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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 20: Clearing Out the Small Town

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    In the villa, Li Tong and others also saw the changes in the sky outside. Dark clouds were shrouded, thunder and lightning surged. In less than a moment, a strong wind mixed with heavy rain poured down from the sky. The survivors in the camp hurriedly hid in tents and shacks.  in.

    The cold wind and heavy rain made the thinly-clad survivors shivering with cold. Some women hid in the shacks and began to cry softly.

    Fortunately, the waterproofing measures in the valley are good. Rainwater flows into the creek along the dug channels and pours into dozens of dug reservoirs. Each of these reservoirs is dozens of meters in size and can supply water to the camp.  Drinking for all.

    "This is the scene when the door of darkness opens! From now on, it will be even more difficult for us to survive!" Li Tong sighed, and the faces of Huang Meng, Qin Yao, Zhao Yufei and others became serious.

    The next day, the rain gradually became scarce.

    In the room, Li Tong held a life crystal in his hand and used the innate pure Yang skill to absorb the energy in the crystal. The energy in the life crystal came from the same source as the life energy that escapes after death.  But the latter can only be used to strengthen the physical body, while the energy in the life crystal is extremely pure. In addition to healing injuries and strengthening the body, it can also help warriors practice.

    In addition to black iron, bronze, silver, and gold, each grade is also divided into upper and lower grades. Innate Pure Yang Kung Fu is a bronze-level top-grade kung fu. If ordinary people are allowed to practice it, just the first level of pregnancy aura will cost a lot of money.  More than ten years of hard work.

    With the help of life crystals, Li Tong can shorten this time to the extreme.

    The energy in the life crystal rolled out and turned into streams of warm currents entering Li Tong's body. Under the transformation of the breathing method, it quickly transformed into a stream of pure Yang energy and entered the dantian. Soon, the life crystal  It becomes transparent and the energy inside is exhausted.

    Click, the life crystal shattered, Li Tong's expression remained unchanged, and he continued to take out the life crystal to absorb it. After consuming more than a dozen life crystals in a row, Li Tong finally felt that his Dantian was filling up, as if there was a warm sun releasing boundless light.  hot.

    This situation means that Li Tong has perfected the first stage of the Pregnancy Qi Realm of the Innate Pure Yang Kung Fu. After the Pregnancy Qi Realm is completed, the pure Yang Qi in the human body will initially condense. From then on, Li Tong can do  When he is free from all diseases and has a strong spirit, the condensed pure Yang Qi will unknowingly strengthen the cells in his body. If he does not suffer life danger, he will live for one hundred and twenty years without any disease or disaster.  question.

    "It's so comfortable!" Li Tong moved his hands and feet and stood up.

    Li Tong can feel that his energy is very strong now, his spirit is concentrated, his thinking is extremely clear, he will never forget what he sees, and he can control the power of every part of his body.

    Generally speaking, after humans are strengthened, their strength will increase rapidly. Human beings need a period of time to control their rapidly increasing strength and allow their brains to adapt to the strengthened muscles and nerves. After Li Tong completed the first level of Innate Pure Yang Kung Fu,  This kind of situation will never happen to him. Every time he increases his strength, Li Tong can quickly adapt and master it.

    "The first level of pregnancy energy can bring so many benefits. If you can perfect the five realms of innate pure Yang skills, even the demon lord will not be able to kill me!"

    "It's a pity that all the life crystals have been consumed. If you give me dozens more life crystals, I can break through to the second level of existence in one breath and condense the pure Yang energy into pure Yang true energy. With pure Yang true energy,  Pure Yang Sword Technique can display its true power!"

    Li Tong shook his head, stopped fantasizing, and walked out of the room.

    In the lobby of the villa, Qin Yao, four of his classmates and seven team captains came here and were discussing something.

    "Huang Meng, have you finished collecting information about the camp?" Li Tong walked out, sat on the sofa, and asked Huang Meng.  It is said that if you know yourself and your enemy, you will never be in danger. When you arrive in a strange place, the most important thing is intelligence work.

    In the dream, it was half a month later when Li Tong came to the Haicheng camp. At that time, the camp was on the verge of destruction, and many situations were different from the current situation.

    Huang Meng nodded, "Brother Tong, according to your instructions, I established a good relationship with a major in the equipment department and learned a lot of information from him!"

    Huang Meng began to describe various situations in the camp. Li Tong and Qin Yao listened carefully. It turned out that when the doomsday happened, the army outside Haicheng reacted quickly and killed the monsters that descended around the military camp.  , and then sent people to Haicheng to rescue Haicheng Division Commander Sun Boping. At this time, the monster was raging in Haicheng. The army had no guns and tanks and was no match for the monster, so it could only forcefully break through and escape.

