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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 25: The Gathering of Demons

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    Before dawn the next day, Li Tong was woken up by the messy noise. After washing quickly, Li Tong took Huang Meng, Qin Yao and Li Wei to the station where the special forces team was stationed.

    According to what was discussed yesterday, Li Tong, Qin Yao, Huang Meng, and Li Wei joined the special operations team, and the rescue operation was temporarily handed over to Zhao Che. At the moment of the battle, Li Tong was not in a panic mood. Others will be responsible for this battle.  Seeing it as a life and death crisis, Li Tong believed that this was a rare opportunity to improve his strength!

    There are more than a thousand demons, each of which has the strength of Black Iron Level 5 or above. Killing one little demon will cost more than ten or twenty soldiers. According to this algorithm, these demons only need to lose half to destroy the entire army.  The first division was destroyed.

    But the real battle is not a comparison of numbers. At the beginning of the battle, the army will definitely suffer heavy casualties, but as time goes by, the soldiers will quickly increase their strength in the constant fighting. More than a thousand demons are definitely not  The opponent of the first division.

    After coming to this conclusion, Li Tong calmed down. The most important thing now is to show his strength, kill more demons, and establish his reputation in the entire camp. In this way, Li Tong will be in charge in the future.  Opportunity for power throughout the camp.

    Wake up and hold the power of the world, drunk and lie on the knees of a beautiful woman.  This is the ultimate dream in every man's heart. Before the end, Li Tong was an ordinary college student, and his future life would be uneventful. He would find a woman he liked, get married, have children, and work hard to buy a house.  With one cent of salary, everyone's life trajectory will change after the apocalypse, and Li Tong also has the opportunity to realize this dream.

    The location where the special operations team is stationed is also a large villa. There is a relatively spacious lawn in front of the villa. Some members of the special operations team have already gotten up and started to move around on the lawn.

    "Who are you? Don't you know this is a place for the special forces? Leave immediately!" A tall, strong man in military uniform frowned fiercely when he saw the four of Li Tong and shouted.

    The voice of the big man in military uniform attracted the attention of some people. Li Tong walked leisurely among these eyes and came to the lawn: "This is the place where the special forces team is, so I am not in the wrong place. Let me introduce myself. My name is Li Tong.  He¡¯s the vice-captain of your special operations team!¡±

    "What vice-captain? Our special team only has one captain, Sun Shangde. Where does the vice-captain come from?"

    "Vice captain? Let a young boy be our vice captain? Isn't this a joke?"

    The members of the special forces team were shocked, showing expressions of disbelief. What is a special forces team?  They are the absolute elite of Haicheng's First Division. Every member of the special forces team has a unique skill and everyone has strong strength. How can they make these unruly and rebellious people become their boss by letting an ordinary-looking young man be their boss?  Are the team members convinced?

    "What kind of vice-captain? I, Tie Xiong, have never heard of it! Boy, seeing how arrogant you are, you must have some skills, so let me try your skills!" Tie Xiong, a big man in military uniform, shouted loudly, and his whole body was shaken.  A layer of black brilliance emerged, which is the characteristic of the Iron Cloth Shirt's operation in the black iron level technique.

    This Iron Bear has the strength of Black Iron Level 3 and is among the top ten members of the special operations team. As soon as he takes action, the attention of all the special operations members is diverted.

    "Brother Tong, let me do it!" Huang Meng rushed out without waiting for Li Tong to speak, roared, a layer of black light also appeared on his body, and punched the iron bear.  Huang Meng also practiced the iron cloth shirt technique. After seeing the iron bear, he immediately became eager to win.

    "Iron cloth shirt? This person has also practiced iron cloth shirt! Who is this person?" The onlookers of the special forces team members looked surprised.

    Tie Xiong was also extremely shocked, but he was very confident in his defense. He did not dodge or evade, roared, and also raised his fists to confront Huang Meng head-on. The moves of both of them were very simple and concise.  When a punch hits the opponent, it will sound like iron.

