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On the Eve of the End of the World Chapter 5: Real Villain

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    "Deng Xiu, what are you doing? Let go, let go quickly." On the left side of Yang Fan, a girl was bitten by a boy. The other students tried their best to pull the boy away. After a lot of effort, they finally pulled the boy away.  But after pulling away, everyone couldn't help but gasp.  This boy named Deng Xiu, the nails on both hands were as long as fingers and very sharp. He rolled his eyes and his teeth actually grew some kind of terrifying fangs, which were stained with blood. It was very scary.  "Ah, there is a ghost, there is a ghost." People in the class were screaming, and several other zombies were biting people. The screams rippled through the class, and the surrounding students were so frightened that they stepped back a few meters away.  Zombies?  This was people's first thought. Then Deng Xiu stared at a person, then rushed over, opened his fangs and bit down. The latter was a boy. He pushed the zombie away hard, but the sharp nails directly hit him.  He scratched his skin and squeezed his hands tightly.  The zombie bit directly on his throat, and there was a sharp pain. The boy screamed a few times, struggling all over his body, looking at everyone with horrified eyes, and kept waving his hands, hoping that someone would come to save him, but  No one helped me, and the classmates around me were dumbfounded.  Yang Fan walked over, stopped talking nonsense, grabbed his neck directly, and then twisted, click!  He broke his neck and got 10 doomsday coins. As for the man whose throat was bitten, he fell to the ground, struggling, but couldn't say a word. Yang Fan broke his neck mercilessly.  Then he walked to the girl, who stood there in a panic. She didn't know that she would turn into a zombie next, because Yang Fan had already broken her neck.  "Run." Yang Fan stopped talking nonsense, grabbed Liu Qiaoqiao's hand, and ran outside. If he didn't run, he would stay in the class. With the methods of this group of trash, the only chance of being infected would be if the whole class  They are all zombies, and I will definitely die. The school will be completely transformed into zombies in three days.  The area around No. 8 Middle School is almost close to the outskirts of the city, so it will take about ten days for the zombies in the school to gradually disappear. Now that I am worse than ordinary people, how about going to fight zombies?  Dream on.  Seeing Yang Fan running away, everyone was stunned for a few seconds and then ran away. However, many people were frightened to the point of weak legs, such as Wu Yinmei. At that time, Qi Hai had some courage. He quickly left the classroom. When he was at the door, he saw that  Li Huiqi, who turned into a zombie, bit a security guard's arm, then mustered up the courage to break her neck, and then ran away with Bai Su and Wu Yinmei, who were already frightened.  There were screams in the classroom, and a dozen students ran out. They crowded at the door, showing no humility at all.  Think about it, dozens of people crowded at the door, and it was blocked all of a sudden. Some people in the back suddenly felt a chill all over their bodies, and then a sharp pain came. They were filled with fear. A few old friends turned over the pages.  With his eyes rolled, his mouth full of blood and meat scraps, he pinched your hand in a sinister way and bit your flesh.  "Ah! No, no, don't bite me, don't kill me." "No, go quickly, go quickly." People screamed miserably, and some people ran out of the door, but most of them were still bitten.  The teaching building of No. 8 Middle School has a total of eight floors. The senior class is on the third floor. Yang Fan is going to the music room on the seventh floor because there are not many zombies there. In his previous life, he followed Qin Ziwen and hid in the music room on the seventh floor.  , now Yang Fan is taking the lead, followed by Qi Hai and his followers who are not lagging behind.  At the same time, people from many classes began to run out, screaming, and this sudden disaster dealt them the most fatal blow.  When they reached the stairs, a zombie was slowly walking down. Liu Qiaoqiao was so frightened that her face turned pale. Qi Hai and the others behind them were even more stunned. They wanted to turn around and run away, but there was no way behind them. Yang Fan looked at her, a  The female teacher in professional attire should have come down to deliver documents, but she became the mother body.  "Let's fight." Yang Fan looked at the mother zombie who had quickly walked down, immediately opened the fire box next to it, and then took out an ax from it. It weighed about seven or eight kilograms and was quite heavy. There are no weapons now. The ax has already  It was pretty good. Yang Fan didn't want to waste time and struck down with an axe. However, the mother zombie's head did not float up. Instead, it was thrown aside by Yang Fan. It happened that a man wearing glasses ran out of the classroom, and this zombie  I just hugged him.  Without saying anything, he just bit it.  "Ah!" The boy wearing glasses screamed. He didn't expect that he had just escaped from the terrifying classroom and was caught by zombies as soon as he came out. The severe pain made him howl uncontrollably. Yang Fan could only shout "guilt"  , then pulled Liu Qiaoqiao and started running. He had no obligation to shout to others.  