    Subsequently, Wang Zhengyuan, the commander of Haicheng's first division, and Yuan Shide, the commander of the second division, jointly built a survivor camp here.They began to send troops everywhere to kill monsters and rescue survivors. Now the entire camp has a population of nearly 160,000 to 70,000 people and more than 13,000 soldiers.

    When Li Tong and others arrived at the camp, the Haicheng Second Division had already headed to Shanyang County to the west of Haicheng, preparing to eliminate the monsters in Shanyang County and build a stronger camp in Shanyang County. Although this valley is wide, it is  Confining 170,000 people is already the limit, and another branch base must be opened.

    "In addition to these, the top brass of the army and the mayor also issued an order that all survivors must work for the army in order to obtain food. All young and middle-aged men among the survivors must form a survivor team to complete tasks assigned by the army or the Academy of Military Science.  , gain the protection of the army through tasks such as killing monsters and collecting food!¡±

    "And the soldiers of the army are no exception. They have to complete tasks every day to have food. For example, Captain Xu led thousands of soldiers into Haicheng to search for food. This operation is a large-scale mission for the army!"

    Huang Meng explained in detail, "The same is true for our ** Battalion. I just went to the Academy of Military Science to receive the mission and asked. Our ** Battalion's mission today is to go to Dashi Town, southwest of Haicheng, to eliminate monsters and find survivors.  And collect grain. If the grain collected exceeds 5,000 kilograms, then we will be able to obtain third-class merit. If we obtain third-class merit three times, we will be promoted to military rank!" Li Tong's mind turned and he looked at Wang Xiaomo, "Xiaomo, Dashi Town  How much do you know about the situation?"

    Wang Xiaomo was already prepared. When he heard Li Tong's question, he took out a map from his arms, spread it out, pointed to the southwest of Haicheng and said: "Dashi Town is forty miles away from the camp. The day before yesterday, it was  A few survivor teams went there to collect food, but they were attacked by hundreds of monsters and suffered heavy casualties. Among those monsters, there were two black iron level 4 tauren!"

    Qin Yao continued: "The two black iron level 4 monsters are too powerful, and the survivor team has no way to resist, so the army asked our ** battalion to go there and kill the two tauren!"

    Li Wei on the side also raised her face, "I heard that the most powerful people in the survivor team are only at level 3 of black iron, and they are not as powerful as my water element."

    Li Tong smiled, touched Li Wei's head, and ruffled her hair.

    "Li Tong, when are we leaving?" Concubine Zhao Yu, who had been silent next to her, asked.

    "After breakfast, let's go to the baggage camp to find a few carriages, and then we'll set off!" Li Tong replied. The carriages he was talking about were cars pulled by horses domesticated by the army. After research and strengthening by the Academy of Military Science, every day  A horse has a huge strength. Such a horse can pull a large iron truck, which is extremely convenient for transporting supplies.

    Soon, Concubine Zhao Yu brought the meals out of the kitchen with a few women hired from the survivors outside.

    An hour later.

    Li Tong sat in the carriage of a carriage, left the camp with the 400 soldiers who had been supplemented, and headed towards Dashi Town.

    On the way, when encountering monsters, each captain will lead their newly recruited men to go out and train them through fighting with monsters, allowing these new recruits to quickly strengthen.  If these people are in danger, Qin Yao's vine technique and fireball technique will bombard them in time.

    "Ahead is Dashi Town!" Wang Xiaomo saw a building appearing in the distance and quickly reminded everyone that there were many monsters in Dashi Town and they must be careful.

    Li Tong glanced forward, and with a movement of his feet, he rushed out of the carriage and stood on top of the carriage, "Attention, everyone, there is Dashi Town ahead, be careful as you move forward!"

    Before the end of Dashi Town, the economy was relatively developed. Residents all lived in buildings, similar to small counties in central China. As soon as they approached the streets of Dashi Town, a rustling sound came over.

    Li Tong stood high and saw far away. There were relatively few vehicles on the streets of Dashi Town. More than a dozen tauren were devouring corpses on the streets. In addition to these dozen tauren, there were also some wild cats and dogs roaming the town.  , these wild cats and dogs are several times larger than before, with red light flashing in their eyes.

    "Huang Meng, you are the vanguard, Qin Yao, prepare to support!" Li Tong gave the order and directed his men to continue moving forward.

    Four hundred people acted together, making a huge noise. Soon, the monsters in Dashi Town heard the noise and ran out from the buildings and alleys in all directions. The monsters in Dashi Town were similar to what was known in advance. There were more than 400 monsters in Dashi Town.  look.

