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Volume 1: The Border Town of the Empire Final Chapter: Fighting for Hegemony

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    Final Chapter: Fighting for World Hegemony "Am I an accident?" Fang Jie sat down, his expression extremely calm.  "What kind of accident is it?" The green light stayed in front of Fang Jie, but no illusory humanoid thing came out.  It was just a simple green light. Maybe this was the idea of ??the thing that was talking to Fang Jie. In fact, it didn't want to be a human being at all, and it didn't want to have any human feelings at all.  "You are a test subject." He narrated in a very calm voice: "Of course, this is my guess. However, according to my own calculations, the accuracy of this guess is more than 90% If nothing unexpected happens  If so, you are from an experimental group, and the experiment they want to do is to prove the existence of the soul and the feasibility of transplantation." Fang Jie frowned slightly and said nothing.  "I speculate" The voice continued: "This kind of experiment must be shady and conducted in secret. It may be an experiment conducted for certain privileged classes. You also know that when a person's rights and status reach a certain level,  After reaching a certain height, he will become extremely afraid of death, just like Dalun Mingwang? Of course, Dalun Mingwang is far behind those people. " Fang Jie understands.  "This experimental team should be secretly conducting a soul transplant experiment. But in the society they live in, this kind of experiment is expressly prohibited. What's ridiculous is that the ones who prohibit this experiment must be the big shots. But  What should big people do if they are afraid of death and don't want others to know that they are greedy for power? That is to use a secret team to serve them and extend their lifespan as much as possible. " "But, after all, there is a limit to your lifespan.  It is clear that the human body will become decayed after reaching a certain age, and various functions will begin to deteriorate. Even if you rely on drugs to maintain mental stability, your body can no longer support it.  A special method is needed." "I even doubt it now" The voice said with interest: "The planet you were on in your previous life was also under the surveillance of these people. Because the technological level of your planet is relatively low, those people can.  They are unscrupulously spying on your living environment, just like they are unscrupulously spying on the current world. In their opinion, the people in this world are the same as the people in your previous life, and they are inferior creatures" "Such an experiment,  Of course, the experimental subjects must be selected from lower organisms. When the level of science and technology reaches a certain level, the degree of civilization will be greatly developed and transparent. In other words, even those big figures in the highest positions cannot remain absolutely mysterious.  "Every move they make is transparent, because the level of technology has made it impossible for them to hide whatever they want." "Moreover, you know that everyone in power cannot be his loyal supporters."  Where there is power, there will be disputes. The big guys don't want to die, but their opponents are always watching them. Once this kind of experiment is exposed in their world, it will be an uproar.  Directly throw those big men into the abyss and never recover." The voice said: "Do you understand?" Fang Jie nodded: "Yes, when they get to that position, they will cherish their own feathers as much as their lives." The voice continued:  "That's right, it's impossible for them to let their opponents get a hold of them. So the best choice for this kind of experiment is the lower races outside the planet. You happen to die at that time, and they may detect it through some means  Your soul is particularly powerful and suitable for transplantation experiments. Then they took away your soul at the moment you died." Fang Jie took a deep breath, and then exhaled the dirty breath: "  Then they brought my soul to this world, and happened to find that one of the children Luo Yao found had a body that was particularly suitable as a soul container. Then they simply stuffed me in without asking Luo Yao's opinion?  " "It should be so." The voice said: "It's almost a process like this, so you can be said to be an accident, an accident outside the entire human development plan, but because your accident comes from the same group,  So it's not an accident.  But accidentally, the two plans of the two groups overlapped.  " Fang Jie asked: "So why haven't they shown up to find me again after so many years?  " "Why are we still looking for you?  "The voice asked back: "Haven't they already succeeded?  Do you think they should get rid of you after success?  But this is because you think you are very important and you have such thoughts. To themNow you have actually lost your meaning.  If you succeed, it proves that the experiment is feasible.  So are you, this little white mouse, still interested in whether you are dead or alive?  Do all mice have to be killed in every experiment?  " Fang Jie was stunned, feeling a little ridiculous. "Besides, you have already been integrated into the plan of another group of people.  As soon as you survive, you are hunted.  Maybe they thought that you wouldn't survive anyway, so they simply forgot about you.  "     Fang Jie was silent for a long time to digest the truth he had learned. " Actually, there is no need to be so depressed.  " Green light swam around Fang Jie's body like a naughty big fish: "No matter what, you are the beneficiary.  Whether you are a guinea pig in a soul transplant experiment or a human development project, you are a beneficiary.  Because you are already dead, and they were not killed by them.  So you shouldn't have any hatred towards them and just enjoy your second life to the fullest.  " Fang Jie nodded. It seemed that what he said made sense. "But you have an extra responsibility on your shoulders now.  "The voice said with a smile: "Although you have escaped from their plan, your identity in another plan is becoming more and more important now.  I know that those who have formulated plans for human development are truly crazy, so they will not just watch their designs being destroyed.  Now it seems that human beings have inevitably begun to develop in the direction of technological development, so this plan has failed.  " "If nothing else happens, those people will find such deviations when they come back next time, and they will use extraordinary means to correct it For example, they will erase everything about the development of science and technology, including you, of course.  "So" Fang Jie looked at the green light: "Sang Luan just thought of becoming a guardian."  " "Yes" the voice replied: "Sang Luan is an anomaly, an anomaly that exceeds those people's expected endurance.  So Sang Luan found himself in crisis many years ago, because his cultivation level was so high that he could threaten the safety of those people.  In order to ensure that he would not be eliminated before he became absolutely powerful, Sang Luan chose to feign death.  " Fang Jie was surprised: "The previous rebellion of King Dalun Ming against Sang Rebellion was part of Sang Rebellion's plan?  "    "of course not!  "The voice replied: "That was just Sang Luan taking the opportunity to act. In fact, Dalun Mingwang and the others couldn't kill Sang Luan at all if they joined forces.  By the time Sang Luan became aware of the rebellion by Dalun Mingwang and others, his wife had already been killed.  Sang Luan had the ability to kill all his eight men to avenge his wife, but he chose another path, so he is the real brave man.  " "He has been living in seclusion these years.  Appear in various identities, but never display super strong cultivation.  He was just worried that he would be noticed by those people.  " "Then" the voice suddenly rose: "He felt that he was strong enough, so he came to me to do an experiment.  Fang Jie said: "He asked you to attack him with the strongest weapon you can control?"  ¡°Yes,¡± the voice said, ¡°What¡¯s surprising is that he actually did it.  He's more powerful than my weapon, and may be even more powerful in the future.  But you also know that no matter how powerful a person is and can extend his lifespan to the greatest extent, he still cannot live forever.  So Sang Luan chose his successor, Wu Daodao.  " "Whether it's physical fitness or character, Wu Yiyi can do it all.  " Green light wandered around Wu Yiyi: "So you can't go back. Sang Luan will stay with you and teach you how to practice seriously When he gets old, you will be his guardian.  Once those people try to come back and continue to control the world, you have to kill them.  "    "And you?  " Wu Yiyi asked extremely calmly: "What is your identity?  " The voice said with a proud smile: "I am a traitor now, the traitor of those people They must not have thought that I have evolved to the point where I can modify the program myself. In fact, the reason why they have not come back in these years is because it has been more than a thousand years.  All those people here have died long ago. I don¡¯t know if they have any successors.  But what if there is?  So I continue to send messages to the places where they were originally set, telling them that everything is business as usual This is the second thing, I am keeping in touch with them.  "Everyone's expressions changed." The voice said: "If you really want to say that I am an early warning person, just because I can send them information, I can know at the first time whether they will come, because they think I am just  personalIt¡¯s a board system, hahahaha.  "The last few laughs were particularly arrogant. "As for you" Green Light walked up to Fang Jie again: "As I said just now, we have a clear division of labor.  I will be the early warning person, Sang Luan will be the guardian, and Wu Dao will be the successor of the guardian You are the leader.  You have to lead the human beings in this world to follow a development path of their own, which is the coexistence of spiritual practice and technology.  Only in this way can one be truly strong, strong enough not to be harmed by others.  You should know very well that if I had not been misleading them with wrong information, they might have arrived long ago, and then took away the practitioners and became another tool for them.  At that time, the world will not only be a testing ground, but also a breeding ground breeding tools.  But I can't guarantee that they will never come. Nothing in this world is fixed.  " "I turned off most of the satellites they could use to observe the world, leaving only one to send them messages.  Of course, this message is just an illusion created by me.  And there is one most important thing I discovered through remote monitoring that this human development plan that has been silent for thousands of years may have been restarted, and someone discovered this secret" The voice said slowly: "Fang Jie, relatively speaking,  You are more important.  "     On the top of the Snow Mountain, Sang Luan, dressed in white, stood on the top of the mountain with his hands behind his hands, looking down at the earth. " What do you feel about standing here?  " He asked Fang Jie. "Leng" Fang Jie replied. Sang laughed wildly, and the curve of the corner of his mouth was so beautiful: "I have been paying attention to you from the beginning, and I think you can become a leader.  So I have been protecting you secretly so that you will not die inexplicably.  But from the moment I arrived at Dairinji Temple, you were free, truly free.  I will not interfere with how you lead the world. I just want to quietly do what I want to do.  " He turned to look at Fang Jie: "Strive for world supremacyit's no fun fighting one's own against one's own.  Next is the real struggle for world hegemony. Let¡¯s work together to compete with those who think they can control us!  " Fang Jie nodded. "By the way, you are more than a thousand years old and have not aged. Do you have any secrets for beauty? Why don't you share it with me?  "Fang Jie stretched out his hand, his eyes a little cunning. "No.  " Sang Luan shook his head: "Believe in yourself, rely on yourself, and you will surpass me in the future.  " Fang Jie sighed: "According to the normal plot, I should open a cheat for Tangdou at this time, so that I can instantly become one of the strongest.  " Sang Luan couldn't help but laugh: "You are already the strongest, because you are the one who really competes with those people for hegemony in the world.  We are just your escorts, standing behind you.  " Fang Jie took a step forward and stood side by side with Sang Luan on the top of the mountain: "Contending for hegemony seems a bit interesting.  " (The book is finished, and some of it is still unfinished. This is the end of one story, but the beginning of another. How the story develops and proceeds is all in your minds, and you can roam at will. To be honest, I feel very disappointed now, especially disappointed.  The fight for hegemony would have been completed at least a week ago at the normal pace, but I can't bear to do it. The performance of this book is meaningless now. The next meaning is how long you can remember this book. Again,  I love you all.)
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