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Works related to Fattening StoryRelated Works: The Mystery of Bai Meiyuan’s OriginText Chapter 1 The Beauty of Dongxuan SmilesText Chapter 2 A Chinese Ghost Story
Text Chapter 3 The ‘female ghost’ suffering from paranoiaText Chapter 4 Her ninety-seventh manText Chapter 5 Big trouble is brewingText Chapter 6 Touch Six Hundred
Text Chapter 7 Luoshen MissionText Chapter 8 My name is Niu HaolingText Chapter 9 I want to poopText Chapter 10 Niujiazhuang
Text Chapter 11 Counterfeit phones are just bullshit!Text Chapter 12 The secretary has something to do, but nothing to do...Text Chapter 13: Trip to Broiler CityText Chapter 14 Codename ‘Poker two’
Text Chapter 15 The eldest lady’s big temperText Chapter 16 Cosplay Dog Man and WomanText Chapter 17 Living is a kind of practiceText Chapter 18 Take off your panties
Text Chapter 19 The drunken ladyText Chapter 20 Ma Dong’s evil sisterText Chapter 21 Three chapters of the agreementText Chapter 22 Human Ambition
Text Chapter 23 The Thug CompanyText Chapter 24 I’ll give you five lottery ticketsText Chapter 25: Starting a business in progressText Chapter 26 Shared Money
Text Chapter 27 Distinguished Guests from MalaysiaText Chapter 28 The eldest son of the Chen familyText Chapter 29: Meeting the Unruly Police Beauty AgainText Chapter 30 You towed his car away
Text Chapter 31 An Ancestor Over One Hundred Years OldText Chapter 32 A huge shameText Chapter 33 The Tough Wing Chun GirlText Chapter 34 Designer’s Paradise
Text Chapter 35 Fresh Bathing PhotosText Chapter 36: One pillar supports the skyText Chapter 37 News from Hammer PrisonText Chapter 38 Prison Tyrant Tieniu
Text Chapter 39 Is Fushoutang very powerful?Text Chapter 40 I want to be the most important woman in your lifeText Chapter 41: Change for YouText Extra Chapter---Brothers (My brother is called Tieniu)
Text Chapter 42 Not all toads want to eat swan meatText Chapter 43 SeparationText Chapter 44 Something happened to Tieniu?Text Chapter 45 Master of Dark Power
Text Chapter 46: When a cheater meets a cheaterText Chapter 47 If she wants to die, she will die.Text Chapter 48 A gentleman does not stand behind a dangerous wallText Chapter 49 Thick Black Technique
Text Chapter 50 A trick is better than a kitchen knifeText Chapter 51 The prince appearsText Chapter 52 The mission comes againText Chapter 53: Not good at teaching, but good at educating people.
Text Chapter 54 Hello, Teacher Jiang Yi.Text Chapter 55: Like a teacher, like a discipleText Chapter 56: He who understands current affairs is a heroText Chapter 57 The Man Baking Sweet Potatoes
Text Chapter 58 Brother Haonan from Changhe DistrictText Chapter 59 I’m so full that I have nothing to doText Chapter 60 This is my first kissText Chapter 61 The eldest son of the Miao family
Text Chapter 62: Shall we live together?Text Chapter 63 The devilish little girlText Chapter 64 The Group Walking in DarknessText Chapter 65 Humility is a virtue
Text Chapter 66 To kill someone, one knife is enough.Text Chapter 67 How did you do it?Text Chapter 68: I am acting in self-defenseText Chapter 69 This grandson is flirting with me
Text Chapter 70 Be careful behind you!Text Chapter 71: Enemies, regardless of age or sex!Text Chapter 72: If you don’t fight for three days, go to the house and uncover the tiles!Text Chapter 73 Jiang Yi’s Story
Text Chapter 74 The overwhelming power of Mount TaiText Chapter 75 It’s so itchy, so itchy!Text Chapter 76: Master of Cross CombatText Chapter 77 The Four Kings Association with lush foliage
Text Chapter 78 To do it or not to do it?Text Chapter 79 The Beginning of Killer TrainingText Chapter 80 I am not a casual manText Chapter 81 Lei Xuanxuan’s visit
Text Chapter 82 The War between Two WomenText Chapter 83 Bodhidharma Sword TechniqueText Chapter 84 Death of Miao Hui!Text Chapter 85: Take a step back and take a step forward.
