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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 28: Moving Camp

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    After the death of the big demon, a large amount of life energy was absorbed by Li Tong. After Li Tong, who had just been promoted to the seventh level of Black Iron, absorbed this energy, he suddenly broke through the barrier and became a warrior of the eighth level of Black Iron. In addition, he also  Obtained three skill books and dozens of life crystals from the big demon.

    Li Tong took all these trophies into his arms, and the others had no objections. After all, it was Li Tong who was responsible for repelling the monster's attack. Now that Sun Shangde was unconscious, Li Tong became the backbone of the entire camp.

    There were scattered little devils and zombies on the city wall. Li Tong led Qin Yao and Li Wei and Huangmeng to hunt monsters everywhere. During the continuous killing process, Qin Yao, Li Wei, and Huangmeng all broke through to the Black Iron Four.  class.

    By the time the monsters were wiped out, it was already evening.  Wang Zhengyuan and Sun Dejian were counting the casualties. The army's casualties this time were very heavy. Commander Xu's third regiment and Sun Dejian's second regiment suffered all casualties. They were almost disorganized. Even Commander Xu was accidentally killed.  The Balrog was killed.

    In addition to the sacrifice of Captain Xu of the Third Regiment, two battalion commanders Wan Guiyun and Nan Wanche also died in the battle. The entire Third Regiment only had more than a thousand soldiers from Li Qiang's heavy camp.  Not to mention the casualties of the second regiment. Except for Sun Dejian, the entire regiment's personnel were replaced.  Only the first regiment of the first division still barely maintained its organization and was not broken up.

    "Alas! I didn't expect the casualties to be so heavy. If we encounter another monster attack, our entire army will be wiped out!" Wang Zhengyuan sighed. Only three or four thousand of his more than 10,000 soldiers were killed or wounded, which made his heart hurt like a knife.

    "Commander! For the current plan, we can only recruit troops from the escort team as soon as possible and replenish the troops! Also, Li Tong is now a strong man at the eighth level of Black Iron. His combat effectiveness is equivalent to that of a main group.  , now we must win him over, and with Li Tong's support, things will be much easier to handle!" The staff officer of the First Division was giving ideas on the side.

    Wang Zhengyuan nodded. Indeed, Li Tong turned the tide this time and saved the entire camp. He must be well rewarded.

    After thinking for a moment, Wang Zhengyuan had an idea in his mind. When he saw that Li Tong had stopped fighting not far away, he walked over and said, "Li Tong, thanks to you this time, otherwise our entire camp of more than 100,000 people would have been killed.  Kill the monster! I will not be stingy with your great achievements this time. From now on, you will be the commander of the third regiment and the deputy commander of the first division! In the entire army, you are only subordinate to me!"

    Wang Zhengyuan's tone was very sincere. He thought very clearly. Now that the camp has suffered so many casualties and the army has suffered heavy losses, if it encounters another monster attack, the entire army will be annihilated. Li Tong possesses the powerful power of the Black Iron Level 8, which is unparalleled.  Only he can help the camp escape danger.

    Li Tong's heart moved. He had long wanted to take the power of the entire camp into his hands. This time he showed his strength and fought tooth and nail to kill the big demon and save the camp. This was for this. In these troubled times, only strong power and  Power is the foundation!

    "Thank you, Commander!" Li Tong was not polite and accepted Wang Zhengyuan's promotion order on the spot. From now on, he will be the Colonel and Deputy Commander of the First Division.

    In the next two days, Li Tong was very busy. He first reorganized the remaining soldiers of the ** battalion and the third regiment under his command, recruited 3,000 elite soldiers from the escort, and reorganized 4,000 troops.  , In addition, Li Tong will also reward many basic skills from the battlefield. These skills are all obtained from the little devil. They are all primary skills of low-grade black iron. These skills allow the officers of the third regiment to  The strength has been greatly enhanced.

    "Bronze level magic shield! Black iron top grade red lotus fighting spirit! Black iron top grade rock skill!" After Li Tong finished his chores, he took out the trophies after the death of the big demon and looked at them carefully. Each of these three skill books  A master can be found early in this book.

    Needless to say, the bronze-level magic shield. Only by learning this skill can a magician have strong defense and strong survivability. Red Lotus Dou Qi and Panshi Kung are one Dou Qi and one internal power, which are suitable for Zhao Che and Huang Meng.  Personal practice.

    Li Tong did not directly give them the two skill books. The two of them had not even perfected the basic fighting spirit and basic internal skills. There was no great benefit in getting these two skill books too early. They would make contributions later.  Li Tong continued to reward skill books, and others had nothing to say.

    Naturally, the precious skill book Bronze Level Magic Shield was given to Li Wei for practice.

    After absorbing dozens of life crystals again, the pure Yang Qi in Li Tong's body quickly became stronger and was now as thick as a finger. As soon as he activated his heart technique, a red glow emanated from Li Tong's body.  Covering the body, all evil will not invade, and the second level of the innate pure yang skill has been completed.

    After another day, Wang Zhengyuan and Li Tong finally finished the work in the entire camp, and they held another meeting with Sun Boping.There were many people missing from the meeting this time. Except for Sun Shangde, who came with force, and Sun Haiyun, who was always gloomy, there were only seven or eight people from the government and the army who were qualified to participate in the meeting.

    "This is Li Tong, everyone must know him. He is now the commander of the third regiment and the deputy division commander of the army!" Wang Zhengyuan first introduced Li Tong. The army officers and government officials both agreed or opposed it in their hearts.  , all clapped quickly.

    Li Tong smiled lightly, without showing any arrogance or contentment.

    "We are summoned this time to tell you an important decision! According to the news we received yesterday, Commander Yuan Shide and Yuan have led the second division to clear out the monsters in Shanyang County and have established a solid base. Li and I  Deputy Division Commander Mayor Sun has already discussed it, and we will set off for Shanyang County at noon to join the Second Division!"

    As soon as Wang Zhengyuan finished speaking, many officials and officers showed joy. Shanyang County is located in the west of Haicheng, backed by mountains and surrounded by two rivers. It is easy to defend but difficult to attack. It is an excellent place to establish a base. Now the First Division has suffered heavy casualties.  , the newly added soldiers do not have much combat effectiveness. If they can join the second division, the safety of hundreds of thousands of survivors will be guaranteed.

    Li Tong naturally supports Wang Zhengyuan's decision. He is already an eighth-level black iron warrior. He believes that no one among the surviving humans on the entire earth can surpass him. Such a powerful force is enough for him to rise rapidly anywhere.  .

    After noon.

    The entire camp began to move. The supplies of the entire camp were loaded into more than 200 carriages. The survivors of 170,000 to 80,000 men and women were walking on both sides of the carriage. Wang Zhengyuan and Li Tong led the newly recruited soldiers one after another.  Afterwards, he protected the entire crowd and killed the monsters that attacked sporadically in the wild.

    178000 survivors formed a rolling torrent, surging towards Shanyang County.

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