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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 24: Preparation for Battle

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    A villa hall in the center of the camp became a place for Haicheng leaders to discuss matters. After Li Tong came to the hall, he found that all officers above the battalion commander of the entire Haicheng First Division and the leadership team of the Haicheng government had arrived.  When Li Tong arrived, division commander Wang Zhengyuan nodded to him.

    Behind the mayor, Sun Boping, sat a handsome young man wearing a designer suit. After seeing Li Tong, the young man's eyes showed some gleams of interest. He looked up and down on Li Tong until Li Tong  Only after seeing him did he look away.

    Li Tong came behind Captain Xu and looked at the surrounding environment. There was a table more than ten meters long in the hall. Army officers sat on the left, government officials sat on the right, and Wang Zhengyuan and Sun Boping sat on the table.  First, everyone was talking a lot at this time, with panic on their faces.

    "Everyone be silent!" Wang Zhengyuan frowned and shouted, then suppressed the various voices of discussion.

    "You should all know the matter. If you don't know, I will say it again. The more than 100,000 people who survived in our entire Haicheng will soon encounter a life-and-death crisis. Now the monsters are becoming more and more numerous and powerful.  The situation is not optimistic. According to the information we inquired about, there are about a thousand monsters coming toward our camp, and these more than a thousand monsters are all new little devils and other more powerful devils!"

    "These demons are different from minotaurs. Each one has great power, and some demons can use magic skills. There are more than a thousand monsters, which is equivalent to the combat power of 10,000 of our soldiers!"

    Wang Zhengyuan looked serious and glanced at everyone, "If these monsters are allowed to rush to the valley camp, the more than 100,000 survivors in the camp will definitely suffer heavy casualties. I have called you here this time to ask for your advice. It is a resolute defense.  Or if we seize the time to move and defend resolutely, what kind of preparations should we make?"

    As the top leader of the Haicheng Military Government, after Wang Zhengyuan said this, no one dared to speak for a while. This is a matter of life and death for everyone. Every word spoken by everyone may be related to the survival of more than 100,000 people.  , so everyone must think carefully.

    As the most junior officer, Li Tong was supposed to sit at the back, but due to his great strength, his seat in the hall was only below that of several regimental commanders. The seat represents status. Now Li Tong is also the only officer in the army.  There are several senior staff there.

    "From what Master Wang said, he probably wanted to defend and fight on the spot in the camp!" Li Tong was keenly aware of Wang Zhengyuan's intention, but he did not speak.

    "Ahem! Let me tell you something. My opinion is to seize the time to move before the monster comes. Four hundred miles south of Haicheng is Nandu. There are hundreds of thousands of troops stationed in the Nandu Military Region. As long as we can get to the Nandu Military Region, then we  Everyone will be safe!" Haicheng Mayor Sun Boping saw that no one was speaking, coughed twice, and expressed his opinion.

    "Yes, I also agree with Mayor Sun. As long as we can move to the Nandu Military Region, we don't have to worry about any monster attacks!"

    "It's too dangerous to fight those monsters head-on. We must retain our strength so that we can protect our safety!"

    As soon as Sun Boping spoke, some government officials quickly agreed. Li Tong found that most of the officials who agreed with Sun Boping had a trace of worry and fear in their eyes. They were afraid of fighting monsters in the camp and just wanted to run as far away as possible.

    "Hmph! It's four hundred miles from Haicheng to the south. There are no cars or trains. It would take four or five days to walk there. If hundreds of thousands of people are walking together, it will take even longer. Plus there are constant attacks from monsters.  , I¡¯m afraid our entire army will be wiped out before we even reach Nandu!¡±

    Captain Xu snorted coldly and dismissed the officials who supported Sun Boping.  After hearing what Captain Xu said, those government officials also knew that what Captain Xu said was very reasonable, but when they saw his attitude, they felt embarrassed and secretly resentful in their hearts.

    "My opinion is to defend and fight in the camp and fight those monsters!" Captain Xu said loudly.  Zhang Dejian, the leader of the second regiment, had a gloomy face all the time. He nodded when he heard Captain Xu's words. The tragic casualties of the second regiment made him angry and resentful. He wanted to fight those monsters. The leader of the first regiment, Sun Shangde, did not  Take a stand.

