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On the Eve of the End of the World Chapter 15: Iron-Blooded Obliteration (2/5)

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    Zhu Liang was beaten so hard that he could not speak. He was rolling on the ground in pain, and his head was covered in cold sweat.  I simply scanned them, and I didn't expect that the fat bald man in front of me with a sinister face was actually a level 3 professional. His full abilities were just a little less than mine, but he was still terrifying. He could do it in less than twelve hours.  , not only raised the professional level to level 3, but also stably recruited these young men to survive. This fat man can be said to be brave and resourceful.  But he must die because he touched Yang Fan's bottom line, insulting girls and not treating people as human beings. Such people have dark hearts. To put it simply, they are bad people Yang Fan will not take the initiative to be a good person.  But just by looking at them, you can tell that they won't let him go, so this is the main reason why Yang Fan must kill them.  I looked at the girl who was crying, and then at the six or seven good-looking girls. They were all from the school. I even had some impressions of Yang Fan, who was the vice-president of the student union. She was pretty and got a perfect score.  , these girls can score at least 6 points, but this is not surprising. How could they be arrested if they are not beautiful?  At the same time, Yang Fan was thinking wildly about a saying that was spread outside, that beauties come out of the eighth middle school, talented people come out of the ninth middle school, and gangsters come out of the tenth middle school. These people should be from the tenth middle school. People who dye or grow their hair are not allowed in the school. This yellow hair is  Specially, the students who have just arrived, most of the others are not students from No. 8 Middle School.  "Boy, do you want a hero to save a beauty? Hahahaha" An inchhead came over and looked at Yang Fan with a sneer on his face. Then he walked up to a girl and tore the woman's clothes directly. The latter  He struggled hard, his eyes filled with tears, but it was all in vain.  Yang Fan looked at the girl, she looked pretty good.  The girls in No. 8 Middle School are quite pure and beautiful, not the kind of little girls, so when encountering something like this, they naturally resist.  They were crying, scared, and frightened one by one. In a normal life, they should be liked by many handsome, good-achieving, potential, and rich people, and then have a few vigorous love affairs.  , gave her virginity to the man she loved most, but now everything was just a dream. She was caught by these stinky gangsters and wanted to humiliate her, so why not be afraid?  Why not be afraid?  Originally they thought a savior would come, but they didn't expect that the savior was a savior, but they were controlled as soon as they arrived. The girls looked at Yang Fan for a moment. He had a pretty face and was pretty good-looking, but there was a stripe on his left arm.  The snake tattoo is very surprising, the black snake tattoo is lifelike.  "No, help, help" At this time, the girl screamed, causing everyone to wake up, and then one by one continued to be afraid and scared. As for the young people, they gathered around and laughed, their eyes full of color.  "Don't you think this is shameful?" Yang Fan suddenly spoke up, interrupting the movements of the young man with a short shaved head. Yang Fan calmly looked at the fat bald man with a sinewy face.  "Shameful? What is there to be ashamed of? It's the end of the world now, what is there to be ashamed of? These girls are all arrogant and arrogant. If I catch them now, I will kill them one by one, hahaha,  Boy, you are good at shooting, but can you beat a pistol? Watch the show honestly. I will send you back to your hometown after the show. " He is not afraid of Yang Fan's tricks. After all, he has a gun and has some skills of his own.  He didn't kill Yang Fan first, but wanted to show Yang Fan how they played with women and let Yang Fan remember it, so he didn't shoot. This kind of mentality is very dark.  But, just when he finished his last sentence, there was a loud bang, and then endless darkness hit "Youyouyou killed the boss?" "Boss, boss." "You  ¡­¡­.You¡­¡­.You.¡± A group of people never thought that Yang Fan actually had a gun, and it seemed to be a very lethal Desert Eagle. Most men are interested in guns and cars, so there were several people present.  Everyone knows this Desert Eagle.  The scene instantly became quiet. Yang Fan directly killed their boss in the most violent way. The guy holding a gun had a certain deterrent effect, so Yang Fan didn't talk so much nonsense to him.  "Play, keep playing." Yang Fan pointed his gun at the inch board head without any strangeness at all, and said in a normal tone, his expression was not at all sinister, but he looked very relaxed.  The latter's one-inch boardhead was so frightened that his legs weakened, and a bullet hole as big as his thumb was pointed at him. Who wouldn't panic?  The others also swallowed their saliva and stood there honestly without saying a word.  "I was wrong, brother, I was wrong, I was really wrong, don't kill me, don't kill me, brother." Is Inch Ban Tou still as arrogant as before?  He never thought??Yang Fanneng killed his boss with one shot. He thought that Yang Fan would be defeated, but he was filled with fear. Thinking of what he just said, he was ready to die.  "Bang." Without hesitation, Yang Fan directly pulled the machine board, and a sound exploded in everyone's ears, making their ears ring. The man was shot through the heart. Physical strength - Desert Eagle, relies on physical strength to release bullets.  , as long as he kills one person, it is the same as completing the task. The second person will not be involved, so the girl behind him is just frightened.  The killing was decisive. Zhu Liang, who was rolling on the ground and crying out in pain, was stunned. He held back the pain and was frightened. Killing a person alive is a completely different concept from killing a zombie with no IQ. After the killing, Yang Fan felt  There were some ups and downs, but this did not affect his idea of ??killing all the men.  "Come on, let's fight, let's give it a try?" Yang Fan fired a shot directly at Huang Mao, blowing out his heart and splattering blood all over the floor.  Suddenly, Yang Fan was like a demon from Jiuyou. Everyone knelt down. The girls screamed. The men all knelt on the ground and cried bitterly. They were obviously frightened to death. They all shouted: "I'm wrong."  "Yes, I was wrong, don't kill me, don't kill me." "We were forced, we were forced." Some of these people may have been forced to do anything, but Yang Fan first took care of those who looked unhappy.  Kill the people, yellow haired, green haired first, and those with obvious scars and tattoos on their bodies. These people have no good ideas. If they stay, they will be a disaster. If I don't come, I guess these girls will be unlucky, at least.  I also want to be fucked by a girl.  Zhu Liang got up. After he managed to recover, he picked up an iron rod and hit the boy who had just hit him on the head. He bled immediately, and then he kept beating hard. The latter screamed, but no one was there.  pity.  After Zhu Liang finished breathing out his anger, he said coldly to Yang Fan, "Don't believe what they say, kill them all. These people are scum outside, none of them are good. They are called the Longxing Gang. Last time they insulted one  A good girl from No. 10 Middle School, the whole thing made a big fuss, and was finally suppressed by their boss. These people were the ones in charge, and none of them were spared. " Zhu Liang revealed a secret that Yang Fan didn't know, which made the original people happy.  Yang Fan, who was still hesitant, immediately made a murderous move.  "No, no, it wasn't me, it wasn't me. I was just looking." "Don't kill me, don't kill me, it has nothing to do with me, it doesn't matter!" "Fuck, I'll fight you.  " Some people knelt on the ground and begged themselves, while others mustered up the courage to rush over. Yang Fan refused to accept anyone who came.  The Desert Eagle can fire more than twenty guns. There are only thirteen people here. Two were eliminated before, and the remaining nine were killed by him in the most iron-blooded way, because scum cannot be left behind, otherwise they will be a disaster.  The girls screamed until Yang Fan put away the Desert Eagle and then untied them.  "Thank you, thank you." "Thank you so much, thank you so much." The only two girls who were relatively sober spoke excitedly and repeatedly. Yang Fan touched their heads and comforted them.  They looked at each other, and then Yang Fan shook his left arm. Suddenly the tattoo shone with light, and the little swallowing python came out of the tattoo.  This is a different kind of pet space.  "Go and eat." The little python's favorite thing is meat. Those carcasses are abundant fertilizer and are more nutritious than pork and mutton.  The half-meter-long little swallowing python roared in joy, and then swam over. Its sharp teeth directly bit into the flesh of these people, and started to eat away from their wounds, one bite at a time.  The alien beast does not swallow it directly like a python, but it also has a certain IQ!  "Ah, snake." The little python came out, causing a lot of screams of fear. Sure enough, girls are afraid of cold-blooded animals!
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