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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 27: Turning the Tide

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    "No!" Sun Haiyun screamed and dodged awkwardly. The two fireballs were extremely fast. Before he could completely dodge, they exploded on the city wall. The high temperature of thousands of degrees destroyed the reinforced concrete city wall.  A hole melted out.

    A dozen soldiers who were relatively close to Sun Haiyun were wiped out without even screaming. The fireball exploded into rubble on the city wall, and sparks flew everywhere. Several soldiers were hit by the sparks and screamed as they fell off the city wall and were killed by the city.  of monsters to kill.

    Sun Haiyun's hair was burned to a crisp, and his clothes were in tatters, and he was in a miserable state. However, Sun Haiyun possessed the power of frost, and when his whole body was shaken, a blast of biting frost extinguished the flames on his body.

    Seeing that Sun Haiyun was not killed by the fireball, the big demon below roared angrily, moved his wings, jumped up, and rushed towards the city wall.

    As the big demon flew up, other demons moved out one after another, rushing towards the city wall, and more than a thousand little demons all moved out.

    "Don't panic, everyone, get ready for battle!" Sun Dejian shouted loudly. All the soldiers of the second regiment stood at the top of the city, preparing to fight. Wang Zhengyuan, who was in the camp, heard the news that the monster had launched a general attack, and quickly led the first regiment and  All the soldiers of the third regiment came to support.

    When Wang Zhengyuan rushed to the city wall, the entire battle had entered a white-hot stage.

    Every little devil has the strength of Black Iron Level 5 or above. Stepping on the piles of corpses under the city wall, it is easy to jump to the top of the city wall. The steel fork stabs randomly. The soldiers scream and fall to the ground, and the casualties increase rapidly.

    Thousands of monsters attacked together, and the heavy-armored battalion couldn't resist it. Especially the heavy-armored battalion was wearing heavy armor. While its attack power was powerful, its movement speed slowed down. After being surrounded by little demons, it was submerged in the sea in less than ten minutes.  In the swarm of monsters, the entire army was wiped out.

    Boom boom!  More than a dozen Balrogs roared excitedly and blasted fireballs, leaving a mess on the city wall. Leader Sun Dejian's forehead was sweating anxiously, and he couldn't help but rush up with a spear to fight with the monster.

    Seeing that more than 2,000 soldiers of the second regiment were about to be wiped out, Wang Zhengyuan finally caught up with reinforcements. Thousands of soldiers quickly entered the battle, and the situation eased slightly.

    After the big demon flew to the city wall, he waved his steel fork, and a dozen or so attacking soldiers flew away like gourds. Their muscles and bones were shattered, and blood spurted wildly. They seemed to be in an uninhabited land on the city wall.  It has the power of ten thousand kilograms in one strike.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Li Tong used three swords in a row to kill the three little devils, and tightly protected Qin Yao and Li Wei. Qin Yao chanted a spell and cast the vine spell, and more than a dozen vines danced around Li Tong, binding them together.  He touched the soles of the little devils' feet to slow down the little devils.

    Huang Meng roared and rushed forward, slashing the ax fiercely, killing the two little devils.

    Roar!  Two extremely rich energies entered his body, and Huang Meng advanced in the battle and became a fourth-level Black Iron warrior.  Li Wei hid behind Li Tong, commanding the water element giant to act as a human shield to defend Li Tong from the attacks of surrounding monsters.

    The four people cooperated with each other and quickly killed the seven or eight little demons surrounding them.


    "Run quickly, this monster is too powerful!"

    Not far away, the big demon killed and injured all the surrounding soldiers and the special forces members who caught up. The remaining special forces members desperately released several fighting spirit slashes and wind blade ice arrows, trying to block them.  The big devil's offensive.  After releasing their skills, these team members turned around and ran away.

    The big demon smiled ferociously, and a dark red light shield enveloped its body. The fighting spirit wind-cutting blade ice arrow hit the light shield, but it had no effect.

    "Magic shield? It turned out to be a bronze-level magic shield!" Li Tong was shocked when he saw this scene. The great devil's strength was at the ninth level of black iron, but he could actually cast bronze-level magic beyond the level. This meant that the great devil  Promotion is not far away.