Text Chapter 86 Dreams Breaking the Kingdom of HeavenText Chapter 87 Gold Shop RobbersText Chapter 88 The Name of Poker ManText Chapter 89 It must be excellent
Text Chapter 90 New Mission--Celebrity AppointmentText Chapter 91 I want to order a doll for youText Chapter 92 A big star comparable to the Empress Dowager CixiText Chapter 93 This is a woman who likes to accept challenges
Text Chapter 94 The Dream of the Father of Unspoken RulesText Chapter 95 I hate it so muchText Chapter 96 Maya’s lover, Ma Dong’s enemy.Text Chapter 97 Visitors from North America
Text Chapter 98 The Identity of Master PeterText Chapter 99 Spider-Man who does not understand China’s national conditionsText Chapter 100 The collision of two world viewsText Chapter 101: Like sister, like brother
Text Chapter 102 I just don’t want to read itText Chapter 103 Appearance determines everythingText Chapter 104: Brothers working together can cut through metal.Text Chapter 105: One mistake leads to eternal hatred
Text Chapter 106 The origin of the Four Kings AssociationText Chapter 107 Things about celebritiesText Chapter 108 Pretentious styleText Chapter 109: River Clams Fighting for the Fisherman’s Benefit
Text Chapter 110: Hard Qigong - Blue Brick Shatters the HeadText Chapter 111: When disaster strikes, we all fly awayText Chapter 112 Three beauties broke into the police stationText Chapter 113 The power of the Xin family
Text Chapter 114 Women’s WarText Chapter 115 I give you three choicesText Chapter 116 Do you need me to avoid it?Text Chapter 117 A gathering of hatred
Text Chapter 118 A strong dragon does not overwhelm a local snakeText Chapter 119 ShowdownText Chapter 120 Hua Shixue and the Female GangsterText Chapter 121 The Leaf of Hearts
Text Chapter 122 Six Points of Sword TechniqueText Chapter 123 What is true love?Text Chapter 124 ‘Yin Hu’ Wu GangText Chapter 125 The crisis is coming
Text Chapter 127 The Successor of Luo's MarksmanshipText Chapter 128: Eating a Socialist Wedding BanquetText Chapter 129: Luo's RetaliateText Chapter 130 Changes
Text Chapter 131 ConfessionText Chapter 132 The Young Master of Kyoto--Lian JinText Chapter 133: A plan to remove the firewood from under the cauldronText Chapter 134: Dramatic changes in the world
Text Chapter 135 Prelude to recruiting troopsText Chapter 136 Killing and Entering the GameText Chapter 137 Death of Yu ChengText Chapter 138 The Director of Health Visits
Text Chapter 139 Interviews are very importantText Chapter 140 Two years of getting along in exchange for two years of trustText Chapter 141 Tang Yixuan’s visitText Chapter 142 The mantis blocking the car and the mantis catching the cicada
Text Chapter 143: Defeating the enemy with one moveText Chapter 144: Orthodox boxing sect and crooked ways (please subscribe~)Text Chapter 145: Gambling to survive (please subscribe)Text Chapter 146 Brothers meet (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 147: The Place of Red LeavesText Chapter 148 Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.Text Chapter 149 Nine twists and turnsText Chapter 150: Trip to the Martial Arts Examination
Text Chapter 151 The final assessmentText Chapter 152: Strength starts from making money.Text Chapter 153 BlueText Chapter 154 The Sword Points at Fushou Hall
Text Chapter 155 New Ability---Iron BlockText Chapter 156 DischargeText Chapter 157 Enemies meet on a narrow roadText Chapter 158 Temple Fair Competition--Wu Xinzi
Text Chapter 159 Chenlong appearsText Chapter 160: Through Arm Fist--Niu GensanText Chapter 161 The Bastard in Niujia Village正文 第一百六十二章 凌唐服务有限公司
Text Chapter 163 Seven timesText Chapter 164: Entering the Tiger's Den AgainText Chapter 165 The death of Yinhu Wu Gang.Text Chapter 166 The Fury of Fushoutang
Text Chapter 167 The Heir of the Wu FamilyText Chapter 168 Adding fuel to the fire and adding fuel to the flamesText Chapter 169 The Future of FushoutangText Chapter 170 The new version of ‘collusion between government and business’
Text Chapter 171 Lian Jin comes forwardText Chapter 172 The Twelve Bosses of FushoutangText Chapter 173: Visiting Le BaiyuanText Chapter 174 A gamble that doesn’t care about winning or losing
Text Chapter 175 Three Days AppointmentText Chapter 176 The excitement of ups and downsText Chapter 177: Running for the position of YinhuText Chapter 178: Lawyer who scrapes the land
Text Chapter 179 Wang Jiayi’s decisionText Chapter 180: The Night of Fenggao MurderText Chapter 181 Good Luck Chu HoudeText Chapter 182 High-end Wealth Forum
Text Chapter 183 The Knowledge of FlatteryText Chapter 184 The Newcomer of HeartsText Chapter 185: Why are grudges and hatreds caused?Text Chapter 186 Who has ever recalled the promise of youth?
Text Chapter 187 Nine percent choiceText Chapter 188 He is our chairmanText Chapter 189 The Beginning of the Shareholders’ MeetingText Chapter 190 If you don’t want to stay, get out
Text Chapter 191 Si Snake Langqin’s VisitText Chapter 192 Brother ServantText Chapter 193: The Big Three: Rabbit, Snake, and Pig.Text Chapter 194 Money is everything
