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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 16: The Lady Picture is Activated (3/5)

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    The little swallowing python has to eat a lot of meat. It eats the corpses of these people one after another, and then its body gradually makes crackling sounds. It is digesting, and its body will expand with the food it eats. Now it looks like  In just ten minutes, he had already eaten one person, and no bones were left.  Originally, Yang Fan didn't intend to let it eat humans, but this was a last resort. The zombie's meat had no nutrition in the first place, but it would hurt the small swallowing python. Alien beasts had not yet appeared. Zerg meat was the best thing, but  There are still more than ten days until the Zerg comes out.  The little swallowing python was devouring things, while Yang Fan was resting quietly. He had wasted a lot of physical energy after going through many twists and turns outside. After firing seven shots, the Desert Eagle took away some of his physical energy. He is now in a weak state. If  If you don't get a good rest, it will be difficult to fight the situation later.  The Heart Sutra of the Yellow Emperor has a special technique of meditating and regulating the breath. The Yellow Emperor was originally a mythical figure who knew how to regulate the body, so this technique of meditating and regulating the breath is much better than others. Yang Fan entered the meditative state, and his physical energy recovered quickly.  It can recover almost 10% of its appearance in an hour.  I don¡¯t know how long it took, but when Yang Fan woke up, everyone no longer had the previous fear. The little swallowing python had already devoured eleven corpses, and its mouth was full of blood, wrapped around itself, and its body actually grew to one meter.  How long it is, half the size of a palm, it is doubled in size.  "Foodies are easy to feed." Yang Fan touched the muscular body of the little python and said, then put it into the pet space, and it still turned into a tattoo engraved on his left arm, lifelike, but he didn't know  Some people really thought it was a tattoo, but if some people really thought it was just a tattoo, they would be out of luck.  "Okay, do you have any successors to the system?" After Yang Fan took back the little swallowing python, he casually glanced at the blood on the ground and said to the seven girls without taking it seriously. These seven girls,  Yingying Yanyan, saying that she is a school beauty is a bit far-fetched, but at least she is a class beauty. If this was still a peaceful era, she would probably be in glory.  But now, everyone¡¯s hair is disheveled, or their clothes are messy, and their faces are haggard, which is unbearable.  Girls, you look at me, I look at you, I don¡¯t know what Yang Fan is talking about.  Obviously, none of these six girls are heirs to the system, which means they are ordinary people. Yang Fan suddenly felt a headache. There were six girls above, and seven more here. If added up, there are a total of thirteen girls.  Paper is very stressful and very hinders your own future.  At the same time, when he was thinking about something, Yang Fan used his lady's eyes to look at the girl's good impressions of him. They were all C-level and in a state of gratitude. However, the hints given by the lady's eyes were they could be accepted, leaving him speechless.  .  Yang Fan feels that although he is a man, he is not a man who picks wild flowers casually. He can be romantic but not obscene. It is not his nature to take advantage of others' danger, so Yang Fan does not do anything to force others. He just feels troubled for the safety of these girls.  .  If you follow yourself, it will be very obstructive. If you don't follow yourself, you will probably be assimilated by the zombies, or you will be ruined by other men. At the moment, Yang Fan was in a state of hard thinking. At this moment, the voice of the system suddenly sounded in his mind.  .  "The player has the ability to awaken the Lady Figure, and the Lady Figure has now awakened." "Congratulations, the Lady Figure has awakened, and the preliminary abilities have been activated." [Special Equipment] Lady Figure Equipment level: Silver level.  Equipment potential: legendary level.  Effect 1: It can accommodate living things, but only women are allowed. A new world can be opened up inside, and everything can be planted.  Effect 2: It can condense the eyes of a lady, automatically select a suitable lady to accompany the owner, cultivate enlightenment simultaneously, and become a flying fairy.  Effect 3: Any woman accommodated by the Lady Picture can add 1 point of omnipotence to the host.  Effect 4: Anyone who is a lady who becomes a host can add a certain status to the host according to the score!  Explanation: This is the object that Emperor Xuanyuan used to become an immortal. It is a rare immortal treasure.  ¡ª¡ª These are the attributes of Lady Tu after she awakens. There are two more attributes. These two attributes surprised Yang Fan for a while. Are they accommodated by Lady Tu?  What if it accommodates a thousand?  Ten thousand?  Can¡¯t I just add a thousand or ten thousand points?  Yang Fan was shocked, but Yang Fan soon deduced that this accommodation was definitely limited, and it was impossible to have such heaven-defying equipment. Otherwise, if there were so many women in the world, wouldn't he be able to accept them to death?  If nothing else, 100 million is enough, right?  The full ability is increased by 100 million It is estimated that one punch is equivalent to the power of a nuclear bomb, so this setting? Regarding the fatal restrictions, Yang Fan looked at the picture of the lady over and over again, and used the eyes of the zombies, and sure enough he saw a hidden restriction attribute.  The current appearance of the woman to be accommodated must reach half of the evaluation score, and her attitude towards the host must be at least C level. If you want to increase her overall ability by 1 point, her potential value must be no less than 7, and her attitude towards the host must be at least B level.  good.  Sure enough, it is impossible to have invincible equipment. First of all, the qualifying score is 5 or 6 points. It belongs to a pretty good girl, and the potential value should not be less than 7. Just based on this condition, half of the seven girls in front of me will need it.  To be eliminated, the host's attitude must reach level B.  ?Obviously it will take some time.  Yang Fan sighed, but he was not too disappointed.  "Open the Lady Picture." Yang Fan didn't waste any time and immediately chose to open the Lady Picture. Suddenly, a crimson light door appeared in front of him, two meters high and half a meter wide.  Yang Fan said to the surprised girls: "Come in if you want to live." These girls, you look at me, I look at you, full of shock, but also some fear, fear of the unknown, fear of escaping from the wolf's den,  Entering the tiger cave again, Yang Fan didn't say anything. He kept silent for a few dozen times in his mind. If no one came in yet, he would close it and leave directly.  At the sixth second, someone stood up. It was the girl who was almost insulted at the beginning who walked in first, and the others followed. After all, someone took the lead.  "Thank you." The last girl who walked in, wearing a yellow dress, with a beautiful face stained with tears, forced a smile and said to herself.  Yang Fan's heart was suddenly touched. He smiled, patted her shoulder and said, "Don't worry, it's okay." The latter nodded and walked into the light door, and Yang Fan followed.  Zhu Liang followed closely, but was stopped at the door.  "Men are not allowed in." Yang Fan's words made Zhu Liang speechless. He extended his middle finger disrespectfully, then sat aside and touched his purse. He found that there was still a pack of cigarettes on him, and he happily took out one.  Gen, just when I was about to light it up, I suddenly realized there was no fire.  "Fuck." Zhu Liang said a curse word depressedly, then squatted next to the light door, waiting for Yang Fan to make a quick decision.  ¡ª¡ª (I am about to reach the top three in the category. Brothers, a recommendation vote will help me build my path! Can you help me? It is my honor and your honor to break into the top three. Thank you Jueying Feitu100  I love you all from Qidian Coin! I love all readers!)
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