    ¡°Captain Xu¡¯s opinion is my opinion!¡± Wang Zhengyuan slammed the table and made the final decision.

    "As long as we work together and repel those monsters, we can get skill books and various treasures from the monsters and become stronger. In this way, no matter whether we fight or transfer in the future, we will have the strength to protect everyone!"

    Wang Zhengyuan has tens of thousands of troops and is the strongest force in the Haicheng military government. Originally, Sun Boping had the support of Yuan Shide, the second division of Haicheng, and was enough to compete with Wang Zhengyuan. But now there is no news about Yuan Shide leading the second division to Shanyang County. Sun Boping  There was no way to resist Wang Zhengyuan's order.

      Sun Boping remained silent, agreeing with Wang Zhengyuan's opinion.

    "Since the 10,000 soldiers of the Second Division went to Shanyang County, the troops in our hands are not enough to withstand the monster's attack, so I decided to recruit troops again, recruiting 10,000 young men from the escort team, and each regiment and each battalion expanded by one  Double!" "What? How can this be done by doubling the strength?" Sun Boping's face changed when he heard this. The first division doubled to have more than 20,000 soldiers. Even if the second division returned safely, he and Yuan Shide  The power of the two people is far less than that of Wang Zhengyuan. In this case, Wang Zhengyuan has become the local emperor of the entire Haicheng survivor camp. Whatever he says is whatever he says. As a successful official, he will oppose it without thinking.

    Wang Zhengyuan's eyes narrowed, his expression turned cold, and an awe-inspiring aura spurted out from his body, suddenly descending on the hall like a mountain. Cold sweat broke out on Sun Boping's forehead, and his whole body felt like a big stone was pressing down on him.  The objections were suppressed before they could be spoken.

    "Mr. Wang, what do you want to do?" The handsome young man behind Sun Boping had a cold face. When he raised his hand, a long ice edge appeared in his hand, and a chill immediately filled the hall.

    Wang Zhengyuan waved his hand to stop Sun Shangde, who was about to rush forward. He thought for a moment silently, and then said: "Forget it! Now that the enemy is facing us, I won't argue with you, but Mayor Sun, you have to understand something.  The thing is, the world today is different from before. If we don¡¯t expand our army, how can we resist the monsters that come to attack us? How can we protect the 170,000 to 80,000 survivors in the camp?¡±

    "Now, let me assign the tasks of each of your regiments"

    After Wang Zhengyuan explained the missions of each regiment and each battalion one by one, it was already afternoon. The soldiers patrolling outside the camp came in several times to report the situation. Scattered monsters had been discovered outside the camp.  The first regiment responsible for vigilance has already started fighting these monsters.

    Time passed by, and the sun gradually set behind the horizon.

    Wang Zhengyuan asked everyone else to go back and prepare for battle, leaving Li Tong, First Regiment Commander Sun Shangde and the handsome young man behind. "Regimental Commander Sun, Battalion Commander Li, and Sun Haiyun, you three are the strongest in the entire camp."  The three of us, this battle with the monster depends on you three!"

    The handsome young man Sun Haiyun is the son of Mayor Sun Boping. He has the strength of the fourth level of black iron. When Sun Haiyun heard this, he couldn't help showing a sneer on his face. The relationship between Sun Boping and Wang Zhengyuan was not very good. If it weren't for the current enemy, he would  No matter what, I will not sacrifice my life for Wang Zhengyuan.

    "Commander, just give the order. As long as I am here, we will be able to repel those monsters!" Sun Shangde said loudly.

    Wang Zhengyuan nodded with satisfaction, "Okay! This time you will hand over the affairs of the first regiment to the deputy commander. You, Li Tong, and Sun Haiyun will lead the special team as the elite main force to fight against the powerful demons!"

    The special force is an elite group of soldiers who practice skills in the army. There are about more than 300 people. They are the absolute ace and main force of the first division. They are also the key to Wang Zhengyuan's confidence in fighting those demons.

    As the sky gradually darkened, Li Tong returned to the villa and discussed everything with Qin Yao and Huang Meng. After making preparations, he returned to the room and began to recharge his batteries.


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