Text Chapter 195: Fire and Water Police BeautiesText Chapter 196: Separation of Territories for PeaceText Chapter 197 The Shameless RealmText Chapter 198 I have admired you for a long time, Mary next door
Text Chapter 199 The Worth of ‘Migrant Workers’Text Chapter 200 The Laws of ChinaText Chapter 201: Arousing public anger and seeking death.Text Chapter 202 A kind of yellow race
Text Chapter 203 Confrontation between the two campsText Chapter 204 I want him to dieText Chapter 205 Combination Combat SkillsText Chapter 206 The effect of combined combat skills (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 207: Cheating to eat, drink, and beatText Chapter 208 Buddhist MonkText Chapter 209: Wisely Capture Xie YanglongText Chapter 210 The Benefits of Traffic Jam (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 211 There are occasional broken branches of Xiejiabao tree.Text Chapter 207: Cheating to eat, drink, and beatText Chapter 212: A good young man who was framedText Chapter 213 The dormant man of influence
Text Chapter 214 King Mengtian waves the flag!Text Chapter 215: Do you need foreign aid for a group fight?Text Chapter 216 The legendary Mr. Mo (please subscribe)Text Chapter 217 New mission, no challenge (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 218 The one who hurt me - Your Majesty! (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 219 If you die, it will be a sunny day.Text Chapter 220: Twelve o'clock, time is up! (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 221: The cannon reaching the sky (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 222: Life-saving Grace (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 223 Mr. Mo’s past (please subscribe)Text Chapter 224: Yanjing’s Struggle for Hegemony—Start! (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 225: Lian Jin picks up the machine (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 226 A woman comparable to a fairy (please subscribe)Text Chapter 227 Leader, give me a shot? (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 228: A heroic act of justice is in progress (please subscribe)Text Chapter 229 Getting into trouble (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 230 The ancestor of terror-joker (please subscribe)Text Chapter 231: Hybrid Killer Combination (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 232 Mother and Son Lianxinwan (please subscribe)Text Chapter 233 Death and Hearts (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 234 You are dead (please subscribe)Text Chapter 235: I’ll cover you and fuck them! (Please subscribe)Main article Chapter 236 The old man pushing the cart at the racetrack (please subscribe)Main guest article Chapter 237 Yuelai Inn (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 238 Dangerous Comprehensive Mission (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 239 The Mystery of the Jade Seal (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 240 Expedition Team (please subscribe)Text Chapter 241: Wolf Pack Incident (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 242: Oriental Snake Girl (please subscribe)Text Chapter 243 Elf Goddess (please subscribe)Text Chapter 244 Entering Senzi Ridge (please subscribe)Text Chapter 245: The King-Level Powerful Man (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 246 Yun Wanli and Hongxiu (please subscribe)Text Chapter 247: The Cultivation Tips of a King-Level Powerful Man (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 248 The final goal---The Beast King (please subscribe)Text Chapter 249: Changes in Hongye Group (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 250 The storm is coming (please subscribe)Text Chapter 251 The Red Leaves of Qizhou Three Tigers Meeting (please subscribe)Text Chapter 252: Gambling with one’s life (please subscribe)Text Chapter 253: Bending oneself for life (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 254: Camp Confrontation (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 255 The Three Giants in the Retail Industry (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 256 Color Nematode Virus (please subscribe)Text Chapter 257 Suspect--Chen Jiaze (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 258 The Crisis of Jinlong Supermarket (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 259: Meeting the teacher (please subscribe)Text Chapter 260 The four giants gather together (please subscribe)Text Chapter 261 The past (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 262 The Rise of the Chivalrous Alliance (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 263 Bait and Surrounding (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 264: This dream is not that dream (please subscribe)Text Chapter 265: Cooperation with ulterior motives (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 266: The Theory of Ghosts (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 