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Baimei Night Walk

Baimei Night Walk最新章节列表,Baimei Night Walk全文阅读

category Romanceauthor HaiPaShanRenstatus serializing
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Baimei Night WalkBrief introduction:

The beauties are so charming that they attract countless heroes to show off their waists.
There are heroes who endure humiliation and bear the burden and strive for glory in three lifetimes alone.
There is a young man who is lying drunk among the flowers and has lost his life.
??The protagonist leads Bai Mei on a night walk, and becomes a famous figure through the ages once he makes a mistake.
PS1: A logical novel, with six beauties as the protagonists.  Read three chapters and you will know the good and bad
PS2: This book is not about a big stud, Baimei refers to a hundred super-killing women who kill without blinking an eye.
PS3: This is a semi-passionate story about a country bumpkin who is forced to act chivalrously.

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      Baimei Night Walklatest chapter:Text Chapter 548 Finale (Part 1)

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