they quickly reported to their superiors. A moment later, there were several middle-aged men in military uniforms and a fat man.

    These people are the leaders of the Haicheng survivor camp, Wang Zhengyuan, the commander of the Haicheng First Division, the two regimental commanders of the First Division, and Sun Boping, the mayor of Haicheng City, that is, the fat man.

    Captain Xu saw them and immediately rushed over to report the action. Li Tong looked at several people carefully. Wang Zhengyuan had been in a high position for a long time. Even without any movement, he could still make people feel a breathless majesty. And the first regiment  Sun Shangde, the leader of the group, has an extremely tough aura. It is roughly estimated that this person has the strength of Black Iron Level 5.

    Li Tong became a Black Iron Level 6 warrior in two or three days. However, this was backed by the information in the dream. He was able to obtain a large amount of precious information in advance when the abyss came. Sun Shangde did not have these advantages.  He was called a Level 5 Black Iron warrior in just three days. It must be said that he was a very powerful person.

    In the dream, Sun Shangde killed countless demons with a silver-grade beacon stick in his hand. He was extremely powerful and was nicknamed the Great Sage. However, he unfortunately died when fighting the demon lord later, which was a pity.

    Except for Wang Zhengyuan and Sun Shangde, there is nothing special about the mayor of Haicheng City, Sun Boping, and the leader of the Second Regiment, Zhang Dejian.

    At this time, it seemed that Captain Xu and Wang Zhengyuan said something. Wang Zhengyuan and Sun Shangde both turned their eyes and looked at Li Tong. Then Wang Zhengyuan walked towards here. With every step he took, the power on his body became stronger.  , as if even the air was shocked and oppressed by the majesty on his body.

    "I made a mistake. I didn't expect that Master Wang Zhengyuan actually has the strength of Black Iron Level 4!" Li Tong's heart moved. His strength at the moment was Black Iron Level 6. The pressure brought by Wang Zhengyuan would be very harmful to warriors below Black Iron Level 3.  It's still somewhat useful, but it's like a breeze blowing on his face.

    After Wang Zhengyuan came over, everyone around Li Tong unconsciously showed a look of awe and stepped back. Li Tong remained calm and watched what Wang Zhengyuan wanted to do.

    "Sure enough, a hero comes from a young age. My intimidating aura can intimidate all intelligent creatures at the Black Iron Level 3, but it is of no use to you. It seems that Captain Xu is right. You do have the qualifications to be called a battalion commander!" Wang Zhengyuan said in Wang Zhengyuan's eyes.  Show a look of appreciation and speak out about your little actions.

    Li Tong bowed slightly and expressed his respect for the commander of the Haicheng First Division. "Thank you, commander!" He didn't have any bad feelings about Wang Zhengyuan's actions just now. Instead, he felt that Wang Zhengyuan was aboveboard and worthy of being a division commander in charge of more than 10,000 soldiers.  .

    Wang Zhengyuan nodded slightly to him, and then asked Captain Xu to take Li Tong into the camp and to one of the resorts in the valley.  The valley is very wide, covering an area of ??more than ten kilometers. It can be said to be a small plain. In the valley, several small streams flow slowly, and all kinds of flowers, plants and shrubs have been cleared by the survivors.

    Hundreds of thousands of survivors have gathered in the valley. Under the organization of soldiers and officers, thousands of survivors use various tools to continuously dig around the valley, widen the space of the valley, and exchange their work for a little food. More  The survivors formed teams and received rewards by completing tasks given by the army, similar to mercenaries.

    These people all live in tents, and some cannot even afford a tent, so they can only build a simple shack out of wood.

    No matter where you are, wherever there are humans, there are classes.Some survivors have no food and clothing, but those with power can live in comfortable resorts. Li Tong is now the battalion commander. Although his subordinates only have less than 400 people, they can still be regarded as the Haicheng survivor camp.  The middle and upper class, and he still has strong strength, so he was also assigned a resort.

    Without careful observation in the camp, Li Tong arranged his soldiers around the villa, and then entered the villa with his sisters Li Wei, Huang Meng, Qin Yao, and Zhao Yufei.

    The villa is a large villa with more than twenty rooms in it. Li Tong allocated the rooms first. He and Huang Meng occupied the back rooms, and the first dozen rooms were for the squad leaders of the ** battalion to live in.

    "What a comfortable room! We are finally safe!" Li Wei excitedly ran around in the hall of the villa, touching here and there.

    Qin Yao also breathed a long sigh of relief, "Yes, with the protection of more than 10,000 soldiers, we no longer have to worry about monsters!" "Next, I want to have a good sleep and take a good bath.  !¡±

    "I want to eat something delicious!"

    Zhao Yufei and Wang Xiaomo also smiled. The previous two or three days' experience was really terrible for them. When they entered the villa and saw such a comfortable environment, they felt that everything they had experienced before was like an illusion.

    Dang Dang Dang!

    Li Tong sat on the chair in the hall and tapped the coffee table with his fingers a few times. When he saw that several people were paying attention to him, a sneer appeared on his face, "Don't be happy too early, remember  Have I told you anything before?"

    Qin Yao thought for a while, raised her head suddenly, and was shocked: "When we were in school, you said that the dark abyss would officially come in two days, and the door of darkness would open in the center of Haicheng? Could it be today!"

    The expressions of other people also became ugly. Zhao Yufei and the others all remembered that Li Tong said that after the Dark Door is opened, more powerful monsters will come to this world.

    "Yes, it's this time today!" Li Tong looked at the sky outside the window, and it was still gray.

    ¡°It¡¯s time to open the door to darkness!¡±

    Haicheng City, central square.

    As the center of Haicheng City, the central square is also a prosperous commercial center. However, after the apocalypse, the place has been shrouded in flames and fly ash. The square is covered with layers of human corpses. Most of these corpses are badly damaged.  Very miserable.


    A bolt of black lightning sounded from next to the huge crack in the sky above the city center. It crackled in the square and hit several corpses. The smell of burning soon filled the air. As the black lightning appeared, the crack  All around, there was a sudden storm.

    One after another black lightning was like a black dragon. In the long crack, a black vortex began to appear. The vortex violently absorbed everything around it. Even the cars on the ground thousands of meters below were shaking.  Want to move.

    The whirlpool gradually expanded, and a world filled with sulfurous flames and rancid swamps appeared. In the shadow of the world, a towering demon fortress slowly appeared.  In front of the Demon Fortress, there are countless little demons, big demons, chain demons, swords, demon wing demons, extremely powerful death knights, flying bone dragons, skinny lichs

    Countless dark creatures look at the world through space. Their eyes are full of enthusiasm for conquest and killing.


    A roar that penetrated the whole world swept through all directions, and the glass on the high-rise buildings in the center of Haicheng City shattered, and the bodies were shattered into pieces.  In the demon fortress, a large hand covered with scales reached out, grabbing a black stone door dozens of meters high, breaking open the space, and erecting the stone door on the central square with a bang.

    At the same time, the entire earth was covered with such black stone gates.  The huge vibration seemed to shake the earth.

    This black stone door looks very solid, but if you look closely, you will find that there is a layer of light water patterns rippling on the surface of this stone door, giving people an illusory feeling.  This is the Dark Portal used by the demon lord to transfer his troops.

    At the beginning, the Dark Portal could only transport dark creatures such as little devils. As time goes by, the connection between the Dark Portal and the earth becomes closer, and the space channel will become stronger.  The creatures will become more powerful, and in a month, the demon lord will come in person.


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