267 Genghis Khan’s Tomb (please subscribe)Text Chapter 268: The Dragon Broken Stone from Four Directions (please subscribe)Text Chapter 269 Mental Power (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 270 Artificial monster--Zombie (please subscribe)Text Chapter 271 Conspiracy (please subscribe)Text Chapter 272 The Mysterious Man (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 273: The Grudges of the Hidden Sect (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 274 Taoist Qi-Entraining Technique (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 275 The Drought Demon appears (please subscribe)Text Chapter 276 Unstoppable (please subscribe)Text Chapter 277 Five Elements and Eight Fists (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 278 Iron Combat Techniques vs Undead Zombies (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 279 Traveling around the world (please subscribe)Text Chapter 280 Tonight, I am your woman (please subscribe)Text Chapter 281 The Seven Color Sect (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 282 The Hidden Sect protects the family (please subscribe)Text Chapter 283 The woman who loves no man (please subscribe)Text Chapter 284 Child Abduction and Trafficking Incident (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 285 Punishing rape and eradicating evil is also the way (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 286: Your daughter has been abducted (please subscribe)Text Chapter 287 Changes in Suizhou (please subscribe)Text Chapter 288 The Boss of the Dongzhu Gang (please subscribe)Text Chapter 289 Hot Wu vs. Leng Wu (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 290: Master of Tiger-shaped Fist (please subscribe)Text Chapter 291 The temptation of 300 million (please subscribe)Text Chapter 292 The police are also crazy (please subscribe)Text Chapter 293 The battle in the power whirlpool (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 294 The rhythm of getting into trouble (please subscribe)Text Chapter 295 New Mission-Sleeping Beauty (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 296 A trip to Liuhua Villa (please subscribe)Text Chapter 297 Golden Triangle (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 298 Trip to Thailand (please subscribe)Text Chapter 299: The way of the master is for the common people (please subscribe)Text Chapter 300 Tiger Boxing vs Karate (please subscribe)Text Chapter 301 Gym Conflict (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 302: Heart Liaison Office (please subscribe)Text Chapter 303 Bangkok and Chiang Mai (please subscribe)Text Chapter 304 The General’s Mansion (please subscribe)Text Chapter 305 The beginning and end of the investigation (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 306 Hearts come out of the mountains (please subscribe)Text Chapter 307 The Immortals Residence (please subscribe)Text Chapter 308 The three major societies reunite (please subscribe)Text Chapter 309 I am not a red child (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 310: Paradise (please subscribe)Text Chapter 311 Who is the murderer (please subscribe)Text Chapter 312: Grudges (please subscribe)Text Chapter 313: Conspiracy (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 314 Who are you? (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 315 A group of beauties come to Hong Kong (please subscribe)Text Chapter 316 The evil spirit of the uninhabited island (please subscribe)Text Chapter 317 The War in Peach Blossom Spring (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 318 Hearts vs Kilmore Mercenary Group (please subscribe)Text Chapter 319 News about Heart (please subscribe)Text Chapter 320: Violating the Rules (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 321 Mo Songran’s Compromise (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 322 Nine Yin Gathering Evil Formation (please subscribe)Text Chapter 323 Kill! (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 324: If you continue to break up, you will suffer chaos! (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 325 Pingdi Yuanyan (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 326 Wang Hu returns (please subscribe)Text Chapter 327 Pisces Jade Pendant (please subscribe)Text Chapter 328: Nourishing the Soul (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 329 The new master of the Yin Sect (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 330 The Daughter of the Desert (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 331: Looking for the missing boy (please subscribe)Text Chapter 332 The Hamish Family (please subscribe)Text Chapter 333 Desert Mirage (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 334 Good and evil in a single thought (supplementary update)Text Chapter 335 The Legend of Tianshan (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 336 The World of Insects (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 337 King Hunter Team (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 338 The power of prediction (please subscribe)Text Chapter 339 Crisis is coming (please subscribe)Text Chapter 340: Fighting to the death (please subscribe)Text Chapter 341: Violence (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 342 The difference between big stars and little stars (please subscribe)Text Chapter 343 Golden Hall (please subscribe)Text Chapter 344: Nosy (please subscribe)Text Chapter 345 He is my brother (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 346: Visiting the Xin Family (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 347: Struggle for Power (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 348 Investigation by the Discipline Inspection Commission (please subscribe)Text Chapter 349: A plan within a plan (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 350 The eve of the trial (please subscribe)Text Chapter 351 Niu Haoling’s Promise (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 352: Court Session (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 353: The Bitter Meat Scheme (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 354 The influence of Qizhou’s first brother (please subscribe)Text Chapter 355: The Chief of a Town (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 356: Unraveling the Momentary Qi (please subscribe)Text Chapter 357 The Stubborn Old Man (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 358 The Secret of Niujiacun (please subscribe)Text Chapter 359 The Cage Village (please subscribe)Text Chapter 360: Stars gather (please subscribe)Text Chapter 361: The strongest birthday team (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 362: Who is the Holy Spirit? (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 363 Five Years Period (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 364: Mountain Pickers (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 365: Descendants of Bureaucrats (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 366: Slap (please subscribe)Text Chapter 367 Revenge (Happy New Year)Text Chapter 368 Farewell (Happy New Year)Text Chapter 369 Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum (Happy New Year)
Text Chapter 370 Four Candidates (Happy New Year)Text Chapter 371 The inheritance of the four kings (please subscribe)Text Chapter 372 Seven Brothers (please subscribe)Text Chapter 373 Silver General Card (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 374 Mission "poker jack"Text Chapter 375: Finding the target person (first update)Text Chapter 376 Where are you from? (Second update)Text Chapter 377 Sneak attack? Kill? (Third update! Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 378: Tang Jia Tan’s Legs (Wish the Lantern Festival lovers a happy Lantern Festival)Text Chapter 379 Gambling King Competition (please subscribe)Text Chapter 380: Quota for Gambling King Competition (please subscribe)Text Chapter 381 Biamoni (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 382: Boat Gambling (Part 1)Text Chapter 383: Gambling on Boats (Part 2) (First of three updates today)Text Chapter 384: Gambling on Boats (Part 2)Text Chapter 385: Overlord of the Sea (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 386 He Hongyang’s invitation (please subscribe)Text Chapter 387 The Secrets of the Four Kings (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 388 News about joker (please subscribe)Text Chapter 389 The Xu Brothers and Sisters (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 390 Sanya Hotel (please subscribe)Text Chapter 391 Honolulu, Hawaii (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 392 The new king-level powerhouse (please subscribe)Text Chapter 393 If you don’t run, you are sb (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 394: No poison, no husband (please subscribe)Text Chapter 395 Sanya Casino (please subscribe)Text Chapter 396: Declaration of War (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 397 Red Leaf Hotel (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 398 People who are not from my race must have different hearts (please subscribe)Main text Chapter 399: Heart card sent to Baimei at night (please subscribe)Text Chapter 400 Terrorist Attack (First Update)Text Chapter 401 Superheroes take the stage (second update)