Others looked at the man with glasses and screamed, then swallowed in horrorHe spat, and when Qi Hai saw Yang Fan running upwards, he immediately followed him, and the rest of the people gradually followed, but at this moment some zombies rushed out, and a few who were slow to react were immediately surrounded, and then issued a  A shrill scream.  The school was in a state of excitement, with all kinds of screaming, all kinds of panic, and all kinds of hysteria.  Yang Fan came to the fifth floor. The road was blocked. Four slow-moving zombies gradually came down from the upstairs. There was no mother zombie, which was a blessing in misfortune.  However, Yang Fan looked at Qi Hai behind him and laughed at him: "You're a good-for-nothing guy." After Qi Hai heard Yang Fan's words, he was furious, but after seeing this scene, he still held back. Yang Fan killed people without batting an eyelid, although  It's a zombie, but Qi Hai doesn't have such a cruel heart, but Yang Fan does. At this moment, Yang Fan is holding an ax, and he can't talk nonsense anymore.  Bai Su, on the other hand, had woken up from his daze. Looking at the mighty Yang Fan, he felt as if he had become a different person.  Yang Fan stood below, aimed at a zombie and gave it a severe chop, using the back of the ax as a knife, blowing the head off of one zombie, and then using his backhand to remove the head of another zombie, the axe was quite sharp.  Yes, it just caused the attack speed to drop a lot. The other two rushed over and attacked Yang Fan. If he was not careful, Yang Fan would be finished.  It is impossible to resist the corrosive virus of zombies if the constitution has not reached 10. Yang Fan did not dare to be too confident. He took a few steps back, then killed another zombie with one axe, and another zombie with the other axe. Four zombies,  Yang Fan struggled to solve it.  A total of eight Doomsday coins were given to Yang Fan.  "The explosion rate of zombies is the lowest. It's a mess." Yang Fan looked at the corpses of the four zombies for a while, but there was nothing more. Then he said something that no one else could understand.  Yang Fan did not intend to explain anything to them, but continued to run upward with Liu Qiaoqiao.  After a while, I arrived at the sixth floor. The people who followed Yang Fan were Qi Hai, Bai Su, Wu Yinmei, the director of the teaching office, and several men and women from other classes. They looked like seven or eight. Yang Fan frowned.  He frowned. The presence of so many people might attract the attention of zombies.  But Yang Fan didn¡¯t say much. When he arrived on the sixth floor, he saw zombies walking down the stairs on the sixth floor.  Those are the zombies at the top. There are almost no people on the seventh floor, because there is an iron door, and ordinary people will not go in. It will only be opened unless there are special moments, such as when the leader wants to do a face-saving project.  That¡¯s why I hid on the seventh floor in my previous life and nothing happened.  Yang Fan spent some time to get rid of these zombies, and then led the people up. However, at this time, some zombies had followed. The people at the back screamed, and several boys died in front of the zombies.  In the mouth.  When we reached the seventh floor, the silver iron door blocked everyone, but fortunately the school didn't pay attention to this place at the beginning. The door was not a sealed one, but an iron door with gaps, locked with a thick iron chain.  Now, the zombies are following, and time is running out against the clock.  "Is there a key?" Yang Fan looked at the dean who was following him and asked immediately. If not, he was going to split the chain directly.  "Yes, yes, yes." The dean didn't have any authority now. He had been frightened to death. He immediately took out a bunch of keys from his arms and opened the lock with trembling hands. However, he failed to open it successfully once or twice. Yang Fan heard  The screams below became louder and louder. I pushed him away and started to twist the lock. With a click, the lock opened.  Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.  "Go in." Yang Fan asked Liu Qiaoqiao to go in first, and then the dean followed. Qi Hai also wanted to go in, but what he got was a kick from Yang Fan.  "You still want to go in?" Yang Fan said gloomily, then pointed the ax at Wu Yinmei and Qi Hai and said: "Except these two people, everyone else can go in." After saying this, the people behind him immediately became excited and incoherent,  Then he walked into the iron gate and Qi Hai was kicked out by Yang Fan. He pointed at Yang Fan angrily and shouted: "Don't bully others too much." "Bullying others too much? I will bully others too much. How about it?" Yang Fan was cold and cold.  Dao, he is not a gentleman and will not repay kindness with evil. On the contrary, he is a real villain. The reason why he is like this was taught to him by Qin Ziwen and Qi Hai in front of him a month ago.  "Ah!" The screams became louder and louder, and the footsteps of the zombies gradually became audible. Qi Hai's face changed greatly and he softened and said: "I was wrong, please let me go, okay?" Who is it?  Everyone was afraid of death, and Qi Hai was no exception. He begged Yang Fan.  "Don't let go." Yang Fan said these two words directly, and then walked into the iron gate, the ax shining coldly in his hand, so that Qi Hai did not dare to act rashly.  "Boy, you are cruel enough. Bai Su, Wu Yinmei, let's go." Qi Hai looked down through the armrest. Zombies were already coming. He shouted pretending to be tough.  But Bai Su and Wu Yinmei ignored him
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