    There are still ways to deal with the Black Iron Level 9 Great Demon. If promoted to the Bronze Level, the Great Demon's strength will undergo earth-shaking transformation. It can kill all the people in the entire camp by itself.

    Phew!  The big demon was as fast as the wind. He chased behind these special forces members and stabbed several of them to death in succession.

    At this time, Wang Zhengyuan also saw the ferocity of the big demon and shouted: "Sun Shangde! You lead the special team to kill this big demon first, and we will entangle the other monsters!"

    With that said, Wang Zhengyuan released a halo of intimidation, covering the entire city wall. Wang Zhengyuan's strength was only Black Iron Level 4, but the effect of the aura of intimidation could not be ignored. Many little devils were enveloped by the halo, and their speed was obviously slowed down.

    Sun Shangde smashed the head of a little devil with a stick, and after killing more than a dozen little devils in a row, he has been promoted to a black iron level six warrior, and the bronze-level low-level skills he practiced are like beacon fireThe power was greatly increased. After hearing Wang Zhengyuan's order, he quickly led all the special forces members towards the direction of the big devil.


    The crimson sword light swept across the sky, and the two little devils were killed at the waist. Li Tong stood at the front, leading Qin Yao, Li Wei, and Huang Meng to sweep on the city wall.  After hearing the order, they also joined Sun Shangde.

    Fireballs, ice arrows, and summoned poisonous snakes and wolves surrounded the big demon and attacked continuously, but these attacks could not break the magic shield and could not cause any harm to the big demon.

    The big demon had no defense pressure. The steel fork came out of a hole like a poisonous snake, piercing the chest of a special forces member, going back and forth, killing more than a dozen people in a row. The bloodthirsty in his eyes became more intense, and he roared in excitement.

    "Let me do it!" Sun Haiyun, who was lucky enough to survive, shouted, holding a spear and stabbing the big demon's body rapidly. He had already used the ice power fighting energy in his body to the extreme, and the tip of the spear contained extremely ice.  cold.

    Sonorous!  The tip of the spear collided with the magic shield, sending chilly air everywhere.

    With a swipe of the demon's steel fork, Sun Haiyun swept the spear away. Sun Haiyun felt an incomparable surge of power. When his right hand hurt, the spear flew out of his hand.  His chest also felt painful due to the strong force. He coughed lightly and a stream of blood flowed out of his mouth.

    At this time, Sun Shangde led more than two hundred special forces to surround the big demon tightly, using human lives to consume the magic shield on the big demon.

    Li Tong retained his strength and did not rush forward to fight the big devil head-on. Instead, he wandered around, killing the little devils and other monsters. There were already more than a dozen little devils and two zombies who died under his sword.  Also fell beside him.

    A large amount of life energy enters the body, increasing the body's strength.  After Li Tong absorbed the energy, he was directly promoted to a seventh-level Black Iron warrior. After his promotion, a large amount of pure Yang energy was born in his body. This pure Yang energy was quickly refined by the pure Yang energy.  Qi increased rapidly.

    After his strength became stronger, Li Tong became even more unstoppable. With a sword, the long sword shot out three feet of sword light and cut off the head of a Balrog.

    In addition to the increase in strength, Li Tong also received a lot of trophies on the battlefield and gained a lot.


    The magic shield on the big devil was finally shattered by the continuous attacks. The big devil waved the steel fork angrily and collided with Sun Shangde's steel rod. Sun Shangde had no power to resist and was knocked away by the steel fork, almost leaving the city.  The head falls off.

    "Captain Sun!"

    "Captain Sun!"

    Wang Zhengyuan and the members of the special forces screamed. Blood spilled from Sun Shangde's mouth and nose, and he was beaten with only half his life left. Sun Shangde was the number one master in the army, and even he was beaten like this. All the soldiers and special forces were beaten.  The morale of the team members was extremely low.

    Can we really fight off these monsters?  Everyone is suspicious.

    ¡°Go,,,die!¡± The big demon roared excitedly, and actually uttered vague human language.  It came to Sun Shangde in two steps, raised its right foot, and stepped down violently, trying to trample Sun Shangde to death.

    "It's over! Even Sun Shangde is going to die, and we can't stop these monsters!"

    ¡°Let¡¯s take advantage of this opportunity and run away as far as possible!¡±

    Seeing this scene, everyone felt desperate. Many soldiers even turned around and ran away, ignoring the supervising team behind them.


