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Volume 1: The Border Town of the Empire Chapter 987: No Energy

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    Chapter 987: No Qi The atmosphere in the Fourth Prince's Mansion made Beast Qi a little obsessed.  This is a completely different world from the environment he once lived in. One was full of bloody cruelty, but here it seemed so peaceful and warm.  Everyone in the house looked kind and friendly. Whether it was true or false, the smiles on their faces always made people feel warm in their hearts.  Old Liu in the kitchen is a man in his fifties and has lost most of his hair.  In his own words, it was because he was roasted in a hot place all day long, but the manager, Lao Chen, always teased him that his hair fell out due to stupidity.  Such jokes do not make people feel hateful at all, but make people sincerely want to laugh. ??????? Lao Liu likes the beastly spirit very much and always tells him not to be in a hurry to come to dinner and to be the last one to come.  Then the two people would each hold a bowl of rice covered with meat and squat outside the back door of the kitchen to gobble it up.  Beastly Qi was used to eating ravenously, but he knew that this kind of ravenous eating was definitely not the same as before.  Sometimes, Lao Liu would steal some wine, and you would take a sip and I would finish it.  They had money to buy wine, but the wine they bought themselves tasted different from the wine stolen from the owner. Anyway, they both felt that way.  "What's your kid's belly made of?" This is what Lao Liu often asks in an animalistic tone.  Because he really couldn¡¯t figure out how the animal energy could stuff so many things into his stomach.  "I was hungry when I was little, but now I can't hold back when I see food." He replied with an animal tone.  "Promise!" Old Liu glanced at him: "Remember it in the future. Now you are also a member of the palace. If you go out and walk on the street, your status will be superior to others. Although our prince but at least that is worthy of the name.  Your Majesty! It's a joke that outsiders look at you for eating like this. " "I know, I know, the braised pork is a bit salty today, use less salt next time." "Bah, you know.  Shit, there's no salt in the braised pork." "Don't tell me, give me the fat one." "Can I take two thin ones instead?" "Okay, okay."  Old thing" "Little bastard!" "Hahaha" Such a conversation, the beastly spirit wants to write down every sentence, no, it is engraved in his heart.  Then squeeze out all the things that make your heart hurt every time you think about them. From now on, your heart will only be filled with the happiness you have now, and you will never have to think about those cold things again.  He liked everything in this palace, so much so that he even had the illusion that he would rather die in this palace than leave.  Yes, it's just an illusion. After surviving so many years of hard work, how could he really be willing to die inexplicably.  Living is something he has to work countless times harder than ordinary people.  His life is more valuable than others.  In the first month after entering the palace, Beast Qi did nothing.  A month later, he began to try to get close to Yang Yi.  If you want to find the secret, discovering it yourself is the stupidest way.  The best way to gain Yang Yi's trust is to let Yang Yi speak out.  Nothing is closer to the secret than being Yang Yi's confidant.  But he found that Yang Yi couldn't get close. This man looked easy-going but couldn't find any flaws in him.  Although he does not know how to practice, it is not difficult to get close to him.  But that kind of closeness and this kind of closeness are two different things, and physical closeness has no meaning.  Gradually, he discovered that Yang Yi had no secrets.  In other words, Yang Yi¡¯s secret is only known to him.  He didn't have anyone who was particularly close to him, and no one in the house had ever entered his study.  Even if there is a person in the house who has been ordered by Yang Yi to do something, the beastly aura can smell the person and find out something.  But no, there is no such person in the house.  So Beast Qi knows that he can¡¯t succeed either.  Then he tried to get close to Yang Yi's wife and find a breakthrough from the gentle and virtuous princess.  But he later discovered that the princess never asked about his man's affairs.  Her intelligence makes her very clear about her man's character, and she will never touch the secrets her man hides in his heart.  Yang Yi Yang Yi doesn¡¯t trust anyone.  Beast Qi is a little helpless. He hasn't found anything useful in half a year. Even if he can pretend to have forgotten the second prince, those cold eyes are always behind him, making him restless.  Finally, a year after he entered the fourth prince's residence, Chi ChiThe second prince, who had received no useful information, was annoyed and sent someone to call him and another person in the palace back at the same time.  Beast Qi felt very uneasy.  He did not find out the secret of the fourth prince Yang Yi, nor did he find out who the other person was.  In the private room of a restaurant, he met the other person, and at this moment, he felt that he was really ridiculous, more ridiculous than any joke in the world.  The man's glance seemed to tell him that you are an idiot.  The other person is Lao Liu.  ¡­¡­ ¡­¡­ ¡°Be careful in the future.¡± On the way back, Lao Liu took a look at the beast and smiled gently: ¡°Don¡¯t worry, if you and I are both bad people, we have to get rid of one of them.  If you want to serve as a warning, then it will definitely be me and not you. So you don¡¯t have to worry about this time. What you need to worry about is the next time.¡± ¡°Why?¡± Beast Qi asked.  After asking, he understood it himself because Lao Liu was older than him.  The reason is as simple as this. He is young and can still do things for the second prince for many years, but Old Liu is already fifty years old. He will definitely not live longer than him. Even if he lives longer than him, he will not be more useful than him.  .  So if someone had to die, it would definitely be Lao Liu and not him.  "Maybe no one has to die, His Highness is just disappointed" Beastly said, but even he didn't believe what he said.  "Why do you have to lie to yourself." Old Liu still smiled like that, as if he was not worried about his own results at all: "Actually, you and I both know it well. The fact that the Second Prince asked you and me to meet on that occasion shows that  One of them must be eliminated. You should pay attention to the new people who come into the palace. The people who come in are not like me. " "Why did you enter the palace? You don't look like a trained beast."  Qi said.  "It's very simple. My son is the same person as you." The old man was still smiling, but his smile was stiff: "My son was taken away when he was only ten years old, and I don't know where he was taken. Later, someone  One day a man came to me and asked me to work in the fourth prince's house. He told me that if I did well, he would bring my son back. If I didn't do well, I would never see my son again in this life. Haha  In fact, I don¡¯t know, maybe my son is already dead.¡± ¡°What¡¯s your son¡¯s name?¡± He asked subconsciously.  "My name is Shan Sheng." Old Liu suddenly thought of something and grabbed Zhu Qi's arm: "Have you seen him? Do you know him?" "No" Zhu Qi shook his head: "I have never heard of this name.  "Old Liu's hand fell down sadly. It was obvious that he was disappointed.  But he quickly smiled again: "It doesn't matter if you haven't seen him. Most of the companions you have seen are probably dead. If you haven't seen him, it means he is probably still alive." Beast Qi felt that his heart was sour, and his mind  The young man who looked at me with disdain on the top of the mountain appeared involuntarily. I once knelt down in front of the young man and begged for some food, and then the young man gave him some alms like a stray dog, and then Beast  Qi shook his head vigorously, forcing himself not to think about it anymore.  Old Liu is dead.  He died in the house where he lived one night this winter. After an autopsy, he concluded that he was poisoned by charcoal gas.  A brazier was lit in his house, and the doors and windows were closed tightly.  No matter how you look at it, Lao Liu's death is an accident, but Beast Qi knows that it is definitely not an accident.  And at that moment he suddenly realized that both Lao Liu and him were wrong.  In the fourth prince Yang Yi¡¯s mansion, they are definitely not the only ones arranged by the second prince.  They had ridiculously imagined that the new person who entered the palace must be the second prince, so just be careful of him.  Who would have thought that the second prince would arrange for three people in this mansion?  even more.  In the following days, the warmth of animalistic obsession disappeared.  He began to be wary of another person all the time. He didn't know who that person was, but that person definitely knew who he was.  That person was the cause of Lao Liu's death, and his technique was extremely clean, without any flaws.  In the next few years, the fourth prince and the second prince became closer and closer.  The second prince also seemed to have forgotten the existence of beast energy and never summoned him again.  But the more things go like this, the beastly person lives on tenterhooks every day.  He knew that the old days of survival of the fittest seemed to be coming back.  He was scared.  ¡­ ¡­ ¡­ ¡­ Time flies so fast, how long has Beast Qi been living in the palace???I don't even remember it.  What reassured him was that the second prince summoned him again and told him that there was nothing to worry about. His role would be in the future, not now.  Also, the second prince revealed to him intentionally or unintentionally that among the people who trained with him, he was the only one who was entrusted with important tasks, and the others were still waiting.  Beast Qi didn¡¯t know when that time would be in the future, but he understood why the second prince hadn¡¯t come to him in the past few years. The second prince wanted him to hide deeper so that he would be more effective when he was used.  It¡¯s a pity that things in the world are unpredictable. Who would have thought that it was the fourth prince who seemed to have the least chance of becoming the emperor who finally sat on the throne.  When the news came back to the palace, even the beast couldn't believe it was true.  Later, he heard that the fourth prince was originally going to lead troops to prevent another prince from returning to the capital. However, on the way, the fourth prince suddenly changed his mind and led troops back to Chang'an City.  The seventh prince and two hundred slaves guarded a city gate to welcome the fourth prince into the capital.  It is said that before his death, the old emperor pointed to the fourth prince and said: "He is the most suitable." Then, Yang Yi inherited the throne.  The beast is very happy, really happy.  The second prince¡¯s dream was finally gone, and he could start his life again.  But just as he was packing up his clothes and saluting and preparing to enter the palace with all the people in the palace, a group of flying fish robes from the Imperial Guard surrounded his house.  Then the beastly thought of the way the fourth prince Yang Yi looked at him that day when he first entered the palace, and he couldn't help but shiver as if he had fallen into an ice cave.  The fourth prince knew it from the beginning.  In the secret cell of the Ouchi guard office, life was exactly the same as in the abandoned brick kiln.  The methods used by those in the Ouchi Guards are exactly the same as those used by the instructors who trained them.  During those days, Beast Qi began to gain weight because he always ate a lot.  He used to eat a lot but never gained weight. Later, he thought about it, maybe during those days in the secret prison, he knew that he was bound to die, so he gained weight instead.  I don¡¯t know what day it was, but the iron door of the secret prison was pushed open.  A somewhat familiar person appeared at the door. He glanced at the people in the secret cell and pointed at the beastly aura: "I want to take this person away." "Your name is really unpleasant." The man who took away the beastly aura shook his head.  : "Beast Qi, needless to say the word "beast", this Qi word is even more unlucky. I want to do big things, so I have to seek good fortune. From now on, you can call it wine, sex and wealth. If there is wine, there is sex, and the most important thing is to have wealth. If there is no  gas."
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