    Boom!  There was an explosion, and the iron bear groaned, and the black brilliance on his body shattered. Huang Meng punched him several meters away, and he fell to the ground. In addition to practicing the iron cloth shirt, Huang Meng also had a foundation in training.  Internal strength, the iron cloth shirt driven by basic internal strength is twice as powerful as the iron bear.

    "What a powerful force!" The members of the special team all exclaimed in admiration. They all could see clearly that Huang Meng's strength was definitely higher than that of Iron Bear.

    "You have what it takes to become a member of the special forces!" A thin soldier came out and said to Huang Meng.  He recognized Huang Meng's strength, and then the thin soldier turned to look at Li Tong, Li Wei, and Qin Yao, "However, if you want to be the deputy captain of the special team, you have to let me, Liu Cong, see if you are qualified!"

    Liu Cong, the strongest person in the special team, possesses three magic skills: Wind Blade, Fire Wall, and Swamp Technique. He is also Black Iron Level 3, but his strength is far superior to Iron Bear.?

    Li Tong smiled faintly, said nothing, walked directly to the front, held the hilt of the sword at his waist with his right hand, and hooked his left hand towards Liu Cong, signaling Liu Cong to take action.

    Liu Cong took a breath, waved his right hand, and a fierce whistling light cyan wind blade burst out of his control and flew rapidly towards Li Tong's chest. Li Tong just wanted to dodge, but his feet softened and he found that he had fallen into a three-meter range.  In the swamp, unable to move.

    "What a fast casting speed!" Li Tong couldn't help but admire. Liu Cong is indeed somewhat capable as the strongest member of the special team. In terms of combat effectiveness, neither Qin Yao nor Li Wei are Liu Cong's opponents. However, although Liu Cong is strong  , nothing compared to Li Tong.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? With a flash of sword light, the light cyan wind blade disappeared into thin air.

    Li Tong ran the Cloud Step, and with a sway of his body, he stood up from the swamp and jumped in front of Liu Cong in mid-air. With a shake of the sword, more than a hundred sword flowers flew out, blowing Liu Cong's body up and down.  All the vital points are covered.

    Liu Cong was extremely horrified and quickly retreated, but he could not dodge anyway, so he could only close his eyes and wait for death.

    "Not bad!" Li Tong put away his sword and smiled slightly.  Liu Cong opened his eyes with complicated expressions.

    At this time, Sun Shangde came over from a distance with a long steel stick and Sun Haiyun. Sun Shangde came to the lawn. With a glance, he knew what had just happened, but he didn't say anything more and just blew  Sentries gather.

    "From today on, Li Tong and Sun Haiyun will be your vice-captains. In the next battle, you must obey their orders and command! Do you understand?" Sun Shangde shouted.

    More than 300 members of the special operations team looked solemn, "I understand!"

    Sun Shangde nodded with satisfaction, "Okay! Let's set off now!"

    In less than five minutes, Sun Shangde led the entire special forces team to the city wall made of reinforced concrete. At this time, there were rows of soldiers standing on the city wall. Looking down from the ten-meter-high city wall, you could see  A group of dark monsters have gathered under the city wall.

    "Chain Demon, Scythe Demon, Fire Demon! They are all demons above the seventh level of Black Iron!" Li Tong couldn't help but show a hint of surprise when he saw the scene below.

    Among this group of monsters, there are seven or eight hundred little demons, dozens of chain demons and scythe demons, and seven or eight Balrog demons. In addition, there is one demon in this group with two demons growing out of his back.  A big demon with fleshy wings!

    The big devil is an advanced race of the little devil. It has powerful power and can communicate with elements to release magic. The big devil under the city has the strength of the ninth level of black iron. At this stage of strength, the big devil has the equivalent of ten  With the intelligence of a seven or eight-year-old boy, he can command other demons and is the basic commander of the demon forces in the dark abyss.

    At this time, this big demon controlled the entire group of monsters. He did not launch an attack blindly, but kept screaming from his mouth. The sound resounded in all directions. After a while, groups of skeletons and minotaurs were summoned.

    In addition to these two monsters, there are more than a dozen zombies and fifty or sixty skeleton shooters.

    When no more monsters responded to its call, the big demon waved the dark red steel fork in his hand, and a group of tauren and skeletons rushed towards the city wall.


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