    The sound of steel clashing sounded, and Li Tong flew out with a sword in the air. The three-foot sword light pierced the big devil's eyes. The big devil keenly sensed the powerful lethality contained in the sword light. This sword light had  The ability to kill it.

    The big demon had no choice but to take a step back and use the steel fork to block the sword light.  Li Tong took the lead with one move, and immediately launched a continuous attack. The long swords in his hands were like phantoms, and like heavy rain, they enveloped the big demon's body.

    The figures of Li Tong and the big devil were fighting faster and faster. No one could clearly see the situation of their fight. A special operations team member quickly helped Sun Shangde to the back.

    "Okay! Well done! I didn't expect Li Tong to have such strength. I underestimated him before!" Wang Zhengyuan clapped his hands fiercely and exhaled a long breath. The situation just now was even more difficult with his nerves as strong as steel.  It was almost unbearable. Fortunately, Li Tong took action in time, otherwise the situation would have been very bad.

    "Black Iron Level 7! Li Tong is already a Black Iron Level 7 warrior!" The expert with reconnaissance skills screamed. He didn't expect that Li Tong's strength would increase so much after just a few days.

    "Black Iron Level 7!" Wang Zhengyuan also took a breath of air.

    Chi!  The big demon's body was cut with a large gash by the sword energy, and dark red blood spurted out. The big demon screamed angrily, and shrank its body.A mouthful of thick black mist suddenly spurted out from his mouth.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The fog filled the air, and the soldiers and monsters shrouded in the fog all screamed in agony. Bloody holes were corroded on their bodies by the black fog. Li Tong was caught off guard and was also shrouded in the black fog!

    "Oops! It's the Corrosion Technique!" Li Tong was shocked and hurriedly used his mental skills. The pure Yang Qi circulated throughout his body, and a faint fluorescent light shrouded his skin, blocking out the corrosive mist.  After cultivating pure Yang Qi, he is immune to all evil poisons. However, in order to resist the corrosion technique, Pure Yang Qi is also rapidly consumed.

    "Brother, let me help you!" Li Wei's face flushed, and she chanted a spell and summoned a water element giant again. The water element giant opened its mouth and a large amount of water vapor enveloped the black mist. Then the water element giant grabbed it with his big hand.  Ice shards shining with black brilliance fell from the sky one by one.

    Qin Yao also used the vine technique. More than a dozen vines sprang out from the ground and wrapped around the big demon. The members of the special team also reacted and quickly used various magic and skills, such as swamp magic, frozen ring, colorful  Skills fell on the big demon one after another.

    Even though the big demon has extremely powerful strength and a skin with extremely strong magic resistance, he was also somewhat embarrassed by this wave of attacks.

    Roar!  The big demon casually pulled out the vines wrapped around his body, crushed the frozen ring with one kick, and swept around with a steel fork, killing all the dozen special forces members who surrounded him. Most of the special forces members were black.  Iron Level 2 and Black Iron Level 3 are no match for the big devil.

    "Three qi are unified!"

    Li Tong shouted loudly and used the third move of Chunyang Sword Technique. The sharp sword energy tore in the air. With a squeak, a bloody hole was drilled into the big demon's chest. The big demon roared in pain, and the steel fork suddenly  He slashed down and smashed Li Tong with his sword onto the ground of the city wall. A hole was made in the extremely hard concrete ground.

    "Ahem!" Li Tong opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, moved around with Tengyunbu, and dodged the big demon's next blow.

    As time went by, while the army suffered heavy casualties, the situation finally stabilized. The soldiers continued to grow stronger in the process of killing monsters. The number of little devils decreased rapidly, and the big devils also disappeared due to the entanglement of the special forces and Li Tong.  At the beginning, there was an indomitable spirit.

    With the special force as a cover, Li Tong quickly moved away, leaving wounds after wounds on the big devil's body.

    More than an hour passed, and Li Tong's energy was about to be exhausted. He gritted his teeth and once again used the third move of the Pure Yang Sword Technique.  , slowing down the speed of the big devil for an instant.

    A sharp sword light penetrated into the big devil's heart, and the sword light strangled, and the big devil's heart suddenly turned into pieces.

    The big demon roared unwillingly and finally fell to the ground.

    By this time, it was already afternoon.


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