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On the Eve of the End of the World Chapter 4: The End of the World Is Coming

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    "Apologise to her, and we can continue to be friends." Bai Su may have known that her tone was too strong, so she lowered her tone, but she didn't know that she regretted it all her life "Friend? Who?  Want to be friends with you? Hahahahaha" There were tears in Yang Fan's eyes. This was not because he felt uncomfortable, but because he felt sorry for himself. Then the medical staff came and bandaged him briefly. At this moment, the time was right.  11:59.  There is one minute left before the end of the world.  Yang Fan grabbed Liu Qiaoqiao's hand and looked around. At this time, a man came from outside. This man was about 1.8 meters tall, with a board-cut hair, a standard oval face, a delicate face, and was wearing a  Brown pants and a striped shirt. He is relatively strong and handsome.  "My dear, boy, are you not afraid of being beaten? Are you looking for death?" When this man came to the door, he pointed at Yang Fan and shouted arrogantly. He looked a bit imposing, and he was obviously not a good person.  Qi Hai, a second-generation rich man, liked to cause trouble. Yang Fan looked back at him. In his eyes, his handsome face was no different from a puddle of shit. In his previous life, this man was famous for selling his friends to seek glory. The apocalypse broke out  Later, he ran away with several women. When he encountered danger on the way, he pushed the women out, and later started a business of selling women.  He is an out-and-out scumbag. Yang Fan could not imagine what Bai Su liked about him.  "He's here too." Yang Fan murmured to himself, but he didn't expect that this scumbag was here too. But it's okay, this time he can take care of everything, and when the apocalypse begins, he will kill everyone who deserves to be killed. This way  It will not pose any threat to the future.  Once the apocalypse begins, in addition to the 8,888,888 people who have activated the doomsday system, there will be a group of remaining people who will gradually awaken to the system, and the rest can only be ordinary people.  , and one in ten people will become zombies and fall asleep at 12:00.  ??Sleep for two minutes, and when you wake up, you will be a zombie.  What Yang Fan plans to do now is to kill them while they are sleeping. Otherwise, once these zombies awaken, they will be at the mother level, equivalent to level 5. Their movement speed and attack power will be greatly improved, and they will also have a certain IQ.  .  Now that he heard Qi Hai's voice, Yang Fan didn't want to pay attention to it at all.  "Qi Hai, why are you here? Wu Yinmei, why did you call him over?" Bai Su frowned and scolded Qi Hai, then looked at the charming woman next to him and glared. The latter said with a guilty conscience: "I  Aren't you afraid that we will suffer a loss? Qi Hai is so tall, it would be bad if that thief Yang goes crazy and hurts us," Wu Yinmei said.  "Yes, yes" Li Huiqi on the side also said the same, but suddenly, she fell directly to the ground.  "Huiqi, Huiqi, what's wrong with you? What's wrong with you? Director, director, look quickly, my friend suddenly collapsed." Wu Yinmei looked at the fallen Li Huiqi and shouted immediately. Zhu Liang couldn't help but frown and looked at the two  A medical staff member said: "Go and have a look." He was still struggling with how Yang Fan found out about his affair with the principal's wife. When Yang Fan heard Wu Yinmei's voice, he was startled and looked at the class again. How many of them were there?  One person was lying on the table, and several others also fell down.  "The end is coming" Yang Fan swallowed. At this moment, Yang Fan felt his heart beating violently, as if it was about to jump out of his body. Everyone felt it. This was a solar storm. All signals  All damaged, human civilization will be destroyed from now on.  "Hurry, throw these sleeping people outside." Yang Fan yelled, and then regardless of his injuries, he rushed in front of a sleeping person. Without saying a word, he grabbed the person's head and beat him hard.  With a twist, there was a snapping sound, and the head was severed.  "Kill an unsuccessful mutant mother, and you will be rewarded with 10 Doomsday Coins." Yang Fan was not very excited about the sound of the system. He continued to find another sleeping person, but was kicked in the back.  "Bang." Yang Fan fell to the ground. When he turned around, he found that it was Qi Hai who kicked him. The bastard pointed at himself and said, "You bastard, what are you doing?" "I'll fuck you.  "Yang Fan just yelled and cursed, and at the same time secretly sighed that his reaction ability was too poor, but he couldn't blame Qi Hai, because everyone was shocked by Yang Fan's move, breaking a person's neck, this is not crazy, this is  what are you doing?  "Bai Su, what kind of boyfriend have you found? Aren't you going to become a psychopath?" Qi Hai laughed. ?But Liu Qiaoqiao pushed Qi Hai and cursed: "Why are you bullying Yang Fan." "You dare to push me?" Qi Hai was almost pushed by Liu Qiaoqiao, and he pointed at Liu Qiaoqiao's face with anger.  The nose is fierce.  And Liu Qiaoqiao didn¡¯t know where she got the courage to bite the finger in front of her nose.  "Ah." Qi Hai screamed, then threw his hand and slapped Liu Qiaoqiao on the face.  "Crack." A sound came into Yang Fan's eyes.  "You're dead." Yang Fan gritted his teeth.  Zhu Liang frowned and looked at Qi Hai. Even Bai Su and Wu Yinmei looked at Qi Hai with some bad expressions. Beating a woman?  Is this a man's style? However, Bai Su and Wu Yinmei didn't say anything.  "Yang Fan, please be humble to Huiqi and apologize to Qi Hai. Forget it, I'll make the decision." Bai Su suddenly spoke again.  Why didn¡¯t Yang Fan become furious after hearing this?  Apologize to Huiqi, my woman was led astray by her, and I still have to apologize myself?  Apologize to Qi Hai?  A girl from his own camp was slapped by Qi Hai. Do you want to apologize?  "I know your sister." This is the first time Yang Fan has ever said dirty words to Bai Su.  "You" Bai Su frowned immediately. Qi Hai was very happy to watch this scene. He looked at Yang Fan unkindly, then pointed at Yang Fan and said: "Apologise to my woman, otherwise, believe it or not, I will interrupt you.  Legs. "| He deliberately used the word "woman" very strongly, just to make himself uncomfortable.  But at this moment, several shrill screams came.  "Ah!!! Wang Hong, what are you doing? Why are you biting me." "Ah Deng Xiu, why are you biting me? Help, help. Help!" The apocalypse broke out at this moment, and Yang Fan's expression immediately changed.  It became unsightly. He took a cursory glance and saw that six mother zombies had awakened in the classroom "The era of peace is over and the apocalypse era is coming. Please try your best to survive." | The cold voice of the system came.
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