    The levels of these monsters are generally not high. Only a few tauren have been promoted to the fourth level of black iron. In addition to them, there are dozens of evolved wild cats and dogs.

    Seeing Huang Meng and others walking in the front, these monsters roared and rushed over.

    "Get ready to fight!" Huang Meng shoutedWith a sound of "??" and his order, the four team captains formed an array with their respective men, clenched the weapons in their hands, and looked nervously at the charging monster.

    As the monster got closer and closer, some soldiers showed fearful looks. They were all members of the escort team who had just joined the ** battalion yesterday, and their psychological quality and combat effectiveness were not up to par.  However, under the shouts of their respective squad leaders, no one dared to retreat and escape.

    "Kill!" After the monsters approached, Huang Meng ordered again. Two hundred fine steel spears stood like a forest, and dozens of monsters fell to the ground. A dozen soldiers were also hit by the death blows of these monsters.  Screaming and falling to the ground.

    After more than a dozen soldiers fell to the ground, Wang Xiaomo used his mage's hand to quickly pull back those who were not dead, and then the soldiers with spears behind them moved forward to catch up and continue the assassination.

    Huang Meng stood at the front of the queue, and the black-light ax in his hand swept down and slashed with great power. The black iron-level martial arts he had just practiced was intricately executed with eighteen axes. In less than a moment, he killed more than a dozen monsters.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Two black iron level 4 tauren walked out from the group of monsters and rushed to the front of the queue. They slashed with their axes and split the two soldiers in half at once. Blood spattered. When the surrounding soldiers saw this scene, they couldn't help but  He looked panicked and backed away.

    "Don't panic! Hold on, hold on!" a squad leader yelled.

    Qin Yao chanted a spell, pointed with her right hand, and more than a dozen vines came out of the ground, trapping one of the tauren. Then a fireball the size of a round basin flew out, and hit the tauren's face with a puff.  The tauren was blown up until his orifices bled and his whole body was burnt black.  The tauren screamed and twisted, but was trapped by more than a dozen vines and couldn't move.

    Another fireball flew out and exploded on the Minotaur's body. The Minotaur twitched and then fell to the ground dead.

    After becoming a black iron level three mage, Qin Yao's mental power has greatly increased, and he can cast spells continuously. The power of magic is powerful. After three spells, Qin Yao's mental power is basically exhausted, but it will also knock out the black iron level four tauren.  Kill.

    Another tauren was dragged by the water element summoned by Huang Meng and Li Wei. The water element giant was not afraid of any physical attacks. After releasing a water shield for Huang Meng, he hugged the tauren directly. Huang Meng took the opportunity to swing the black light axe.  , kill this tauren.

    Li Tong stood on the carriage and watched the battle below without taking action. If he took action personally, these hundreds of monsters would be dead or injured in less than ten minutes. These monsters are not of high level and are just used for training troops.

    After the two most powerful tauren were eliminated, the remaining monsters were not a concern. Half an hour later, these monsters were killed by everyone. Each team leader began to command his soldiers to hunt down the monsters and search everywhere in Dashi Town.  .

    As soon as the battle ended, a dozen survivors who had heard the battle long ago ran out of their hiding places.

    "Who are you?" Li Tong stepped forward and looked at the dozen survivors. The clothes of the dozen or so people were dirty and in a very embarrassed state. Among them was a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties with a greasy face.  Some of the aura is the leader of these people.

    "I am An Wancheng, the secretary of Dashi Town. Sir, thank you for your life-saving grace!" An Wancheng saw the epaulette on Li Tong's shoulder, and the epaulette rank was major.  He suddenly showed a hint of flattery and flattery.

    In addition to An Wancheng, there were three policemen in police uniforms and two pretty female town government cadres, and the rest were ordinary townspeople.

    Li Tong nodded calmly, "I am Li Tong, the battalion commander of the ** Battalion of the First Division in Haicheng. Are you the only ones who survived in Dashi Town?"

    An Wancheng looked a little sad, "That's right. In the past few days, those monsters have killed almost everyone in the town. If you don't come, we will have no food and we won't be able to survive!"

    Immediately, An Wancheng seemed to think of something, "By the way, there is a Black Ice Club in Dashi Town. This club has a large basement. The basement is very strong. There should be survivors inside!"

    "Go and have a look! You lead the way!" Li Tong ordered unceremoniously.

    An Wancheng is not angry either. Now that the world has become like this, the powerful and powerful are the bosses. When he saw the corpses on the street, he understood this truth deeply.

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