Text Chapter 402 MGM Hotel (please subscribe)Text Chapter 403 World Gambling King Competition (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 404 Saudi Prince (please subscribe)Text Chapter 405 The feeling of roller coaster (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 406: 700 Million Gambling (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 407: Gambling with Money and Gambling with Life (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 408 Fushou Tang in Seattle (please subscribe)Text Chapter 408 A friend invites you (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 409: Genetic Modification Fluid (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 410: Leader of the Doctoral Department (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 411 Closure and truce (please subscribe)Text Chapter 412 Seattle Chinatown (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 413 Meeting Sishe Langqin again (Third update! Please subscribe!)Text Chapter 415: Late Night Killing (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 416 Sakura Organization (please subscribe)Text Chapter 417 Fraudulent withdrawal (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 418: Cutting out the roots (please subscribe)Text Chapter 419 Three years of discussion (please subscribe)Text Chapter 420 Death Swallowtail Scales (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 421: The most miserable sub-king-level powerhouse in history (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 422: The Gambling King is Born (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 423 The mission of the Four Kings Association (please subscribe)Text Chapter 424 Four Kings Conference (please subscribe)Text Chapter 425: The High-status Worm (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 426 The Four Kings Appear (Second update!)Text Chapter 427: Defection (Third update!! Please subscribe!)Text Chapter 428 Intermediate Martial Arts PerformanceText Chapter 429 The Power of One Punch (Second update!)
Text Chapter 430: Actual Case of Unethical Combat (Third update! Please vote!)Text Chapter 431 Niu Zhishan appears (please subscribe!!!)Text Chapter 432 The Big Secret (Please subscribe!)Text Chapter 433 Silver General’s Mission
Text Chapter 434 Adventure Group (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 435 Anaconda Disaster (First update!!!)Text Chapter 436: Deep in the Tropical Rainforest (Second update!!!)Text Chapter 437 Blood-red Baboon (Chapter 3!!!)
Text Chapter 438 Black Bear vs. Baboon (Please subscribe!)Text Chapter 439: Setting up camp in search of alfalfa (please subscribe!)Text Chapter 440 The Power of the Beast King (Please subscribe!)Text Chapter 441: Burn the cauldron! (Please subscribe!)
Text Chapter 442 Aisha and Silly Sang (Please subscribe!)Text Chapter 443 Son of the Sea (Please subscribe!)Text Chapter 444: Dare to touch her (please subscribe!)Text Chapter 445 Two Choices (Please subscribe!)
Text Chapter 446 Wing Chun (Please subscribe!)Text Chapter 447 God-making plan (please subscribe!)Text Chapter 448 Who is he? (Please subscribe!)Text Chapter 449: Genetic Mutation (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 450: The remaining part of the art of nourishing the soul (please subscribe)Text Chapter 451: The Heart of a Benevolent Person (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 452 Battle against a king-level powerhouse (please subscribe)Text Chapter 453 The Legend of Suolongjing (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 454 Rainbow Snake Mural (please subscribe)Text Chapter 455 The Patron Saint of the Former Soviet Union (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 456 Trust and Suspicion (Third update!)Text Chapter 457 World-Class Experts (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 458: McKesson Group (please subscribe)Text Chapter 459: It seems like an acquaintance has arrived (please subscribe)Text Chapter 460 You are Mr. Niu Haoling (please subscribe)Text Chapter 461 I give it up to you! (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 462 The Godfather (please subscribe)Text Chapter 463 The Road to the Strong (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 464: Trip to Russia (please subscribe)Text Chapter 465: Overflowing with murderous intent (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 466: The Name of Emperor Yan (please subscribe)Text Chapter 467 Ice Combat Skills (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 468 The Death of the King! (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 469 Emperor Yan vs. King of Killers (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 470: Temporary Four Kings Conference (please subscribe)Text Chapter 471 The Disciple of the Beast King (Supplementary Update)Text Chapter 472 Four Kings Campaign (Third update!!!)Text Chapter 473: The Beast King’s Illusion (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 474 The King of the Night (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 475: Conspiracy (please subscribe)Text Chapter 476: Finding a needle in a haystack (please subscribe)Text Chapter 477: Moving reinforcements (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 478 Black Poppy (please subscribe)Text Chapter 479 Sakura Ninja King (please subscribe)Text Chapter 480 The power of the Overlord Gun (please subscribe)Text Chapter 481 The True and False King of Kung Fu (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 482 Changes in the pattern (please subscribe)Text Chapter 483 Lian Jin’s Assassination (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 484 Ice and Snow Tornado (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 485: Going back on one's word just to kill (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 486 The War of Three Emperors (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 487 Thirty-Six Palaces (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 488: Changing Fate Against Heaven (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 489: The Master of Tiankui Palace (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 490: The Way of Ice and Fire (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 491 Huo Yuanjia (please subscribe)Text Chapter 492 National Spirit (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 493: Never admit defeat (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 494: The Realm of Creation (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 495: Emperor Ling’s Ambition (please subscribe)Text Chapter 496 Foreigners enter Beijing (please subscribe)Text Chapter 497: Killing the Special Envoy (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 498 The Pope’s Teachings (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 499: Emperor Ling’s decision (please subscribe)Text Chapter 500 Linghuang vs. Pope (please subscribe)Text Chapter 501 Ice and Fire Dragon (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 502: Accepting a Speaker as an Apprentice (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 503 Tiankui arrives (please subscribe)Text Chapter 504 Demons Gather (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 505: Prith’s ability (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 506 Three Styles of Heavenly Sword (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 507: Invasion of Japan (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 508 Three-Headed Sea Dragon (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 509 Return to Quan City! (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 510 Absolute Suppression (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 511 Return to the Thirty-sixth Palace (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 512 Rare Birds and Animals (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 513 The Monkey King Becomes a Disciple (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 514 Ace Mission (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 515 Everest (please subscribe)Text Chapter 516 Escape to the Snowy Mountains (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 517 Arriving at Tianshan (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 518 Realm of the True Dragon (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 519 The mysterious young man (please subscribe)Text Chapter 520 The Ancient Clan of Divine Weapons (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 521 The Emperor’s Domain (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 522 Thunderstorm Power Grid (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 523: Leading the dragon out of the cave (please subscribe)Text Chapter 524 The Ten Ancient Tribes (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 525 Decryption of the Weapon Spirit (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 526: Righteousness of Heaven and Earth (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 527 The Spirit of Confucianism and Taoism (please subscribe)Text Chapter 528 The fifth level of the ghost clan (please subscribe)Text Chapter 529 The Return of the Godfather (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 530: The Power of Thunder (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 531: Lian Jin’s decision (please subscribe)Text Chapter 532: Blood splattered on the board of directors (please subscribe)Text Chapter 533: Soul Power Pills (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 534: The Vortex of Greed (please subscribe)Text Chapter 535: Evil prevails over good (please subscribe)Text Chapter 536 The devil escapes from trouble (please subscribe)Text Chapter 537 Dark Whirlpool (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 538 The Horrible Demon Tribe (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 539 The Evil Power of Satan (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 540: Crisis in China (please subscribe)Text Chapter 541 The cry across the three realms (please subscribe)
Text Chapter 542: The whole army attacks! (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 543: Marching into South America (please subscribe)Text Chapter 544: The Commander of Warcraft (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 545 Demon Chrysalis (Please subscribe)
Text Chapter 546 Everyone Shows Their Magical Powers (Please subscribe)Text Chapter 547: Breaking the pot (please subscribe)Text Chapter 549 Finale (Part 2)Text Chapter 550 Finale (Part 2)
Text Chapter 126: Under the red peach night, not even a blade of grass grows.Text Chapter 548 Finale (Part 1)  
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